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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Summary

Season 2, Episode 1: Believe It or Not

Mayor Daniels has been leading a global campaign to introduce Morph-X as a new fuel for the planet and everything has been quiet. However, Steel finds evidence that proves Evox may have returned, but the Rangers struggle to believe whether he has created a conspiracy or not and brush him off. A trip to the woods eventually proves Steel right, as the Rangers discover Scrozzle and a new Drilltron stealing Morph-X from underground. The Rangers engage the enemy, during which they learn that Scrozzle was siphoning Morph-X from a leak. A Gigadrone, accompanied by Gigatronics, are sent to finish the job, but the Rangers call in their Zords to defeat them. Afterwards, Devon and his allies apologize to Steel for not believing him.

Season 2, Episode 2: Save Our Shores

A shipping accident creates an environmental hazard when trash washes into a coral reef, posing a serious threat to all the marine wildlife there. Roxy asks her aunt, the head of the shipping company responsible, to help by providing funds to a rescue center. Along the way, she and Blaze get trapped by Scrozzle, who takes a sample of their DNA. Scrozzle returns to Evox and brings back the evil Blaze and Roxy Avatars as robots. The Rangers are deployed to engage the two robot generals and their forces, resulting in a grueling battle which ends with the Rangers destroying the robots before destroying a Gigadrone sent after a Morph-X tower. Afterwards, they join Blaze and Roxy to see a recovering turtle off, during which they reveal to the pair the existence of their robotic counterparts. Meanwhile, Scrozzle rebuilds the two robots from fresh templates.

Season 2, Episode 3: Game On

Devon makes it to the finals of a new video game championship, but is baffled when his controller mysteriously malfunctions and his opponent Kerry nearly wins. Suddenly, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy appear and steal Kerry’s controller to create a new Robotron capable of creating evil clones of the Rangers. Devon becomes even more conflicted when Kerry approaches the Rangers and reveals the controller has a bug that carried over to the Robotron; a bug she used to cheat. When Devon and his team are deployed to confront the Robotron again, they use the bug to incapacitate their clones before defeating them and the Robotron. Returning to the championship, Devon emerges the victor in the finals, but gives his prize to Kerry for playing fair. Meanwhile, Evox is revealed to have secretly taken over Mayor Daniels.

Season 2, Episode 4: Artist Anonymous

The entire city is enraptured by a stunning mural painted by a mystery artist, who the other Rangers realize is Ravi. However, he refuses to reveal himself as he is still hiding his passion from his mother, Commander Shaw. Nate insists that Ravi should tell the truth and get it over with, but before he can, someone else takes credit for it and the next mural they paint will be on the walls of Grid Battleforce. They eventually discover the painter is a disguised Robotron and, with Commander Shaw’s help, destroy it before it can infiltrate Grid Battleforce. Following the battle, Ravi reveals his secret to her. While she is disappointed by his dishonesty, she is ultimately happy with her son.

Season 2, Episode 5: Cruisin’ for a Bruisin

Amidst target practice, Cruise outperforms the Rangers, inspiring Devon to have him help in battle, much to Nate and the others’ concerns. When the Rangers are deployed to engage another Robotron, Digitron, Cruise ends up being absorbed by the robot. Wanting to save his friend, Devon gets the idea to have the Rangers combine with their Beast Bots to create a new, upgraded form, but he needs to rescue his friend first. Nate prepares equipment following Devon’s idea when Digitron returns. The Rangers are sent out to confront it, and transform into their new Beast-X modes to engage the foe, with Devon rescuing Cruise and defeating the Robotron. Afterwards, Devon and Cruise reconcile and everyone celebrates their latest victory.

Season 2, Episode 6: The Blame Game

Steel learns the concept of discipline from the Rangers and decides to practice it around the city. However, his reprimands begin to grow out of hand. Meanwhile, Scrozzle deploys Controlatron to capture Nate, with the robot controlling a Grid Battleforce employee in the process. The Rangers transform to engage the enemy, but are overpowered by a hypnotized Nate before Controlatron brings Nate back to program Malware for Evox. Back at Grid Battleforce, the employee is fired following Steel’s accusations when two Gigadrones attack the city. Returning to battle, Devon frees Nate from Controlatron, destroys the robot, and defeats both Gigadrones. Afterwards, Steel apologizes to everyone and the employee is hired back into the organization.

