T.V. Series Review: Power Rangers Hyperforce

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Power Rangers Hyperforce Summary

Season 1, Episode 1: Welcome to Time Force Academy

During a lecture from Professor Jen Scotts, the Time Force Academy is suddenly attacked by numerous Time Force officers who have seemingly betrayed the Time Force. Jen Scotts works to distract the attackers from her students while the students – Marv, Vesper, Chloe, Eddie, along with Time Force officer Jack – struggle between keeping themselves safe and trying to track down Professor Scotts to assist her against the attackers.

They discover that the Time Force officers who have betrayed Time Force are part of “The Alliance”, who state that their numbers are infinite and evil is their goal. A large, mysterious shadowed figure appears to be the leader of The Alliance and battles against the Pink Time Force Ranger. The cadets attempt to save Professor Scotts but are unable to stop the shadowed figure from getting in a time ship and traveling through time.

Professor Scotts indicates that she can’t get a hold of the rest of her team and that the cadets, along with Jack, need to follow the shadowed figure while she stays in the present to try and figure out what happened. As the cadets reluctantly leave the Pink Time Force Ranger behind, they activate a robotic assistant – Alpha 55 – who informs them that the shadowed figure went in to the year 1994 to a city called Angel Grove. Alpha 55 assists the cadets in opening a case that Professor Scotts gave them and inside are new, prototype morphers

Season 1, Episode 2: It’s Morphin Time

The cadets examine their ship and discover the HyperForce Blade Blasters after finding the engine room and the living quarters. They then head to Angel Grove on October 31st in the year 1994. Alpha 55 prepares the team by giving them period accurate clothing and they discuss a strange ancient holiday called Haloween which takes place on this day and its odd customs, make comments on the bizarre fashion of the period as well as examine Pogs with the lingo of the time period engraved on them.

After landing, the five become curious and try to engage in some trick or treating and get costumes at a pop-up Halloween store to blend in, which doesn’t go well as they don’t have the money for them and confuse Pogs as currency. After some negotiating, the cashier lets them have the costumes for $12, which Marvin finds in one of the pockets of his costume, in exchange for doing some work. They have to clean up the store and fold the costumes back onto the racks, which results in Marvin finding a twenty dollar bill in another pocket as the shoppers try on and discard their clothes and costumes. The five then buy their costumes and leave the store.

Alpha 55 tells the Rangers that the enemy time ship is cloaked and thus cannot be detected. As they search for the ship, they head to Angel Grove Youth Center, Vesper takes advantage of its facilities to test her enhanced agility. This draws unwanted attention to the group while Eddie gets some smoothies from the juice bar and meets Ernie, with the Rangers talking with him until Vesper bluntly reveals they are from the year 3016, forcing the group to leave. When the head back to the park to where their ship is cloaked, the team encounters some Putties and after a long fight, morph into Power Rangers and fight them and the monster Candius Cornius. Eddie heads back to the Youth Center as the Blue Ranger to get smoothies, as their citric acid would melt Candius. Eddie is recognized by Ernie as a Ranger, though it is unknown how he figured it out, and helps him by giving Eddie a barrel full of smoothie mixture which he then dumps on the monster, then the team finishes him with the Hyper Force Blade Blasters.

The team’s victory is short lived, as the Leader of the Alliance appears from his ship and decimates them with his immense power. Jack tries to fight back, but takes heavy damage. Alpha 55 detects another powerful being on the ship with the Hyper Force ship’s sensors. The Rangers continue to try to engage the Leader, but are teleported out by Alpha after being overpowered. They demand to know why they were withdrawn from battle, only to see Jack collapse from his severe injuries and a hit he took while teleporting out, leaving him in critical condition. The other rangers rush Jack to the ship’s medical bay. Their ship is under attack and suddenly loses all power after a direct hit. In the chaos of the attack, the medical equipment goes offline and Jack’s heart flatlines!

To be continued…

Season 1, Episode 3: What Ever Happened to Scorpina?

