Imagination is good for the soul

Did you grow up as a child imagining the world to be different? Part of what I mean is imaginary but it almost feels like you live another life. 

It always felt like my stories came to life. The characters felt like real family, friends and foe. The sounds of adventures would take me to far off places where Knights, fairies and giants existed. 

Now I know I sound crazy, I know it’s not real. I read books, watch movies and shows, listen to music and it’s all coming to life for me. All around me. These worlds are constantly swirling around my head. This is why I began writing. Those stories won’t end until I give them life on paper. 

So please don’t be afraid to write, even if you don’t publish it. Even if it’s not perfect on the first draft. It’s okay, it’s there for you to work on. 

Be inspired, be creative and enjoy the adventure with your pen.

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