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Muppets Most Wanted Summary

Directly after the previous film, the Muppets find themselves at a loss as to what to do until a man named Dominic Badguy suggests the Muppets go on a European tour with him as their tour manager. Unbeknownst to the Muppets, criminal mastermind Constantine, who resembles Kermit, escapes from a Siberian Gulag to join his subordinate Dominic in a plot to steal the British Crown Jewels.

In Berlin, Dominic secures the Muppets a show at a prestigious venue. Frustrated with the group’s incessant requests and Miss Piggy’s insistence they marry, Kermit goes for a walk at Dominic’s suggestion. Constantine ambushes him, glues a stick-on mole to Kermit’s face, and slips away. Mistaken for Constantine, Kermit is arrested and sent to the Siberian Gulag that Constantine escaped from.

Taking Kermit’s place, Constantine’s blunders in imitating him are covered by Dominic, much to Animal’s suspicion, but the rest of the Muppets fall for it. After the Berlin performance opens with Constantine freezing in front of the audience, Scooter has to introduce the acts. Constantine and Dominic steal paintings from a museum while the Muppets perform.

The next morning, Interpol agent Jean Pierre Napoleon and CIA agent Sam Eagle grudgingly team up to apprehend the culprit whom Napoleon believes to be his nemesis “The Lemur” – the number-two criminal in the world.

Meanwhile, Kermit attempts several escapes from the Gulag but is thwarted each time by prison guard Nadya, who is as infatuated with him as Miss Piggy is. Thus uncaring that the real Constantine is free, Nadya orders Kermit to help organize The Siberian Gulag Revue, the prisoners’ annual talent show.

Following hidden instructions on the stolen painting, Constantine and Dominic divert the tour to Madrid. Constantine allows the Muppets to perform whatever they wish, leaving Walter confused. During this show, Constantine and Dominic break into a museum and destroy a roomful of busts to find a key needed for their plan. Even though the performance is a disaster, the Muppets receive critical acclaim. Sam and Napoleon deduce that the connection between the crimes is the Muppet tour, and the pair interrogates the Muppets, only for Constantine to evade the pair and the others to be found too ill-equipped to be guilty. The instructions on the stolen key lead Constantine and Dominic to schedule the next show in order to rob the Bank of Ireland in Dublin.

In Dublin, Walter discovers that Dominic has been giving away show tickets and bribing critics to ensure a packed house and rave reviews, while Fozzie notices Kermit’s and Constantine’s similarities. Constantine attacks Walter and Fozzie for their discoveries, but Animal fends him off and the three escape to rescue Kermit. During the performance, Dominic steals a locket from the bank and Constantine proposes to Miss Piggy onstage; Piggy accepts, and the pair plan a wedding ceremony to be held at the Tower of London in London, where the Crown Jewels are kept.

Fozzie, Walter and Animal reach the Siberian Gulag on the night of the performance, and Kermit uses it as a front to allow them, himself, and all the prisoners to escape the Gulag. Kermit, Fozzie, Walter and Animal infiltrate Constantine’s dressing room and overhear him explain to Dominic that he plans to kill Miss Piggy after they are married. Kermit and Fozzie are briefly detained by Sam, but escape as the wedding begins, and Dominic, with the help of Bobby Benson’s Baby Band, manages to steal the jewels.

Kermit interrupts the ceremony, revealing Constantine’s ruse, and Miss Piggy’s ring—actually a bomb—is removed with Bunsen’s magnetic bomb attractor vest, worn by Beaker. Constantine takes Miss Piggy hostage and flees to a helicopter, where he is intercepted by Dominic, who is actually the Lemur and intends to double-cross him. Constantine, after berating Dominic for bragging about the double-cross before escaping, ejects him from the helicopter and tries to take off with Piggy, but Kermit jumps aboard and the rest of the Muppets climb atop each other to stop the escape. Kermit and Piggy incapacitate Constantine, who is arrested with Dominic by Sam and Napoleon. Nadya then arrives in London to recapture Kermit for escaping, but Walter, Fozzie, and Gonzo tell her that if she arrests him, then she will have to take them as well; she relents, allowing Kermit to go free. The Muppets place their next venue at the Gulag in their finale.

Muppets Most Wanted Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A fun, muppet filled adventure perfect for the whole family.

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