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Power Rangers Ninja Storm Season 1 Summary

Season 1, Episode 1: Prelude to the Storm

Three young extreme sports lovers and friends, skateboarder Shane, surfer Tori, and motocrosser Dustin, spend their afternoons at the Wind Ninja Academy the protectors of the Earth are trained in secret. Though they’re considered the three least dedicated students, their potential and good nature come to an advantage when they run late for class one afternoon. It just so happens, that day, Lothor, a banished evil ninja, comes back to the planet, and conquers every Ninja Academy with his hoard of Evil Alien Ninjas, and makes their Sensei trapped as a Guinea Pig. His grumpy and embittered tech-wizard son, Cam, designs the weaponry to combat the villains. The three become the Wind Ninja Rangers.

Season 1, Episode 2: There’s no “I” in Team

Virtual training missions between the Rangers highlights a major fault in their teamwork, focused directly on leader Shane. Despite Sensei’s reminding that he must learn to trust his teammates, the Red Ranger strikes out on his own against the Mad Magnet monster. Will he learn his lesson the hard way? Meanwhile, Lothor’s evil nieces, Kapri and Marah, are also suffering from a lack of teamwork and are forced to work out their problems by being stuck together, literally, by the monster’s magnetic ray!

Season 1, Episode 3: Beauty and the Beach

Tori is upset at being considered one of the guys and wishes to appear more feminine. She turns to Sensei for advice but is disappointed. Lothor’s nieces use this to trick her into going to a “fashion shoot.” She is trapped while an impostor goes to find Shane and Dustin, and the headquarters.

Season 1, Episode 4: Looming Thunder

The Rangers encounter a new enemy, Terra Mole, who causes seismic disturbances in the city as he burrows underground. Blake and Hunter, two warriors from the Thunder Ninja Academy, show up

Season 1, Episodes 5, 6 and 7: Thunder Strangers

Cam needs the data disc for the Tsunami Cycles, which Dustin had last, all unaware that it’s not only landed in the hands of the evil Thunder Rangers but has been used to give them their Cycles. This leads to the first confrontation between the Wind and Thunder Rangers, and as if the heroes didn’t have it bad enough, they also face and defeat Zurgane. The Thunder Rangers then strike back, defeating the Wind Rangers with their Tsunami Cycles and Zords. When Blake is injured protecting Tori, she takes him to Ninja headquarters. With their location discovered, the Thunder Rangers infiltrate their base and kidnap Sensei, blaming him for their parents’ death, not realizing just how wrong they are. After Sensei seals himself inside a protective sphere, the Thunder Rangers head for a cave that contains what they need to break it. Hot on their trail, the Wind Rangers catch up with and briefly aid them. When they finally reach the cave, all is revealed. Lothor was the one responsible for the deaths of Hunter and Blake’s parents. The Thunder Rangers finally come to their senses, team up with the Wind Rangers, and battle Lothor.

Season 1, Episode 8: Nowhere to Grow

The Rangers have reason to believe that Lothor is up to something when they find weird, smelly seeds planted in the ground. Sensei sends them to Dr. Belrab, a botanist, to find out more information, much to Cam’s chagrin. Frustrated with having to stay at Ninja Ops, he takes it upon himself to speak to Dr. Belrab, much to the Rangers’ surprise. Shane decides to follow Cam to ensure that he doesn’t get in trouble, while Tori and Dustin talk to the botanist. Shane is stunned to discover that Cam can defend himself very well. Sensei expresses his disapproval and explains his concern to his son, adding that he will never let Cam be a Ranger because of a promise he made to his Mother, Miko. As Tori and Dustin work to free themselves and Dr. Belrab, they discover a lot more than expected. Things take a turn for the worse when their Ninja powers are no match for the evil vines threatening to take over the city! It’s up to Cam to save the day when all seems lost.

