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Season 1, Episode 1,2 and 3: Shift into Turbo

After the events of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, the Rangers are graduating Angel Grove High. Justin offers a healed Rocky the Blue Turbo Ranger powers so that he can resume his life as a Power Ranger; however, Rocky declines (due to his injured back). In the meantime, Divatox has amassed an army to get revenge on the Rangers, having her sub craft take up residence in Angel Grove lake. She has her nephew Elgar places a detonator in the Angel Grove Power Plant in order to take revenge on the Rangers and ruin their graduation. With the older Rangers attending their graduation ceremony, Justin must face the problem alone. With Justin busy fighting Elgar (the latter of whom also managed to transform Bulk and Skull into chimpanzees), Divatox attacks Tanya, Adam, and Katherine. Meanwhile, Zordon and Alpha are keeping a secret from the Rangers. The results of a test Justin took before the graduation then come back, and it turns out he’s going to be starting high school due to being a prodigy. Zordon reveals that he and Alpha are returning to Eltar with Lerigot. Divatox begins trying to close the wormhole that is taking Zordon and Alpha home.

Season 1, Episode 4: Shadow Rangers

Divatox sends the evil Chromite monster to Angel Grove with a detonator. When the Rangers try to stop him, he steals their morphing powers to create the Shadow Rangers. Tommy is forced to find a way to stop Chromite and track down his missing friends by himself.

Season 1, Episode 5: Transmission Impossible

Visceron travels from the planet Inquiris to deliver some startling news to Dimitria. Divatox learns this and captures him. She then turns him against the Rangers when he refuses to tell her his message.

Season 1, Episode 6: Rally Ranger

Trying to impress his aunt Divatox, Elgar decides to sabotage a soapbox car race with a detonator he made himself. Meanwhile, Porto goes AWOL and attacks the city.

Season 1, Episode 7: Built for Speed

Some of Adam’s friends decide to settle an argument by drag racing. Divatox’s Demon Racer plants a detonator in one of their cars. The Rangers have to defeat the Demon Racer and stop the detonator before it blows

Season 1, Episode 8: Bicycle Built for the Blues

It’s Justin’s birthday and Divatox has sent him a gift. The Rangers have to get Justin off his new bike before it explodes in 25 miles. If that was not bad enough, Divatox sends Big Burpa to distract them.

Season 1, Episode 9: The Whole Lie

During a volunteer car wash, Porto appears and plants a detonator. Justin spots him, and the Mouthpiece monster attacks him and makes it so he can only tell lies. Meanwhile, Porto has made it, so anytime one of the Rangers lies, a Pirahantron attacks.

Season 1, Episode 10: Glyph Hnger

Divatox calls her ex-fiancé Pharaoh to help defeat the Rangers. She has him place a detonator shaped like a pyramid at the Egyptian Exhibit. Adam mistakenly takes home Pharaoh’s staff, which turns any writing into hieroglyphics. The Rangers have to defeat the Pharaoh and stop the detonator before it goes off, but Divatox puts a forcefield around it so they cannot touch it.

Season 1, Episode 11: Weight and See

Due to an insult from a rival ballet dancer, Kat is worried over her weight. Divatox sends Numbor to attack the Rangers, rendering Kat weightless.

Season 1, Episode 12: Alarmed and Dangerous

Divatox plants a detonator on a firetruck and has her Pirahantrons set off fire alarms all over the city. Meanwhile, Justin has his problems with some bullies from school.

Season 1, Episode 13: The Millennium Message

The Blue Senturion, an intergalactic law enforcement robot, arrives from the year 2000 with a message for Dimitria; Lord Zedd, Rita, The Machine Empire, and Divatox will team up to destroy the universe. When Divatox learns of this message, she reprograms the Blue Senturion to think the Rangers are evil.

Season 1, Episode 14: A Drive to Win

Divatox plants a detonator in the scoreboard at one of Adam’s soccer games. If Angel Grove scores 4 goals, it will go off. She sends Electrovolt to distract the Rangers.

Season 1, Episode 15: Cars Attacks

Lt. Stone’s niece, Jenny, competes with Kat to get into London’s Royal Dance Academy. Divatox decides to plant a detonator at the competition, disguised as a cassette player, and sends Wolfgang Amadeus Griller to distract the Rangers.

