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Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato) is a young musician aspiring to be a singer. She wants to go to a summer music camp named “Camp Rock”. Since her family cannot afford the tuition, Mitchie’s mother, Connie Torres (Maria Canals-Barrera), arranges to cater food for the camp, thus allowing Mitchie to attend. In return, Mitchie must help her mother in the kitchen. Shortly after arriving at camp, Mitchie meets a girl named Caitlyn (Alyson Stoner).

Meanwhile, Shane Gray (Joe Jonas), the spoiled and arrogant lead singer of the popular music trio Connect 3, is assigned to be in charge of dance classes at Camp Rock by his bandmates Nate Gray (Nick Jonas) and Jason Gray (Kevin Jonas) and is forced to record a song with the winner of Final Jam. Shane overhears Mitchie singing and falls in love with her voice, but Mitchie leaves before Shane can figure out it was her, causing him to obsess over finding the mysterious singer.

During Opening Jam, Mitchie learns that many of the campers have notable roots and is embarrassed that she was only able to come to the camp because of her mother’s catering service. She lies to Tess Tyler (Meaghan Martin), a girl known for her famous mother and her popularity, and her friends, Peggy (Jasmine Richards) and Ella (Anna Maria Perez de Tagle), that her mother is the president of Hot Tunes TV China. Tess, impressed, invites Mitchie to bunk with her group.

One day, during lunch in the cafeteria, Tess and Caitlyn begin to throw spaghetti at each other and Mitchie gets in the middle of the fight. Brown (Daniel Fathers), the owner of the camp, breaks up the fight, and Tess frames Caitlyn for the incident. Brown punishes Caitlyn by making her work in the kitchen and Mitchie, who is worried that Caitlyn will learn about her secret, does not defend her.

Meanwhile, Shane writes a new song, which he shares with Mitchie. Mitchie likes the song, and Shane, doubtful that his record label and his fans would accept the song, begins to fall for her. Later, Caitlyn arrives in the kitchen while Mitchie is working and learns about Mitchie’s secret. Caitlyn calls Mitchie’s keeping her identity as the cook’s daughter a secret immature, and Mitchie in turn insults Caitlyn’s attitude. However, the two girls reconcile after Mitchie stands up to Tess when Tess attempts to upstage Caitlyn at Pajama Jam.

Shane spreads the word that he is searching for a girl with “the voice”. When Tess sees Mitchie and Shane rowing together, she becomes jealous and, after finding out about Mitchie’s secret, forces her to tell the entire camp the truth. Shane, infuriated that Mitchie deceived him to get close to him just because he is famous, ditches her. Tess kicks Mitchie, who is now a laughingstock throughout the camp, out of her group. Tess later learns that Mitchie is the girl Shane had been looking for. In order to get rid of Mitchie, on the eve of Final Jam, Tess frames Mitchie and Caitlyn for stealing her charm bracelet. When the girls cannot prove their innocence, Brown bans them from all camp activities until the end of Final Jam.

At Final Jam, Brown announces that the winner, as decided by the judges, Connect 3, will not only win a trophy, but get to record with Shane. Peggy and Ella lose their patience with Tess, stand their ground and leave her group. Ella performs “Hasta La Vista” with Barron (Jordan Francis) and Sander (Roshon Fegan). Tess realizes that her mom is watching and starts to perform “2 Stars”. Unfortunately, when her mom has to take a call during her performance, she stumbles in front of the audience and retreats backstage in tears. Peggy reveals her real name is Margaret Dupree and performs “Here I Am”. Tess apologizes to Peggy and Ella. As Brown announces the end of Final Jam, the spotlights turn on, and he allows Mitchie to perform, saying he was hoping she and Caitlyn would catch on: as their performance was not in the lineup and was technically after “the end of Final Jam”. Mitchie begins to sing “This Is Me”. Shane realizes that she was the voice from before, and he soon joins in. Backstage, Tess tells Mitchie and Caitlyn she told Brown that they didn’t steal her bracelet, and Mitchie and Shane reconcile. Peggy is announced as the winner of Final Jam. After she’s crowned winner, the entire camp sing “We Rock”. 

In an extended ending of the film, a few months later, Caitlyn shows Mitchie, Tess, Peggy, and Ella the recording studio that she built in her garage, and they perform “Our Time Is Here”.

Camp Rock Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A fun Disney Channel Movie full of music, dance and camp life. Oh Plus Joe Jonas as a bonus.

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