Overboard (2018)

Want an unexpected comedy? Overboard is a remake starring Anna Farris, Eva Longoria, Eugenio Derbez, and John Hannah.

Kate (Anna Faris) is a single mom to three girls whose trying to make ends meet while studying to be a nurse. She has two jobs, a pizza delivery for her friend Theresa (Eva Longoria) and a cleaning lady. One day her job sends her to clean the carpet on a yacht. The yacht is owned by Leonardo Montenegro, a rich playboy.

While doing her job, Kate meets a drunk Leonardo, who ends up insulting her. When Kate was moving to the next part of the yacht, Leonardo demands Kate serves him, to which she stands her ground and tells him, that’s not part of her job. He fires Kate and tells the captain to take off while she’s still aboard. He pushes her off with all her cleaning equipment.

Kate gets fired from the cleaning company and is now in debt for reimbursing for the lost equipment. On top of all the struggles, her mother leaves her in a lurch with childcare to chase her own dreams.

One day Leonardo was so drunk while out at see, he falls overboard and washes up back in the small town of Oregon that Kate lives in. When Kate shows Theresa the article about the unnamed man, whose the rich Leonardo, they hatch a plan to bring Leonardo home as Kate’s husband to help her around and have him work hard so Kate can study.

The plan works, Kate and Leonardo play house and the girls grow close to him. Kate begins falling in love.

Meanwhile, Leonardo’s father demands he returns to Mexico in order to take over the country. His sister Magdalena (Cecilia Suárez) is jealous. She finds Leo in the hospital with no memory and pretends that’s not her brother. She then makes arrangements for his death. Sofia (Mariana Treviño), Leo’s other sister, thought it was suspicious and started to research for Leo.

Back with Kate and Leo, they grow happy together, falling in love. Kate passes her exams and tries to reveal the truth but her daughters and Theresa both cover for Anna, continuing the lie.

Sofia finally finds Leo alive and she, Magdalena and their father all get him from Oregon, revealing the truth. Leo feels torn, and like he doesn’t belong. He confides in Colin (John Hannah), his top employee), who encourages him to follow his heart. Theresa, her husband, Kate and the girls chase after them in Bobby’s ( Mel Rodriguez) boat. They almost catch up when Leo’s father changes course. Leo jumps off the ship to swim to Kate, Kate does the same. His father yells to him that he’s disowned and will be cut off, but Leo doesn’t care, he was happier with Kate. They return home, eventually get married. Life becomes normal when Colin arrives, giving the deed of the yacht to Leo as it was in his name and worth a lot of money. They live happily ever after.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Not only was the acting great, I continued to laugh and relate a lot to Kate (well minus falling in love with a rich playboy). My only worry was when Leo would eventually leave, especially after how close the girls grew to him. The movie ends happily ever after as always but otherwise I loved it. And recommend it if you’re in need of a good romantic comedy.

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