Psycho Bunny Man Part 3

“Please lets get out of here. If we run now i bet we can make it back to the cars” Emily pleaded while studying the woods for any movement in the tree line. Nothing was stirring, not even the leaves. “I think we should check it out, make sure everyone’s okay” Pablo said sounding really concerned for his classmates. “Did you find anything in there?” Nick asked nodding towards the ruins of the building.

“Not much but definitely signs that someone had been there recently” Pablo answered. Emily added “Yea and saw some dead eaten animals. Pure Yuck.” “There’s gotta be some clue to if it’s real or not. The legend goes that a patient escaped in 1953 with his friend when they were transferring the patients to a new facility. They found the friend dead and only skinned rabbits hanging from the trees near by the tunnel. There was a rumor that the reason the guy went to the Assylum in the first place was the rabbit deal. But no documents were found” Evanna said looking around for some clue as to what the truth was. 

“Please lets go home and forgot this happened. I’ll admit i am completely freaked out and this guy is real. I’m not ready to die” Emily said with a sort of whimper. Nick said “well we can head back that way an see what everyone else has discovered. Maybe they heard the scream too and decided to meet back early.” So that was that. The four of them walked back down the horse trail to the road. This time Pablo was in front, Emily and Evanna followed and Nick rounded it out. The boy had weapons and said they could shoot as long as the girls shone there flashlights carefully. Everyone was on high alert. It was 11:50 according to Nick’s watch when they got back to the tunnel. They carefully scanned the area but saw nothing suspicious yet. The only thing that was off was that Evanna felt a deep sense of danger. She felt like eyes were watching her. She tried to swallow the feeling and whispered “I get the sense someone’s watching us, a danger sense. He’s here somewhere.” 

They began scanning the tree that lined the road on either side. The girl’s flashlights hit a light pink and white thing hanging from the tree. Evanna kept the flashlight scanning the trees and saw that there were more of these hanging. On both sides from where they were parked to the tunnel. 

“I think its skinned rabbits” Evanna said. She moved the flashlight beam to see the top of the overpass. She saw another flash of a big white thing. It ducked down. She knew it was him. It was the bunny man. She was scared. “He’s here. He’s watching us” she said to the group. She slowly started backing up, keeping her flashlight on the woods. Emily did the same while the boys kept on high alert and were ready to shoot anything that moved.

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