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Law and Order: SVU Season 21 Summary

Season 21, Episode 1: I’m Going To Make You a Star

The Special Victims Unit investigates an attempted rape accusation made by an aspiring young actress (Carmen Berkeley) against Sir Tobias Moore (Ian McShane), a powerful media mogul. The investigation becomes intense, and Benson soon finds herself in the middle of a cat-and-mouse game between herself and Moore. Meanwhile, several changes happen to the Special Victims Unit precinct as Carisi becomes the precinct’s new assistant district attorney, and Benson is promoted to Captain by Dodds, who is transferred to Traffic and Safety Task Force in Staten Island.

Season 21, Episode 2: The Darkest Journey Home

A terrified and traumatized young woman (Ariel Winter) claims she was raped, which prompts the Special Victims Unit to investigate. Benson works with her to help her remember the details of the rape as well as her rapists’ details. Meanwhile, a psychologist visits the Special Victims Unit precinct and teaches Benson, Rollins and Tutuola a new witness interview technique that will help with future cases, which involves the detectives facing their past traumatic experiences while experiencing the technique.

Season 21, Episode 3: Down Low in Hell’s Kitchen

The Special Victims Unit are called in to investigate when a gay celebrity (Mathis Brooks) claims he is raped by a serial rapist the squad is looking for. However, as time goes on the Special Victims Unit become suspicious of the celebrity’s story, who may not be telling the truth about being attacked. Meanwhile, the Special Victims Unit meet their new Deputy Chief, who immediately makes an impression on the squad and Noah tells Benson that he wishes to join a dance class instead of play baseball.

Season 21, Episode 4: The Burden if Our Choices

A troubled, runaway teenager (Kira McLean) is found safe and sound and the Special Victims Unit are called in to investigate what motivated the teenager to run away from home. However, the teenager’s parents clash with the Special Victims Unit, particularly Rollins and refuse to cooperate, which starts Rollins to start suspecting the family is hiding something. Meanwhile, the squad get together for Billie Rollins’ baptism and Officer Katriona Tamin transfers in as a detective-in-training, having assisted on a past case.

Season 21, Episode 5: At Midnight in Manhattan

The Special Victims Unit find themselves busy one Friday night with three separate cases involving a woman being brutally raped by her husband, a transgender woman being raped by a man she met that night and a young wealthy woman raped by a driver. The detectives find themselves stressed with the heavy workload, particularly Tamin who struggles with investigating her case and mostly Rollins, who lashes out at Carisi, claiming she is upset that Carisi left his position as a detective and became an assistant district attorney.

Season 21, Episode 6: Murder at a Bad Address

The Special Victims Unit are called in to investigate after a teenage girl is sexually assaulted in the projects. DNA from the rape kit is linked to a double murder from 16 years ago and a case from 2003 is opened again after discovering the man imprisoned for the murder may very well be innocent. Meanwhile, Benson reunites with her troubled brother, Simon Marsden, who wishes to get to know Noah. Unfortunately, Simon dies of a drug overdose, leaving Benson distraught.

Season 21, Episode 7: Counselor, It’s Chinatown

When an Asian human sex trafficking ring is discovered by the Special Victims Unit after a rape victim claimed to have been a victim of the ring’s actions, the detectives go undercover to bust the human sex trafficking ring alongside a fellow detective. Meanwhile, tensions grow between Hadid and the Special Victims Unit as Hadid starts to prove more difficult to work with after she blames the detectives for not arresting the victim to imprison the pimps.

Season 21, Episode 8: We Dream of Machine Elves

The Special Victims Unit are called in when a young woman is found raped and drugged to the point where she is in a psychotic state. The detectives soon realise that there are several victims linked to the same case and are led to a dodgy therapist with a secret past. In order to catch him in the act, Rollins goes undercover as an aspiring student and discovers several shocking things.

Season 21, Episode 9: Can’t Be Held Accountable

The Special Victims Unit get a request from a fellow detective named Frank Bucci to stop a man named Steve Getz (Vincent Kartheiser) who he believes is sexually grooming his teenage daughters. In an attempt to catch him in the act, Tamin goes against Benson’s orders and goes undercover as the girls’ aunt. The detectives soon arrest Getz despite the girls pleas not to but when Getz is let go, an angry Bucci takes matters into his own hands which soon puts Rollins into an extremely dangerous situation.