Season 1, Episode 9: Snip it, Snip it Good

Tori is sent on a ninja training mission to find a turtle that holds a scroll to unlock a power disk. While Tori gone, Dustin and Shane go to an environmental conference. A monster named the Snipster shows up and cuts off Shane and Dustin’s bonds while Tori encounters Marah and Kapri. After the fight, the big guns come out, and a new power disk is in action, the turtle mace.

Season 1, Episodes 10, 11, 12 and 13: Return of Thunder

Tori misses Blake so much that she decides to go for a ride and ends up running into Blake, and he has something to tell her. Choobo has told the brothers that he wants to leave Lothor’s army. Tori talks to Shane and Dustin about what she’s learned, but they are hesitant. Meanwhile, Hunter and Blake make their way to Lothor’s ship, and things go awry. When the Rangers battle another of Lothor’s creations, they are in for the surprise of their lives, and then they disappear without a trace. Temperatures across the globe start to drop at an alarming rate, while the confused Rangers find themselves on an island. Lothor looks on gleefully as the Thunder Rangers battle the Wind Rangers until Blake and Hunter begin to come to their senses. A formidable creature and the Rangers find that they have to get off the island before it sinks. Things take a turn for the worse when Hunter falls under a powerful spell that sends him on a murderous rampage for Blake, who is barely saved in time by the Wind Rangers. Blake becomes more eager to save his brother than the Wind Rangers are, but they help anyway, especially when they realize that the island is sinking. They find Hunter, who struggles to find himself in his rage, forcing Blake to take matters into his own hands. Cam discovers where the Rangers are and contacts them; the Rangers find that there’s only one way off the island, but it’s hazardous. The Wind and Thunder Rangers have to work together, but they become on the verge of running out of time. Choobo blames the Thunder Rangers for his punishment and will stop at nothing to seek revenge, capturing them when they go out for a ride to decide if they will accept Tori, Shane, and Dustin’s offer. They are freed thanks to their friends, but things get worse when Choobo reveals just how powerful he is by casting a spell to control the Wind Rangers so that they will destroy the Thunder Rangers against their will.

Season 1, Episode 14: Boxing Bopp-A-Roo

The Rangers have agreed to work together to defeat Lothor. But there are still some conflicts. Shane and Hunter are finding it hard to work with each other. And with competition coming up, they’re both trying to outdo the other, so Sensei teaches them to work together.

Season 1, Episode 15: Pork Chopped

Tori wants to hang out with Blake and Hunter but already has plans with Shane and Dustin. Rather than break plans with either, she decides to do both with no one being wiser. It gets more challenging than expected between rushing back and forth and trying to explain her sudden disappearances. It turns out to be a good thing, especially when a monster appears and traps Blake and Hunter.

Season 1, Episodes 16, 17, and 18: The Samurai’s Journey

Cam resents not being a Ranger and wishes to prove himself, hating how his father is too overprotective. It’s up to Cam to save the day, though, when the Rangers are stripped of their powers by Metropolis. This forces Cam to go on a dangerous quest to the past to find the only thing that can save the world, the Samurai amulet. In the beginning of the quest, Cam finds himself 30 years in the past. There are many more surprises in store for the young warrior when he meets his mom and dad as teenagers and discovers that his father has a brother known as Kiya, who is determined to take a mesmerizing amulet from Miko, Cam’s mother. Cam interferes with his attempt and is later accused when it appears that Cam has stolen the amulet. His father, Kanoi, uncovers the truth, which leads to a face-off between Cam and Kiya. It is revealed that Kiya was the banished ninja who is now reborn as Lothor. Later, time runs out, and Cam reluctantly leaves to save the other Rangers, armed with a special gift from his mother, the Samurai Amulet. Meanwhile, the spell that froze time so that Cam could time travel to the past is wearing off, leaving the powerless Rangers to face a gigantic monster. Cam becomes the Green Ranger & help the other Rangers. The Rangers are then ambushed by Lothor. They barely escape and retrieve their powers when each of them is forced to fight a monster alone. Cam is stung and almost turned into a bug. Sensei reveals to him how to undo the spell, which seems impossible. In the end, it takes all the Rangers, split into two groups, to save the city.

