T.V. Series Review: Winx Club Season 2

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Winx Club Season 2 Summary

Season 2, Episode 1: La fenice d’ombra” / “The Shadow Phoenix

The Winx Club returns for their second year at Alfea and encounter an exhausted fairy and her sleepy baby pixie. Bloom finds the Secret Archive – which contains Alfea’s piece of the Codex.

Season 2, Episode 2: Il ritorno delle Trix” / “Up to their old Trix

The new fairy introduces herself as Aisha/Layla and requests the help of the Winx Club to rescue her kidnapped pixie friends. Darkar breaks the Trix out of their prison and gives them Gloomix.

Season 2, Episode 3: Missione di salvataggio” / “Rescue Mission

In conjunction with the Specialists, Bloom, Stella and Aisha travel to the Underrealm in an attempt to rescue the pixies. Along the way, they have to battle shadow monsters and tolerate with a temporary loss of power.

Season 2, Episode 4: La Principessa Amentia” / “Princess Amentia

Brandon and Stella, after getting separated from the group in the previous episode, encounter a subterranean civilisation whose royalty banishes Stella and forces Brandon into an arranged marriage with Princess Amentia. Stella, after returning to the surface to regenerate her powers, rescues her friends.

Season 2, Episode 5: Magico Bonding” / “Magic Bonding

After Darkar causes a cave-in in the previous episode, Sky, Bloom, Aisha and Stella have to find another way to get to Lord Darkar’s fortress. When they finally manage to get back into the caves after using Sky’s magic gadget, Aisha goes to the fortress to rescue the pixies while Bloom, Stella and Sky are forced to battle the Trix.

Season 2, Episode 6: Il matrimonio di Brandon” / “Runaway Groom”

During the ascent to leave Lord Darkar’s fortress, Sky, Bloom, Stella, Aisha and the pixies travel to Downland to prevent Princess Amentia from marrying Brandon. In the end, Amentia reconsiders her actions, then Stella embraces Brandon.

Season 2, Episode 7: La pietra misteriosa” / “The Mysterious Stone

Shortly after the Winx Club and Specialists return from the Underrealm, a monolith appears and the girls are sent to destroy it, but are unable to when it drains them of their magic.

Season 2, Episode 8: Il guastafeste” / “Party Crasher”

The Winx Club arrive at Red Fountain for ground breaking festivities. The Trix infiltrate the party disguised as fairies and unleash a monster to disrupt the activities so they can attempt to obtain the Codex. Flora meets Helia at Red Fountain.

Season 2, Episode 9: Il segreto del professor Avalon” / “Professor Avalon’s Secret

Tecna and Digit become suspicious of Professor Avalon’s strange actions and constant interaction with Bloom. They assume that he is a creature that disguises itself as a paladin in order to earn people’s trust before revealing its true nature and destroying everything

Season 2, Episode 10: La cripta del codice” / “The Crypt of the Codex

The Trix launch an attack on the new Red Fountain to capture a piece of the Codex. In the b-story, Bloom, Tecna and Flora go to Red Fountain to try sort out the troubles between them and the specialists.

Season 2, Episode 11: Corsa contro il tempo” / “Race Against Time

Determined to find the location of Pixie Village to steal the fourth piece of the Codex, Darkar or The Shadow Phoenix puts a homesickness spell on the pixies that compels them to return to their village.

Season 2, Episode 12: Unite per la vittoria” / “Winx Together!

Under a spell, a Specialist named Jared corrupts the simulation chamber. Doing Darkar’s dirty work, Darcy sabotages the Winx during the simulator test. In the b-story, the Winx Club has to learn about convergence spells.

Season 2, Episode 13: La dama del ballo” / “The Invisible Pixies

Bloom, Stella, Musa and Aisha go to Earth for a break from studies. Musa and Aisha attract the attention of a local gang in a nightclub, when Musa changes the music in a club using magic.

Season 2, Episode 14: Battaglia sul pianeta Eraklyon” / “Battle on Planet Eraklyon”

Sky, Bloom, Brandon, and Flora go to Sky’s home where they find his former fiancée, Princess Diaspro, has been kidnapped by yosinote who wants to rule Eraklyon, and demands a ransom. Meanwhile at Alfea, Stormy and Musa have a fight, Musa manges to win and Stormy swears revenge.

Season 2, Episode 15: Lo spettacolo continua” / “The Show Must Go On!

