T.V. Series Review: Mickey Mouse Season 2

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Mickey Mouse Season 2 Summary

Season 2, Episode 1: Cable Car Chaos

Mickey and Minnie must stop a runaway cable car as it careens through San Francisco’s famous streets.

Season 2, Episode 2: Fire Escape

Mickey attempts to rescue Minnie from her apartment building when it appears to be on fire

Season 2, Episode 3: Eau de Minnie?

Minnie enchants everyone around her with a new perfume called Entrancement

Season 2, Episode 4: O Futebol Clássico

Mickey tries desperately to find the perfect view at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. This is José Carioca’s first appearance in these cartoons.

Season 2, Episode 5: Down the Hatch

Mickey and Goofy use Professor Ludwig Von Drake’s shrinking ray to have an adventure inside Donald’s body. During the end credits, Donald Duck sings Miracles From Molecules”, the theme song from the former Disneyland attraction Adventures Thru Inner Space.

Season 2, Episode 6: Goofy’s Grandma

Mickey agrees to let Goofy’s grandmother stay at his house, but she doesn’t turn out to be the sweet old lady she appears to be, as she acts just like Goofy.

Season 2, Episode 7: Captain Donald

Mickey, Minnie and Daisy go sailing with Donald only to find out that Donald can’t sail

Season 2, Episode 8: Mumbai Madness

Mickey tries to drive an elephant with a broken tusk to a mountain in Mumbai but gets lost along the way.

Season 2, Episode 9: The Boiler Room

The citizens in the building are afraid to go into the boiler room because they think there’s a monster in there. Mickey tries to battle the monster, but it turns out to just be the boiler, which needed to be repaired

Season 2, Episode 10: Space Walkies

Astronauts Mickey and Pluto need to head back to their spaceship in time for landing on Earth after heading out to give Pluto some relief.

Season 2, Episode 11: Mickey Monkey

Mickey must stop a monkey from stealing his life after a mishap causes it to wind up with his clothes.

Season 2, Episode 12: Clogged

In the Netherlands, Minnie attempts to make her windmill work in order to save a flower in her garden.

Season 2, Episode 13: Goofy’s First Love

Mickey and Donald try to help a hapless Goofy woo the love of his life. Uncle Scrooge’s first appearance in these cartoons.

Season 2, Episode 14: Doggone Biscuits

After Minnie feeds Pluto too many dog treats, she must get him back into shape before Mickey comes home.

Season 2, Episode 15: Workin’ Stiff

Mickey and Donald struggle to get Goofy through a job interview while he’s asleep

Season 2, Episode 16: Al Rojo Vivo

When Pete flirts with Minnie during the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, Mickey’s literally red-hot temper gets one of the bulls mad at him.

Season 2, Episode 17: Bottle Shocked

Mickey must protect a bottle of sparkling lemonade during the Monaco Grand Prix when everything in his surrounding environment threatens to break it on his way back to Minnie.

Season 2, Episode 18: A Flower for Minnie

Mickey sets out to find the perfect flower for Minnie, only to be foiled on nearly every attempt.

Season 2, Episode 19: Bronco Busted

Mickey, Goofy and Donald’s car breaks down and when they can’t afford to pay the fee, they try bronco busting to earn money, but they must find a horse to enter the rodeo

Mickey Mouse Season 2 Review

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