The HyperForce timeship is continuing to be battered by the forces of the Alliance with its shields at 55% and dropping and its main power suddenly going offline. The backup battery reserves kick in to give the medical bay minimal power while Marvin is trying to give Jack CPR chest compressions to restart his heart. Chloe, in a moment of emotionally freaking out, slaps Jack to try to revive him. Jack hears Chloe’s voice in his weakening conscious state while Vesper frantically searches for a defibrillator. Marvin starts to get emotional as he thinks he is losing the closest thing he has to a friend and starts pounding harder on Jack’s chest. Vesper finds the defibrillator and rushes over to shock Jack’s heart while Marvin continues CPR. Jack begins to regain consciousness and Alpha 55 says he has stabilized. With Jack in no more immediate danger, the other Rangers must try to reconnect power to the ship and try to defend themselves against the ongoing attack.

Eddie remembers from his history lessons that older Time Force ships had battle command stations, which he, Chloe and Vesper go to while Marvin stays behind to watch over Jack. Marvin blames himself at first for what happened, but Alpha 55 reassures Marvin she can take care of Jack while Marvin takes charge of the situation by going to his battle station. The team is surprised to find out the assault is not from the Alliance ship, but from the ground as black bolts of energy constantly hit them. Alpha relocated the ship a little to the mountains of Angel Grove to keep any civilian casualties from happening. The Leader pursues them and continues his attack, with the Rangers finding out there are no weapons onboard that can be used on a small target as the HyperForce timeship was designed to destroy other time ships and large targets, thus using the cannons could risk hitting Angel Grove. Vesper goes for a more direct method and pilots the ship to ram right into The Leader, but Marvin wants to get out of range of the Leader’s attacks. The Leader goes under the ship and critically damages the thrusters and energy core relays to prevent them from taking off, leaving shields at 20%. Chloe suggests they use remaining power to perform a large scale teleportation to move the ship and the outside forces away from the city, but the time and engine controls get shorted out by the damage. Jack recovers and gets up, overhearing the chaos and morphs, going to find a weapon to help out despite Alpha 55’s protests. As Jack goes to the storage locker, Chloe suggests they summon Zords as they have no other options and Power Rangers throughout history usually have them. Marvin is unsure they even have Zords and goes with Vesper’s original plan to cut the power to minimum and drop the ship on The Leader. Jack adds the idea of using the Vortex Blaster to deal with the Leader by standing on top of the ship’s hatch as the regular ship weapons have no effect when they do try to use them.

The team opens the hatch and assembles the Vortex Blaster to fire on the Leader when he is about to blast the main engine apart, which he successfully does anyway after hurling a large burst of power at it. The Leader takes the full force of the attack, then despite his injuries and signs of coughing up blood, recovers. The team uses the Vortex Blaster again but it has no effect as the Leader dodges it. The Leader retreats due to his injuries, warning the Rangers he will definitely kill them next time if they interfere again. The Rangers revel briefly in their victory, but the ship is badly damaged as the time circuits are blown and engine is dead. Vesper tires to get to work fixing the ship using a tool kit, but worries they are going to be trapped in 1994 forever. While Jack and Marvin talk, Chloe activates the cloaking device to keep the ship hidden. What is even more worrisome to the team is there are no other energy signatures to the Morphin Grid anywhere on Earth, meaning the Mighty Morphin team possibly isn’t on Earth at the moment or possibly worse, the Alliance has done something to them. The Rangers assess the damage to the ship, wondering if it has any automated repair functions or if Alpha’s programming contains any data on the ship. Vesper horrifically even considers cannibalizing Alpha’s parts to repair the ship, which her teammates object to. Jack comes up with a better idea to move the ship to Angel Grove Park and submerge it in the lake to hide it. Given that The Leader can sense Ranger energy to find them, Marvin suggests they only morph when absolutely necessary and never stay morphed when heading back to the ship so the Leader can’t find them.

