T.V. Series Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 Summary

Season 2, Episodes 1, 2, and 3: The Mutiny

Lord Zedd is introduced as the new arch-enemy of the Power Rangers. Angered by Rita’s failures, Zedd returns to accomplish what she could not: destroy the Power Rangers. First, he removes her powers, imprisons her in the Dumpster again, and sets about to finally defeat the Rangers by creating a stronger Putty Patrol and a new monster Pirantishead, which sets out to immobilize the Dinozords. Not only this, but Bulk and Skull begin their quest to find out the true identities of the Power Rangers. The Rangers’ problems are further jeopardized when the Tyrannosaurus and the Dragonzord both turn on them and begin to wreak havoc. Responding to Zedd’s return, Zordon unveils the more powerful Thunderzords. Only two problems remain. The Rangers must regain control of the Dinozords before activating the new ones, and due to Tommy’s weakening powers, he is forced to retain the Dragonzord. Billy thinks he may have the answer, and along with Trini, retreats to his lab while the others return to the battlefield to confront Pirantishead, who has just reactivated the Zords. Bulk and Skull separate in their attempt to find the race track but find themselves at the wrong end of Pirantishead’s flute when he takes control of their Quads. The Rangers regain control of their Zords, thanks to Billy’s newest invention, but Lord Zedd responds by using the powers of his staff to open up the Earth which proceeds to engulf the Dinozords. Tommy manages to return the Dragonzord to the sea before Zedd can react. However, Zordon and Alpha 5 succeed in salvaging the Dinozords and using the Power of Thunder, transform them into the powerful Thunderzords. Our heroes then combine the new zords into the Thunder Megazord and finish off Pirantishead once and for all.

Season 2, Episode 4: Wanna Be Ranger

Zordon informs the rangers that he’s going to shut down temporarily, leaving Alpha 5 to keep an eye on things. A bored Alpha checks things out and sees a little boy, Dylan, who needs help finding his mother and goes to the park to befriend him. Lord Zedd takes advantage of the situation to send Primator, a shape-shifting monster, who attacks Alpha and Dylan. Panicking, Alpha orders Dylan to run to safety and turns on his self-destruct sequence so that Primator can’t use him to find the Command Center. Primator sets up some of the Rangers, so they get attacked by Putties. Baffled and unable to contact Alpha, the Rangers go to the Command Center, where Zordon is restored. Zordon enlightens the Rangers to Alpha’s predicament and reveals that they have mere minutes to save him. They’re forced to take on Primator first, and he’s not making things easy, especially when he begins to imitate the Rangers so that they can’t tell him apart from each Ranger he impersonates. The Rangers can’t seem to be able to outsmart him, so Zordon explains a clue he discovered that might be useful. The Rangers teleport out and are separated. Billy uses what they learned to sort the Primator from the Rangers. Will they be able to defeat him in time to help Alpha before it’s too late?

Season 2, Episode 5: Putty on the Brain

Zedd launches a diabolical scheme when he creates a spell that causes Billy and Zack to see their friends as Putties. With two Rangers confused, Zedd creates the Saliguana and begins a new assault against our heroes. However, Alpha comes up with a temporary solution for Billy and Zack’s dilemma, have their friends morph to keep their confusion at bay until he can free their visions from Zedd’s spell. Bulk and Skull try a new attempt in finding the identities of the Power Rangers but wind up spending the day in detention

Season 2, Episode 6: Bloom of Doom

It’s Club Sign-Up Day at Angel Grove High and Trini and Kimberly each set up a booth at which people can sign up to join their respective clubs. No one joins Kimberly’s club, but everyone likes Trini’s, which makes Kimberly disappointed and a little jealous. Lord Zedd takes advantage of this by casting a spell on her to turn her against Trini. Zedd then sends down the Bloom of Doom, who captures Kimberly and traps her in a mysterious dimension. However, the Rangers think fast and help Kimberly.

Season 2, Episode 7: The Green Dream

Tommy is troubled by a recurring dream about losing his powers. Little does he know that Zedd is behind his nightmares. It’s part of his plan to capture Tommy and steal the Sword of Power.

