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Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato) returns to Camp Rock for another summer year along with her friends and the members of the band Connect 3: Mitchie’s love interest, Shane Gray (Joe Jonas), Nate Gray (Nick Jonas), and Jason Gray (Kevin Jonas). Along the way, she and her mother, Connie Torres (Maria Canals-Barrera), notice that a new camp, Camp Star, has opened across the lake. Mitchie and her friends also notice that there are fewer campers than last year and attempt to lift everyone’s spirits at the Opening Jam. Camp Star sends parachutes to Camp Rock with chocolates, graham crackers, and marshmallows, inviting them to a bonfire at their camp, but Brown Cesario is less than enthusiastic, as Camp Star’s founder is Axel Turner (Daniel Kash), whom he kicked out of his band. Mitchie and the rest of the campers arrive at Camp Star, as the bonfire starts, Camp Star begins to perform. As their performance ends, Dana Turner (Chloe Bridges)’s bracelet flies from her hand and hits Nate in the eye. Axel then offers the Camp Rock counselors jobs at Camp Star, doubling their salary, and encourages the Camp Rock campers to move to Camp Star. Only a few campers switch, including Tess, but many counselors move to Camp Star. Nate returns Dana’s bracelet after the bonfire and the two bond. Dana also reveals she is Axel’s daughter. Left with no staff, Brown is forced to close Camp Rock, but Mitchie persuades everyone to not give up, and she and her friends take on the newly vacant counseling roles.

Although things are tough at first, Mitchie and the rest of the counselors eventually settle into their roles. Upset that they were outperformed during their visit, they revisit Camp Star, and the two camps face off. Axel sees the showdown and suggests broadcasting their competition on television and letting the public decide who’s the best; Mitchie is reluctant at first, but she eventually agrees after some persuasion from her friends. However, Brown is angry about joining the competition, now called Camp Wars, and tells Connie that Camp Rock cannot win and everyone will start sending their kids to Camp Star after they lose. Overhearing their conversation, Mitchie makes everyone focus only on winning the competition, which frustrates the other campers and Shane, who only returned to Camp Rock to spend more time with her. To improve everyone’s spirits, Shane, Jason, and the junior campers start a water balloon fight, much to Mitchie’s dismay. That night, Mitchie and Shane get in a fight about their priorities, and Shane tells Mitchie that the reason he came back to camp was to get to know Mitchie better before leaving her to finish up her work.

The next day, Mitchie wakes up to find everyone rehearsing for Camp Wars, thanks to Shane. Shane and his brothers motivate everyone to work harder. Mitchie and Shane reconcile and spend the day together, but Nate has trouble trying to tell Dana how he feels. Shane and Jason suggest to sing, and Nate goes to Camp Star to serenade her, gaining her affection before being caught by Axel. As the night of Camp Wars begins, Camp Star performs. After, Brown finds out that Axel has been encouraging and paying the public to vote for Camp Star through text messaging and tweeting and that it would be a miracle if Camp Rock won. All the members of Camp Rock then perform together, accompanied by a video montage of their summer, but Camp Star wins Camp Wars. Back at Camp Rock, Mitchie apologizes to Shane about not spending enough time, to which he replies, “I’ve learned everything I need to know,” about trying to get to know Mitchie better. They share a kiss, and return to the bonfire, where everyone gathers at the bonfire for one last time before leaving, but many members of Camp Star, including Tess and Dana, come to join Camp Rock, ensuring they have enough campers to continue for another summer.

Camp Rock 2 Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Okay the plot is silly and it was desperate having Disney big names in the film but lets be real, some good songs came out of this. It was fun to watch just for that.

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