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Power Rangers Mystic Force Season 1 Summary

Season 1, Episode 1 and 2: Broken Spell

In the small town of Briarwood, an unexpected earthquake releases a group of evil creatures. The sorceress Udonna recruits five adults to help fight these monsters and destroy them. While Vida, Madison, Xander, and Chip have taken an immediate liking to their magic, the fifth, Nick, has yet to unlock his hidden abilities. It’s up to the team to work together to drive back the forces of darkness. With the four teens now beginning to understand their new destinies, Udonna is confronted by Koragg the Knight Wolf. Using the Knight Wolf Centaur, he defeats the White Ranger, taking her Snow Staff. With Udonna unable to morph, the four adults immediately begin their legacy and morph into Mystic Force Power Rangers. Udonna tries to make Nick accept his destiny to be the Red Ranger, but she cannot change his mind. When Koragg overpowers the other four Rangers, Nick arrives and finally believes in himself and magic. He morphs into the Red Mystic Ranger and joins the others in defeating Koragg.

Season 1, Episode 3: Code Busters

Vida and Chip make a Heroes 4 Hire Stand to unlock new spell codes by performing “good deeds”, but when Madison, Nick, and Xander are captured inside the Mucor monster, Vida and Chip come to terms with the true nature of heroism. Meanwhile, the Hydra Worm is released into the forest.

Season 1, Episode 4: Rock Solid

Nick teases Madison for hiding behind her camera, and she tries to prove him wrong. However, during a walk in the park, Madison is the next victim of Necrolai’s latest scheme to turn the people of Briarwood into statues with the aid of Clawbster. Udonna and the Ranger’s magic isn’t strong enough to change Madison back as destroying Clawbster is the only way. Upon realizing he was wrong and learning Madison’s fate, Nick receives the Mystic Speeder spell code and hurries to save her. After Madison is freed, the Rangers receive another spell and form the Titan Megazord to destroy Clawbster.

Season 1, Episode 5: Whispering Voices

Koragg uses Udonna’s Snow Staff to cause Nick self-doubt in an attempt to turn the others against him. Leelee makes matters worse by hiding $1000 from Rock Porium and implicating Nick in the theft. After the truth is revealed, Koragg unleashes the Centaurus Wolf Megazord on the Rangers and brings Morticon to the surface world.

Season 1, Episode 6: Legendary Catastros

Without the power and ability to form the Titan Megazord, Koragg’s latest attack sends the Rangers reeling. Koragg’s attempts to leave the battlefield are compromised when the Dark Seal accidentally sends Nick and Koragg’s zord, Catastros, to another dimension. In this parallel world, Nick aids the wounded horse and returns to Briarwood in time to stop the Rock Troll with the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord.

Season 1, Episode 7: Fire Heart

Necrolai, aided by the Taxi Cab Monster, steals a map that will lead them to the magical Fire Heart. The Rangers discover this and travel through the dangerous Cimmerian Forest to find it. Later, the Rangers defeat the Taxi Cab Monster, but Vida tears the map in the ensuing battle against Necrolai. Will the Rangers ever be able to find the Fire Heart with only half of the map?

Season 1, Episode 8 and 9: Stranger Within

The day after she goes to a night club with Leelee, Vida returns to Rootcore nearly 24 hours later, displaying multiple personality changes. Aside from that, she seems fine, but upon closer inspection, Chip unmasks her as a vampire (the sun weakens Vida when the Rangers transform into Mystic Titan Dragon Formation)! After the Rangers destroy Flytrap, the citizens of Briarwood return to normal, and the Rangers think it is all over… until Chip’s “Vampire Chalk” traps Vida. A still-vampiric Vida is taken back to Rootcore by the others but escapes and engages them in battle. Chip is ready to destroy Necrolai, but Vida stands in the way of his crossbow. After struggling to break through to her, he succeeds and fires the Dawn Crystal at Necrolai, destroying her. Unfortunately, Necrolai revives herself later that night, and Leelee is revealed to be her daughter.

Season 1, Episode 10: Petrified Xander

With a bulbous pimple on his face, Xander goes to extremes and uses Clare’s “Plant Perfection Potion” to remove the blemish. While it works at first, Xander slowly realizes it’s turning him into a tree! Vida and Clare do their best to help while the other Rangers face Skullington. Meanwhile, Toby attempts to uncover the secret of the box with the Fire Heart inside.