Season 21, Episode 10: Must Be Held Accountable

As Rollins is kidnapped by an angry Frank Bucci and taken to a motel in retaliation for Getz not being charged for raping his daughters, the Special Victims Unit investigate as to why such a bad man like Getz was not charged as they try to track Rollins’ location. They soon discover that the judge who acquitted Getz as well as Getz’s defense attorney may be hiding some sinister secrets themselves which may be the reason why Getz was acquitted in the first place.

Season 21, Episode 11: She Paints for Vengeance

The Special Victims Unit investigate the sexual assault of a stripper. The stripper, Monica Russo, is angry due to her case being dismissed before by a detective who believed the case wasn’t important because she was a stripper, which makes her difficult to work with. When trial comes, Carisi deals with the rapist’s attorney, former judge Elana Barth, who is tough and harsh in the courtroom. Meanwhile, Rollins struggles to get over the trauma from her ordeal with Bucci.

Season 21, Episode 12: The Longest Night of Rain

While celebrating Tucker’s retirement party, a police officer (Holly Robinson Peete) walks in uninvited and makes a scene. The Special Victims Unit soon discover that she was raped by a former Internal Affairs officer that Tucker cleared and they launch an investigation, which starts roughly when the police officer commits suicide. Meanwhile, Tucker confides in Benson some devastating news about himself that ends in complete tragedy.

Season 21, Episode 13: Redemption of Her Corner

A boxing coach comes under suspicion of statutory rape after Tamin suspects that he is having sexual relations with a sixteen year old girl. Tamin steps over the line several times, which frustrates Benson. The case takes an unexpected turn when one of the coach’s students assaults the coach and the detectives dig into the students troubled past, which reveals years of broken family trust and damage

Season 21, Episode 14: I Deserve Some Loving Too

The Special Victims Unit arrest an ICE Agent on charges on rape after an undercover sting operation. However, the detectives are led to his boss, who they discover is trading green cards for sex despite the women not wanting to have sex. Meanwhile, Rollins and a Sergeant involved in the case become close when the Sergeant takes Rollins out to a romantic dinner.

Season 21, Episode 15: Swimming with the Sharks

The Special Victims Unit investigate the alleged rape of the CEO of a company (Radha Mitchell). Upon catching the accused, the case takes a bizarre twist when he accuses the CEO of crying rape to hide the fact she was stealing money from the company. They are soon led to the CEO’s business partner who claims that the CEO raped her and the detectives soon discover that everybody involved in the case are hiding something

Season 21, Episode 16: Eternal Relief from Pain

Amanda Rollins reunites with her sister Kim after three years of not seeing each other and learns that Kim is possibly facing time in prison and asks for her help. Amanda also learns that Kim has been extorted by her doctor and that Kim has a son. Amanda and the Special Victims Unit soon find themselves investigating Kim’s doctor, who may be extorting not just Kim but several women

Season 21, Episode 17: Dance Lies and Video Tape

When a surveillance video of two ballet dancers sharing an intimate moment is uploaded to a pornography website, the Special Victims Unit is called in after the female dancer claims no consent was given for the video to be uploaded and begs for it to be taken down. The detectives soon meet a ballet teacher who may be a serial predator using his ballet dancers for more than just ballet but also for sexual pleasuring.

Season 21, Episode 18: Garland’s Baptism by Fire

When a member of Garland’s church is arrested for embezzlement charges, the Special Victims Unit are led to the church’s reverend, who may not only be responsible for embezzlement but also for the statutory rape of several teenage girls and Garland, Benson and the squad battle their emotions with the charges which involves the reverend’s wife standing by her husband and expressing her anger towards Garland and the detectives.

Season 21, Episode 19: Solving for the Unknowns

The Special Victims Unit tackle a hard case trying to capture a serial rapist that uses a date rape drug to assault his victims while they are under the influence of the drug. With little to no evidence of his attacks, the detectives struggle to find the rapist and make an arrest. Meanwhile, Rollins is finally promoted to a 2nd Grade detective.

Season 21, Episode 20: The Things We Have to Lose

As Sir Toby Moore is finally brought to trial, the Special Victims Unit face challenges with past cases. Tamin meets Lakira Beca again who alerts her that Paul Davies has raped another transgender woman, Rollins is reunited with Ivy Bucci after arresting for cocaine possession at a party and Tutuola’s career is put in jeopardy after fatally shooting a father who attempted to murder his wife and son.

Law and Order: SVU Season 21 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you can’t handle talks of sexual assault, rape, domestic abuse and more, this is not the show for you. That being said, it is a great show to get caught up in and while fictional, are inspired by true stories.

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