November 1994

It is now 3AM in the morning in Angel Grove, but the ship’s extensive damage is so severe that it cannot move at all. Jack is feeling better and able to move about more, with Chloe offering him a burrito. Marvin is berating himself for his reckless actions that got Jack hurt and feels that the team needs to train to hone their Ranger powers to be better prepared for an attack by the Alliance. He also adds that he hates the sense of helplessness he felt when things got bad, thus he wants to improve himself. Alpha 55 examines the injuries of the Rangers, as they are giving off a strange energy signature in addition to the electrical burns, which she implies may be mystical in property as no known science can explain it. Marvin remembers from history class that there were Power Rangers who possessed magic based abilities or were powered by mystical energies. Alpha 55 confirms this and notes that the Mighty Morphin team signatures have been located, they are currently off planet somewhere. Marvin wonders if the magic residue can be removed, only for it to vanish. Eddie theorizes that the energy is why some members of their school were acting strange, it is an energy that induces some kind of mind control which allows the Alliance to gain more members. If a specific amount of it is inserted into a person, they would become evil and join the Alliance. Jack and Marvin did not receive a strong enough dose to be affected, with Marvin thinking their morphers and Ranger powers filtered out the dark energy to keep them safe.

Alpha 55 then reminds the team about the responsibilities of being a Ranger, never using power for personal gain, use teamwork and to follow instructions when given. Each member of the team goes to do a task, Vesper works on the Hyperdrive engines, Eddie and Marvin go to look for a place to train, Chloe looks for less ridiculous period clothing she brought on the ship for them to wear (which she seems to imply she stole from a store given her shifty eyes) and Jack tries on a few outfits.

After a few days, the team has started bonding and are working together to solve problems. Vesper gives Eddie a list of items they can find in 1994 that may help fix the ship, such as automobile engines which they can melt down into parts. In another part of the ship, Alpha 55 mentions to Marvin and Chloe there is a pocket dimension on the ship, where any place a person desires can be created. Marvin wants to use it as a training simulator and raise the damage level so any pain they feel is real. Alpha 55 advises against this, but Chloe makes it slightly better by suggesting the environment be filled with rainbows and marshmallow clouds while they fight. The two train, using teamwork and tactics with their combined powers to take down a monster created by the simulator. Marvin soon discovers his Ranger powers are fire based while Chloe’s are wind based and they combine them to create a fire tornado to envelop the monster and destroy it. The other team members observe this from outside and cheer.

A few more days later, Chloe experiments with the food replicator to create new kinds of burritos, her first recipe being a pancake breakfast burrito. Jack eats it and becomes nostalgic for his grandmother’s cooking as the burrito reminds him of her food. Later in the day, Eddie and Chloe experiment with the food replicator, revealing that it creates healthier versions of food but seems incapable of replicating “bad” foods due to its programming. This bums Chloe out as she has developed a sweet tooth after eating Halloween candy like candy corn for the first time and Marvin has developed a taste for hamburgers. The replicator can only make vegan burgers and adds kale to every burrito and entree. Marvin and Chloe decide to tinker with the replicator to create the foods they actually want to eat while Vesper and Eddie have a private talk in the living quarters. Vesper gives Eddie a gift (a blue wrench) as a thank you for helping and says that she is glad to have a friend, as before she met Eddie she had a hard time interacting with people. The moment is interrupted by Marvin and the others calling for help as the replicator has malfunctioned due to their tampering, spewing rainbow sprinkles everywhere and covering the floor with nacho cheese. Jack comes in with some brooms, but then everybody laughs and has a good time with a food fight while Chloe makes “cheese angels”.

Later on in the day, Eddie and Chloe talk about history and the ramifications of time travel, debating if whether they are doing the right thing. This conversation is interrupted by Marvin yelling for Eddie as the replicator has gone haywire again. Jack makes a diagram, trying to figure out the case of the Leader and the Alliance. He finds that something does not add up: what is the Alliance’s motive to come to this exact point in time? He surmises they were lured into a trap. The ship blares an alarm as a time anomaly has been detected.

