How I write my non fiction book

I’m sure you are here because you either stumbled upon my blog thanks to my marketing, or you are wanting to know how to write and or publish your book. I hope I can provide some insight as I’ve been writing since I was 15 however now at almost 29, I’m in the process of publishing my first book. So I’m not all there yet but let me take you through my process.

Now no ones process is perfect or the same as the next. Everyone manages differently and that’s okay. At least when it comes to the actual writing part.

So if you have looked on my blog, at least this one, it’s mainly my short horror fiction story but the book I’m in the process of publishing is a non fiction that covers film history, animation process and Disney movies. It’s has a good mix for an audience. So this process is all about the non fiction aspect.

1. Start with an Idea

Sounds simple right. Pretty much is. Do you like a particular topic? Or are you an expert in it? That’s your best way to start. Something you are passionate about that you want the world to know.

2. Research

You may already know a ton about your subject but there is always something new to learn, or different sides of it. Get your feet wet by reading a variety of resources from books to articles and talk to other people in the field, if possible.

Now the third step can be either or. I actually began my book as a term paper for my film class in college so really my intro was the next step. This might help guide to make your outline but you can very well have an idea of how you want to outline your book. My for next few volumes (yes this is book 1 of many) it was easier to outline my other books first.

3. Outline

I originally started my outline as the actual book table of contents rather than a separate document. This way as I write and should I need to reprint. It’s up to date. But that is your choice.

4. Write

Write your heart out. Unless this is your living and you are a very experienced author, don’t feel the need to rush. It honestly took me 7 years to finish my first draft. Now yes that’s a very long time and I wish I hadn’t taken as long, but life gets in the way. You don’t need to take that long but long enough your first draft is done and you are satisfied. Heck you may want to reorganize or start a new draft, that is completely up to you. Just be satisfied.

5. Editing

This is the fun and not so fun part. There are different types of editing, and yes you can hire someone, which is always suggested, but it’s good to go over yourself as well. With a non fiction I suggest you do fact check and suggestive editing first, then a round of grammatical editing.

6, Querying/Publishing

This is where I’m at. Do your research about Literary agents, publishers, self publishing etc. There are ways to get your book out there but which route is up to you. Have your query letter, non fiction book proposal and manuscript ready to go. Each agent/publisher has a certain way to submit should you go traditional.

If there is more information or an added step I will update but this is what I have so far. Thank you for reading through and I hope it helps you.


  1. So interesting. I think the writing part definitely can take a very long time when you don’t know the direction you want to take the book too. But preplanning everything also doesn’t help. Sometimes, things just flow.

    1. With certain things absolutely, with this non fiction it needs to be planned due to the subject and the flow, if that makes sense. With my fictional I just write with no planning. As for this book I took a lot of breaks due to other things going on, the next one won’t be nearly as long

  2. Just keep writing, no matter how long it takes, even if you don’t plan on publishing. If it helps you do it. 🙂

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