Season 1, Episode 11 and 12: The Gatekeeper

When Clare learns of her mother, Niella’s legacy, she takes on the Gatekeeper’s role. While she is victorious against Necrolai, she tries to overpower Koragg after he kidnaps Udonna and forces Clare to fight him. Clare is ultimately seized by Necrolai and used to raise the gates to the Underworld. The gates have been raised, and Morticon is set free thanks to a crack made from the Titan Megazord. Koragg kidnaps Clare and wants to release his master from the gate, but he was unsuccessful. After Nick saves Clare from Koragg, the Rangers reunite. With Udonna’s power channeled through the Megazord, Morticon is destroyed. Clare sealed the gate from the gatekeeper’s power when the master attempts to release from the gate, but now Clare’s powers are gone.

Season 1, Episode 13: Scaredy Cat

Clare prepares to hatch the Dragon egg as the Rangers investigate a cave on the beach. Inside, Necrolai attacks and takes an old mummy relic, but the Rangers hold onto a mystical lamp. Back at Rootcore, the wise-cracking Jenji is released just as the newly revived Imperious is sent into the city. He blows the Rangers away and prepares to squash the Titan Megazord until Jenji steps in to save the day. As Udonna returns, the egg hatches and the dragon within utters its first word to Clare: “Mama.”

Season 1, Episode 14: Long Ago

Imperious disguises himself as Calindor and tries to persuade Udonna into believing he can help the Rangers. Meanwhile, Jester, the Pester, has the Rangers on the ropes until a brave frog steps in and saves Madison’s life. To repay her debt, Madison kisses the frog, who reverts to his true form: Daggeron, the Solaris Knight.

Season 1, Episode 15: Inner Strength

When Xander neglects his training, Daggeron takes the Rangers on a trip to a dangerous dimension. After he leaves to fight the Behemoth, it’s up to Xander to save the others from a giant, who is (quite ironically) a vegetarian. Once the Rangers return to Briarwood, Xander gets the new Mystic Muscles to spell code, but Daggeron ultimately defeats the Behemoth with the Solar Streak Megazord.

Season 1, Episode 16: Soul Spector

Chip accidentally opens a magic bottle that begins to steal his soul slowly. To help him, Daggeron takes him to the top of Mount Isis to retrieve the Staff of Topaz, where he gets into a battle with Koragg for the artifact. Meanwhile, the other Rangers try to stop Gnatu and Spydax from stealing any more souls from Briarwood’s citizens. After the staff’s magic heals Chip, he returns to assist the Rangers. In the end, Daggeron promises to train Chip to be a knight, as he was trained to be a knight under Udonna’s husband, Leanbow.

Season 1, Episode 17: Ranger Down

Jenji gets jealous of Fire Heart and takes the baby to live in the forest. Meanwhile, Imperious challenges Koragg to fight without magic and gives Koragg’s magic to Necrolai in the form of a purple Mystic Morpher. With it and the new harpy creature Screamer, she leads an assault and immobilizes all Rangers except Madison. She and Jenji show up and destroy Screamer with a combination of Jenji’s “Super Cat Attack” and Madison’s water-based “Jenji Shining Attack”. Back in the forest, Fire Heart has grown to monstrous proportions, and when Udonna confronts Phineas about his “saving a second baby”, she learns that her son, Bowen, is still alive in the human world.

