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Girl Meets World Season 3 Summary

Season 3, Episode 1: Girl Meets High School Part One

The first day at Abigail Adams High School is a new adventure for Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Zay, and Smackle. The six quickly learn they are no longer leaders, as three seniors—Thor, Francesca, and Nikki—confine them to a small section of the school known as the “hole”. Although Riley believes the seniors are teaching them a lesson and puts her faith in them, the group feels unimportant in their new school, unable to navigate through it without the older students in their way. Cory, also struggling with his first day in high school as a teacher, informs the group that they are in a bigger world now, but teaches them they need to stick together in exploring it. Unfortunately, a frustrated Lucas gets upset with Riley over where her loyalties stand and he, Farkle, Zay and Smackle decide to go their own way without Riley or Maya. Meanwhile, Ava worries about her parents fighting and needs comforting from Cory, Topanga, and Auggie after her father leaves.

Season 3, Episode 2: Girl Meets High School Part Two

After Lucas and Zay try out for the football team, and Farkle and Smackle seek admission into the intellects club, they realize they are not as strong or smart as the rest of them. The four realize even more they abandoned Riley and Maya for their first days of high school. Riley and Maya discover the real reason Thor, Francesca and Nikki put them and their friends in the “hole”: for the sake of their friendship, so they would not go through the same thing as Thor, Francesca and Nikki’s group of friends when beginning high school. Cory teaches his class about how the patriots stuck together for worthy causes like protecting their land, even if massacre was the end result, and the group takes it to heart. Lucas, Farkle, Zay and Smackle make up with Riley and Maya, and they all vow to stick together through the challenges of high school. Meanwhile, Auggie helps Ava deal with her parents’ splitting up by introducing her to his imaginary friend, but Ava begins to value her real friendship with Auggie.

Season 3, Episode 3: Girl Meets Jexica

Riley is afraid what other students will think about her when she joins the Abigail Adams High School social network with her friends. She develops an alter ego by creating a profile with the name Jexica, who shares all of Riley’s interests and later becomes massively popular at school. After Lucas asks Jexica to become part of his group of friends, Riley comes to school dressed as Jexica but sees many other students dressed as her, too. Jexica’s popularity subsequently tumbles, and Riley finds out that Lucas actually knew she was Jexica all the time. In the end, Riley learns she should not be afraid to express herself on the Internet, regardless of what other people might think; it only matters what her friends think because they are the ones who really care about her. Meanwhile, Auggie receives an e-mail from a “prince” claiming to be his friend and offering him a large sum of money, which leads Cory and Topanga to talk to him about trusting people on the Internet. When Auggie later receives an e-mail from Ava who is London and needs money, he feels he needs to help because they are friends.

Season 3, Episode 4: Girl Meets Permanent Record

Riley receives a D on her first test in Spanish class, while Maya earns an A and is proud of her rare accomplishment. When Riley hears that a permanent record is kept beginning in high school and how she performed in middle school does not matter, she worries about the impact of her low grade on her future. Cory and Topanga have always known Riley to be a good student, but after talking to her Spanish teacher, Señora Feinstein-Chang, they realize Riley is presented with a new challenge and needs to work on becoming better. Señora Feinstein-Chang assures Riley the D is only one grade and what she does on her next test matters more toward gauging her progress, as does all of her past work, her true “permanent record”. After she studies extensively, and demonstrates to Señora Feinstein-Chang in class that she can speak Spanish better, Riley earns an A− on the next Spanish test.

Season 3, Episode 5: Girl Meets Triangle

When Riley and Maya see other girls in school going through their break-up phase, they meet Sage, with whom they share that they like the same boy. Sage tells them they need to make a decision about him, and Farkle and Zay similarly tell Lucas he needs to choose between Riley and Maya. Meanwhile, Maya struggles with her first painting for her new art teacher, Mr. Jackson, as he questions her about what her work is saying, what influences are behind it, and more importantly, who she is. Riley also wonders since she is no longer seeing the rebellious side of her best friend. Maya denies that she has changed, but after Mr. Jackson shows Maya her painting from a different perspective, she realizes how much Riley and her parents have influenced her. As she has become more like Riley, Maya is in need of finding her true self and asks Riley for help, so they go out in search of that. Around the same time, Lucas comes to the Matthews’ apartment ready to reveal his decision about Riley and Maya to them, only to discover they are not there, so Cory, Topanga, and Katy urge him to share this news.

