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Law and Order: SVU Season 14 Summary

Season 14, Episode 1: Lost Reputation

The Special Victims Unit is reeling from the fallout after Captain Cragen wakes up with a dead escort – a potential witness in an SVU case – in his bed. Tensions at the precinct are high as the detectives contend with Bureau Chief ADA Paula Foster’s (Paget Brewster) investigation of Cragen, as well as the arrival of a tough new captain, Steven Harris (Adam Baldwin). Brian Cassidy (Dean Winters) treads an increasingly narrow line as an undercover cop in Bart Ganzel’s (Peter Jacobson) escort organization, as Detective Amaro struggles with the case and his marriage.

Season 14, Episode 2: Above Suspicion

The murder case against Cragen continues as Amaro ventures off on his own to find answers – while trying to deal with his wife separating from him in the process – and get down to the truth. Meanwhile, a tragic accident happens to one of the detectives, causing Detective Benson to vent her frustration to Captain Harris and IAB. BC-ADA Foster resumes her inquiries, and as she closes the case, Benson and the SVU squad discover a secret of their own.

Season 14, Episode 3: Twenty – Five Acts

With Cragen still on suspension, the young author of a wildly successful S&M romance novel, Jocelyn Paley (Anna Chlumsky) goes home with famous television show host Adam Cain (Roger Bart), who forces himself on her. Detectives Benson and Rollins are paired up by Captain Harris to work to convince the victim to file charges, with the help of new Assistant DA Rafael Barba (Raúl Esparza). As the SVU squad digs into her background to uncover potential trial pitfalls and Barba rushes to push forward with the trial, Amaro uncovers a secret that threatens to destroy the young woman’s career as well as her case.

Season 14, Episode 4: Acceptable Loss

With Cragen back in the precinct, the Special Victims Unit is in full force and working to expose a sex trafficking operation that enslaves young women. The detectives go undercover and are on the verge of cracking the case when their efforts are halted by Lieutenant Alexandra Eames(Kathryn Erbe), who claims it’s a long-running terrorism case. Benson gets creative with their investigation, while trying not to interfere with Eames’ case.

Season 14, Episode 5: Manhattan Vigil

In the series’ landmark 300th episode, Wyatt Morris (Luke Fava), a young boy from Morningside Heights, is kidnapped while in the care of his father David (Hamish Linklater), and the investigation reminds Cragen, Benson and Sergeant Munch of an unsolved kidnapping that occurred in the same neighborhood thirteen years ago. While the entire squad races against the clock to find the missing boy, Benson vows to learn from past mistakes to set both cases right.

Season 14, Episode 6: Friending Emily

An underage girl (Catherine Missal) disappears after following her older sister (Taylor Spreitler) to a college party in Manhattan. The detectives mobilize to recover the missing girl but find themselves thwarted by a high-tech kidnapper using the internet to cover his tracks. As the case hits a dead end, Barba returns with some unlikely help. Meanwhile, Rollins is distracted by the sudden appearance of her very troubled sister Kim (Lindsay Pulsipher), who is causing problems for Amanda.

Season 14, Episode 7: Vanity’s Bonfire

The abduction of a baby named Tessa Leddy from a city playground quickly turns into a custody dispute when the kidnapper, Dia Nobile (Bijou Phillips), swears she is the child’s biological mother. The Leddys claim their daughter was born by a surrogate mother, whom they never met, but later learn that the girl isn’t their daughter at all. Nobile also claims the father is a high-powered legal expert, Kent Webster (Scott Bakula), who is married to a cancer stricken wife (Jessica Hecht), sending the unit on an investigation that forever changes the lives of two unsuspecting families.

Season 14, Episode 8: Lessons Learned

A professor’s unusual encounter with Amaro sends the SVU on an investigation into reports of sexual abuse at a prestigious private school. Stonewalled by the school board, Benson and Barba enlist former students and Professor Walter Tompkins (Elliott Gould), a retired teacher, to help reveal a massive cover-up as more victims emerge. As the detectives manage to get their hands on key evidence linked to one of the victims, the school throws up a roadblock in court until another former student comes forward.

Season 14, Episode 9: Dreams Deferred

When a man goes on a killing rampage through New York, FBI Agent Cantwell (Jason Gedrick) calls upon the SVU squad to get information from the man’s last known contact, a prostitute named Jeannie Kerns (Patricia Arquette), who was involved in one of Benson’s old cases. As the detectives work with her to track down the killer, they find themselves drawn into her world and must fight to save her life.

Season 14, Episode 10: Presumed Guilty

The SVU’s holiday celebrations are disrupted when Detective Tutuola’s ex-brother-in-law (Erik Laray Harvey) is arrested for assaulting a priest (Denis O’Hare). Convinced of his innocence despite his criminal record, Fin asks the detectives to find evidence that exonerates him, and in the process, a buried church scandal begins to unravel.