Season 1, Episode 18 through 20: Dark Wish

Udonna and Daggeron grow concerned when the Rangers start to become lazy and use magic for even the smallest of tasks. Meanwhile, Imperious summons the Barbarian Beasts to fight the Rangers and take out Koragg (knowing that the Knight Wolf will not allow him to make a move against the Master). When fighting becomes too tiring, the Rangers want to resort to using Jenji. Daggeron repeatedly refuses, but the Rangers’ persistence convinces Daggeron to use the “Jenji Shining Attack” on 50-Below and Fightoe. Jenji is subsequently captured and taken to the Underworld, while Koragg is gravely injured after taking on the Barbarian Beasts without magic. Imperious, with Jenji at his disposal, wishes that there were no Mystic Force Rangers. The Rangers leave the magical realm when suddenly Imperious’ wish starts to take effect. Daggeron is erased from existence, a dark force overtakes Rootcore, and the color is drained from the world. The Rangers find that the city has been overrun with Imperious’ forces, led by Necrolai. Music is banned from the world, Rootcore has been destroyed, and the Rangers have lost their magic. When Koragg finds them in the forest, he tells them what has happened that the only way to reverse Jenji’s wish is to see the Tribunal of Magic, which they can reach by riding Fire Heart (raised by Koragg in this alternate universe). In this other dimension, the Rangers wander through the desert until they ultimately find a door leading to the Tribunal of Magic. The Tribunal asks why the Rangers have come. After a short conversation, the Tribunal declines the Ranger’s request to reverse the wish, sending them back to Briarwood, powerless. Deciding that they now have no hope, the Rangers are quickly captured by Necrolai’s forces as the Tribunal sees the Rangers’ surrender as proof they’ve made the right decision. When Hidiacs and Necrolai attack Toby, Nick and the others rush in to help regardless of whether they’ll be destroyed. They are easily defeated without their powers, but as Necrolai steps in to finish the Rangers off, the Tribunal reverses the wish after witnessing the Rangers’ bravery, to Imperious’ disbelief. The Rangers, with their powers back, quickly defeat the Hidiacs, but 50-Below and Fightoe are sent to Earth again, and after being beaten badly, the Rangers realize they have taken their magic for granted. In the underworld, Jenji tricks Leelee into letting him go, and he quickly teleports to Rootcore. When the Tribunal believes the Rangers have learned their lesson, they grant them new power: Legend Mode, turning the Rangers into the Legend Warriors. The Rangers defeat 50-Below and then use the Manticore Megazord to defeat Ursus, a mechanical being powered by Fightoe. In the end, the Rangers celebrate the Rock-Porium’s anniversary with a cake that, while not made with magic and not as nice looking, is very much appreciated by Toby.

Season 1, Episode 21: Koragg’s Trail

Koragg takes his magic from Necrolai to challenge the Rangers’ new Legend power. When Koragg grows, the Rangers use the Manticore Megazord and start to win, but Imperious summons a virus that infects the Megazord (and Rangers inside). Koragg, angered by Imperious’ intrusion on their battle, negates the effects of the virus. As a result, Imperious makes Koragg stand trial for his countless failures and treason. Koragg argues that while he fights with honor in The Master’s name, Imperious does not and shouldn’t be trusted. In the end, The Master agrees and allows Koragg to keep his power.

Season 1, Episode 22 and 23: Heir Apparent

As Udonna and Daggeron tell the Rangers of how Leanbow was sealed away in the Underworld, Imperious plots to use the Rangers’ Legend power to revive The Master. He has Koragg deal with the Rangers and tricks Daggeron by using the Solar Streak Megazord’s energy to create the Chimera. After Imperious disposes of Daggeron, Chimera and Koragg capture the Rangers. Udonna uses a spell to travel to the Underworld, but The Master quickly strikes her down. Koragg’s visions intensify into an onslaught of flashbacks, and when he finally realizes the truth, he attacks the Master, saves Udonna, and assumes his true form: Leanbow. With Leanbow’s help, the Rangers and Udonna escape the Underworld, and Leanbow teleports a weakened Udonna away. When the unicorn Brightstar appears, Nick destroys Chimera with the Phoenix Unizord, but when Leanbow is turned back into Koragg, Nick has a hard time holding him off. During the fight, Daggeron arrives to settle things with Imperious in a Bound Battle. Clare gives Udonna Nick’s baby blanket, and when she realizes who Nick is, she rushes to the battlefield to tell everyone. Daggeron defeats Imperious, who turns to dust while foretelling a cryptic remark. Just as Leanbow turns back to his true form, The Master uses the Legend power and begins to rise from the Underworld. Leanbow freezes the Rangers in place and fights The Master himself. He stops his revival and returns the Rangers’ Legend power, but he seemingly perishes in the battle. Udonna, however, adjusting to life as a mother, believes that Leanbow is still alive.

Season 1, Episode 24: The Light

Udonna leaves Rootcore to search for Leanbow. Shortly after, the Ten Terrors arrive and start their campaign to punish the Earth for refusing dark magic, as well as find “the Light”, the child born of magical blood that has the natural potential to be the strongest sorcerer of all. After confronting Phineas about this, Nick finds out that he is the Light. Magma is the first Terror to challenge the Rangers, implicating his own rules into a special game; if the Rangers are still standing by the time a radio tower is done burning, they will win. When the Rangers turn into the Manticore Megazord, Magma quickly stops them. The onlooking Terrors notice that the tower has burnt down all the way; Magma has lost his own game, and he is destroyed as punishment. Gekkor points out to Necrolai that the Rules of Darkness must be adhered to for The Master to return.

