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Law and Order: SVU Season 9 Summary

Season 9, Episode 1: Alternate

A woman (Cynthia Nixon) who switches between five different personalities is suspected of harming her daughter. The investigation is met with initial resistance from her psychiatrist (Bronson Pinchot). When the woman’s sister (Laura Allen) is released from jail, their parents are found murdered the next day and the two of them become the prime suspects.

Season 9, Episode 2: Avatar

A girl who plays virtual world games (Christina Brucato) goes missing. Her boyfriend (Ryan Lynn), a suspect in the case, is discovered to suffer from sexsomnia which caused him to attempt to rape her sister (Liza Joyce). In an effort to locate the girl, Detectives Benson and Stabler use her avatar to track her kidnapper (Kevin Tighe) down

Season 9, Episode 3: Impulsive

A statutory rape case against a high school teacher (Melissa Joan Hart) is filed after gonorrhea is discovered in one of her students (Kyle Gallner). The teacher tries to secretly have an abortion which angers her husband (Quincy Dunn-Baker) and gets her accused of destroying evidence. However, after observing the student more closely, the SVU realizes that he is a sex addict who hires prostitutes, photoshops scantily-clad women and masturbates with high frequency. He confesses to raping his teacher and, after being diagnosed of having compulsive sexual behaviour disorder, is sent to a rehabilitation clinic. The situation changes gears when the student is raped by a much older sex offender (David Conley), exposing ongoing problems at the clinic and insanity defenses.

Season 9, Episode 4: Savant

A government agent (Aidan Quinn) discovers that his daughter (Paulina Gerzon), who has Williams syndrome, is the only witness to the savage beating of his wife (Judy Kuhn). Even though the investigation is impeded by the man’s superiors (Jayne Atkinson), Detectives Benson and Stabler and ADA Novak work with his daughter to reconstruct the night the beating took place. Her testimony is able to clear one suspect (Robert Clohessy), who also has a mentally challenged son and implicate his older son (Josh Barclay Caras).

Season 9, Episode 5: Harm

The detectives investigate the fatal stabbing of a private school teacher (Elizabeth Morton), who had volunteered at a victim’s rehabilitation center. The teacher had been working with an Iraqi man (Jarreth J. Merz) whose story helped uncover some military secrets. The investigation leads to a doctor (Elizabeth McGovern) who works for private military contractors focusing on interrogation techniques. Melinda Warner tries to have her medical license revoked for violating the Hippocratic Oath.

Season 9, Episode 6: Svengali

A college student is found murdered in an attack that bears the hallmarks of an infamous serial killer (Jared Harris). Detectives Benson and Stabler question the killer and discover his loyal following, which includes a comic book artist (Gareth Saxe) who glorifies the murders. When the last person (Shannon Marie Woodward) to see the victim alive goes missing, the detectives search for her, thinking that she is about to become the next victim. Benson also finds herself in danger when the fans retaliate against the investigation.

Season 9, Episode 7: Blinded

Detective Stabler is attacked and temporarily blinded when arresting a child molester (Arye Gross) who suffers from schizophrenia. Disturbed by what has been done to her partner, Detective Benson tries to sabotage New York’s case against the man and have him put on death row in Louisiana instead. Due to her own conflict of interest, ADA Novak tries to bend the rules in the opposite direction and have the man acquitted. The situation is resolved when the District Attorney reminds Novak that executing a mentally ill prisoner is illegal and threatens to pull her license unless she acts as a voice for the prosecution. The schizophrenic is sent to a New York mental hospital and Benson admits that her interference almost caused a miscarriage of justice.

Season 9, Episode 8: Fight

A brutal murder leads the detectives into the dangerous world of unsanctioned mixed martial arts. Detective Lake discovers two troubled brothers (Gaius Charles and Arlen Escarpeta) who have been in and out of the foster care system. The brothers admit that they were told to rape the girl (Whitney Vance) in order to enter a gang. The case gets harder when the leader of the gang and prime suspect (Anwan Glover) is accidentally crushed to death in a trash compactor and one of the brothers lies to protect the other.

Season 9, Episode 9: Paternity

The murder of a young boy (Thomas Langston)’s nanny leads Detectives Benson and Stabler to suspect her Internet love interest, “Casanova” (Steven Bauer). However, the nanny’s employers (Mark Valley and Anastasia Griffith) soon get troubles of their own when the father finds out that his son is not his biological son. Stabler’s family suffers a tragedy leaving his unborn child in serious danger after Benson and Kathy are hurt in a car accident.