Alpha 55 panics as sensors indicate the anomaly is the fact that someone in Angel Grove has vanished from history. The timeship’s computers determine who has vanished and project a holographic image of… Scorpina. Eddie immediately recognizes her as an evil enemy of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Alpha 55 mentions she is one of the powerful servants of Rita Repulsa. This makes Eddie wonder if what the Alliance is after isn’t the Power Rangers, but their enemies from across time. Alpha 55 says that the effects of Scorpina’s removal from history have yet to take hold of the entire time stream, so it is hard to determine what it means for changes to history. Alpha 55 then traces the remaining residual temporal energies where Scorpina may have been before her erasure: Angel Grove Park, the beach or the Angel Grove public library. Jack suggests Vesper use her device to see into the time stream to find her, even though some of the team are skeptical about helping a villain. Vesper has also been working on some new weapons for the team to protect themselves from The Leader if he should appear with Eddie’s help (she also stripped Alpha 55’s ankles a bit for parts). The team stores their new personal weapons in their morphers and teleport for Angel Grove Park to investigate Scorpina’s disappearance.

Alpha 55 warns them that the Mighty Morphin Rangers could be back soon from their off world mission and the Hyper Force should not interfere with them by making themselves known, as this could change history even more. The team wears overalls and backwards hats to blend in better with the time period as they teleport in. They do not find any clues so they head to the library next, which is busy as the kids of Angel Grove High are out of school and studying or reading.

They find a woman reading named Sabrina who resembles Scorpina and try to talk to her, but she is emotionally cold and does not enjoy their attempts at conversing with her, getting more and more agitated. Eddie is under her spell and seems to be infatuated with Sabrina, forgetting his friends and wanting to be with her alone. Jack is reminded of Odysseus from Homer’s Odyssey, who went mad after hearing the call of the Sirens and was tied to the mast of his ship by his crew to prevent him from crashing the ship into the rocks. Jack is suggesting they restrain Eddie, but Chloe has a better idea and asks Vesper to pretend to be the jealous girlfriend and tell Sabrina to leave Eddie alone. This works as it sparks Eddie’s memories of friendship with Vesper and snaps him out of it, though he almost slips up and mentions he and his friends are Rangers to “Sabrina”. Eddie makes things worse by trying to talk to Alpha 55 to scan Sabrina, which makes her even more suspicious of them and starts questioning the group. She suspects that they all share one thing in common, they have both encountered the Leader. Marvin tries to cover up Eddie’s blunders by saying they are park rangers searching for a UFO, but Sabrina does not believe them and says that if they are agents of the Leader, she has already refused his offer. This offer was to join the Leader’s Alliance and destroy the Power Rangers forever, which due to her pride as a warrior, she wants to do herself and never take orders from Rita or Lord Zedd again. (She seem to hint she really hates Zedd and refuses to work for him). Suddenly, a powerful storm emerges outside and Marvin tires to use this as a distraction to get people out of the building so they can talk to “Sabrina” alone. A menacing figure stands outside, waiting on “Sabrina”.

Their attempts to make the people in the Public Library leave cause them to make a scene and Scorpina after talking a bit, is placed under the monster’s control. He orders Scorpina to go to the Moon Palace and steal Finster’s clay, she obeys and teleports to the Moon.

Season 1, Episode 4: Aisha Campbell Returns

Following the attack on the library, the Hyper Force Rangers decide to stay behind and help clean up. They also attempt to calm down a frightened girl named Diana, to the best of their ability. Vesper, who fervently believes that it’s appropriate, to be honest, doesn’t take much comfort in seeing her friends lie to Diana, but she finds an alternative solution to help cheer Diana up in reading her a book entitled Ancient Treaties of Roman History and even offering her a little combat advice.

Jack surmises that the events taking place involving Scorpina and Velcanos directly correlate to their own presence in 1994, that stopping them is something they have to do. Chloe remembers from her history lessons that Rita and, by extension, Finster, typically operate on the Moon. The Rangers return to their time ship to plan their next step. Once there, the group receives a transmission from an interdimensional being named Zordon, a significant figure in Power Rangers history who was active as a mentor in 1994. Despite seeming to know about the Hyper Force Rangers and what their purpose is, he refuses to divulge his reason for knowing. He and the Rangers exchange words, but all are careful of what they utter, for they know that speaking carelessly could result in a monumental change in the timeline. Eddie informs Zordon on the most basic details of their current mission, and Zordon cautiously silences him afterward so he can’t go into too much detail.

