T.V. Series Review: Goldie and Bear Season 1

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Goldie and Bear Season 1 Summary

Season 1, Episode 1: The Birthday Chair/ Big Bear

The Birthday Chair: Goldie rebuilds Bear’s old chair that she broke and give it to him as a birthday present.

Big Bear: When Bear gets tired of being small, Jack gives him a magic bean that will make him big.

Season 1, Episode 2: Too Much Jack and Jill/ Tiny Tale

Too Much Jack and Jill: Goldie and Bear help Jack and Jill, who are running a lemonade stand, fetch a pail of water.

Tiny Tale: Goldie and Bear get accidentally shrunk by the Fairy Godmother who was helping Mama and Papa Bear move the sofa.

Season 1, Episode 3: Abraca Cabbage/ Furry Godmother

Abraca Cabbage: When Goldie performs her first magic show, she inadvertently tricks the audience into thinking she’s turned into a cabbage.

Furry Godmother: When Bear finds the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand, he sprouts fairy wings and the ability to grant wishes.

Season 1, Episode 4: Fee Fi Fo Shoe/ Little Gold Riding Hood

Fee Fi Fo Shoe: During a buttercup ball game, the Giant’s shoe falls in the middle of the game and a family starts living in the shoe.

Little Gold Riding Hood: Red lends Goldie her hood to deliver some muffins to Grandma until The Big Bad Wolf tries to steal them.

Season 1, Episode 5: Bear’s Red Shoes/ Goose Sitters

Bear’s Red Shoes: Bear gets some magic shoes that will help him dance so amazing until The Big Bad Wolf swaps the shoes with regular shoes.

Goose Sitters: Goldie and Bear become goose sitters for Jack’s gold laying egg goose until she gets out of her cage.

Season 1, Episode 6: Moon Jump/ The Big Good Wolf

Moon Jump: When Goldie is chosen to ride the cow that jumps over the moon, Bear gets disappointed that he wasn’t chosen.

The Big Good Wolf: The Big Bad Wolf’s brother, Phil comes for a visit.

Season 1, Episode 7: Pinocchio-itis/ The Clubhouse that Jack Built

Pinocchio-itis: When Goldie starts lying, her nose starts growing. But things become even more complicated when Goldie keeps lying in order to surprise Bear.

The Clubhouse that Jack Built: Bear joins a club that only lets in boys whose first name is “Jack”.

Season 1, Episode 8: The Egg/ Golden Kickball

The Egg: Goldie and Bear finds an egg and returns it to its nest.

Golden Kickball: Bear kicks his new golden kickball too hard, and it lands in the Witch’s gingerbread house.

Season 1, Episode 9: Thumbelina’s Wild Ride/ Big Bad House Guest

Thumbelina’s Wild Ride: Thumbelina is Goldie and Bear’s babysitter.

Big Bad House Guest: After Big Bad blows down his own house by mistake, Humpty lets him stay at his house for the night.

Season 1, Episode 10: Suddenly Sports/ A Fish Tale

Suddenly Spots: While practicing for a two-person Pogo race, Bear breaks out into colorful spots.

A Fish Tale: Bear and Papa Bear take Goldie on her first fishing trip.

Season 1, Episode 11: All the King Men/ Cheshire Goldie

All the King Men: The king’s men forbid everything.

Cheshire Goldie: When Goldie accidentally becomes invisible, she uses her newfound power to trick her friends.

Season 1, Episode 12: The Troll Tamer/ The Froggiest Prince of All

The Troll Tamer: Goldie trains Bear to be a troll tamer and accidentally wakes up a real Troll.

The Froggiest Prince of All: Bear and Humpty transform Frog into Goldie’s favorite hero, Prince Charming.

Season 1, Episode 13: Bear Who Would Be King/ When the Gnome is Away

Bear Who Would Be King: Bear is declared King of Fairy Tale Forest when he removes a sword from a stone.

When the Gnome is Away: While house sitting for Gnome, Goldie and Bear open a magic jar that brings everything to life.

Season 1, Episode 14: Training of the Broom/ Hickory Dickory Brain

Training of the Broom: When Goldie and Bear find a lost witch’s broom, they take turns watching after it.

Hickory Dickory Brian: Goldie and Bear help their friend Brian the Mouse who is convinced he is jinxed.

Season 1, Episode 15: Giant Among Us/ Fetch Skippy Fetch

Giant Among Us: Bear accidentally collapses Giant’s beanstalk, so Giant has to stay at Bear’s house overnight.

Fetch Skippy Fetch: Big Bad Wolf tells Skippy the dragon to fetch things that aren’t his.

Season 1, Episode 16: A Charming Day Off/ The Sunny Side Up Club

A Charming Day Off: Goldie and Bear help Prince Charming evade the King’s Men.

The Sunny Side Up Club: Goldie and Bear help Humpty’s synchronized swimming club put on a show.

Season 1, Episode 17: The Tooth About Jack and Jill/ Pig Problems

The Tooth About Jack and Jill: Bear loses his first tooth and must tire out his house guests Jack and Jill so he can get to sleep.

Pig Problems: When a petty argument breaks up the Three Little Pigs, Goldie and Bear must find a way to get them back together.

Season 1, Episode 18: Topsy Turvy Tea Party/ Old Knotty

Topsy Turvy Tea Party: After Goldie and Bear accidentally eat the cake for the tea party, the duo must find a way to get a new one.

Old Knotty: Goldie and Bear try to save a giant tree, Old Knotty, from being chopped down by the Woodsman.

Season 1, Episode 19: Fairy Fly Adventure/ Three’s a Crowd

Fairy Fly Adventure: Goldie and Bear must help Vern the inchworm get home in time so he can transform into a fairy fly. However, Big Bad attempts to stop them so he can steal their picnic food.

Three’s a Crowd: Goldie becomes jealous when Bear and Red discover they have a lot in common, which Big Bad uses this to his advantage

Season 1, Episode 20: Sing Froggy Song/ Forget Me Lots

Sing Froggy Sing: When Frog and Papa Bear’s voices are accidentally switched, Goldie and Bear must find a way to switch them back.

Forget Me Lots: Bear tries to help Goldie remember who she is after she loses her memory.

Season 1, Episode 21: Do You Know the Muffin Kids/Jack of All Trades

Do You Know the Muffin Kids: Goldie, Bear and Red start a muffin-baking business so they can buy a pogo stick.

Jack of All Trades: Goldie and Bear go on a mission to find the ultimate Mother’s Day gift for Mama Bear.

Season 1, Episode 22: When Goldie Met Bear

Robin Locks, Papa and Mama tells Goldie & Bear how they become best friends.

Goldie and Bear Season 1 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great show mixing of fairy tale characters and lessons alike.

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