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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 1 Summary

Season 1, Episode 1: Beasts Unleashed

Scientists tap into the Morphin Grid, providing the city of Coral Harbor with an unlimited source of clean energy called Morph-X. In order to protect it, the organization Grid Battleforce selects three teenage cadets to form a new team of Power Rangers to defend the Grid from evil. However, Coral Harbor’s Mayor, Adam Daniels, is skeptical of their idea. When the organization initiates the formation of their Ranger team, an evil sentient computer virus, Evox, corrupts the technology and incapacitates two of the cadets, creating evil Ranger avatars in their place. Mayor Daniels’ son, Devon Daniels, who trespassed into Grid Battleforce’s facilities, and laundry girl Zoey Reeves stumble across the crisis and save the last standing cadet, with all three morphing into Rangers in the midst of the battle. With their new powers, the three Rangers defeat the two avatars and Evox. Afterwards, the trio discover that the real cadets, Blaze and Roxy, are in a coma. The remaining Rangers are then drafted in as Rangers.

Season 1, Episode 2: Evox’s Revenge

Evox, Blaze, and Roxy are transported to the Cyber Dimension, where they join forces with its ruler Scrozzle and his army of Tronics and prepare to gather as much Morph-X as possible to send Evox back to Earth. Meanwhile, Grid Battleforce’s Commander Shaw intends to select a leader for the team, but Zoey and Ravi fight over who should get the job while Devon is more focused on the new technology that chief scientist Nate has created for them. During their first battle against avatar Blaze and his accompanying forces, the Rangers develop serious problems due to Evox’s virus partially corrupting their powers: Devon freezes upon seeing a dog, Ravi goes on a rampage, and Zoey loses her energy. As the battle continues, Scrozzle sends a giant Gigadrone to the city, prompting Commander Shaw to deploy the Racer Zord for Devon. When he freezes up upon seeing another dog, his comrades assist him in their Chopper and Wheeler Zords, allowing Devon to finish off the foe. The team are later commended by Commander Shaw for their accomplishments.

Season 1, Episode 3: End of the Road

Zoey learns of Mayor Daniels’ intentions to tear down a forest to build a new highway. As such, she tries to convince the citizens of Coral Harbor, with help from her journalist mother, to use Morph-X powered bikes instead of cars. Meanwhile, Blaze uses this opportunity to siphon Morph-X from the bikes with assistance from Robotron, Needletron. Zoey tries to promote the bikes, but to no success. After a pep talk, she decides to make them look cool. When Blaze returns to steal more Morph-X, the Rangers transform to engage him, avatar Roxy, and Needletron, defeating the monster and the Gigadrone Scrozzle deploys. After the battle, Zoey learns that Mayor Daniels called off the highway project, having been amazed by a viral video of the Rangers trying to stop Blaze while riding the Morph-X bikes.

Season 1, Episode 4: Digital Deception

On Valentine’s Day, Cybervillain Roxy creates Shoveltron to terrorize the city while she attempts to get closer to Ravi by pretending to retain her template’s feelings for him. Spurred on by the avatar apparently saving him, Ravi starts to believe there is good inside her and asks for Nate’s help to make her good again. Meeting Roxy at a park, the avatar ensnares the blue Ranger and attempts to turn him into an evil avatar, only for Devon and Zoey to break him out. Devon goes in his Zord to defeat a Gigadrone sent to attack the city while Ravi and Zoey destroy Shoveltron. Afterwards, Ravi apologizes to his allies and thanks them for their aid as everyone continues their Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Season 1, Episode 5: Taking Care of Business

Devon tries to get a job at a car wash on his father’s instructions. Meanwhile, Nate asks the Rangers to collect Gigadrone debris for study, inspired by Ben and Betty’s latest invention, but Devon is torn between helping his Ranger allies and fulfilling his father’s desires. Elsewhere, Evox’s forces create Slicertron to steal Morph-X from the city’s tower, forcing Ravi and Zoey to head out and drive it off. The two later join Devon, but the robot steals Morph-X from the tower, forcing all three to engage it again. Devon deploys his Zord to engage and incapacitate an arriving Gigadrone while Ravi and Zoey destroy the Robotron. Afterwards, despite being fired from his job, Devon holds out hope that his father will know the truth and be proud of him.