Season 2, Episode 8: The Power Stealer

The Rangers lead a drive to clean up Angel Grove, but Lord Zedd has plans of his own and decides to create the Octophantom to capture the Rangers in a magic jar and drain them of their powers. Now, the Rangers face a battle to keep their powers and save Tommy. Before Zack, Trini, and Kimberly are captured, Billy discovers Octophantom’s main weakness and creates an invention for Jason to use in exploiting his vanity.

Season 2, Episode 9: The Beetle Invasion

The Rangers step up to the challenge of a Broomball Tournament, but Zedd has a challenge of his own and creates the Stag Beetle.

Season 2, Episode 10: Welcome to Venus Island

Lord Zedd sets his sights on Trini’s neighbor Haley and captures her. When they come to save her, Lord Zedd plans to ransom her for the Green Ranger. The Rangers must find their way to Venus Island and take on the Invenusable Fly Trap. Bulk and Skull attempt to extract information from Haley concerning the identities of the Power Rangers to no avail.

Season 2, Episode 11: The Song of Guitardo

As Kimberly tries her hand at songwriting, Zedd decides to create a rock-and-roll nightmare. He calls forth Guitardo, a super cicada with a hypnotic sound. Bulk and Skull come up with a new plan to expose the Power Rangers’ identities, but find themselves at the wrong hand of Guitardo.

Season 2, Episodes 12 and 13: Green No More

Tommy sees a vision of himself from the future that bears a grim warning. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd plans to get rid of the Green Ranger forever using Turbanshell to drain him of his powers and transferring them into a crystal. The crystal, when fully energized, will bring about Zedd’s Dark Rangers. The monster is more than the Rangers can handle; after retreating, they are shocked when Green Ranger suddenly disappears. Lord Zedd strips the other Rangers of their morphers, imprisons them in another dimension, and puts up an impermeable energy field around the Command Center. The Green Ranger is taken to the middle of nowhere and stripped of his powers, left utterly defenseless against the Turbanshell. Bulk and Skull find themselves intimidated by five teenage bullies, who Zedd recruits as his new Dark Rangers. Turbanshell and then Goldar taunt Tommy over the loss of his powers but are ultimately outsmarted. Tommy escapes, rescues his friends, and destroys the green crystal holding his powers. The Rangers, along with Tommy, morph summon the Thunder Megazord and challenge Turbanshell to a final fight. The monster bests the Megazord breaking it up into its five components, and the others helplessly watch as Jason fights solo. The Green Ranger, about to call Dragonzord, is stopped by Zordon. He explains to Tommy how to destroy the monster. With only one chance, Tommy, in what could be his final battle, weakens the beast from the inside. After defeating Turbanshell, the Dark Rangers are restored to normal with no memories of their past deeds, and Kimberly realizes they just need friends.

Season 2, Episode 14: Missing Green

Jason feels responsible for Tommy’s power loss by not retrieving the green candle. The other four decide to surprise Jason by bringing Tommy home. Goldar springs a trap; the four then morph, but Goldar easily transports the rangers to another dimension. His plan: strip them of their powers using candles similar to the one that Rita used to drain Tommy of his powers. Zordon informs Jason of his friend’s peril, and he sets out to rescue them. Zedd uses the opportunity to destroy the Red Ranger and sends down the Pipebrain monster. Can Jason destroy the Pipebrain, find the Rangers, and rescue them before it’s too late?

Season 2, Episode 15: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park

Zack’s cousin Curtis is set to play in a jazz festival, and Zack lends him a special trumpet. The concert goes great until a Putty steals the trumpet, and Zedd creates the terrifying Trumpet Top monster. He brings with him a menacing menagerie of monsters to overwhelm the Rangers. Alpha can discern Trumpet Top’s secret powers in hallucination to help the Rangers overcome him.

