T.V. Series Review: Power Rangers S.P.D Season 1

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Power Rangers S.P.D Season 1 Summary

Season 1, Episode 1 and 2: Beginnings

Three experienced B-Squad cadets, Sky, Bridge, and Syd, are assigned to bring in a pair of criminals who, just like them, possess genetic powers. Before they begin the capture, they are promoted and given Delta Morphers, becoming Rangers Blue (Sky, much to his dissatisfaction; he has wanted to be the Red Ranger like his father), Green (Bridge) and Pink (Sydney) when they perform their first morph in Part 2. When the evil Emperor Gruumm attempts to open a portal and invade Earth, the two criminals, Jack and Z, are recruited as the Red and Yellow Rangers – Space Patrol Delta’s B-Squad Power Rangers are now complete thanks to the last two Rangers being selected.

Season 1, Episode 3: Confronted

Jack discovers the advantages of being the Red Ranger and begins to abuse his position heavily. The B-Squad Rangers have to defend the planet now that their elite A-Squad counterparts have disappeared. At the same time, on a mission in the Helix Nebula, Jack’s teammates call his leadership skills into question, and he is stripped of his leader status and Ranger powers before, later in the episode, Commander Cruger, believing Jack has learned a valuable lesson, returns his Ranger powers and leadership status.

Season 1, Episode 4: Walls

Still reeling from losing his chance at being the Red Ranger, Sky refuses to participate in group activities. He loses his temper almost once Jack and Bridge are granted sleek, new Patrol Cycles. Meanwhile, Gruumm plans to steal diamonds to convert them into energy.

Season 1, Episode 5: Dogged

When Syd is sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of several citizens, she is disappointed to be paired with the frequently malfunctioning R.I.C. (Robotic Interactive Canine). Upon finding Rhinix, the culprit behind the disappearances, R.I.C saves her by shielding her from Rhinix’s blast, thus damaging himself severely. Feeling guilty for her earlier attitude towards him, Syd returns the favor by taking the R.I.C. to Bridge for repairs. With a little help from Boom, Bridge succeeds and presents “R.I.C 2.0”. With the newly upgraded R.I.C’s help, Syd finds that the missing humans have been converted into a type of fuel, and the Rangers use R.I.C.’s new transformation, the Canine Cannon, to confine Rhinix to a containment card after restoring the citizens to normal.

Season 1, Episode 6: A-Bridged

While searching for an intergalactic bank robber, the B-Squad catch a Trilondon alien near the scene of the crime. While the others assume they have their man, an unconvinced Bridge requests to perform his investigation. While Bridge is off on his own, the Rangers confront the supposed criminal and discover not only that he’s innocent of the robbery, but he is a bounty hunter searching for the real culprit. Using his unorthodox methods, Bridge successfully unmasks the real culprit: Hydrax from Planet Fernovia.

Season 1, Episode 7 and 8: Sam

Kids mock lonely boy Sam for his teleportation abilities. He becomes a target for Mora, who promises to be his friend if he helps Bugglesworth turn the city’s population into dolls. When the Rangers confront Sam, Z tries to befriend him, but he refuses. When they find out the captives will be trapped permanently in doll form soon, Z and Jack find Sam and try to convince him that being different isn’t a bad thing. However, Bugglesworth appears and convinces Sam to come with him while leaving Jack and Z to deal with a new, extremely powerful Orangehead Krybot. After almost being destroyed by the Orangehead Krybot, the Rangers duel Bugglesworth and his giant robot in the Delta Squad Megazord. They beat the Orangehead Krybot with the Canine Cannon’s attack power. Once returning to base, Z recounts a childhood memory, where a cloaked figure saved her from a monster after she ran away from school, where she was bullied. Cruger reveals that he was the cloaked figure who saved Z. He continues to tell how all their parents worked for S.P.D. with Kat (and that Kat is 147 years old). After their parents were exposed for so long, it altered their genes, allowing their kids (the Rangers) to have powers. Sam is the last child of the group. Z finally convinces Sam that she is his friend, but Bugglesworth and the henchmen attack them before they can celebrate. With Z captured, Sam uses his power to conjure Bugglesworth’s staff and smash it. The Rangers contain Bugglesworth once his robot is destroyed. With Bugglesworth sealed away, his victims are restored to normal, and Sam is welcomed into the S.P.D Academy.