Season 2, Episode 7: Beast King Rampage

General Burke reveals the new Beast-X King Zord to the Rangers along with former Grid Battleforce employee Megan’s involvement in it, much to everyone’s disgust. During a test-run however, Evox’s forces use the malware to infect the Zord with a virus, forcing the Rangers to scramble to regain control of it. In the midst of this, Megan attempts to atone for trying to steal Nate’s job, but the Rangers brush her off until they realize they need her technical expertise. Following her advice, Nate develops a new prototype weapon and uses it to subdue the King Zord, allowing Devon to pilot it and defeat Robo-Blaze’s Megazord while the other Rangers overpower Robo-Roxy. Afterwards, Burke apologizes to everyone and Commander Shaw rehires Megan.

Season 2, Episode 8: Secret Struggle

Steel learns that Nate and Zoey have feelings for each other and tries to bring them together despite Grid Battleforce prohibiting relationships between Rangers. Meanwhile, the Rangers stop Robo-Roxy from apparently kidnapping Mayor Daniels and give him a 24/7 protection detail, with Steel nominating Zoey and Nate for the task. Amidst their duties, Steel unsuccessfully attempts to get Nate and Zoey closer and incurs Commander Shaw’s ire. Ravi and Zoey are sent to monitor Mayor Daniels, but are overpowered by Robo-Roxy and Tiaratron until Nate and Steel arrive to help them defeat the robots while Devon destroys a Gigadrone sent to attack the city. Afterwards, Nate and Zoey assert their relationship and Commander Shaw rescinds the no-dating rule. However, everyone discovers that Evox has infected and possessed the mayor.

Season 2, Episode 9: The Evox Snare

Following the revelation that Evox has possessed Mayor Daniels, Grid Battleforce shuts down the Morph-X Towers in order to lure Evox into a trap. Meanwhile, Nate finds a way to imprison Evox/Mayor Daniels until they are able to find a safe way to separate them. However, Devon does not agree with this idea and attempts to find a better way to accomplish the task by searching through Ranger history. He makes contact with Doctor K, who makes mention of the Dino Charge Rangers’ Split Emitters. Meanwhile, the remaining Rangers confront Scrozzle, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy, and their forces as part of their plan to lure Evox. They later confront Evox when he arrives at a Morph-X tower before using their own Split Emitters to separate him from Mayor Daniels. Following their victory, Grid Battleforce reactivates the Morph-X towers and Devon reunites with his father.

Season 2, Episode 10: Intruder Alert

As the Rangers receive a strange message from outer space warning of an impending threat, an alien criminal named Ryjack allies with Evox to steal gear from Grid Battleforce’s Ranger Vault. Meanwhile, the Rangers struggle against Ryjack with a revived Vargoyle and another alien trespassing into Grid Battleforce’s facilities. After Ravi and Zoey get injured by Ryjack, Devon and Steel rejuvenate the exhausted alien, Captain Chaku, who explains his mission to them and treats the wounded. Later, he and Devon confront and destroy Vargoyle while Nate and Steel destroy a Gigadrone attempting to steal Morph-X. Afterwards, Ravi and Zoey show signs of recovery and everyone socializes with Chaku.

Season 2, Episode 11: The Greater Good

The Rangers learn more about Chaku while Ryjack initiates his plan to tunnel his way into the Ranger Vault and steal its contents. Nate overhears a call from the captain’s daughter, when Ryjack attacks Grid Battleforce, only to be driven out by Chaku and the Rangers. Taking Chaku aside, he learns that the alien was made into a cyborg as part of his job. The Rangers and Chaku are deployed when Ryjack is spotted again, with Chaku depriving him of his main weapon, the Reanimizer. In response, Ryjack enlarges, forcing the Rangers and Chaku to summon their mechs to destroy him while Scrozzle steals the discarded Reanimizer. Afterwards, the Rangers use Morph-X to turn Chaku back into a human and send him off back to his daughter.

Season 2, Episode 12: Finders Keepers

As the Rangers search Ryjack’s ship, Zoey accidentally captures Keeper after mistaking him for a foe, before Snide and Evox’s forces kidnaps Keeper. The Beast Morpher Rangers, along with the Dino Charge Rangers, discuss the situation when Evox sends a message to them demanding a ransom for Keeper. When the enemy refuses to return Keeper, the Dino Charge Rangers engage Snide while the Beast Morpher Rangers engage and destroy a Gigadrone. Meanwhile, Scrozzle uses the Reanimizer to revive Sledge and his crew to fight the Dino Charge team, but the Grid Battleforce Rangers rescue Keeper. Afterwards, Zoey apologizes to Keeper and Commander Shaw debriefs the Rangers on the situation.