Season 2, Episode 16: Beauty and the Beast

Kimberly desperately misses Tommy. When she goes to a fortune teller for help, she is kidnapped by Goldar because Lord Zedd has decided to make her his new queen. However, Zedd makes his biggest mistake when Kimberly decides to impersonate Rita. Bulk and Skull decide to go to the same fortune-teller to assist them in exposing the Power Rangers until they discover that Ernie planned to teach them a lesson.

Season 2, Episodes 17 and 18: White Light

Kimberly announces exciting news, Tommy’s coming back. The Rangers are happy, but their joy is cut short when Lord Zedd creates the Scarlet Sentinel which overpowers them. To make matters worse, Zordon and Alpha 5 disappear without a word. Billy heads to the Command Center and discovers the truth. Bulk and Skull find Rita’s dumpster and believe it to be a sign to discover the Power Rangers’ secret identities. Billy reveals that Zordon and Alpha 5 are creating a new Ranger. The rest of the Rangers are unhappy because they’d rather have Tommy rejoin them. Jason and Billy remind them that Lord Zedd’s monsters are a lot more powerful, and they need extra help. They are forced to wait and watch as the Scarlet Sentinel is destroying their beloved city. When Zordon and Alpha finally unveil the newest Ranger, the others are in for a shock. Bulk and Skull come close to unintentionally releasing Rita from her imprisonment until the Rangers show up to stop them.

Season 2, Episode 19: Two for One

A day at the park for Tommy and Kimberly turns into Putty pandemonium. While Kimberly and Tommy deal with Putties, Lord Zedd uses his evil powers to create two new outrageous monsters, Pursehead and Lypsyncher from Kimberly’s purse and lipstick. Also, Bulk and Skull utilize their “Power Ranger detector” to try to discover the Rangers’ secret identities.

Season 2, Episode 20: Opposites Attract

Billy falls head over heels for Kimberly’s friend Laura but feels that he’s not good enough and that they don’t have anything in common. He is nearby gathering scientific data when Kimberly and Laura take some Angelettes for a hike in the woods. Billy discovers a severe storm is brewing, but Lord Zedd has plans of his own as he turns Billy’s polarizer into the wicked  Magnet Brain. Meanwhile, Kimberly and the Angelettes are unaware of the impending danger. Bulk and Skull find themselves in trouble upon facing Magnet Brain.

Season 2, Episode 21: Zedd’s Monster Mash

As the teens enjoy Halloween with some of their young friends, Lord Zedd instructs the Putties to crash the annual Youth Center Halloween Party. Then, as Tommy takes some kids trick-or-treating, Goldar kidnaps him and brings him to a secret location to battle the most vicious Halloween monster, Doomstone.

Season 2, Episodes 22, 23 and 24: Ninja Encounter

The kids enjoy a day at the park and make some new friends: Rocky, Aisha, and Adam, who compete in ad win the upcoming ninja competition at the Youth Center. But, Zedd has plans of his own for the ninja competitors. Rocky, Aisha, Adam, and their teacher Mr. Anderson are still trapped. Goldar summons a Snake, which slowly slithers around them, and once it gets its grasp upon them the teens, it will remove their goodness & free will. Aisha attempts to pick her cuffs’ lock with a hairpin, and succeeds, only to have their escape thwarted. Lord Zedd, trying to distract the Rangers from tracking them down, sends down the Terror Blossom, and revives Hatchasaurus & Cardiatron. Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy must figure out how to unfreeze Jason, Zack, and Trini, defeat the Terror Blossom and save Rocky, Adam, and Aisha before they’re turned to the dark side but may have to expose their secret identities to do so. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull face the challenge of changing baby Jacob’s diaper.

Season 2, Episode 25: A Monster of Global Proportions

The kids host a world teen summit at Angel Grove High. But, Zedd sends Goldar and the Putties to kidnap their international guests.