Season 1, Episode 9: Idol

Jack is left in charge while Commander Cruger is away at an intergalactic conference. When Sky’s old friend Dru Harrington is rescued from a burning S.P.D spaceship that crash-landed on Earth, he returns to the Academy. While Sky is delighted to see his old comrade again, Jack is immediately suspicious and states that Dru must be reevaluated. Sky realizes his mistake with trusting his old friend when Doggie returns to the Academy and is wounded by an intruder and hospitalized. The intruder attacks Sky and Giganus reveals his identity as Dru. They battle, and Sky proves to be the loser after Dru tells him he works for Broodwing. Jack allows Sky a headstart to confront Dru in a final battle.

Season 1, Episode 10: Stakeout

It’s Syd’s birthday, and she is over the moon with excitement. However, Sinuku has just escaped from KO-35’s satellite prison. Jack chooses Syd to assist him in keeping an eye on Sinuku’s partner Dr. Rheas, leaving Syd disappointed that she must work on her birthday. During the stakeout, Jack takes a walk and runs into Dr. Rheas, who helps him realize how significant birthdays are, letting him figure out why Syd is so mad at him. When Syd confronts him for nearly blowing their cover by talking to Dr. Rheas, it’s revealed Jack doesn’t know when his birthday is. They continue with their heart-to-heart when they’re called to battle. During the distraction, Sinuku grabs Dr. Rheas and forces her to tell her where the Activator is; Jack runs after them and holds them off until the others can join. After putting a stop to Sinuku’s plans, the Rangers cheer Syd up with a surprise birthday party.

Season 1, Episode 11 and 12: Shadow

Doggie is plagued by nightmares involving his home planet Sirius, and Emperor Gruumm is plagued on how to defeat the Rangers. Still, Mora gives him advice to beat someone by taking out their leader. To stir up trouble, Gruumm visits Earth and takes a human form to visit Broodwing at Piggy’s new restaurant, which has made him a millionaire. Kat discovers a strange energy disturbance caused by Gruumm’s visiting General Benagg, an old “friend” of Commander Cruger. Causing Cruger’s pain only to worsen, Benaag calls Cruger out to battle. Still, Doggie refuses, and Doggie reveals to the Rangers the history of Sirius and the origins of S.P.D. Meanwhile, Kat is ambushed by Krybots outside the base and confronted by Benaag. With Kat missing, the team compensates by bringing in Boom to check the proton spikes. With Gruumm on Earth, the team learns that the spikes, if not deactivated, will cause a major catastrophe. Soon after, R.I.C. returns with a message from Benaag, who reveals Kat as his hostage. Doggie is left with no choice but to fight, despite Kat’s warnings of a trap. Doggie sends the Rangers off to deal with the giant energy spikes that have been placed around the city and prepares to face Benaag. Taking his Shadow Saber and the Patrol Morpher Kat made for him which he, during Part 1, refuses to take, Doggie becomes the Shadow Ranger for the first time to defeat Benaag and rescue Kat.

Season 1, Episode 13: Abandoned

When the B-Squad begins to take the Shadow Ranger for granted, Doggie teaches them a lesson by leaving them on their own to stop Drakel from using the power from an evil stone to resist the sunlight that weakens him and wreak havoc on the city.

