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Magic School Bus Season 2 Summary

Season 2, Episode 1: Blows its Top

According to Ms. Frizzle, there is an island so new it has yet to be discovered. Carlos wants to name it “Carlos Island” while he dreamed of Happy Mother’s Day, but Dorothy Ann has decided to get a name by looking in a book. However when they arrive, there is no island. Ms. Frizzle says it has not arrived yet. In the end, it is revealed that it was created by an underwater volcano.

Season 2, Episode 2: Flexes its Muscles

The bus is acting up, so Ms. Frizzle decides to take it to the Body Shop owned by R.U. Humerus (Tony Randall), for repairs. Meanwhile, Ralphie has been dreaming what it would be like if he had a robot to do all his chores. So he and the rest of the class (minus Keesha) want to try building one using all the gadgets in the Body Shop. First, though, they will have to understand how bones and muscles work.

Season 2, Episode 3: The Busasuarus

The class visits Ms. Frizzle’s old friend, Dr. Carmina Skeledon (Rita Moreno), at a dinosaur dig. She lets Arnold see a fossilized dinosaur egg as they are leaving, and he still has it when they go back in time. An Ornithomimus steals it, and he and Phoebe chase after it. The rest of the class is left to find them, and in the end, Arnold scares off with a Tyrannosaurus rex after being grown.

Season 2, Episode 4: Going Batty

Ralphie is convinced that Ms. Frizzle is a vampire when she shows up outfitted in a cape, speaking with a Transylvanian accent, and moving and talking like one. She is now taking all the kids’ parents on a li’l field trip and Ralphie is convinced she is going to do something horrible to them.

Season 2, Episode 5: Butterfly and the Bog Beast

The class needs a new mascot for their soccer team, the old one being so old that nobody even knows what it is anymore. Phoebe is convinced it should be the butterfly, but the rest of the class disagrees with this. Janet shows up again and convinces them that it should be the “Bog Beast”. Since nobody seems to know what that is, Ms. Frizzle takes them on a trip to the swamp to find out.

Season 2, Episode 6: Wet All Over

The class is excited about going to Waterland. Wanda and Arnold are working on a project together and somehow she convinces him to go to the girls’ bathroom with her to get water. He accidentally leaves Ms. Frizzle’s keys along with Liz in there, and worse, he forgets to turn the water off. When they leave for Waterland, Ms. Frizzle instead uses a spare key which turns her, the class, and the bus into water. (Note: This episode can be seen as a sketch of the importance of responsibility on the Kids for Character with Tom Selleck.)

Season 2, Episode 7: In a Pickle

The class has just come back from vacation and found that the vegetables that had won a contest have rotted. Keesha is particularly distressed, not because her first prize cucumber has rotted, but because it is gone and has been replaced with a pickle. She reasons that the door to the classroom was locked over vacation and Ms. Frizzle had the key. To everyone’s surprise, Ms. Frizzle admits that she did do something to the cucumber. The kids put her on trial and make Liz the judge. She claims that the cucumber was turned to a pickle by a group of microbes, which she nicknames “The Mike Robe Gang,” and she takes the class on a field trip to prove it.

Season 2, Episode 8: Revving Up

Mr. Junkett (Sherman Hemsley), a vehicle maintenance inspector, was so displeased when he inspected the bus that he decides to take it to the junkyard to be crushed. Ms. Frizzle and the class have to do something to save it. Naturally, they have decided to shrink and go inside its engine. All the problems seem to be caused by peanut butter, as Mr. Junkett was eating a peanut butter sandwich while he was inspecting it.

Season 2, Episode 9: Taking Flight

Wanda and Tim have built a model airplane for a model show. Ms. Frizzle decides to shrink the class so they can fly in it. Tim, Phoebe, and Liz stay on the ground to operate the remote control, but then it gets smashed. The class learns all about flight. Meanwhile, Tim, Phoebe, and Liz try to turn the bus into different airplanes (two of which can’t fly) to go rescue them.

Season 2, Episode 10: Getting Energized

At the Walkerville carnival the class is running the Ferris Wheel, however, it doesn’t unwork for some reason. Carlos’ little brother, Mikey, comes to the rescue. Since electric power will not work, they decide to use the energy of falling rocks. If the passengers ride in one side of the wheel and the rocks land on the other, then they will cause it to turn without hurting anyone. The problem is how to get them to it.

Season 2. Episode 11: Out of this World

Dorothy Ann has a nightmare about an asteroid crashing into Walkerville Elementary. She has also spotted one that will hit Earth in about five days and is worried that it will destroy the school to make her nightmare come true. To protect it with her ideas, the class calls NASA, and has decided “to find it, follow it, and finish it off”. They also encounter a meteor and comet.

Season 2, Episode 12: Cold Feet

Liz has disappeared and the trail leads to Herp Haven, which is some kind of spa for reptiles. There, they see a woman named Mrs. Westlake ask for her turtle to be “toasted and stuffed, just like the last one”. They decide to lead a rescue mission to find Liz, on which they learn about reptiles and how they need to move from place to place to get comfortable because they are cold-blooded, which comes in handy, as Ms. Frizzle has turned them into some.

Season 2, Episode 13: Ups and Downs

Talk show reporter Gerri Poveri (Cindy Williams) is reporting that there is a monster in Walker Lake. The class (especially Wanda) is very eager to find it. Phoebe also wants to do so so she can feed it. However, the bus’ automatic sinking lever is rusted. They will have to find some other way to get it to sink. They succeed by adding weight and “crumpling” it. However, at the bottom, they discover that the monster is a fake; Gerri made the story up to increase her ratings. Now they will have to make the bus float again, so they can tell the truth to the public.

Magic School Bus Season 2 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another season of fun and education

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