Being aware that taking all six of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers out of their regular routines to help the Hyper Force Rangers would be too big of a risk, Zordon instead chooses just one of them to help out. He announces the presence of the Yellow Ranger of this time period, Aisha Campbell, and teleports her to the time ship, startling Marv. Zordon briefs Aisha and warns her of the dangers of knowing too much about the future. Aisha amicably introduces herself to the HyperForce Rangers and expresses awe in knowing that there are Rangers (and burritos) in 3016. The HyperForce Rangers are similarly awestruck since Aisha has gone down in their history books as a legend. To the team’s dismay, Alpha 55 reveals that they cannot teleport to the moon. Aisha thinks that her Zord will provide sufficient transportation.

To narrow down their search radius, Alpha 55 requires a sample of dark energy from a villain. Chloe happens upon the idea that the books in the wrecked library might have traces of evil energy on them, and Vesper accompanies her to the library. When they return, the area is under police quarantine, with the librarians being interviewed. Vesper and Chloe formulate a plan—Chloe will create a diversion to allow Vesper to sneak in and procure a damaged book. As Chloe causes a ruckus, she attracts the attention of a male officer with a southern accent, whom she attempts to charm through conversation. In the meantime, Vesper manages to sneak in and obtain a book with a hole burnt through the center. For sentimental reasons, she also retrieves Ancient Treaties of Roman History. Despite Chloe’s request for a comic book, Vesper isn’t able to obtain one.

Chloe continues to chat with the officer as Vesper sneaks back out, though the former seems to be unable to leave, as the officer has become quite invested in their conversation. Vesper distracts the officer by firing a shot from her blaster into the bushes. Once the officer leaves to investigate, Alpha 55 teleports the girls back to the time ship. The group examines the damaged book, which contains odd symbols. With Aisha’s help deciphering the legible content, the Rangers realize that the book is The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi, which Scorpina was reading earlier. Alpha 55 begins to analyze it, but he needs time before he can finish, so the Hyper Force Rangers use their spare time to introduce Aisha to their combat training room. They use their ship’s technology to simulate a real crisis with civilians involved, recreating Putties and one of Rita Repulsa’s monsters, the Pudgy Pig, from memory. As they develop their teamwork skills, Jack begins to develop a bit of chemistry with Aisha.

The Rangers halt their training simulation to ask Alpha 55 for his results. Alpha explains that he has found readings identical to those from the damaged book in Europe. Since they’re looking for Finster, they believe the best place to look is a city well-known for its history of art. The group considers Paris, but Vesper recalls her book on Rome, bringing that city to mind as well. Alpha confirms that the signal is emanating from Italy, later determining that the source is, in fact, Rome. Aisha morphs and summons her Griffin Thunderzord to provide a means of transport. The Hyper Force team takes a liking to the interior, Vesper and Chloe even taking a moment to analyze and scan it. Much to Jack’s dismay, the Zord’s washroom isn’t very accommodating.

Aisha’s Griffin Thunderzord proves to be quite fast, traversing the land and sea to reach the continent of Africa in a short period of time. While they travel, Aisha shares a bit about herself with the Hyper Force Rangers and the group considers the possibility of creating Zords of their own. The group arrives at the outskirts of Rome and the Hyper Force Rangers take a moment to admire the ancient landmarks. Alpha 55 informs the Rangers that the energy source is near the Coliseum, possibly under it, and detects several additional evil energy readings heading straight toward Rome. The Zord makes its departure as the Rangers enter the city. Marv asks an English tourist named Arlene how to get to the Coliseum, and she directs them to an appropriate tour bus.