Season 1, Episode 14 and 15: Wired

The B-Squad finds a standout D-Squad cadet in a girl named S.O.P.H.I.E. (Series One Processor/Hyper Intelligent Ecryptor), who succeeds where her fellow D-Squad members failed by defeating Krybots during a training exercise. Mora begs Gruumm for one last chance to defeat the Rangers to keep her childhood and recruits Valko to assist her. Valko reveals his plan to defeat the Rangers by attempting the impossible: gaining control of a massive robot named Goradon. But first, he needs a piece of technology that only S.P.D has, and S.O.P.H.I.E. matches his needs through her body having something he is after. Meanwhile, the new standout cadet takes matters into her own hands when Kat needs to decrypt a new sequence for phase 2 of the base’s Delta Base Defense System (D.B.D.S. – phase 1 sees the base morph into a Delta Command Crawler mode that during the events of Part 2 becomes not enough as the situation started by Valko intensifies). After being expelled from the Academy, a depressed S.O.P.H.I.E. falls into Valko’s grasp and is taken and hooked up to Goradon’s internal systems while Doggie tells the Rangers off for expelling a fellow cadet based on their understanding of her body being equipped with technology that they believe is too risky and sends them out to find her. Bridge eventually realizes that she houses the piece of equipment Valko needed, a Series One Processor Hyper Intelligent Encryptor which is what S.O.P.H.I.E.’s name is short for, and the Rangers find Valko with Piggy’s help. S.O.P.H.I.E. also proves to be the key to unlocking the Rangers’ greatest weapon yet: phase 2 of the D.B.D.S. program – Delta Command Megazord, except first, she must escape Valko without the Rangers’ help, who are busy handling a rogue Goradon. In the end, fed up with Mora’s failure and having had enough of her failures, Gruumm transforms her into her true form.

Season 1, Episode 16: Boom

Boom’s lie about being the Orange Ranger and A-Squad Commander comes back to haunt him when his parents, who are unaware of his true occupation, come to visit. Syd and Bridge help him keep up the rouse while Jack and Sky hunt a dimension-hopping General Tomars. When a fight breaks out and Boom attempts to continue his charade as the Orange Ranger, the other Rangers get into trouble. To help them, Boom reveals to his parents his real job, and the Rangers can defeat General Tomars.

Season 1, Episode 17: Recognition

The Rangers apprehend and take the evil Wootox back to headquarters, which he escapes from by swapping bodies with Sky, destroying the translator, and searching for the Delta Command Megazord controls. Except along the way, the fake Sky runs into Kat, while the real Sky in Wootox’s body must convince the others he truly is himself without an alien translator. R.I.C. ends up being the only one who can tell the difference between the two of them and Sky uses Wootox’s powers to swap them back in payback.

Season 1, Episode 18: Samurai

Gruumm transports alien samurai Katana from ancient Japan to present-day Japan via a time portal, and the Rangers are sent to confront the warrior, who is confused by all the changes to his homeland. After being convinced by Broodwing that the Rangers are trying to take over, Katana duels them while Doggie and Kat head to Japan upon being alerted to the presence of a giant robot. Jack uses Commander Cruger’s Shadow Saber to defeat Katana honorably in a one-on-one swordfight, and Katana returns to his own time once another time portal opens. Afterward, Cruger tells Jack that the Shadow Saber he was lent was not the original – the Shadow Saber he used against Katana transforms into its true identity: a training sword.

Season 1, Episode 19: Dismissed

While Commander Cruger is plagued with nightmares, S.P.D.’s Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie visits Earth. After mocking the Rangers, arrogantly trying to poach Dr. Manx, and rudely comparing a Ranger battle to Cruger’s fight on Sirius, he commands Cruger to take up a new “splitting-up strategy” with the Rangers. When Cruger refuses, citing it would make easy targets out of them, Birdie takes over the Delta Base, relieving him of duty. With a distraught Ranger team, Dr. Manx tries consoling them while dealing with Birdie. Meanwhile, Gruumm heads to Earth to face Commander Cruger in battle, and an energy surge alerts the team. Gruumm easily overpowers the Rangers, who were split up under the command of Birdie. Forcing Commander Birdie to take matters into his own hands, unfortunately, Birdie doesn’t fare much better than the Rangers. Upon being informed of Gruumm’s challenge, Cruger shows us a flashback of being responsible for Gruumm’s missing horn. With Kat’s help, Cruger returns to save the day, and an apologetic Birdie reinstates him. The episode ends with another glimpse of our ball of light.