Season 1, Episode 19: Scent of a Ranger

Cam’s personality has turned around completely to the point that he’s more like Dustin than, say, himself. He’s better than all the other Rangers at everything. However, he doesn’t seem remotely interested in being a Ranger anymore. Meanwhile, a new monster is turning people into perfumes and trapping them in bottles. The Rangers get frustrated when Dustin and Tori are captured, and Cam does nothing to help. Imagine their surprise when another Cam shows up.

Season 1, Episode 20: I Love Lothor

Marah and Kapri convince Lothor to make a television show that will make him more likable. A new monster, Mr. Ratwell, assures Lothor that he can create a show to make him well-liked and offers to use love potions as a backup plan. Lothor, disgusted with the idea of using love potions, refuses, and tosses them aside. Marah and Kapri decide to use them on the Rangers to prove their usefulness to their uncle as well as for fun. They accidentally make Blake and Cam fall in love with Tori, and they begin to fight over her for her affection. Even more, problems arise when Tori is captured and tied up on Lothor’s TV set, and an intense love spell cast through the television puts all the viewers of Lothor’s new show into a frenzy they go after Dustin, Shane, and Hunter. It’s up to Tori to help Cam and Blake come to their senses.

Season 1, Episode 21: Good Will Hunter

Hunter is disappointed when he becomes a mentor to a boy, Charlie, who resents him after losing his dad. He feels a kinship with him when he discovers that they have something in common but is frustrated that he can’t get through to him. Meanwhile, everyone’s in trouble when Marah and Kapri lose Lothor’s PAM. Confusion arises when strange things begin to happen during the Rangers’ battles. Finally, Marah and Kapri find Lothor’s PAM when it falls into Charlie’s hands, who, naturally, doesn’t recognize it for what it is. Fortunately, he’s a lot smarter than the two of them.

Season 1, Episode 22: All about Beevil

Dustin feels like everyone thinks he’s stupid when he loses his bike. Meanwhile, Marah feels left out when her new friend Beevil joins the crowd and leaves only to run into Dustin, who gives her a suggestion to make her consider her options. In return, she gives him something that is supposed to help the Rangers defeat her uncle. Can Dustin trust Marah, or is it all a trick?

Season 1, Episode 23: Sensei Swtcheroo

Cam is overwhelmed by the desire to have a human father that he decides to try to bring his father back to his human self. After Shane and Sensei accidentally switch bodies, Sensei must battle as the Red Ranger while Shane must stay and watch. Cam attempts to fix it, but another setback makes Sensei and Dustin switch bodies. Meanwhile, Marah and Kapri try to destroy the Power Rangers independently and are completely confused by the Ranger’s newfound skills.

Season 1, Episode 24: Tongue and Cheek

Dustin uses his Ranger powers to protect Storm Chargers from a big sports company. Kelli tells a newspaper about it, and Dustin becomes famous. Shane becomes jealous of Dustin’s newfound fame, and Dustin begins to grow a big head. When Hunter, Tori, and Blake get captured by a stamp monster, Dustin and Shane are forced to work together to defeat the monster and save their friends.

Season 1, Episode 25: Brothers in Arms

Motodrone is born via a real mechanical genius, Perry, who comes into the scene when Hunter’s bike gets trashed during a race. Motodrone takes Hunter. Cam matches the DNA of Motodrone and finds out that he’s Perry. Blake and Cam save Hunter, who destroys Motodrone and saves Perry. Zurgane finds Motordrone’s pieces and takes them to Lothor’s ship, where he is reassembled and brought back to life.