Season 2, Episode 26: Zedd Waves

Angel Grove is hosting its annual triathlon. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha are competing, and the gang prepares to cheer them on. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull have another harebrained scheme to discover the Rangers’ identities: they’ll sit in the lake during the triathlon’s swimming portion and use Bulk’s energy output meter to determine which swimmers are emitting the most force. Lord Zedd decides to combine the energy meter with Skull’s fishing pole to create the disc jockey-esque Beamcaster monster. Beamcaster uses the fishing pole to send out evil “Zedd waves” that brainwash everyone, turning Angel Grove’s citizens into mindless drones that chant “Hail Lord Zedd” (or, in Skull’s case, “Hail Lord Fred”) repeatedly. As Beamcaster floods the park with his Zedd waves, Jason, Trini, and Zack morph and tries to thwart him, but they are hit with the waves as well. Billy invents a frequency reverser to undo the brainwashing effects, but upon teleporting to the park to use it, he and Kimberly are beset by the citizens, who damage the machine; Beamcaster uses the opportunity to bring them under his spell. The Zedd waves then trap Tommy, and Aisha, Rocky, and Adam arrive to realize the danger. Zordon teleports them to the Command Center for safety, where Aisha repairs the damaged reverser and uses it to free the Rangers’ from Beamcaster’s spell. The Rangers unite their Power Weapons to form the Power Blaster and take Beamcaster off the air for good.

Season 2, Episodes 27 and 28: The Power Transfer

Jason, Trini, and Zack have been chosen as the three Angel Grove teens to attend the World Teen Peace Summit in Switzerland. They are delighted to be going but sad to leave their friends. Before they leave, however, they must complete one final mission: to recover the Sword of Light from the deserted city to transfer their powers to three new rangers. Jason, Trini, and Zack morph one last time, along with the others, and head for the deserted city. Zedd, meanwhile, has completed his new war machine, Serpenterra, which he plans to use to destroy the Power Rangers and the world. He too heads for the deserted city, but leaves something behind on Earth: a device to put all of Angel Grove to sleep. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha have transferred to Angel Grove High and are in the middle of their first day when the other students begin to fall asleep. Zordon teleports them out just in time and sends them to destroy the device. They are ambushed by Putties, who tie them to a tree. At the deserted city, the Rangers search for the Sword of Light but are interrupted by Serpenterra. Jason summons the Red Dragon Thunderzord and Tor, the new carrier zord, to hold Zedd off while the search continues. They find the sword but have trouble freeing it from the Statue. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha free themselves and destroy the Putties and the sleeping device. Meanwhile, the Rangers release the Sword of Light when Billy links the Ring and the Statue just as Zedd destroys the city. Back at the Command Center, the Rangers inform Zordon that Serpenterra proved fierce opposition, and Jason, Trini, and Zack announce that they plan to back out from the Peace Conference as they are needed as Rangers. Zordon tells them that their destiny lies outside the team now and as they succeeded in their final quest. The Rangers will continue with new Rangers in their place, and he presents them with the new Red, Black, and Yellow Rangers: Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. Using the Sword of Light, Tommy transfers the powers from Jason, Trini, and Zack, and the new Rangers appear morphed. Zordon thanks Jason, Zack, and Trini for their loyal service and wishes them well before they leave. Meanwhile, Zedd returns to Earth with Serpenterra to attack. The new team goes into action and summons the Thunderzords. At first, Serpenterra proves to be tough, but it has a flaw. It loses energy very quickly, and Zedd is forced to retreat. Back at the Command Center, the Rangers see Jason, Zack, and Trini off via the viewing globe and celebrate their first victory with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.

