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Freshman Jameson “Jamie” Bartlett (Kay Panabaker) has three best friends named Connor (who has a crush on her) (Jason Dolley), Lindsay (Marquise Brown), and Harmony (Alexandra Krosney), a brother named Lenny Bartlett (Nick Whitaker), and a mean enemy named Sawyer Sullivan (Allison Scagliotti), whose boyfriend is the object of Jamie’s affection. She also owns a tablet PC, on which she keeps a journal she writes in every day. In the journal, she writes about a character named “Isabella” or “Is” (Danielle Panabaker), a popular girl with incredible powers who stands up to a mean girl named Myrna. In actuality, the journal is a more imaginative version of Jamie’s life, with Is being loosely based on Jamie and Myrna being based on Sawyer.

For an English assignment, Jamie has to write an essay of her choice. Her printer dies, and Lenny refuses to let her use his. Lindsay offers to print the essay if Jamie emails it to her, but she accidentally sends her the journal. After Lindsay turns the journal in for Jamie, it wins a writing contest and is published as a book. Jamie’s book attracts a lot of publicity, eventually becoming a bestseller. She appears at many book signings, on reality TV shows, is often interviewed, and meets stars whom she has always wanted to meet. Soon, success gets the better of Jamie; she becomes increasingly materialistic and critical of the world around her, quitting her job at her father’s pizza place, ridiculing Lenny’s guitar playing, and favoring fame over her friends. Her newfound popularity is dashed during a television interview where she inadvertently reveals that the antagonist of her novel is based on Sawyer and all of her other life dramas.

As Jamie’s classmates learn that the book was based on Jamie’s negative feelings toward her school, she wishes to restore her relationships. However, her friends are unwilling to trust her again and begin to reject and avoid her. To make up for her mistakes, she apologizes to Lenny, encouraging him to take up his guitar playing once more, despite what she’d said. Jamie overhears her parents’ conversation about having to close down the pizza parlor, and Jamie feels guilty.

As she is getting ready for the ocean-themed school dance, Jamie confronts Is, a figment of her imagination who tries to make Jamie like she is, and tells her to stop. She then goes to the dance, where she tries to apologize to everyone. They do not accept her apology at first, but gradually do after learning the book was really Jamie’s personal journal and that she never meant for it to be published. Jamie finds Connor just as he is leaving. She asks for his forgiveness, and they kiss. They walk back into the dance, where Lenny performs a song (“I Will Be Around”) dedicated to Jamie.

After the dance, Jamie invites everyone to eat at her parents’ pizza parlor. When Lenny rushes into the kitchen to help cook the pizza, his jacket, which was covered in seaweed from the dance, accidentally lands on some of the pizzas, covering them in seaweed. When the pizza is delivered to the customers, they love it, and Jamie’s father finally figures out the secret of how to save their business, ending the film on a happy note.

Read it or Weep Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A good movie for pre teens and teenagers, especially about the dangers of social media and online bullying.

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