Season 1, Episodes 26 and 27: Shane’s Karma

It’s Tori’s birthday, and the Rangers get a day off when Sensei decides to take a little trip. Shane, plagued by nightmares, comes to Tori for advice and heeds it to her chagrin. There’s only one person who can help Shane, and that person is someone from the past named Skyla. Shane later becomes confused and overwhelmed when he learns the truth about his nightmares and their link to the past. Meanwhile, Lothor discovers an old acquaintance that may be trouble and is curious about why this person has shown up. Only when Skyla leaves, Shane understands everything that he’s been shown and has to rely on her gift to defeat Vexacus. With the power from Skyla’s soul, Shane gets his Battalizer power and manages to defeat Vexacus.

Season 1, Episodes 28 and 29: Shimazu Returns

Motodrone accidentally brings to life a statue, releasing an ancient evil known as Shimazu. The Rangers are forced to contend with ferocious wolf-like monsters unleashed by this new threat. Cam then uses the Rangers’ power discs to enter a mysterious realm where he discovers a weapon that could turn the tide in the battle against the Wolfblades, the Lighting Riff Blaster. When the Wolfblades attack again, the Rangers are forced to contend with them in their Zords with no other discs.

Season 1, Episode 30: The Wild Wipeout

Tori is transported to another dimension where the Rangers are evil. She must join forces with Lothor to defeat the Rangers and restore peace to the city. After she returns, Blake confesses his feelings for Tori.

Season 1, Episode 31: Double-Edged Blake

Tori is puzzled when Blake disappears a lot for no reason. No one seems to know where he is or what he’s doing when he’s gone. When asked where he has been, he tells them very little. A new monster shows up, and finally, the Rangers see what he’s been up to.

Season 1, Episode 32: Eye of the Storm

Shane’s intimidating big brother, Porter, comes to town and accidentally catches him morphing, and Motodrone calls a new monster named Eyezak, who forces people to face their worst fears. The Wind Rangers are forced to face their fears, and the Thunder Rangers are captured.

Season 1, Episodes 33 and 34: General Deception

Tori gives the guys a ride when they go camping. On the way, they are ambushed but choose not to cancel their trip. Meanwhile, Zurgane is ridiculed, and even Lothor threatens his rank. Hence, he hatches a plan to eliminate the Rangers, not knowing that Vexacus has plans of his own. Nearly everyone is stunned at how things begin to unfold for Zurgane. Zurgane’s Zord was later obliterated by the Rangers, but he gets the data from their attacks and uses it when creating a new Zord, the HyperZurgane Zord, which destroys the Hurricane Megazord. Even if Zurgane survives, one of his fellow Generals has his plans for his fate.

Season 1, Episode 35: A Gem for a Day

Hunter’s secret of keeping a few of the Gem of Souls fragments comes out when Vexacus ambushes him for them. Though his teammates are upset over hiding this, the artifact aids Cam in his plans to sneak aboard Lothor’s ship to free the trapped ninjas! Speaking of which, Lothor has Motodrone spy on Vexacus, leading to a showdown between the two Generals. All of this, plus the Condortron monster!

Season 1, Episode 36: Down and Dirty

The Bradley brothers get into a huge fight when Blake beats Hunter in a motocross race. Kapri and Marah ask Shimazu to help them take over the ship. Dustin decides to switch from motocross racing to motocross freestyle.

Season 1, Episodes 37 and 38: Storm Before the Calm

The Rangers are selected to showcase their respective talents in the US Action Games. Meanwhile, Lothor prepares the final stages of a scheme set in motion by destiny itself, as he seeks to unleash the evils within The Abyss of Evil, hidden beneath the Action Games’ site. Lothor discovers and destroys Ninja Ops but leaves behind a radically changed Sensei. With renewed confidence, the Rangers unite to take on Lothor’s new Zord and the forces of the Abyss of Evil, releasing every evil they have faced and more. When it’s all over, the Rangers face Lothor.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Season 1 Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Another version but really not different than the others.

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