Season 1, Episode 6: Hanger Heist

While Nate hopes to develop new technology from a captured Gigadrone, simulation failures for a new Zord configuration are diagnosed as Devon struggles with fully trusting his team, which Commander Shaw calls him out for. Meanwhile, Evox’s forces initiate their plan to recapture the stolen Gigadrone and create Meltatron to break into Grid Battleforce’s hangar. Responding to the break-in, the Rangers morph to engage the intruders, but Roxy reactivates the Gigadrone and traps Zoey and Ravi in the hangar. While Scrozzle secretly steals Grid Battleforce technology, Devon escapes in his Zord, confronts another arriving Gigadrone, and breaks his comrades out just as they defeat the Robotron. Deploying their own Zords, the three Rangers successfully combine them into the Beast-X Megazord to destroy both giant robots. Afterwards, Devon apologizes to his comrades for not listening to them and resolves to be more open to advice.

Season 1, Episode 7: A Friend Indeed

As the Ranger team have a falling out with their Beast Bots, Evox’s forces target the latter group to steal their memory data to prevent the Rangers from forming their Megazord, with Robotron Railtron stealing all but Jax’s data. Following this setback, Nate determines the villains’ plan and a method to try to fix Cruise and Smash while Zoey falls out with Jax until he reveals he and the other two were intending to hold a party for the Rangers. When Railtron attacks, the Rangers transform to engage the robot, reclaim Cruise and Smash’s memory data, and destroy the foe. Once everyone reconciles with their companion Beast Bots, the team destroys a Gigadrone deployed to attack the city. Afterwards, the Beast Bots hold their promised party to celebrate their companions while Scrozzle reveals his latest invention to the avatars.

Season 1, Episode 8: The Cybergate Opens

Scrozzle builds a cybergate to free Evox from the Cyber Dimension, but requires a robot body to house the virus. Using their templates’ memories, Blaze and Roxy kidnap Nate and force him to help them. However, he secretly subverts the plan using mantis and scarab beetle DNA he recently collected to turn himself into the Gold Ranger and inadvertently turn the robot into the Silver Ranger. With the original three Rangers’ help, Nate and the robot destroy the cybergate and foil Evox’s plans. Following the battle, the Rangers name the robot Steel and discover he is half-human as Nate’s DNA was incorporated into him when he became a Ranger.

Season 1, Episode 9: Silver Sacrifice

While rebuilding the cybergate, Evox tasks his minions with kidnapping Steel and resuming their previous plan. Meanwhile, Grid Battleforce learns of Evox’s plan, but their ally, General Burke, refuses to accept Steel as a Ranger and orders him to be deactivated to stop Evox. After his children, Ben and Betty get captured however, Steel willingly sacrifices himself, changing Burke’s mind. As the Rangers fight to save their friend, Evox attempts to take control of Steel, only to learn he is incompatible with the latter’s human DNA. After Steel destroys the cybergate once more, Scrozzle sends a Gigadrone to destroy the Rangers in retaliation, and Commander Shaw deploys the newly built Wrecker and Jet Zords to defeat it. Afterwards, Grid Battleforce collects the cybergate’s remains to prevent Evox’s forces from using them again.

Season 1, Episode 10: Thrills and Drills

As Evox’s forces plan to steal data from the Rangers, Ravi suffers from a toothache, but is unwilling to head to the dentist due to his fear of drills. This fear incapacitates the Blue Ranger when Avatar Roxy and Drilltron attack. The Rangers then search for the enemy, with Ravi, Nate and Steel finding them underground under a Morph-X tower. As the three engage Drilltron and Roxy, Devon is deployed in his Zord to engage an arriving Gigadrone which overwhelms him. Ravi destroys the Robotron, but Roxy secretly makes off with his Ranger data as the Ranger team forms the Beast-X Megazord to destroy the Gigadrone. Afterwards, inspired by Nate overcoming his fear of spiders during their mission, Ravi finishes his dental appointment while Evox’s forces continue their current plan.

Season 1, Episode 11: Tools of the Betrayed

The Rangers engage Evox’s forces, with Devon destroying Blaze’s Robotron maker and forcing the enemy to retreat. As Nate develops an early warning system, Ben and Betty accidentally break Devon’s newly delivered VR set and Zoey lies to him to cover the siblings, leading to a break in trust between the two Rangers once the truth is revealed. Meanwhile, Roxy summons Tooltron, intending to collect the Rangers’ data and incapacitates Zoey’s equipment. The remaining Rangers engage the foe and destroy the Robotron, but Roxy and Scrozzle secretly leave with the data on the Rangers’ weapons in hand as the team confronts a Gigadrone that deploys another giant robot. In response, Nate and Steel combine the Wrecker and Jet Zords to form the Striker Megazord and destroy both robots. Afterwards, Devon and Zoey reconcile and he receives a fixed VR set.