Season 2, Episode 13: Grid Connection

Devon becomes dismissive when Keeper reveals a vision concerning the Rangers while Evox’s forces strike. In response to Tyler’s call for help, the remaining Beast Morpher Rangers head out to engage the foe, only for the enemy army to overpower them. Devon returns to be briefed on the others’ situation and apologize to Keeper for his skepticism. Deciding to save his friends, Devon uses a Morph-X tower and a fragment from a meteorite he encountered earlier to call for help, with Jason Lee Scott arriving shortly after. Jason and Devon arrive to assist their comrades with Jason summoning his team and more Rangers to defeat their foes. When Evox confronts them in a Zord he built, the Rangers summon their Zords to engage and defeat him. Afterwards, everyone returns to their home dimensions and Devon thanks Keeper for his wisdom.

Season 2, Episode 14: Golden Opportunity

Nate is reunited with his parents after a long time, but is torn between fulfilling his duties as a Grid Battleforce member and leaving with his parents when he discovers they are heading off again. When Nate’s friends reassure him and offer to handle his duties while he is gone, Robo-Roxy attacks them all and steals Nate’s DNA scanner. Using the scanner’s collected DNA of a beetle and a flower, Robo-Roxy upgrades herself to remain useful to Evox and launches an assault on the city accompanied by Robotron Clawtron. The remaining Rangers attempt to engage the robots but are overpowered until Nate arrives to assist them in destroying Clawtron and an arriving Gigadrone attacking the city, and driving Robo-Roxy away. Afterwards, everyone sees Nate’s worth in protecting Coral Harbor and Nate himself asserts to his parents his decision to stay with his Ranger comrades as he bids them farewell.

Season 2, Episode 15: Going Ape

Ravi and Roxy’s anniversary goes sideways when he forgets to bring his gift to her. When Smash tries to calm Ravi down, Robo-Roxy attacks them both. The duo engage the enemy, but are overpowered until their comrades arrive to cool Ravi down and drive Robo-Roxy away. While the others try to figure out the misunderstanding between Roxy and Ravi, Ben and Betty bring in an old lady who reveals she was arranging a meet-up with Ravi to return his forgotten anniversary gift. Meanwhile, Robo-Roxy and Robo-Blaze attack Ravi, who is overpowered and overheating until the other Rangers arrive to take on the robots and their forces, with Ravi defeating Robo-Roxy before the others take him away to cool him down. Afterwards, Roxy and Ravi reconcile and Ravi presents his gift to her.

Season 2, Episode 16: The Silva Switch

When Nate tries to make Steel a human, both brothers accidentally swap bodies due to an accident. When the Rangers are deployed to fight Robo-Blaze and an accompanying Antennatron 2.0, Nate struggles with his new body while Steel revels in being a human amidst warnings of molecular decay from remaining in another body for too long. Meanwhile, Evox’s forces scuffle with one another to gain Evox’s favor, with Robo-Blaze siphoning Morph-X from Evox’s stash to enhance himself. Despite the Rangers’ interference and efforts, he manages to steal more Morph-X from Grid Battleforce after destroying his accomplice, leaving the Rangers to destroy an arriving Gigadrone. Afterwards, the Rangers swap Nate and Steel back to their respective bodies while Evox congratulates Robo-Blaze for his achievements, much to Robo-Roxy’s anger.

Season 2, Episode 17: Fossil Frenzy

Zoey’s older brother Mike visits her, announcing that he found a fossilized claw to help in his scholarship interview, only for Zoey to unintentionally destroy it in a lab accident. Eager to make up for the mistake, she ventures out solo to find the fossil’s location, where she runs into Robo-Roxy. Concerned for her safety, the other Rangers hurry to Zoey’s aid and drive Robo-Roxy off. Using the fossil’s DNA, Robo-Roxy enhances herself again to maintain her usefulness to Evox, overloading and destroying their Robo-Maker in the process. When Robo-Roxy attacks the city, the Rangers are deployed to engage her, only to struggle against her new form. The robotic general enlarges herself, forcing the team to deploy their Zords to engage and destroy her permanently. Later that day, Devon reveals what he learned from Scrozzle’s lecture to Robo-Blaze after the battle and Mike gains his scholarship.