Season 1, Episode 20: Perspective

When Commander Cruger asks the Rangers to report to him about their mission to stop the World Gold Depository from being robbed, each Ranger delivers a different story, making themselves out to be the best. However, the truth comes out once Kat reconstructs the video feed. The fact was that a mysterious ball of light destroyed all the krybots to free the Rangers.

Season 1, Episode 21 and 22: Messenger

Boom gathers everyone for an urgent update from his makeshift radio signal grabber. A message comes through from the future, telling of S.P.D.’s defeat at the hands of the Troobain army. While discussing whether they should believe the news or not, Morgana puts her plan into action, taking time to torment Z who hurt her doll in “Sam: Part 1”. Things get even worse when the prophecy seems to come true with the aid of Morgana’s most powerful allies, the brothers Shorty and Devastation. As the Rangers are on the brink of defeat, help arrives in the form of a mysterious individual calling himself the Omega Ranger. Shorty falls to the might of this enigmatic new Ranger. He refuses to allow the other Rangers to help him in his upcoming battle against Morgana and Devastation, citing that their inferior technology would only get in the way. While trying to get an explanation from Omega Ranger, Morgana and Devastation call him out. When Devastation goes too far by disregarding Morgana’s safety to get at Omega, the Rangers must step into action. They are hesitant to help the egotistical future ranger, but Cruger reminds them of their duty and the S.P.D. Code. Together the six Rangers put a stop to Morgana’s plan. The Omega Ranger later reveals himself to be Sam.

Season 1, Episode 23: Zapped

Morgana approaches Mysticon, a magician who’s down on his luck, and offers him a new wand in exchange for his help in defeating the Rangers. When Syd applies to be Mysticon’s assistant, she is placed under a spell. Meanwhile, Sam is sent to spy on Mysticon’s magic show, and the other Rangers grow jealous of Commander Cruger, giving him so much attention. Broodwing begins plotting against Gruumm when another of his robots is destroyed.

Season 1, Episode 24 and 25: Reflection

The B-Squad’s day off is brought to a halt when criminals they’ve already contained attack New Tech City, leaving them perplexed as to how they could’ve escaped. Sky travels to Gamma Orion and visits criminal Mirloc, locked in a specially-made cell due to his ability to travel through reflective surfaces, to gather information. In exchange for the info, Mirloc wants to know what Sky’s saddest memory is, and Sky tells the story of his father. Upon finding out the criminals are still in containment, the Rangers confront the real culprit: Slate, a copycat criminal whose powers allow him to mimic anyone. Morgana joins Slate and infuses him with a special formula that transforms him, in a divide-and-conquer-like transformation, into all of his impersonations of the criminals the Rangers successfully defeated so far, and Jack calls for his new Battlizer to defeat Slate’s mutation into a criminal split in a teamof impersonations. Meanwhile, Mirloc mocks Sky’s story, and the upset Sky sheds a tear. Mirloc takes this opportunity to travel into Sky’s tear and escape his cell, leaving Sky stunned as he realizes what has happened. Mirloc meets Gruumm and is sent out to capture six of the Rangers, while Gruumm plans to deal with Cruger. Mirloc succeeds in imprisoning four Rangers, and Jack borrows Sam’s OmegaMax Cycle to deal with a giant rampaging robot. Once Jack is captured, Sam takes on Mirloc alone and manages to free the captured Rangers. Mirloc taunts Sky and his father, and an angry Jack gives Sky the chance to bring Mirloc in. With Jack’s morpher, Sky morphs into the Red Ranger and uses the Battlizer to defeat Mirloc in honor of his father.