Season 14, Episode 11: Beautiful Frame

When a rape victim (Yvonne Zima) in an SVU case is arrested for the murder of her ex-boyfriend (Joseph Masi), Suffolk County DA Pam James (Jane Kaczmarek) lands the case and swiftly brings charges against the young woman. Benson questions the circumstances of the arrest and gathers enough evidence for Barba to levy charges in Manhattan against another suspect (Enver Gjokaj). The two ambitious DA’s square off in separate trials for the same murder, hoping to get a conviction before the other derails their case

Season 14, Episode 12: Criminal Hatred

When the SVU detectives arrest a man (Max Carpenter) who targets and brutally attacks other men, specifically those who are gay, Barba tries a difficult murder case against an unpredictable defense attorney (Nia Vardalos).

Season 14, Episode 13: Monster’s Legacy

After discovering multiple convicted felons could have been victims of sexual assault, Benson asks Bayard Ellis (Andre Braugher) to reopen the case of a murderer on death row, Reggie Rhodes (Mike Tyson) and secrets about his childhood, as well as his murder trial are revealed.

Season 14, Episode 14: Secrets Exhumed

After Munch brings in a 1980s cold case, the detectives fly to Miami to apprehend the suspect (Harold Perrineau). When FBI Agent Dana Lewis (Marcia Gay Harden) tells them that the Manhattan case could be connected to several unsolved cases across the country, she returns to New York to partner with SVU to get a confession. When Benson and Amaro begin to have doubts about the legitimacy of the confession, a shocking secret threatens the life of Agent Lewis.

Season 14, Episode 15: Deadly Ambition

Rollins comes home to find her sister (Lindsay Pulsipher) back in New York, beaten and pregnant by her boyfriend (Theis Weckesser). When the boyfriend comes to the apartment unexpectedly, Rollins must take drastic action, which opens an investigation led by IAB Lt. Ed Tucker (Robert John Burke), that soon places Rollins’ job in jeopardy.

Season 14, Episode 16: Funny Valentine

When promising singer Micha Green (Tiffany Robinson) is attacked by her hip-hop star boyfriend (Roca), the detectives and Barba work to build a case. Despite Benson’s efforts, Green refuses to aid in the prosecution and continues to put herself in harm’s way. As the case spirals into a media frenzy, Micha and those close to her pay the ultimate price.

Season 14, Episode 17: Undercover Blue

As the trial against pimp Bart Ganzel is set to begin, Detective Cassidy is accused of raping a woman while he was undercover. ADA Derek Strauss (Greg Germann) takes the case and pushes hard for a quick win. Cassidy’s lawyer uses unusual tactics to prove Cassidy’s innocence, which have life-changing consequences for Amaro.

Season 14, Episode 18: Legitimate Rape

A sports reporter (Lauren Cohan) seeks Benson’s help to accuse a cameraman (David Marciano) of rape, but only agrees to press charges after she discovers the man is stalking her. But before the trial begins, she learns she is pregnant and Barba must contend with controversial defense tactics as a result.

Season 14, Episode 19: Born Psychopath

When the detectives are called in to investigate suspicious injuries on a young girl, a closer look at her family reveals a mother (Hope Davis) struggling to control her violent 10-year-old son (Ethan Cutkosky). With help from the visiting Dr. Huang (BD Wong), the SVU squad tries to determine the appropriate treatment for the boy, but the situation turns increasingly dangerous for both the family and the detectives.

Season 14, Episode 20: Girl Dishonored

When the SVU investigates a rape allegation of a sorority pledge (Colby Minifie) on a college campus, their attempts at piecing together the crime are hindered by fraternity brothers and campus security. A deeper look uncovers more assault victims and school administrators who were willing to look the other way. When more tragedy strikes, Rollins and Barba become determined to put an end to the widespread university culture of protecting their own.

Season 14, Episode 21: Traumatic Wound

A teenage girl (Lola Kirke) is brutally assaulted when a concert turns into a mob scene. After getting mixed accounts of the incident, Amaro zeros in on a security guard, Frank Patterson (Eion Bailey), who is a war veteran seemingly suffering from PTSD. When the case goes to trial, Frank suddenly remembers a key piece of testimony, which helps Barba convict the perpetrators.

Season 14, Episode 22: Poisoned Motive

When two surprise sniper attacks on the NYPD leave the SVU scrambling for answers, Tutuola recognizes a link between the shootings and his past cases as a narcotics detective. After reconnecting with his former partner to search for a motive, more violence occurs, prompting assistance from Lieutenant Eames (Kathryn Erbe) to track down the killer

Season 14, Episode 23: Brief Interlude

Benson and Amaro are called in when an unconscious woman (Kerry Butler) with physical trauma is found near the Mayor’s home. With the woman in a coma, the detectives must piece together her identity and prior whereabouts, and they uncover a wild side to this seemingly normal wife and mother of two young boys.

Season 14, Episode 24: Her Negotiation

After making a seemingly routine arrest of a man exposing himself in Central Park, Rollins has a bad feeling about the suspect (Pablo Schreiber) and calls upon the entire squad to help. With no way of immediately identifying the man, he outplays the detectives at every turn and becomes wanted for a heinous crime. A shocking theory comes to light and Barba is unable to get his conviction, which puts Benson in harm’s way.

Law and Order: SVU Season 14 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Take this with a warning, SVU covers rape and sexual assault and more. If you can not handle it, do not watch. Otherwise this series covers cases that are very real (depicted fake for the show) while also having a character arc for the detectives.

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