Psycho Bunny Man part 2

He saw them creeping around his territory. Four kids, two boys and two girls. What were they doing around here? It was night time. He was able to see through the pitch black. He had escaped the institution in 1953. They had been transferring all mental patients to a new facility. He wasn’t a mental patient though, at least he didn’t believe so. They had thrown him in the institution when he was 20. They had found him in a shack not far from the institution. He had surrounded the property with dead rabbits. They hung from the trees. The blood was drained and they were skinned.

Apparently the authorities didn’t think this was normal but this is how he had grown up. His father had done the same thing. Growing up his father had made him to be a bunny every halloween. It was how they connected and this is why he continued it. He missed those times with his father. His mother had disappeared when he was 2, he never really knew he and didn’t remember that much of her.

He had a sense there were more than just the four kids. Every year since 2003, hundreds of people trek onto his property at halloween. He hadn’t really begun living up to his father’s footsteps until the 1970s though, which is when he began scaring the locals. He made a promise to his father that he would continue to keep people off their property. He used all his old bunny costumes into a bunny suit that would fit him by using the skinned rabbit fur to stretch the costume further. 

He watched the kids but when the one girl started to shine her flashlight in his direction, he ran. He wasn’t ready to reveal himself just yet. He hoped they didn’t see him. He went to the overpass and crossed the railway bridge to go towards his shack. He saw 5 flashlights ahead of him. They were headed straight for his shack. No he thought, i wont let them discover me. He bounded to their left and grabbed his axe and struck them down. The last to be axed was a girl who had turned around and screamed. The bunny man had to only swing to shut her up. He was concerned that the other trespassers had heard the scream. He wiped the blood off his axe in some nearby grass before moving silently towards the tunnel. He was going to do anything to protect the property and his identity. Anything … including murder.

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