Movie Review: Super Buddies

Super Buddies Trailer

Super Buddies Summary

The Buddies find five magical rings from the planet Inspiron. Each one gives them unique super powers. Budderball gets super strength, Buddha gets mind-control, RoseBud gets super speed, B-Dawg gets super elasticity, and MudBud gets invisibility. Together, the Buddies must use the rings responsibly with the help of Megasis/Captain Canine in order to stop a power-hungry extraterrestrial warlord named Commander Drex, who wants to take the rings for his own and full dictatorship of Inspiron. The Buddies soon learn that they don’t need to have super powers to become a superheroes.

Super Buddies Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The pups are now on a super adventure for a super cute movie for kids.

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