The Rangers arrive at the Coliseum and decide that it’s best to keep the civilians occupied to keep them away from any potential danger. Marv pretends to be a Russian Interpol officer as he asks an Italian tour guide named Mossimo for his cooperation. With Jack’s help, Marv manages to convince Mossimo to postpone the tour of the catacombs. Before they enter, Chloe indulges herself in a bit of gelato and shares some with her teammates, even sparing a bit for Mossimo, who hands the Rangers a map before he departs. The Rangers enter the underground passage and see a light source heading further inside. Chloe takes the point and informs her teammates that they’re following a Putty. As they traverse through the catacombs, they begin to hear the familiar sounds of the Putties. They decide to proceed cautiously and refrain from morphing for the time being. Chloe turns a corner and comes across a creature glancing over the walls and muttering disdain toward Lord Zedd, who the Rangers know to be the current villain in charge of operations on the moon. The creature goes on to say that at least he is appreciated in Rome. Chloe informs her team that she’s located, Finster.

Eddie suggests that they try talking to Finster since he’s not a fighter. Just to be safe, Vesper pulls out her Room Scale Hologram Projector and gives it to Eddie, who activates it. The group observes a projection displaying Finster being pampered by his Putties, so they decide it’s safe to proceed. The Rangers enter and confront Finster, much to his surprise. Finster almost notices Aisha, but Jack quickly uses his large build to conceal her behind himself. The Hyper Force Rangers attempt to appeal to Finster by praising his works. Finster seems charmed, but then asks Marv what his greatest fear is, to which Marv replies, “I don’t wanna let people down.” With a sinister smile and the desire to appeal to a live audience, Finster sculpts a large, muscular Putty and brings it to life. It promptly begins to taunt Marv, making faces and verbally putting him down. As Finster expresses his loathing that Lord Zedd considers his creations nothing more than pawns, the bully Putty starts throwing objects at Marv, who is beginning to feel withdrawn. Chloe steps in to defend Marv from further humiliation and to reassure him that he hasn’t let anyone down, which snaps Marv out of his slump.

Finster fervently tries to create something out of desperation. Jack continues to try to appeal to him, suggesting that attacking creatures lesser than himself is beneath him and that his artistic talents deserve to be properly exalted. Finster then leads the group down a path leading above ground. They find themselves in the middle of the coliseum arena. Finster expresses his desire to create something on the same grandiose scale as the works of the ancient Romans, but before he can go into further detail, an explosion on one far end of the coliseum breaks the silence, and from the smoke emerges Scorpina and Velcanos.

The Rangers try to defend Finster, but Velcanos uses his power to animate three marble sculptures—a fighter, a woman, and a senator—to challenge them. Bully Putty also turns up to cause more trouble for Marv. Marv tries to convince Finster to use his artistic abilities to outdo the “pretenders,” but Finster seems too disillusioned to focus. With little time to think as their foes close in on them, Aisha quickly delegates everyone to specific opponents; she will deal with Scorpina personally while Marv, Chloe, and Vesper deal with the statues, and Eddie and Jack will handle Velcanos. With all six of them in agreement, it’s morphing time.

Vesper quickly engages all three statues, delivering swift attacks to each of them and destroying the statue of the woman. Jack diverts his attention away from Velcanos to provide assistance to Vesper, plowing straight through the fighter with his Ram Rage attack. Bully Putty resumes heckling Marv, but the proud Red Ranger starts to intimidate his opponent with his renewed confidence. Marv leaps and performs a piercing attack that obliterates the Putty. Aisha gives Chloe a boost up into the air, and from that vantage point, she rapidly fires arrows from her Hyperion Bow, shattering the statue of the senator. With the weaker enemies vanquished, Aisha now turns her attention to Scorpina, and the two exchange words before engaging in combat. In the process, Aisha helps Eddie close in on Velcanos with a mighty toss. The Yellow Ranger delivers a decisive blow to Scorpina during their fight. While airborne, Eddie attacks Velcanos with his Oceanus Trident, but the villain moves out of the way and takes the opportunity to approach Finster and steal his bag of clay. Being smaller than Velcanos and quite emotional at the moment, Finster doesn’t put up much resistance. Despite the words of encouragement from the Hyper Force Rangers, Finster doesn’t manage to keep a firm hold of his bag, and Velcanos successfully pilfers it.

