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Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure Summary

Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) performs a dance number at the Lava Springs Country Club (“Gonna Shine”). There, she meets famous producer and casting director Jerry Taylor (Pat Mastroianni), who offers her a chance to star in his newest show on Broadway. Sharpay asks her father, Vance (Robert Curtis Brown), to let her move to New York City on her own. He hesitantly accepts, but he has a condition; if the plan backfires and she is not in a show by the end of the month, Sharpay is forced to move back with her parents and work at Lava Springs. In New York, Sharpay is kicked out of her penthouse because they do not allow dogs.

While in despair, she meets Peyton Leverett (Austin Butler), an aspiring film director and son of Sharpay’s mother’s friend from college. He offers her a studio apartment if she will be the subject of his film project. Sharpay accepts but is distraught when she realizes life in New York is not as glamorous as it was back home. To make her feel better, Peyton takes her to the stage of a Broadway theatre, which inspires her to make the best of the situation. The next day, Sharpay heads to her audition, only to discover that Jerry only wanted to audition Boi for the part of the “best friend” in his new musical, A Girl’s Best Friend.

She becomes discouraged, but with the help of Peyton, she auditions him (“My Boi and Me”), only to be caught in a tie with the very competitive child star Roger Elliston (Bradley Steven Perry) and his pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Countess (“My Girl and Me”). Later, Sharpay meets Broadway star Amber Lee Adams (Cameron Goodman), the star of the show, whom Sharpay admires. Rehearsals begin the next morning with the directors Gill Samms (Alec Mapa) and Neal Roberts (Jack Plotnick) using both dogs interchangeably to determine which one will get the role.

After rehearsals, Amber Lee fires her assistant and hires Sharpay, who accepts in the hope it will help Boi get chosen. Later, by pretending to be Sharpay’s friend and implying that Boi will get the part, Amber Lee convinces Sharpay to be her maid. Boi and Countess run away together, madly in love, and enjoy a jaunt around the city (“Baby”). Sharpay and Roger panic, finally uniting to find the dogs. Peyton finds them and returns them to the two new friends. At the end of the day, Peyton tells Sharpay the girl he met on the first day would trust in her own talents rather than sell her soul to get ahead, and they get in a fight. Sharpay finds out that Amber Lee plans to remove the dogs from the show. Heartbroken, Sharpay seeks the support of Peyton, and they make up. The next day (the first day of previews), Sharpay and Roger concoct a plan to remove Amber Lee from the show. Roger smears raw chicken all over her golden shoes, and when Amber Lee wears them, the dogs start to lick her shoes. Her plan works when Amber Lee reveals her true colors to the audience, who become outraged and begin booing her, with her outburst. However, Amber Lee quits the production, and Sharpay is fired.

When the show is about to be canceled due to the loss of its star, Peyton shows his footage of Sharpay singing the show’s emotional ballad (“New York’s Best Kept Secret”). Impressed, the directors reinstate Sharpay as the lead. However, Sharpay only accepts the role on the condition that Boi and Countess split the role of the best friend equally. The directors agree, and the production is back on. Sharpay confides in Peyton her fears about being a star. Assuring her that she will be great, Peyton kisses her. On opening night, paparazzi are everywhere, and fans and stars alike flood the theatre to see the opening night of A Girl’s Best Friend. Peyton, Sharpay’s parents, and the world watch as Sharpay finally takes the stage in her Broadway debut (“The Rest Of My Life”).In a scene exclusive to television and Netflix showings, Sharpay’s twin brother, Ryan (Lucas Grabeel), on a break from his musical tour around the country, pays her a visit after she becomes a star on Broadway to congratulate her. When Boi escapes from Sharpay’s apartment, she chases after him, and Ryan relaxes on his sister’s bed until it folds back into the closet, taking him with it.

Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A spin off from the high school musical series but this was from Sharpay’s after story. It is cute and it does make you feel a bit for Sharpay but it isn’t a movie I would say is a must.

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