Movie Review: Alvin and the Chipmunks

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Alvin and the Chipmunks Summary

A tree that three young chipmunk brothers Alvin, Simon, and Theodore live in, is cut down and driven to Los Angeles after JETT Records purchases it as a Christmas tree. There, struggling songwriter and composer David Seville has his latest demo rejected by their chief executive, Ian Hawke, his college roommate, who suggests that Dave give up writing songs. The Chipmunks hop into a basket of muffins that Dave stole from one of Ian’s coworkers, and follow Dave home. 

Once there, Dave discovers the Chipmunks and kicks them out of the house, only to hear them sing “Only You (And You Alone)” and “Funkytown.” Dave then makes a deal with the Chipmunks to sing songs he writes in exchange for shelter. Later, when Dave tries to present the Chipmunks to Ian, they fail to sing because of stage fright. The day worsens as Dave is dismissed from his advertising job due to the Chipmunks having unknowingly ruined his presentation. While hosting dinner with former girlfriend Claire, Dave struggles to hide the Chipmunks after Alvin attempts to create a romantic atmosphere, making Claire uncomfortable and causing her to leave. To make it up to him, the Chipmunks go to Ian’s lavish mansion where they sing Dave’s song to him, prompting Ian to sign a record deal.

The Chipmunks quickly become internationally successful. When Dave, concerned for their well-being, insists that the Chipmunks are too young to handle fame, Ian convinces them that Dave is holding them back. After a misunderstanding, the Chipmunks choose to live with Ian, whose only interest is profiting off the Chipmunks’ success. Once the Chipmunks arrive at Ian’s mansion, he spoils them with candy and toys, and they set off on a nationwide coast-to-coast tour, in which Ian decides to exploit their naïveté by overworking them constantly. Frustrated by what Ian has done to the Chipmunks, Dave decides to infiltrate their concert at the Orpheum Theatre to reunite with them. 

Before their tour can begin, a veterinarian explains to Ian that the Chipmunks’ voices have been worn out due to exhaustion and suggests that they take a long rest, but as Ian doesn’t want to cancel the concert, he advises the Chipmunks to lip-sync. With Claire’s help, Dave is allowed into the concert; the Chipmunks see Dave and decide to sabotage the show. Ian locks the Chipmunks in a cage and prepares to take them on their world tour, escaping in his limousine with Dave in pursuit, but the Chipmunks have already escaped into Dave’s car, replacing themselves with stuffed animal decoys. Dave happily admits that he loves the Chipmunks like his own family. Meanwhile, Ian uncovers the escape, which costs him both his career and his fortune.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A lot of fun songs came out of this movie but the chipmunks can be annoying, although some what cute and funny.

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