Season 1, Episode 26 and 27: S.W.A.T

When an S.O.S. message warns Cruger and Kat of a horrible upcoming threat, it puts them on edge and Kat in a rush to finish some updates. Kat accidentally destroys her quantum enhancer in her haste, and Z goes to Piggy to get a new one. What they don’t know is Gruumm has put a time limit on Piggy to hurt the S.P.D., and he takes the chance to give them a new one with a virus inside that Thresher and Stench, Piggy’s acquaintances/customers, use to get into S.P.D. files. With Thresher causing a distraction, Stench can download the schematics for the Rangers new S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons And Tactis) mode. When the Rangers deal with this new threat and their constant bickering gets in the way, Commander Cruger sends the B-Squad to Planet Zentor, where they are trained under the watchful eye of Sergeant Silverback. The irate Sergeant quickly puts the Rangers through their paces, pitting them against Krybots and a giant scorpion monster. Meanwhile, Piggy’s scheming friends Thresher and Stench break into S.P.D and steal the schematics for the newly created S.W.A.T. Mode. After disappointing Silverback, the Rangers are stripped of their Ranger powers and demoted. Back on Earth, Kat feels sorry for herself for letting the S.W.A.T. mode fall into Thresher and Stench’s hands. The Rangers are forced to endure grueling training exercises, only to be pushed even harder when they complain. The Sergeant ultimately gets fed up with the Rangers and considers sending them back to Earth with a recommendation for dismissal from the Academy. But when the Rangers ask for a second chance, he puts them through another test. They’re able to work hard to prove themselves as a team worthy of being rewarded with the S.W.A.T Armor. Just in time, too, since Sam and Cruger, in an attempt to take on Piggy’s friends, have been captured. They return to earth to use their upgrade to defeat Thresher and Stench before containing them.

Season 1, Episode 28: Robotpalooza

The Rangers are bombarded with constant attacks from both Gruumm and Broodwing, who recruits Gineka to destroy the Rangers, and are on the verge of breaking. Meanwhile, after beating two robots, the Rangers return to base where Bridge reveals he had been dream-fighting three other robots. Before getting laughed out of the base, Kat tells everyone robots with the same description Bridge gave had attacked a place off-world. Before it could be looked into further, the Rangers are called again to fight another robot. It’s revealed that Broodwing and his companions were responsible for the attack on Alpha 5 when Bridge has another dream about the future. He goes to fight Broowing’s friends alone, but soon the others meet up with him. When the DeltaMax Megazord is not enough to drive back these powerful enemies, Kat sends the Rangers the S.W.A.T. Flyers to form a new Megazord to deal with the fleet of robots. In the end, Gruumm meets with Broodwing to ask him if he knows who the other person is who sent the other robots to attempt taking over Earth; he lies, of course, not revealing it was him.

Season 1, Episode 29: Katastophe

Supreme Commander Birdie offers Kat the chance to work at S.P.D Galaxy Command and the Rangers, not wanting her to leave but wanting her to take the opportunity, try convincing her she isn’t needed. During a battle, it’s revealed that a new monster has gotten all the data on the Rangers’ equipment at the fight. After some careful thought, she decides to take up her new position. Boom quickly runs into problems with Kat gone, and the Zords aren’t running smoothly anymore. However, Broodwing teams up with Kat’s old schoolmate Mooney, and his mighty robot hides a dangerous weapon: a Helios Generator. After telling Birdie the danger of the Helios Generator, he gives her permission to return to Earth, and she now has her specially-made 1-hour-lasting Kat Morpher. She tries talking to Mooney, but with the interference from Broodwing, she must morph into Kat Ranger to stop him before it’s too late to stop the Helios Generator.

Season 1, Episode 30: Missing

Bridge confronts intergalactic felon Berok on the Rangers’ latest mission, only to be knocked out in battle. He awakens in a cold dark room from which there appears to be no escape. With the walls closing in on Bridge, the Rangers must save their teammate from certain doom before it’s too late.

Season 1, Episode 31: History

Broodwing uses the Red, Blue, and Yellow Dino Gems to transport Conner, Ethan, and Kira to 2025 as part of his plan to defeat the Rangers and destroy the planet. The three confused Dino Rangers escape with their Gems and are soon cornered by Krybots, only to be saved by the B-Squad and taken back to the Delta Base. Although Doggie insists they remain at the base to avoid disrupting the timeline, the Dino Rangers decide to do what they feel is right. Upon receiving re-energized Dino Morphers from Kat, the Dino Rangers team up with the B-Squad to drive back a robotic army and the Dragoul creature.

