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At the wedding reception of Lou Pickles and his new wife Lulu, a mother-child dance during the reception saddens Chuckie Finster and his father Chas, as Mrs. Finster died of a terminal illness shortly after Chuckie was born.

Tommy Pickles’ father Stu is summoned to EuroReptarland, a Japanese amusement park in Paris, France, to fix a malfunctioning Reptar robot meant to star in a stage show. Due to Stu being called during the night because of the time difference, he mistakenly brings his wife Didi, his dog Spike, his sons Tommy and Dil, and Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, and their parents along to Paris to visit the park.

The group arrives at EuroReptarland, and Angelica overhears a phone conversation between the park’s greedy, child-hating head Coco LaBouche, and the president of the Reptar franchise, Mr. Yamaguchi. Coco wants to be named Yamaguchi’s successor, but Yamaguchi says his successor must love children. Coco therefore lies, and says she is engaged to a man with a child. She later discovers Angelica overheard; to save herself, Angelica reveals that Chas is looking for a second wife.

Coco strikes up a relationship with Chas, but her attempts to bond with a suspicious Chuckie fail. The adults and babies meet Coco’s overworked but kind-hearted assistant Kira Watanabe and her daughter Kimi, who hail from Japan. Kira reluctantly helps Coco to win Chas’ affections. Meanwhile, Spike gets lost in the streets of Paris and falls in love with a stray poodle named Fifi.

Kira tells the babies the origins of Reptar, explaining he was a feared monster until a princess revealed his gentler side to make the frightened humans like him. Chuckie decides the princess should be his new mother. He and his friends attempt to reach an animatronic replica of the princess in the park, but they are stopped by Coco’s security team. At the Reptar show’s premiere, Angelica informs Coco of Chuckie’s wish. Coco sneaks onto the stage and takes the spotlight disguised as the princess, luring Chuckie into her arms and taking his teddy bear. Chuckie is horrified to discover the truth, but Chas is ecstatic and instantly decides to marry her.

On her wedding day, Coco has her accomplice, Jean-Claude, kidnap the babies and Angelica to prevent them from ruining her plans. He locks them in the warehouse where the show’s robots are kept. Kira protests and threatens to reveal Coco’s plan to Chas, but Coco throws her out of the taxi they are in, leaving Kira to hurry to the wedding via bicycle. 

Chuckie apologizes for getting the babies into trouble, lamenting his lost mother. Angelica, feeling guilty, reveals her part in Coco’s plan and also apologizes. Chuckie rallies the children to use the Reptar robot to hurry to Notre Dame to stop the wedding, picking up Kimi along the way. Jean-Claude follows, piloting Reptar’s nemesis, Robosnail, until he is defeated when Chuckie knocks him into the Seine River.

The babies arrive at Notre Dame, interrupting the wedding just in time. Jean-Claude appears and inadvertently announces the kidnapping, and Chas calls off the wedding in disgust. Angelica divulges Coco’s plan to Yamaguchi, who is also in attendance and fires Coco on the spot. When the babies inadvertently step on Coco’s wedding dress, and she pulls it out from under them in front of everyone, Angelica tears the dress in retaliation, exposing Coco’s undergarments. Coco storms out of the cathedral humiliated and defeated, while Spike chases Jean-Claude away. Kira arrives, returns Chuckie’s teddy bear to him, and apologizes to Chas for not revealing Coco’s plan sooner. However, Chas admits that he was fooled by the romance of Paris and apologizes to Chuckie. He and Kira begin to fall in love after discovering a shared liking of the same poem.

Chas and Kira eventually get married after returning to the United States, and the Finsters adopt Fifi. After the new family takes their first dance together, the entire dance floor erupts into an all-out food fight instigated by the babies.

Rugrats in Paris the Movie Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Giving a throwback as a 90s kid. Rugrats was one of the many cartoons we loved. Well they released two movies with our favorite babies/toddlers. It is a fun one for the family to watch.

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