Season 1, Episode 16 and 17: Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers

Divatox sends Shrinkasect to mess with the Blue Senturion’s hardware. The Shrinkasect monster shrinks the Rangers while Justin is trying to stop the chimp-ified Bulk and Skull from stealing Lt. Stone’s car. The Rangers then attempt to break out of Divatox’s submarine as Justin tries to unshrink the Blue Senturion and find the detonator that Bulk and Skull have mistakenly taken.

Season 1, Episode 18 and 19: Passing the Torch

Divatox’s mother, Mama D, visits and tells her to capture Tommy, and the rest of the Rangers will fall. When Pirahantrons attack Kat and Tommy, two new teens come to help them. Meanwhile, the Flamite monster attacks Tanya, Justin, and Adam while they set up their campsite. When Cassie and TJ successfully rescue Tommy from the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow, he goes to help the other Rangers defeat the Flamite monster. The Rangers are then required to defeat the Flamite monster and choose their successors before the hourglass is empty.

Season 1, Episode 20: Stitch Witchery

As the new team of Rangers gets settled in, Divatox tricks Ashley into selling her design, which she casts a spell upon. Anyone who wears it becomes nasty and disrespectful. Things get worse when the Rangers and the Blue Senturion put the jackets on. Ashley has to get the jackets off her friends, and free the Blue Senturion by herself.

Season 1, Episode 21: The Wheel of Fate

Divatox sets her eyes on the two legendary cars: Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster. Justin gets kidnapped with Storm Blaster.

Season 1, Episode 22: Trouble by the Slice

Divatox loses her memory and ends up working in a pizza parlor. Porto sends Mad Mike to distract the Rangers so they can get Divatox back.

Season 1, Episode 23: The Phantom Phenomenon

Despite having over $1,000,000 worth of treasure, Divatox considers herself broke; she has Elgar attack the Angel Grove bank and the gold mines. However, a Phantom Ranger arrives on Earth to assist the Rangers in their fight against Divatox.

Season 1, Episode 24: Vanishing Act

Deciding that the Rangers “can’t protect what they can’t see,” Divatox sends the Translucitor to Angel Grove, where he begins turning everything invisible. Making matters worse, the Power Chamber has also fallen victim to Translucitor.

Season 1, Episode 25: When Time Freezes Over

When the Rangers stop Divatox from freezing the sun, she summons Clockster to rewind time so she can stop the Rangers from destroying the freeze key. Only this time, Clockster accidentally touches the freeze key and stops time.

Season 1, Episode 26: The Darkest Day

General Havoc, Divatox’s brother, arrives on Earth to help his sister defeat the Rangers. He uses his zord, Metallasaurus, to capture the Turbo Megazord.

Season 1, Episode 27: One Last Hope

Without the Turbo Megazord, the Rangers try to defend the city with everything they have left. The Phantom Ranger appears to deliver a new weapon to the Rangers.

Season 1, Episode 28: The Fall of the Phantom

Divatox captures Cassie. For the Rangers to get her back, they must trade the Phantom Ranger. The Phantom Ranger’s power ruby, the source of his energy, is stolen by Divatox.

Season 1, Episode 29: Clash of the Megazords

Divatox sends the Turbo Megazord to Earth to destroy the Rangers. Meanwhile, the Rangers are trying to bring down her space station.

Season 1, Episode 30: The Robot Ranger

Justin suspects his friends have been switched with robots. He sees wires in Ashley and TJ’s wrists, and Carlos’s face falls off. Divatox sends Flash Head and Voltmeister to Earth to attack the Rangers. In the end, Justin is revealed to be a robot as well; the rangers had duplicates of themselves built to assist Zordon on Eltar, and Justin’s copy suffered memory damage.

Season 1, Episode 31: Beware the Third Wish

Divatox sends the Wicked Wisher to Earth, where he steals three coins from a wishing fountain. He uses these coins to grant Divatox 3 wishes. One for Elgar to have a full head of hair, one to turn the Blue Senturion evil, and the last coin (which belonged to Justin) goes missing on Earth. Divatox is left angry that Wicked Wisher can’t enchant any more coins.