Season 1, Episode 32: Impact

Broodwing’s associate Professor Cerebros alters the course of a meteor to cause it to collide with New Tech City. As if that weren’t enough, a more powerful Dragoul has been let loose. Although Sky is sent on a solo mission to destroy the meteor, Jack stows away on the S.W.A.T Megazord to try to get in on the action. While the Red and Blue Rangers learn to work together to destroy the meteor, the others are left to deal with Dragoul.

Season 1, Episode 33: Badge

Icthior, Commander Cruger’s rival from his days at the S.P.D Academy, returns and puts the Rangers to the test as they are injured and stripped of their badges, leaving Doggie to face his past alone.

Season 1, Episode 34: Insomnia

After eavesdropping on Doggie and Kat talking about how the A-Squad would have already defeated Gruumm, the depressed B-Squad reminisce over their past failures and deduce Gruumm’s master plan in the process. Meanwhile, after Gruumm has given her back her childhood, Mora faces the Terror Spacecraft’s secret tenant: Omni.

Season 1, Episode 35: Wormhole

Gruumm decides to take drastic measures to stop the Rangers by traveling through a wormhole 21 years into the past, where S.P.D. doesn’t exist. Upon realizing what Gruumm has done, the B-Squad pursues him to the year 2004 and meets up with the Dino Rangers again. Meanwhile, Gruumm forces Zeltrax to join his army and ultimately faces the combined might of twelve Rangers who are determined to save the past, present, and future.

Season 1, Episode 36: Resurrection

Jack meets a girl named Ally Samuels, who shares his passion for helping the needy. Unfortunately, Jack’s new relationship interferes with his Ranger duties as he is late to help his friends defeat Broodwing’s latest ally, Delex. After the battle, Cruger confronts Jack, who insists that nobody’s perfect, and he deserves a personal life. Meanwhile, Kat picks up a distress signal, and Cruger sends the Rangers to Gamma Orion, where they find a crashed spaceship and the A-Squad team.

Season 1, Episode 37 and 38: Endings

The traitorous A-Squad capture Commander Cruger and call out the B-Squad, who meet their counterparts for an intense battle. Meanwhile, Broodwing makes his final push for domination and gathers an army to attack the Delta Base while the Rangers are away. B-Squad and A-Squad battle, and thanks to S.W.A.T Mode and the S.W.A.T. Megazord, B-Squad wins and captures the traitorous A-Squad. Then the Rangers break into the Delta Base and contain Broodwing. Unfortunately, they still have to deal with Gruumm, who catches them with help from Piggy. The Rangers are freed from Gruumm’s ship by Piggy, but Doggie stays behind to rescue his wife Isinia, who he has learned is alive on Gruumm’s ship. Doggie captures Mora and defeats Gruumm, apparently killing him, and rescues Isinia. Still, Omni becomes The Magnificence, a giant biomechanical monster that battles the S.W.A.T. Megazord, which is no match for it. Simultaneously, a Troobian army attack S.P.D and the cadets, Piggy, Boom, and Kat defend it to no avail until reinforcements in the form of the Nova Ranger from the future troops from S.P.D. Command arrive (including Sergeant Silverback and Commander Birdie) and defeat the enemy. Kat finds a weakness in Omni, which the Rangers exploit with Cruger’s help. Omni is destroyed, and Cruger and Isinia miraculously survive. Gruumm’s alive as well, but Cruger easily defeats and captures him. Following this victory, Jack leaves S.P.D., and Sky is promoted to Red Ranger while Bridge is promoted to Blue. Sam and Nova return to the future, and the Rangers visit Jack, but must soon leave to defend the world again.

Power Rangers S.P.D Season 1 Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Another Spin off not needed.

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