Season 3, Episode 6: Girl Meets Upstate

Riley and Maya visit Shawn at his place in upstate New York. When he hears that Maya has lost a part of herself due to Riley’s influence, Shawn tells the girls how he was similarly affected by Cory, and like Maya, he wants to find his edgy side again. Knowing the girls are with Shawn, Cory comes for a visit as well and sees Shawn is angry at him for changing him too much. Cory reminds Shawn about his quality of “reckless spontaneity” to help him through his crisis. This also helps Riley to find Maya, as they head back to the city, to their art classroom at school, where Maya expresses her anger at Riley through a painting. It escalates into a paint fight, which Mr. Jackson walks in on; he notices Maya’s painting and sees a greater artistic voice in her. Meanwhile, Lucas remains quiet about his choice of Riley or Maya and sits in Riley’s bay window until the girls return, but when he finds out Maya has not been herself lately, the three decide to wait until they know who they are first. Shawn, on the other hand, having rediscovered himself, proposes to Katy, and she accepts.

Season 3, Episode 7: Girl Meets True Maya

Riley is hoping for Maya’s rebellious side to return when Maya reveals she is about to do something big and bad. When the fire alarm goes off at school and money goes missing at Topanga’s, though, the group is surprised Maya is not behind those. Maya is still learning what she has become and visits a park she went to when she was younger, bringing with her a hammer, a brick and some paint. At the park, she confronts two girls from her past, Carla and Renee, who are anticipating to see her vandalize the park, but they do not see the same Maya they knew before. Still, Maya gets caught by Officer James, who brings her back to the Matthews’ apartment and charges her with vandalism. When he shows the group what she did, it becomes clearer that Riley has changed Maya for the better, and Officer James is willing to let the matter go as long as Maya does not get into trouble again.

Season 3, Episode 8: Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 1

Cory takes his class on a field trip to Mount Sun Lodge to experience nature. Riley is aware of her father’s past there and knows why he avoids anything about skiing, but Cory, who is running the nature club at the lodge, hopes history will not repeat. He is chaperoning the trip with his brother Josh, to Maya’s delight, and Topanga. As soon as the group arrives, Riley hurts her foot after falling off the bus, which causes her to miss the hiking trip, but she is content to sit by a bay window at the lodge. As she witnesses the changing season through an autumn leaf that falls on her lap, and after she has given Maya time to find herself, Riley wants the love triangle involving her, Maya and Lucas resolved. The girls imagine their lives with Lucas, with both scenarios playing out to catastrophic endings as the girl left out affects the other’s relationship. The three realize it will continue to take time to make this huge decision. Meanwhile, a young male employee arrives in the lodge and sees Riley at the window. The two begin to talk, including what they see outside.

Season 3, Episode 9: Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2

As a new day begins at Mount Sun Lodge, Riley is in shock after staying awake all night talking to Evan, the young employee who saw her sitting by the window and tells her he wants to be a Sherpa someday. After everyone becomes aware of Evan, an insecure Lucas finds himself sorting through his feelings for both Riley and Maya, while Riley gains more insight about why Maya became more like her. Evan has the group participate in a game using a book Cory remembers from his high school trip to the ski lodge. Evan’s question, a different one from what Cory faced, has the group exploring what makes a meaningful relationship. Soon afterward, Maya engages in a serious conversation with Josh, where her true feelings for him—and for Lucas—come out. Josh confesses that he is willing to wait and see what happens with him and Maya. She then talks to Lucas and wants him to tell Riley that he loves her. Lucas does and reveals that he has indeed chosen Riley, while she tells Lucas he has always been her choice. As the ski lodge trip ends, Evan has a friendly greeting from his mother for Cory, which does not please Topanga. Meanwhile, back home, Riley considers Maya her “extraordinary relationship”, because Maya protected her from Lucas until knowing he was the right one for her.

Season 3, Episode 10: Girl Meets I Do

With Shawn and Katy’s wedding approaching, Maya becomes anxious over whether they should be getting married. Her insecurities stem from her father leaving, especially the effect it had on her mother, and she does not want her mother to go through that same experience again with Shawn. She challenges Shawn to prove beyond words that he is ready to be with her mother and nothing will go wrong with their marriage. While Shawn cannot guarantee that their marriage will be perfect, he and Katy are willing to take the leap of faith by believing they are right for each other. As the two exchange their vows on the rooftop above the Matthews’ apartment, Maya is willing to do the same.