Season 1, Episode 25: The Hunter

The second of the Ten Terrors is chosen to destroy The Light. When Oculous immobilizes four Rangers, Nick summons Fire Heart and unlocks the power of the Mystic Battlizer to kill him and get his friends back. Meanwhile, Megahorn breaks the sacred rules and sets out on his own to battle Daggeron, as Udonna finds a familiar face is following her.

Season 1, Episode 26: Hard Heads

Nick and Vida argue over Nick using Vida’s DJing equipment. They get slimed by Hekatoid, so they can’t morph. As stubborn as they are, they need to work together to save the others from Serpentina.

Season 1, Episode 27: The Snow Prince

Trying to stop The Master from rising, Leanbow has to deal with Sculpin’s attempt to foil his plan. The Snow Prince commands that instead of being a teacher, Daggeron should lesson from Nick on following his instincts. Hekatoid finds and captures Udonna knocking Claire unconscious.

Season 1, Episode 28 and 29: Light Source

Hekatoid has captured Udonna, and the Rangers chase after him in his dimension to rescue her. Daggeron, in the real world, tries to stop all the tadpoles Hekatoid has laid from destroying the world. The teens lose their powers trying to save Udonna, so Leelee, Phineas, and Clare end up saving her instead along with her white ranger powers. The Terrors also acquire The Master from a defeated Leanbow.

Season 1, Episode 30: The Return

Matoombo is chosen to bring forth the Master, but he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Vida teams up with him to try to seal the Master away. Later, Leanbow comes to the Rangers’ aid when they can’t defeat Gekkor

Season 1, Episode 31 and 32: Mystic Fate

Itasiss is chosen to destroy the surface world. Refusing, she tries to convince the remaining Terrors of the thing called courage; she is killed anyway. The Master decides to take care of things himself, starting with the Light/Nick-Bowen. After taking over Nick’s mind and body, he proceeds to destroy the Mystic Village. Nick then dons Koragg’s armor, taking Leanbow with him to Rootcore for a showdown, trashing it in the process. Nick breaks free of the Master’s evil hold, expelling him into the real world. The Snow Prince appears in Rootcore, bringing news that the Mystic Realm has been destroyed and Mystic Mother (a reformed Rita Repulsa). While Daggeron and Leanbow fight in the Mystic Realm against the Master, Udonna takes on Sculpin, and the Rangers continue their fight with Black Lance. The Rangers, and Udonna, are seemingly defeated as they lay on the ground, powerless. Leanbow and Daggeron combine their powers in one final attempt to destroy the Master, but their magic is too weak. After The Master devours their magic, Daggeron takes a blow for Leanbow and is killed. In the upper world, Jenji shields the Rangers from one of Sculpin’s attacks and is destroyed. Meanwhile, Udonna is taken to the underworld by Sculpin. Nick, not willing to give up, fights Black Lance, destroying him with the other Rangers. The Master arrives, spitting out a dead Daggeron and Leanbow before he devours time until they are in the future, a dead, barren, and dark wasteland. After fighting the Master in Legend Mode, their Legend powers are taken away. Nick uses all his remaining power and forces the Master to spit out the time he devoured. Though The Master threatens to destroy them, they are saved by the Snow Prince and Clare. Mystic Mother lived by turning herself into energy before being killed. As the Master retreats, Udonna appears with Itassis and Necrolai. Itassis tells how Necrolai saved her and destroyed Sculpin with the power of courage. Leanbow and Daggeron are revived by Necrolai, while Jenji returns to his normal self. Necrolai was turned into a human thanks to the good energy she absorbed. The humans, led by Toby, and the mystical creatures, led by Phineas, band together to return the magic to the Rangers. The Rangers take on the Master with all their power, destroying him with their overwhelming magic. The story wraps up with everyone working together, the worlds united, having a party in Toby’s store. Madison tells Nick to come back for her, and he gives her his baby blanket. Meanwhile, Nick, Udonna, and Leanbow ride off into the sunset, with Fire Heart rushing behind, while Clare is now a sorceress and resident of Rootcore

Power Rangers Mystic Force Season 1 Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Another spin off, not needed. It started off interesting but trailed off into boredom at episode 4.

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