Season 1, Episode 32: The Gardener of Evil

Divatox sends the Wild Weeder to Earth to find the third coin, where Weeder turns humans into Diva Drones. Meanwhile, the Rangers are still trying to locate the coin to revert Blue Senturion to good. As luck would have it, Bulk and Skull have the coin, but it fries every machine they try putting it in.

Season 1, Episode 33: Fire in Your Tank

Divatox sets her sights on the Lightning Cruiser. Elgar steals the Rangers booster fuel by accident, and Divatox makes a flying car instead.

Season 1, Episode 34: The Tum of the Wretched Wrench

Ashley is having trouble in auto-shop class. Divatox sends Maniac Mechanic to steal parts from Ashley’s car when it breaks down. Divatox decides to build a monster car.

Season 1, Episode 35: Spirit of the Woods….

TJ gets attacked by Lord Litter while jogging in the woods. When TJ cannot defeat the monster alone, a young boy, Erutan, comes to his rescue. Divatox then sets her sights on the young boy, wanting his powers over the elements for herself. TJ soon discovers Erutan’s name is backwards for what he is…

Season 1, Episode 36: The Song of Confusion

Cassie and her friend Vicky hold auditions for their band at the juice bar. Divatox decides to send some monsters to join the group and begins brainwashing people with her music

Season 1, Episode 37: The Accident

Divatox tries to make Carlos feel guilty when a player on his soccer team gets injured. Meanwhile, Elgar takes his not-yet-finished Megazord to Earth.

Season 1, Episode 38: Cassie’s Best Friend

Mr. Goorific turns Cassie’s dog, Jetson, into a person. Cassie thinks her dog has gone missing. Jetson, calling himself Jethro, helps Cassie look for himself while enjoying things he couldn’t as a dog. Meanwhile, Elgar repairs his Megazord.

Season 1, Episode 39: The Curve Ball

TJ is having trouble hitting a new kid’s curveballs. Divatox sends Strikeout to defeat the Rangers. TJ needs to find the secret to hitting curveballs to defeat the new monster.

Season 1, Episode 40: Carlos and the Count

Carlos and Justin watch a vampire horror movie. Per a suggestion from Elgar (who is swatting annoying lunar bats), Divatox turns one into Count Nocturne; she sends him to Earth, where he bits Carlos. The next day, Carlos is wearing black and sunglasses. Justin (as well as Bulk and Skull, who watched Carlos get bitten) suspects Carlos is a vampire. The other Rangers don’t believe it until they see Carlos lacks a reflection; they track him to the blood drive at the Youth Center and take him back to the Power Chamber, where Alpha 6 uses an antidote to restore Carlos’ sanity. However, Carlos cannot be fully cured until Count Nocturne is destroyed.

Season 1, Episode 41: Little Strong Man

Justin decides to try out for the high school track team. When an ant bites him, he becomes 100 times stronger. When Divatox finds out, she sends the Pirahantrons to capture him. The Rangers later discover that Justin’s new strength is a result of the bite affecting his potential for growth and his Turbo powers; as a trade-off for the enhanced strength, Justin cannot morph, so he has to choose to stay a Ranger or keep his strength.

Season 1, Episode 42: The Rival Rangers

Ashley tries to go to a school dance with a boy Cassie likes. The boy ends up turning Ashley and Cassie against each other.

Season 1, Episode 43: Parts and Parcel

Bulk and Skull are in danger of being thrown in jail because their new employer at a delivery company is blaming them for the recent theft of electronics. TJ offers his assistance to prove the goofballs’ innocence, ultimately finding out that the thief is none-other than Divatox, who needed the parts to remote-control her three zords.

Season 1, Episodes 44 and 45: Chase into Space

Divatox has summoned a powerful monster to Earth, Goldgoyle, which destroys both of the Megazords. Dimitria and the Blue Senturion have left for Eltar to help Zordon, and Divatox has launched an attack on the Power Chamber. Divatox succeeds in destroying the Power Chamber, causing the Rangers to be stripped of their powers. Dark Specter sends his messenger to tell Divatox he has captured Zordon. Divatox then leaves Earth for the Cimmerian Planet. With the Rangers powerless, they take one of NASADA’s shuttles in order to go after Divatox and save Zordon, leaving Justin behind, as he chooses to stay with his father.

Power Rangers Turbo Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Another Power Rangers spin off not needed but at least this had a lot of the same cast.

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