Season 3, Episode 11: Girl Meets the Real World

Cory has his class explore whether people are naturally good or evil, but only Riley is given the assignment of debating the question from the evil point of view. Because of Riley’s optimistic and innocent view of the world, and her inability to see how people could possibly be evil, Maya helps her with the assignment by showing her the world’s problems in the news. It helps Riley prepare for her debate, but in delving into her evil side, she takes it too far when she impulsively eats Zay’s cookie and is in no hurry to apologize for her action. Meanwhile, after hearing about the condition of New York’s beaches from Riley and Maya, Auggie decides he wants to clean up the beach and Topanga takes him. Auggie realizes he cannot do the whole task alone but is assured he is making a difference by doing his part. Riley, too, realizes she is making a difference by doing good in the world despite being more in touch with her evil side for the class debate. She apologizes to Zay for what she did and helps a friend, Two Shoes Louie, toward his cause.

Season 3, Episode 12: Girl Meets Bear

As Maya looks forward to a special offer going on at Paco’s Tacos, and she and Riley are prepared to head over there, Riley discovers her teddy bear is missing. Despite having no face for more than three years because of Auggie, the bear still holds a great deal of sentimental value for Riley. This leads to a frantic search throughout the Matthews apartment, while Maya becomes completely frustrated over having no tacos to enjoy. During the search, Auggie comes across the silver boxing gloves necklace Alan gave to Cory in the Boy Meets World episode “Kid Gloves”, which Cory thought was lost forever; he later gives the necklace to Auggie, hoping he will hold on to it. Otherwise, the search turns out nothing on the missing bear, and Riley eventually comes to terms with the loss. Afterward, the group finally gets to enjoy some tacos, and Riley gives Maya a bobblehead she was wanting all along from Paco’s Tacos. Meanwhile, Zay expresses his appreciation to Maya for being a friend when he first came to New York and hopes she will continue to be there for him, even though Maya is seeking someday to be with Josh.

Season 3, Episode 13: Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York

For cultural week at school, Cory has the class report on their heritage. At first, the reports are superficial, so Cory challenges the class to do deeper research on where they come from. The group learns about each other’s stories and those from people at the booths of the school’s cultural fair. Not everyone’s heritage is a complete or a pleasant story, and Farkle has an incredibly difficult time researching his. Aside from saying he had relatives from Denmark, he stays silent about his story. When he finally opens up—revealing only one of those relatives, his great-grandfather, survived World War II—his friends understand how difficult it was for him to talk about it. Meanwhile, Auggie makes a new friend, Raffi, who is from Cuba.

Season 3, Episode 14: Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me

When Riley extends her friendship to a girl in school, she is crushed after the girl rejects her by simply saying she does not like her. It takes a while for Riley to realize she cannot control things, which her family and friends are constantly stressing to her. She asks her father to take over her health class because she is uncomfortable with how her health instructor, Mr. Fanucci, teaches, and it becomes a mess for Cory when he has to take Fanucci’s place. When Mr. Fanucci takes back the health class, Riley has accepted she cannot control anything, but he clarifies to Riley and the rest of the class that they have control over their own minds and bodies, including the way they react and think to situations they are presented with. When Riley confronts the girl from the beginning of the episode again, Riley lets her know that she likes her anyway.

Season 3, Episode 15: Girl Meets World of Terror 3

When Cory’s class decides they are too old for Halloween, and they consider their change in attitude over the holiday as nothing major, Cory reminds the class about the consequences even that one small change can have on people. Auggie appears as a ghost to describe a different world, where Riley and Maya had never met to become friends, Lucas is by himself all the time, Farkle and Smackle are no more than archnemeses, and Ava and Doy are hanging out because there is no Auggie. Also, Cory is teaching history as simply names and dates, but Riley believes 

Season 3, Episode 16: Girl Meets Her Monster

Riley and Maya devote a whole weekend to watching every episode of their favorite TV show, Red Planet Diaries, before its finale airs. They have a few more episodes left to watch when Topanga reminds them of their obligations, including school. When Riley fails to show up at the bakery after school to help her mother and continues watching the TV show instead, Topanga grounds her and takes away her media privileges. Riley feels she is “entitled” to make her own decisions and stands up to her mother, but she ends up moving out and living with Maya. She eventually returns home and apologizes to her mother for hurting and disobeying her.