Musa is set to perform at Redfountain, but her father opposes her interest in music and wants to transfer her to another school. Stormy strikes again, attacking Musa’s father to get revenge on the fairy. In the end, Musa remains at Alfea.

Season 2, Episode 16: Hallowinx!

Jolly does a card reading that foretells danger to people going on a journey and feels that it will come true when the Winx Club is invited by Mitzi to her Halloween party in a haunted house.

Season 2, Episode 17: Gemellaggio con le Streghe” / “Twinning with the Witches

The Winx Club go to Cloudtower with Mirta, as exchange students, to protect the second piece of the Codex. The Trix infiltrate Cloudtower and cause frequent mayhem to distract the Winx girls from getting the Codex first.

Season 2, Episode 18: Nel Cuore di Torrenuvola” / “In the Heart of Cloud Tower”

The Trix continue to attack Cloudtower in order to obtain the second piece of the Codex and the Winx Club’s constant bickering prevents them from stopping the Trix.

Season 2, Episode 19: La spia nell’ombra” / “The Spy in the Shadows

After Bloom is put under a therapeutic spell cast by Professor Avalon to learn more about her real parents, she is controlled by an evil force, turning into her alter-ego Dark Bloom, to steal the third piece of the Codex from Alfea.

Season 2, Episode 20: Il villaggio delle Pixies” / “Pixie Village

The Winx are sent with the Specialists on a team-building vacation to the Wildlands. While on a ski lift to the top of a mountain, the lift breaks down and Bloom encourages them to work together to save themselves, earning her Charmix. Meanwhile, Icy is sent by Darkar to obtain the fourth and final piece of the Codex at Pixie Village. Professor Avalon is poisoned by a flower and Palladium needs a special ingredient from Pixie Village to cure him.

Season 2, Episode 21: Il potere del Charmix” / “Charmix Power

The Trix are sent by Darkar to the Wildlands to capture Bloom, as her Dragon Flame is a key part in opening the Realm of Relix to obtain the Ultimate Power. The Trix put the wild animals under their influence to capture Bloom. Stella gives up her beach fashion show to help Aisha, and Musa & Riven discover the Trix are there, she makes the choice to trust him earning both fairies their Charmix (Stella & Musa).

Season 2, Episode 22: Wildland: La grande trappola” / “Danger in the Wildland

Timmy devises a plan to prevent the Trix from kidnapping Bloom. Meanwhile, Aisha faces her fears of being alone and Tecna reconciles with Timmy. Both earn their Charmix and the pixies are exposed to strange pollen which makes them very sick.

Season 2, Episode 23: Il momento della verità” / “The Time for Truth

The real Professor Avalon escapes from Lord Darkar’s fortress. The pixies are taken to Pixie Village to cure them. However, the Flower of Life which can heal them is sick and Flora remains there to heal it while the rest of the Winx begin their Charmix training, but Bloom is captured and brought to Darkar’s fortress by what turns out to be a servant of his posing as Professor Avalon. Flora confesses her love to Helia and earns her Charmix. Helia confesses that he loves her too.

Season 2, Episode 24: Prigioniera di Darkar” / “Darkar’s Prisoner

The Winx, the Pixies, and the Specialists head to the Underrealm to rescue Bloom. Meanwhile, Brandon, Sky and Aisha request Princess Amentia’s assistance in the battle with Darkar. In the end, Bloom falls under one of Darkar’s dark spells – and transforms into Dark Bloom – this time, for real…

Season 2, Episode 25: Faccia a faccia con il nemico” / “Face to Face with the Enemy

The Winx and Specialists enter the Underrealm and proceed to Darkar’s fortress, having to face several obstacles along the way. Meanwhile, the Trix’s Gloomix is burned out when they give their powers to the shadow monsters in order for them to destroy the Winx and Specialists. Darkar sees them useless and banishes them, seeing more use for Dark Bloom than the witches.

Season 2, Episode 26: Le ceneri della Fenice” / “The Phoenix Revealed

Darkar and Dark Bloom enter the Realm of Relix and begin preparations for obtaining the Ultimate Power. The Winx, aided by the Specialists, Ms. Faragonda, Ms. Griffin and Codatorta pass many obstacles in order to enter the Realm of Relix and destroy Darkar. Sky confesses his love for Bloom, which triggers Bloom to transform back into her normal self. Through the final battle against Darkar, the Winx combined their Charmix together to defeat him once and for all. After defeating Darkar, the Trix are remained behind through the crumbling Realm of Relix.

Winx Club Season 2 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fun cartoon for Saturday mornings full of magic.

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