Season 1, Episode 12: Reel Steel

As Nate and Steel unexpectedly clash over basketball, Blaze sends a Robotron called Clonetron capable of becoming anyone to infiltrate Grid Battleforce and cripple the Rangers’ systems, with the robot disguising itself as Nate. After a lecture from Commander Shaw, the imposter Nate connects with Steel. Steel later discovers the Robotron’s plot and Nate’s inability to learn basketball and reconciles with the real Nate, but Clonetron destroys Grid Battleforce’s computers, forcing the brothers to stay behind to fix it. The remaining Rangers transform to engage the Robotron, but are unable to fight an arriving Gigadrone until Nate restores the Zord deployment system, allowing Devon to destroy the giant robot while Ravi and Zoey destroy Clonetron. Afterwards, Nate and Steel reconcile and win a new basketball game.

Season 1, Episode 13: Tuba Triumph

After witnessing a boy named Joey being bullied for playing a tuba and throw it away, Ravi accompanies him while reflecting on the fact his mother refuses to allow him any hobbies. Meanwhile, Roxy uses the tuba to creates Tubatron, who can produce deafening sound blasts, intending to get data on Devon’s cheetah speed before she and the robot engage the Rangers and escape. Ravi teaches Joey some karate moves and presents a new tuba to him, advising the lad to stand up for himself. The Rangers are later deployed when the boy plays his tuba, and run into an upgraded Tubatron. The robot overpowers the team until Joey counterattacks with his new tuba, allowing the Rangers to destroy the foe while Devon unwittingly foils Roxy’s plan when he unknowingly blasts the enemy’s data chip. The Rangers then engage an arriving Gigadrone, countering it with the boy’s tuba sounds before destroying it. Afterwards, Joey stands up to his bullies and bonds with Ravi.

Season 1, Episode 14: Sound and Fury

Scrozzle relates his history to Evox’s forces along with his Fury Cells, prompting Blaze to use one to greatly enhance his new Robotron, Tubatron 2.0’s, destructive power to destroy the Rangers. Meanwhile, Megan, a technician at Grid Battleforce, covets Nate’s position and attempts to blackmail him and Zoey by sabotaging their new weapon. The Rangers are deployed to fight Tubatron 2.0, but are overpowered by the robot’s enhanced powers. They manage to capture a Fury Cell and incorporate it into a new form for Devon so he can defeat the Robotron. Back at Grid Battleforce, Megan’s actions are discovered by Commander Shaw, who fires her while Nate develops a Red Fury Mode for Devon using a Fury Cell he stole from Blaze. Using his new powers, Devon destroys the Robotron along with an arriving Gigadrone. Afterwards, the team struggles to determine if Nate and Zoey are dating.

Season 1, Episode 15: Seeing Red

Devon becomes hooked on his new Red Fury Mode powers, even using them to stop a bank robber. However, he keeps burning through them, forcing him to steal the remaining ones from Blaze and Roxy. Unbeknownst to him, the Cells have unexpected side effects as the technology slowly turns him evil. Meanwhile, Evox’s forces plan to make Devon permanently evil by taking advantage of his addiction. The Rangers head off to engage Roxy and her Robotron, Burnertron, while trying to reason with Devon. Realizing his errant ways, Devon powers down, destroys the last Fury Cell, and leads his team in destroying the Robotron and a Gigadrone attacking the city. Unbeknownst to them, Roxy leaves with data on the Rangers, only to clash with her allies. Later that day, Devon apologizes to his team and everyone celebrates General Burke’s birthday.

Season 1, Episode 16: Gorilla Art

Smash discovers Ravi’s secret painting hobby, causing Ravi to hastily delete part of Smash’s memory. Meanwhile, Scrozzle’s early creation, Vargoyle, who was corrupted by Fury Cells and left his master, finds Scrozzle and becomes part of Evox’s army, with Evox offering to reward him after he fights the Ranger team. Back at Grid Battleforce, the Rangers discover Ravi’s painting hobby and Smash with an itch to paint. Ravi admits to his actions and how his mother disallows him to paint, believing it to be a distraction from his Ranger duties. As Vargoyle and a Gigadrone attack the city, Nate remains behind to fix Smash while the Rangers destroy the Gigadrone. However, Steel struggles against Vargoyle, forcing Nate to bail him out. Afterwards, Ravi and Smash reconcile, with Smash revealing he did not tell Commander Shaw while Vargoyle is rewarded with data on the Rangers as Blaze and Roxy angrily conspire to eliminate him.