Season 9, Episode 10: Snitch

Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate when the wife of an informant (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) is found dead. The man is revealed to be a Nigerian polygamist with several wives still living, one of whom (Tracy Middendorf) is not Nigerian. Benson and Stabler suspect that the man’s cultural tradition may have been the cause of his wife’s murder when they find a website that exposes potential witnesses to the crime for which he was testifying. A new Homicide Bureau Chief ADA (Gloria Reuben) has to try to keep her case from falling apart after the husband refuses to testify against the killer (Method Man) of a young boy

Season 9, Episode 11: Streetwise

The SVU squad members are called in when a wealthy teenager (Natalie Hall) is found murdered in Central Park. Suspicion soon falls on the “parents” (Mae Whitman and Thom Bishops) in a homeless street family. A young girl (Madeline Taylor) agrees to give information about them to Benson and Stabler in exchange for food but it is not long before she is found murdered as well.

Season 9, Episode 12: Signature

Detectives Benson and Lake investigate a double homicide in which a man was shot and a woman was raped and stabbed. They soon team up with Special Agent Cooper (Erika Christensen) who is tracking a serial killer and sexual sadist known as “The Woodsman.” Through the Woodsman’s aunt (Jane Cronin), they are able to find out the location of his latest victim. Police rescue the tortured woman (Amanda Leigh Cobb) but she succumbs to her injuries during treatment. The tragic ordeal turns into a case against a vigilante when the SVU discovers that the serial killer is already dead and that he was in fact the male victim discovered with the gunshot wound

Season 9, Episode 13: Unorthodox

The sexual assault of a Jewish boy (Braeden Lemasters) prompts the attention of Munch and Stabler. Initially an orthodox rabbi (Bob Dishy) is suspected to be the one responsible, but the case turns into a media circus as a flood of young victims are revealed, with all the clues pointing to one of their classmates. It is discovered that a fourteen-year-old boy (Alexander Gould) is the rapist, but he is declared mentally ill as a result of daily exposure to pornography and minimal supervision by his single father (Mike McGlone).

Season 9, Episode 14: Inconceivable

When fertilized embryos disappear from a sperm bank, examination of a security tape points the detectives to two publicity-hungry extremists (Mark Moses and Janine Turner). Meanwhile, Olivia ponders her own decisions about fertility and motherhood.

Season 9, Episode 15: Undercover

After a teenage girl (Shareeka Epps) is found raped in a community garden, Benson and Stabler find out that her mother (Daria Hardeman) is in a female correction facility. After the rape kit on the girl goes missing, the detectives realize that one of the corrections officers (Johnny Messner) at the facility is raping and brutalizing women. In order to find out who it is, Detective Benson goes undercover as a prisoner and is almost raped herself in the basement of the facility

Season 9, Episode 16: Closet

When an investment banker is found murdered by an intern (Ian Alda), suspicion turns to his boyfriend (Bailey Chase), a professional football player who could lose everything if the truth about his sexuality comes to light. When information about his sexual orientation is leaked to the media, despite the best efforts of his publicity manager (Rick Hoffman), Benson comes under fire by Internal Affairs for her relationship with a reporter (Bill Pullman).

Season 9, Episode 17: Authority

A telephone voice impersonating a police officer asks a fast food restaurant manager to strip search and tie up an employee (Monica Raymund). SVU detectives learn that this plan was orchestrated by an engineer, Merritt Rook (Robin Williams), in order to convince the public to be more discerning and oppose authority. After he is found not guilty, Rook gains much media attention and seizes an opportunity to abduct Olivia Benson. With the help of Rook’s co-worker (Ka-Ling Cheung), Elliot is able to learn about the man’s tragic past and track him down. In an apparent hostage situation, Rook tries to make Elliot inflict pain on Benson by way of a Milgram experiment.

Season 9, Episode 18: Trade

When a pregnant woman (Brandi Burkhardt) is found raped and murdered inside her burnt loft the team investigates a family of coffee importers. The suspects are numerous ranging from the woman’s fiance (Matthew Davis) to his father (Stephen Collins). Further investigation reveals a twisted love rectangle between the woman, her fiance, the father and even the son’s lawyer (Michelle Borth).

Season 9, Episode 19: Cold

The SVU is shaken when multiple members of the squad are determined to stop a conspiracy of dirty cops. Haunted by a ten-year-old rape-murder case, Detective Lake meets with a contact (Deirdre Lovejoy) to find out about new evidence. On his way back, he gets into a firefight with two police officers and kills one of them. In an injured state, Lake tracks down the surviving rape victim (Victoria Cartagena) and convinces her to testify. While this is happening, the SVU squad discovers that the second shooter (Jack Gwaltney) works for the Fugitive Apprehension Team. Benson and Stabler arrive just in time to stop him from killing Lake and Novak proceeds to put the shooter on trial. However, the case quickly goes downhill in the courtroom and Novak withholds evidence in a last-ditch effort to win a conviction. She is informed by Elizabeth Donnelly (Judith Light) that she faces censure and possible suspension, and that the District Attorney declined the opportunity to refile the charges. This leaves Chester with no choice but to gun down the corrupt cop himself, therefore resulting in his arrest.

Law and Order: SVU Season 9 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you can’t handle talks of sexual assault, rape, domestic abuse and more, this is not the show for you. That being said, it is a great show to get caught up in and while fictional, are inspired by true stories.

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