Season 2, Episode 29: Goldar’s Vice-Versa

The Rangers organize a Vice-versa Dance, where the girls invite the guys. Adam is not confident that he will be asked to the dance until a mysterious new girl catches his eye: Sabrina. Adam goes out with Sabrina and invites Aisha along, which Sabrina is not happy about at all. Sabrina lulls Adam into a false sense of security, but Aisha smells a rat. Meanwhile, the other Rangers are at the Youth Center preparing for the dance. They mention to Ms. Appleby that Adam is out with the new girl Sabrina. Ms. Appleby says there must be some mistake because the last new girl to enroll at Angel Grove High was Aisha. The Rangers sense something is up and contact Zordon, who locates Adam and Aisha. By this time, Sabrina has revealed her true identity, Scorpina. Goldar and Putties turn up and tie Adam and Aisha to a tree. The Rangers morph and fight the villains, while Billy frees Adam and Aisha with his Power Lance. They morph and join the fight, but Lord Zedd makes Goldar and Scorpina grow. The Rangers call on the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. Scorpina gets a taste of the new zords, not fighting since the era of the Dinozords. Both get heavily beaten and retreat to the moon. Meanwhile, in their quest to find the Power Rangers’ secret identities, Bulk and Skull encounter a serious problem when two punk girls start following them around. Despite being given notes, the boys are horrified when they learn the two girls sent them the notes and are forced to dance with them.

Season 2, Episode 30: Mirror of Regret

Adam helps Sean, a young karate student, believe in himself. But, Lord Zedd is about to destroy Adam’s confidence when he sends Goldar to Angel Grove with the Mirror of Regret to bring back Adam’s childhood memories to drain his energy. Adam is forced to face his demons from the past, and none of the Rangers can help him.

Season 2, Episode 31: When is a Ranger not a Ranger?

When Lord Zedd turns Adam’s kaleidoscope into the Scatterbrain monster, it attacks Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy, robbing them of their memories as Power Rangers. When Zordon sends Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to help them, Scatterbrain wipes their minds as well, leaving the fate of the Power Rangers—and the world—in the unlikely hands of Bulk & Skull, who’ve finally discovered Power Rangers’ identities. They trick Scatterbrain into restoring the Rangers’ memories, but at the cost of their knowledge of their identities

Season 2, Episode 32: Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun

A new Pachinko game is delivered to the Juice Bar, and Rocky loves it. But, Lord Zedd has a little game of his own to play when he casts a spell over Rocky, causing him only to want to play. The Rangers are annoyed when he refuses to fight, especially when it costs them dearly, leaving Tommy to face the Pachinko Head monster alone

Season 2, Episode 33: Lights, Camera, Action

The Power Rangers take the message of the power of education to the airwaves. But, Zedd tries to stop the show by changing a TV camera into the evil Showbiz Monster. Bulk and Skull attempt to enter the studio and try to unmask the Rangers, but are foiled when they accidentally attack the host.

Season 2, Episode 34: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

It’s Fire Safety Week at Angel Grove High, and Aisha is selected as Fire Safety Captain. Lord Zedd becomes interested in fire too, when he sends the Flamehead monster to Angel Grove to turn the city into one big hotspot. Aisha begins to take her responsibility for fire safety too seriously, to the point where she insists on fighting Lord Zedd’s forces alone. She learns a harsh lesson in needing to rely on her friends for help when she realizes how powerful Zedd’s forces are.

Season 2, Episode 35: Scavenger Hunt

The Rangers go on a scavenger hunt. But, then Lord Zedd has other ideas to ruin the Rangers’ game once and for all. Bulk and Skull use a fortune teller to help them discover who the Power Rangers are, but are later foiled.

Season 2, Episode 36: The Great Bookala Escape

An unusual crash landing creates a mystery for our heroes. The Rangers decide to investigate the spacecraft further and discover its strange cargo, a kind-hearted alien named Bookala. But, Lord Zedd prepares to lay claim to the craft and forces to Rangers to come up with a quick plan to trick Zedd before it’s too late.

Season 2, Episode 37: Forever Friends

Goldar kidnaps both Kimberly and Aisha’s best friend Shawna. While our heroes plan to rescue their friends, Zedd sends the Jaws of Destruction to battle them.

Season 2, Episode 38: A Reel Fish Story

Lord Zedd is inspired by Rocky’s claim that he’s never seen monsters in the lake before to unleash a few monsters to destroy the Rangers. To make matters worse, only three Rangers can respond. Worst of all, once the Rangers unite against the monsters, Lord Zedd releases the Tube Monster upon the city. What will the Rangers do now? Bulk and Skull try a new attempt to discover the Power Rangers’ identities, only to get in significant trouble with Billy and Rocky.