Season 2, Episode 18: Crunch Time

The Rangers receive a memory drive from Blaze and learn of Evox’s new scheme just as a Robotron is spotted. The team is deployed to defeat Railtron 2.0 with Blaze’s help, but Devon arrives late and grows stricter with his team. Blaze continues to give Devon bad advice while Evox deploys in a Gigadrone to fight the Rangers. Deploying in their Zords, the team engages Evox, who self-destructs his robot, damaging Cruise in the process. Horrified by Cruise’s injuries, Devon leads his team in subduing and capturing Evox. Afterwards, Devon apologizes to everyone, though Blaze takes credit for the plan. The team drives “Blaze” out upon learning the truth from his real counterpart and struggle to determine Evox’s true plan.

Season 2, Episode 19: Source Code

Evox breaks out of his prison and works his way through Grid Battleforce’s computers to access the Ranger Vault, where he takes a Cell Shift morpher to download his original codes. When the Rangers confront him, he reveals that Nate once experimented with Morph-X and snake DNA on the morpher that he was hiding in, which released him into the organization’s systems. Evox also reveals he is the reincarnation of Venjix before overpowering the Rangers and escaping. Shocked by the revelation, a guilt-ridden Nate struggles to form a plan against the virus. However, his comrades call in Doctor K, Venjix’s creator, to assist Nate while they are deployed to fight Robo-Blaze. Nate and Doctor K work on an antivirus arrow, with the former joining the battle to experiment it on Robo-Blaze, destroying him permanently. However, Scrozzle and Evox successfully take over the Morph-X tower system during the battle.

Season 2, Episode 20: Evox Unleashed

As Coral Harbor is evacuated, Zoey, with permission from Commander Shaw, reveals her identity to her mother. The Rangers then confront Evox using weapons from the Ranger Vault. However, he brushes off Nate’s second antivirus arrow and proceeds to a hijacked tower to absorb all the Morph-X therein. Steel tries to stop him, but Evox kills him, forcing his allies to retreat. The remaining Rangers warn Grid Battleforce’s staff of the danger, but they all choose to stay and help them, restoring their morale. The four Rangers are deployed to confront the now-gigantic Evox in the Beast-X King Ultrazord, only for their foe to overpower them. Realizing that Evox is vulnerable to human DNA, the Rangers induce large amounts of their own DNA into Evox’s base code, corrupting it and destroying Evox/Venjix once and for all. Following this victory, the Morphin’ Grid revives Steel as a human. One year later, Coral Harbor has turned to solar and wind energy for power. Ben and Betty, with assistance from Colonel Mason Truman, capture Scrozzle. The Rangers, the remaining Beast Bots, and Ben and Betty later celebrate Steel’s first birthday.

Season 2, Special: Boxed In

The Pan Global Games have arrived in Coral Harbor, but their duties prevent the Rangers from attending any of the events. When Devon, Zoey, and Nate are selected to carry out some observations, they encounter Dumbbelltron and engage it, but are beaten back until Steel and Ravi assist them in defeating the Robotron. Scrozzle then deploys a Gigadrone to attack Coral Harbor, so Devon engages it in the Racer Zord. When Devon gets captured, he is forced to fight four Gigadrones while his comrades struggle to free him. Nate works on a new Megazord program, allowing the remaining Rangers to rescue Devon and defeat the Gigadrones. Afterwards, the Rangers decide carry out their routine check together before heading off to see the Karate finals.

Season 2, Special: Making Bad

When Scrozzle reveals Ryjack’s Reanimizer can revive enemies of the past Power Rangers, Evox tasks his minions and Sledge’s crew to decide which villain to resurrect while Scrozzle sends Thieftron to steal diamonds to fuel the Reanimizer. Meanwhile, the Rangers learn of Thieftron’s crime spree and head out to engage and defeat the Robotron. In response, Sledge’s crew is sent to steal diamonds instead, only to be killed by the Rangers. Evox nominates Goldar to be revived. As such, Goldar is resurrected and kills Sledge on Evox’s orders after Sledge insults him. Back at Grid Battleforce, the Rangers struggle to determine why Evox’s forces needed diamonds.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Honestly this season and group was not memorable and its the same story line. They gave overdone the franchise.

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