Season 1, Episode 17: Ranger Reveal

Movie star Nikki Rev comes to town while Vargoyle attacks the city. The Rangers are deployed to engage the foe, but Vargoyle overpowers them and they discover a camera had captured their fight and reversion, which Zoey’s mother, Muriel Reeves, finds and intends to reveal on national TV. Zoey attempts to plead with Muriel not to, but the latter is adamant. As the Rangers go on guard duty to protect Nikki, Robotron Shockatron and a Gigadrone attack the city, forcing the Rangers to engage and defeat the enemies. Afterwards, Nikki explains her situation and Zoey’s mother announces she will not reveal the footage of the Rangers. However, unbeknownst to the Rangers, the earlier battle allowed Vargoyle to plant Scrozzle’s Memory Pulsator on the news tower unhindered.

Season 1, Episode 18: Rewriting History

As the Rangers relax, Evox’s forces mobilize to activate the Memory Pulsator, which erases everyone’s memories of Evox’s attacks. Steel, the only one unaffected by the Pulsator, tries to help his comrades regain their memories, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Blaze and Roxy take advantage of the Pulsator’s effects to infiltrate Grid Battleforce as their templates, steal teleportion devices, and infect the real Roxy’s stasis pod. When Vargoyle attacks, Steel convinces Devon to help him engage the enemy. During the fight, Vargoyle reveals the Pulsator’s location. When the duo reach the news tower where the Pulsator is fixed, Devon engages Vargoyle in a duel and destroys him after Blaze and Roxy convince Scrozzle not to help Vargoyle while Steel climbs the tower and destroys the Pulsator, restoring everyone’s memories despite being critically damaged and shutting down. The Rangers assemble to destroy an invading Gigadrone before Nate fixes and reboots Steel, who is congratulated for his valor.

Season 1, Episode 19: Target: Tower

Evox and his minions begin to execute their final plan of stealing an entire Morph-X tower. In response, the Rangers are called in to protect a series of teleporters from Evox’s minions. During the mission, Ravi defies his mother’s orders in a desperate bid to save the real Roxy by destroying her avatar once and for all, but inadvertently allows Blaze to claim the stolen teleporters and activate them, resulting in both the Morph-X tower and Devon being transported to the Cyber Dimension. Meanwhile, Mayor Daniels witnesses the catastrophe, discovering his son’s secret in the process. Back at Grid Battleforce, the remaining Rangers discuss the situation when the real Roxy awakens and reveals Evox’s plan.

Season 1, Episode 20: Evox: Upgraded

Confronting the Commander about his recent discovery, Mayor Daniels is told the truth about the Rangers’ true identities and joins them in their mission to travel into the Cyber Dimension to save Devon and defeat Evox. As Evox assumes a physical form and prepares to return to Earth, Zoey decides that they need a new Megazord combination for the situation, so Nate and Steel reveal their secret configuration: the Beast-X Ultrazord. The Rangers and Mayor Daniels venture into the Cyber Dimension, during which the mayor reunites with his son. However, everyone struggles against Evox, who destroys the Ultrazord. While Nate thwarts Evox’s plan, Devon confronts Blaze and destroys the avatar before doing the same with the Morph-X tower. Everyone escapes the Cyber Dimension, but as Grid Battleforce celebrates their victory, Mayor Daniels notices a purple glow on his body.

Season 1, Halloween Special: Hypnotic Halloween

Ravi, Steel, Nate and Zoey intend to celebrate Halloween by watching horror movies. However, the four are hypnotized by Nate’s chosen movie, causing them to act like the costumes they wearing. Devon, arriving at the scene, discovers the fiasco and tries to snap them out of their hypnosis by dressing up and acting in a related costume. Afterwards, the Rangers are alerted of a Robotron breaking into a Morph-X tower. The team transforms to engage the foe, during which Scrozzle deploys a Gigadrone. Devon, Zoey and Ravi fight it in their Zords, but are overpowered by the giant robot and its accompanying Delta Model robot until Steel and Nate destroy the Robotron and join them in defeating the two giant enemies. Afterwards, Devon joins his friends as they all resume their horror movie party.

Season 1, Christmas Special: Scrozzle’s Revenge

As the Rangers and their Beast Bots prepare to celebrate Christmas, they are suddenly alerted of a Robotron attacking the city. Arriving at the scene, the Rangers transform to engage the foe, only for Scrozzle to trap Nate, Zoey and Devon in Christmas ornaments. Steel takes Scrozzle’s Christmas tree and volunteers to free the humans from their imprisonment. However, Scrozzle attacks Coral Harbor with a piloted Gigadrone. The Beast Bots respond by piloting the Zords themselves to confront Scrozzle and evacuate the city’s populace while Cruise defeats the Robotron. Afterwards, Steel frees his fellow Rangers and everyone is visited by Santa Claus.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 1

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Another spin off not worth watching

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