Season 2, Episodes 39 and 40: Rangers Back in Time

Lord Zedd casts a spell that turns back the hands of time and turns the Power Rangers into kids. He then unleashes the Photomare monster that traps them in a photograph. Young Bulk and Skull are on the run with the picture of the Rangers, which is precisely what Lord Zedd, Goldar, and the Photomare are after. Alpha 5 is charged with regaining the picture so that the Rangers will be freed. Once released, they must destroy the monster as well as the heavily guarded Rock of Time to undo the spell.

Season 2, Episodes 41, 42 and 43: The Wedding

The Rangers are going to Australia just as Lord Zedd is recharging. Rita, meanwhile, is back and ready for revenge. She orders her still loyal henchman, Finster to make a potion for Lord Zedd to make him fall in love with her when he awakens. Alpha 5 misses the Rangers so much that Zordon suggests he take a walk; when he returns, he creates havoc for the Rangers by tricking them into going to a place where an assortment of monsters from the past attack them. To the Rangers’ horror, they find that they can’t escape, they are outnumbered, and can’t use their powers. The Rangers are fighting for their lives with no end in sight. They search desperately for a way out but find monsters at every turn. Lord Zedd awakens from his slumber and asks Rita to marry him. Goldar is very unhappy, to say the least, especially when he’s charged with planning the wedding. The Rangers find a way out, and Lord Zedd makes some of the monsters gigantic. Alpha 5 sabotages the zords while the Rangers are in the battle, forcing them to retreat. They teleport out, only to find themselves back in the theatre from which they had just escaped. Meanwhile, much to Goldar’s dismay, the wedding is about to begin. Everyone on the moon, but Goldar is excited as Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd tie the knot. The Rangers hatch a plan to escape again while Rita and Lord Zedd are traveling to Earth to destroy them personally. Goldar sends monsters who pursue the Rangers in an attempt to stop them from reaching the Command Center. When they finally get there, Billy fixes Alpha 5 and restores Zordon, who reveals that the pursuing monsters are gigantic and attacking the city. The Rangers eventually defeat the monsters but earn a bickering Zedd and Rita’s fury. Alpha 5 feels guilty for his actions against the Rangers and Zordon.

Season 2, Episodes 44, 45 and 46: Return of the Green Ranger

The kids ponder a history assignment: what time period would they have liked to have lived in. Meanwhile, Rita summons the Wizard of Deception to send the Rangers back in time. There’s just one thing that stands in their way, the White Ranger. The Wizard casts a spell on Bulk and Skull to obtain some of Tommy’s hair to resurrect the Green Ranger. When they fail, The Wizard finds Tommy and has a putty cut a bit of his hair off. The Wizard casts a spell on the hair, and the Green Ranger is reborn, unbeknownst to the Rangers. Tommy feels ill because of the spell and goes home to rest. The Green Ranger Clone Tom tricks the other Rangers into meeting with him, and the Wizard sends them back in time to late 18th century Angel Grove, and the Rangers find themselves trapped, completely powerless. Tommy is in total shock when he comes face to face with the evil Green Ranger. The Green and White rangers engage in battle. They are perfectly matched until the Wizard intervenes and demorphs the White Ranger and orders the Green Ranger to bring back Dragonzord to destroy Angel Grove. Back in the 18th century, Angel Grove, the rest of the Rangers are aided by a girl who helps them escape. The Wizard shows up and casts a spell on some rats, making them human-sized and unleashing them on Angel Grove. The Rangers are horrified at not being able to use their powers and are forced to flee. The Dragonzord is reawakened and under the evil influence of the Wizard. Tommy is weakened from demorphing and can barely function. The White Tigerzord is no match for the Dragonzord, while the White Ranger is in such a state. The Wizard and the Green Ranger corner him, but Tommy tricks them into revealing the whereabouts of the Rangers. After, Zordon says what must be done to free the Rangers. After bringing them back, the Rangers take on the Dragonzord. Tommy can take the Wizard’s wand to destroy him and free the clone. Remorseful, Tom sends the Dragonzord back to its resting place for good. After dealing with the problem in the past, Tom decides to remain there, and Tommy heads back to his time.

