The Witches File (2018)

Five girls, Brooke (Alice Ziolkoski), Claire (Holly Taylor), Jules (Britt Flatmo), Greta (Adrienne Rose White) and M.J (Tara Robinson) meet in detention. Claire was covering report for the school news paper and news channel about detention. Jules shows off her power enticing the others to join her in creating a coven. As they grew stronger, they started to cause trouble, with that came consequences. Each girl began experiencing their own problems. That’s when Detective Strauss (Paget Brewster) caught on to what was happening and tried to warn them. All the girls except Brooke wanted to stop. Brooke disappeared and Jules was hospitalized. Claire realized Brooke was behind the attack. So she tried to protect herself but as Brooke and Claire fought, they realized it wasn’t each other but they realized that Jules only consequence was internal. Together Brooke and Claire contacted Detective Strauss about the what happened 17 years ago. Claire and Brooke start digging through the old yearbooks at the school and begin discovering that Jules might actually be over 300 year witch, using the covens magic to stay young. It’s up to the rest of them to stop Jules before they disappear all together.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I fully enjoyed this film. Even though it’s deemed a horror film, I didn’t get that feel. There were creepy elements but nothing over the top scary. It reminds me of a mix of the Craft and Carrie. The difference is that this film was filmed mostly from Claire’s view as a journalist as well as from security cameras, which made it unique.

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