Season 3, Episode 17: Girl Meets Hollywood

Maya has kidnapped a famous international actress, Anastasia Boulangerie, and tells Riley she did so because she is trying to get her mother a role in a movie where she plays herself, but for which Anastasia is auditioning. The girls find out from Katy that Anastasia, whose real name is Bobbie Jo Thibodeaux, is her best friend from their youth in Arkansas and that they have lost touch since Anastasia became famous. Meanwhile, Sarah’s father, director DW Preminger, is casting for that movie, written by his daughter. After Katy auditions for her eponymous role, Anastasia persuades Preminger to give Katy the part. As for the other roles in the movie, Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle and Zay are hoping to land the parts related to them, but Preminger rejects them all.

Season 3, Episode 18: Girl Meets a Christmas Maya

Maya’s mood about Christmas turns sour knowing it is the first one after her mother and Shawn got married, and she does not want Shawn to see how she and her mother have celebrated before. To boost Maya’s spirits, Riley puts together a play based on A Christmas Carol which she calls “A Christmas Maya”. It is revealed from Maya’s past that while her mother could not afford to give her toys for Christmas, she gave her a more enduring present in allowing her to go to school with Riley and to make other friends. The play also has a part about Shawn’s past, to give Maya a better understanding about her future with him. Meanwhile, the group dreads Riley’s annual Secret Santa, because past gift exchanges have always turned out disastrous, and it is no different with the latest gift exchange, until the meaning behind each gift is explained to its recipient.

Season 3, Episode 19: World Meets Girl

The cast gives the viewers a look behind the scenes of the series. They introduce the writers and crew of the series and give a tour of the studio, the costume and prop departments, and their off-screen school. Later, live audience members take part in a question and answer session with the cast and crew. Bloopers of the series are shown in front of the audience and the cast. Throughout the episode, clips of previous episodes are shown, as well as video messages from fans of the series, all around the world. Fans are chosen in pairs of best friends to sit in the bay window set and discuss what they mean to each other. Later, Ben and Danielle reflect on their experience being on the series. In an emotional moment, Rowan and Sabrina sit in the bay window and remember their first time meeting each other.

Season 3, Episode 20: Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

Riley wants to celebrate her “Sweet Sixteen” early, which gives Cory an idea for an assignment when he teaches the class about one’s personal landmarks. He wants them to think about what will happen in their junior year of high school. Riley feels confident that she and Maya will stay friends for the rest of their lives, and that they will never leave each other, but she becomes worried after realizing the future may lead to the rest of her friends going their separate ways after high school. When Riley decides she will attend the same college as Maya just to stay together, Topanga advises the two that such an arrangement may not work, even though she gave up going to Yale to be with Cory. The class presentations reveal that Farkle and Smackle, Lucas and Zay, and Riley and Maya will still be together in two years. After class, Riley and Maya want to celebrate their lasting friendship at the Matthews’ place, just as Topanga shares news that she has been named a partner for the London office of her law firm, which threatens to separate the two girls.

Season 3, Episode 21: Girl Meets Goodbye

Cory finally teaches his class the lesson which highlights Belgium’s independence in 1831, which he has purposely held off for a long time, and it carries a profound message for Cory’s class when Riley and Maya await Topanga’s decision regarding whether the Matthews family will leave New York. Meanwhile, Topanga needs guidance with her decision and gathers her family and close friends into the Matthews’ home for advice. During the reunion, Shawn surprises Maya with the papers to adopt her, and Auggie, worried he will be replaced when he discovers he has two Aunt Morgans, learns from them that even though he is the youngest, he is still a vital part of his family. As Riley and her friends gather at Topanga’s, the reality sets in that she is leaving, so they prepare to say goodbye. Auggie and Ava do the same. After reflecting quietly at her bakery, Topanga reveals to her family she is staying in New York, as she is reminded of how Riley’s bay window is a place for her huge decisions, a place Topanga never had growing up, and also is reminded of how much she loves running the bakery. As she speaks, she realizes that her bakery is her “bay window”. Cory is then reminded of what he said to Josh when he was younger, at the end of Boy Meets World, about a big world out there, and it resonates with Riley. She and Maya vow to stay friends for the rest of their lives, no matter what the world has in store for them.

Girl Meets World Season 3 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An end too a great show that was full of lessons and FEENEY. A show that the family can enjoy.

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