Season 2, Episode 47: Best Man for the Job

It’s anything but politics as usual at Angel Grove High when both Tommy and Kimberly run for office. The competition heats up when Lord Zedd and Rita compete in who gets to take out the Rangers. For her to win, Rita sends Baboo and Squatt to use a magic rope on both candidates to turn them against each other and crush them. However, when Saba is captured, and the other Rangers learn the truth, can they try to convince Tommy and Kimberly to work together? Or will Rita succeed in defeating the Power Rangers with her newly acquired Tiger Zord? Meanwhile, Bulk tries inventive ways to win the class presidency but loses big when he learns that no one, including Skull, voted for him

Season 2, Episodes 48 and 49: Storybook Rangers

There’s a book fair at Angel Grove High, much to the delight of the Rangers. Tommy buys a book for Kimberly that she has loved since childhood, which inspires Rita to trap the Rangers inside. Once inside, Lord Zedd orders Putties to retrieve the book, and somehow, they end up inside the book. The Putties snatch the toys so that the Rangers can never leave. To make matters worse, two boys find the book and return it to the book fair. Adam, Aisha, and Billy can only watch in horror as Tommy, Kimberly, and Rocky are attacked by a Snow Monster. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull find a book that will help them animate a monster unaware that Zedd plans to have the duo create a monster for him. Adam, Aisha, and Billy race against time to find the book Rocky, Kimberly, and Tommy are trapped in before it’s too late. They are forced to search through hundreds of books, not knowing which one they are looking for. Unbeknownst to Bulk and Skull, Lord Zedd and Rita create a monster with the materials they were using to create a monster, Turkey Jerk. Kimberly, Tommy, and Rocky are stuck in a cave until Grumble, a character in the story, saves them. The trio decides to ask the Wizard that cast a spell on Grumble to help them, but he gruffly refuses. Back in Angel Grove, Billy, Adam, and Aisha battle Bulk and Skull’s monster that is more difficult to handle than expected. Aisha gives Grumble a hand by drawing the toys so that the story can end happily. Just when things are starting to look up, Rita helps Mondo the Magician escape the book and attack Angel Grove. Can the Rangers defeat such a powerful foe?

Season 2, Episodes 50 and 51: Wild West Rangers

The Rangers teleport to the Command Center, but Kimberly ends up going through a time hole. Next thing she knows, she’s in the wild west. Things take an interesting turn, to say the least, when Kimberly meets her friends’ respective counterparts. The Rangers finally discover where she is but have to stop Goldar, Needlenose, and Putties from going through the time hole, only to find themselves outnumbered. To make matters worse, the Rangers are paralyzed before they can prevent them from traveling back in time. The time hole closes so the Rangers can’t follow, leaving Kimberly to face the monster, Goldar, and the Putties all alone. As a last resort, Kimberly teleports to the Command Center of that era. Zordon gives her what she’ll need to face Needlenose if her friends’ ancestors can help. There’s just one problem; they don’t even know how to fight. The White Stranger arrives to give the Rangers a hand.

Season 2, Episode 52: Blue Ranger Gone Bad

Billy creates a special project for his art class, which catches the eye of one of his female classmates, Violet, who makes a statue in a perfect likeness of him. Rita casts a spell on it to make it real to take his place while the others are preoccupied with the Putties. The Rangers are puzzled by “Billy’s” odd behavior. Tommy suspects that something’s up, which forces Rita to send the Putties and Goldar. Meanwhile, it’s the most unlikely source that frees the real Billy. Time’s running out, and the Rangers don’t have their Morphers. The other Rangers don’t know who is the real Billy. However, Kimberly saves the day by tricking the fake Billy into giving a wrong answer when she asks a question about a device that the real Billy knows.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The original rangers are back and being heroes as usual.

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