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Air Bud’s five Golden Retriever puppies known as the Buddies from the town of Fernfield, Washington are having fun with their new owners before they go to school. The puppies meet up in the park and decide to play hide and seek. Budderball sees an ice cream truck and decides to go in, forcing the others to try and rescue him. However, the Buddies become trapped in a truck heading to Ferntiuktuk, Alaska. Upon arrival, the Buddies meet Shasta, a Siberian Husky puppy whose 11-year-old owner, Adam Bilson, is determined to win the Alaskan sled dog race because of what happened to his father. The puppies decide to help Shasta pursue his dreams as well as get to the airport, located at the finish line. Unfortunately, as Shasta’s parents are both dead, this puts the puppies in a predicament as there is nobody to teach them how to become snow dogs. Fortunately, Shasta manages to persuade a legendary Alaskan Malamute named Talon, who had taught Shasta’s father, into teaching the puppies.

When Shasta introduces Adam to his new sleigh team, the child is delighted at the prospect of his dreams coming true and the team pursue vigorous training routines. Adam begins building a new sleigh with his team of hard-working puppies. Talon proudly watches as the team’s efforts come to fruition and it seems as though they are cooperating as a team. The older town huskies, however, are not impressed and begin to plan their downfall. They reveal to the Buddies that Shasta’s parents were killed in a dog sled race last year when the ice beneath them shattered to dishearten them.

Talon calls the puppies to the mountain lake one night to view the Northern Lights before he goes of telling Shasta that he knows all he needs to know and that he can become the great leader that his father was. The following morning, the puppies enter the race with Adam. But everyone else laughs at the thought of a boy and puppies entering a race. The sheriff goes over the rules and sees Adam wrote his own name in the entry list. After being reminded how treacherous the race is by the sheriff, the puppies begin their track while Jean George III, an unscrupulous French musher and last year’s champion, cheats his way through every race by sabotaging the other mushers’ sleds or pushing them off their sleds. Soon only young Adam and Jean George are left but news of a terrible blizzard arrives and it’s too late to call off the race as the racers have already gotten past the midway checkpoint.

Meanwhile, the puppies parents, Buddy and Molly follow the puppies to Alaska, after being tipped by Himalayan cat Miss Mittens, where the Saint Bernard dog Bernie informs them of their participation in the race. Sheriff Ryan gets a message sent by Fernfield’s Deputy Dan asking for any information on the Buddies. The Sheriff phones Deputy Dan to inform him that the Buddies are in Alaska. A dangerous blizzard forces Adam and the team to take shelter in an igloo provided by an Inuit until the storm subsides. They come head to head with Jean George, and Adam gets injured.

Adam then recovers while Francois and Philippe, the lead dogs of Jean George’s team, get into trouble when the ice beneath them shatters. Jean George continues and abandons his dogs while Adam and the puppies begin a rescue operation despite Shasta’s fears of his parents death. The puppies pull Francois and Philippe out of the icy waters and Jean George continues the race without any gratitude and abandons their rescuers. Francois and Philippe realize they owe nothing to their owner for leaving them to die, and everything to Shasta and the Buddies for rescuing them, and so, decide to “go on strike”. They stop and refuse to run any further, causing Jean George to lose the race.

Adam is victorious and the Buddies reunite with Buddy and Molly. Jean George scolds his dogs for embarrassing him, and they respond by chasing him around the Arctic. The Buddies sadly say goodbye to their new best friend, Shasta, as well as Adam, and both groups promise that they will stay in touch with each other. All seven Buddies return home via airplane and are greeted by their owners Sam, Bartleby, Billy, Alice, Pete, Henry and Noah; who were waiting for them. Budderball and his owner, Bartleby, are watching the news the next day and Bartleby is completely dumbstruck when he watches the part about the Buddies, Adam, and Shasta winning the race. That night, Buddy and Molly sit on the roof of their house and discuss their puppies accomplishments, while wondering if they will ever outgrow exploring. The film ends with Adam and a now nearly full-grown Shasta hiking through Alaska on a cold, winter night with five new adult huskies, while Talon narrates a reminder for the audience that “life may lead you where you least expect, but have faith, and you’ll know exactly where you were meant to be”.

Snow Buddies Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It is a cute sequel of the Air Bud puppies on an adventure in Alaska with an adorable Husky. Who can resist puppies? Great fun for the family to watch.

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