Taking one small piece of clay from the bag, Velcanos sneers and tosses it out into the arena, where it slowly grows and transforms into a large sculpture of a gladiator. Finster is bewildered and upset by this, believing Velcanos to be a much greater artist and leaves. Marv and Chloe engage the gladiator with a team attack, but it avoids being hit. The Rangers quickly realize they may need Aisha’s Zord to fight this foe. To ensure the safety of the civilians, Marv and Chloe return to Mossimo, who helps them promote the gelato stand which Chloe previously visited. Unfortunately for the Rangers, their problems literally get bigger as Velcanos beckons Lord Zedd to enlarge the gladiator. Aisha calls forth her Griffin Thunderzord and allows Vesper to pilot it, much to the Black Ranger’s sheer delight. Vesper, however, realizes that a Yellow Ranger would be better suited at handling a Yellow Ranger’s Zord, so Aisha and Jack accompany her to assist in piloting the Griffin Thunderzord. Their initial attacks don’t seem to faze the massive clay beast, and during their struggle, Scorpina and Velcanos escape. Marv and Chloe join the other Rangers in the Zord once they finish their objectives on the ground. With everyone in tow and team morale high, Eddie dials in a potent fireball attack, which successfully strikes and engulfs the gladiator, vaporizing it.

“We are the Power Rangers, and we just saved you! …Okay, bye.” Vesper proclaims from the top of the Coliseum to the civilians below. The people of Rome cheer and celebrate their victory, but it doesn’t last long for the Rangers, as Alpha 55 informs them that it’s time to come back. The Griffin Thunderzord carries them all the way back to Angel Grove, and once there, Alpha teleports them back to the time ship. Zordon anticipates that there may be some temporal consequences as a result of the Coliseum being damaged, but the Hyper Force Rangers reassure him that they did everything they could to mitigate the damage and that Aisha helped immensely.

Zordon permits Aisha to share a few parting words with the Hyper Force Rangers before she departs, and she promises not to utter a single word to anyone about meeting Rangers from the future. Marv offers Aisha the parting gift of a business card advertising gelato and suggests that perhaps Ernie from the Youth Center could look into offering a similar product. Chloe gives Aisha a Cheeseburger Candy Spaghetti Burrito. Jack shares a heartfelt handshake with Aisha, but just as Marv and Vesper try to immortalize the moment with a few snapshots, Aisha fades away as Zordon retrieves her. To keep the atmosphere from becoming sad, Jack jests about the size of the bathroom in Aisha’s Zord.

Season 1, Episode 5: We Need Megazord Power

While the Power Rangers were in Rome, Alpha 55 managed to improve the time ship’s capability to detect anomalies in time. She discovers that the Rangers only have 3 hours to fix the problem before Scorpina disappears from history, which could gradually cause an even bigger time paradox. The Hyper Force Rangers fear that their predecessors might disappear, too. Vesper vows to fix the time ship and the group splits up to take on separate tasks.

Marv, Jack, and Eddie stay to analyze the ship’s weapons and circuitry in the central control room, while Vesper and Chloe head down to the engine room to try and make repairs. The ladies examine the engine to find that not much has changed. Vesper begins to doubt herself since they were unable to find adequate materials to make repairs. Chloe opens up to Vesper, telling her that she jokes around and acts the way she does because that’s how she deals with stress and fear. What scares her the most is losing the people she cares about, and she’s grown quite fond of her teammates. She wants to step up and be brave like them but hasn’t been able to muster up her courage. Vesper reassures Chloe that they’re more than just friends—they’re family, and that she, herself, has her own quirks as well. Chloe smiles and tells her that there’s nothing wrong with having a team full of weirdos. With their moods becoming a bit lighter from their heart-to-heart chat, the girls resolve themselves to figure out how to fix the engine. Their first order of business is to start welding some broken parts back together. Unfortunately, welding is a foreign concept to Chloe.

In the control room, the boys are attempting to untangle a rat’s nest of wires and connect them back to their proper positions. Jack determines that they first need to examine the crystalline matrix fuses, the link between the engine system and control system. Marv theorizes that, since Aisha’s Zord seemed to be powered by her Ranger energy, perhaps they could use their own Ranger energy from the Morphing Grid to help return functionality to the time ship. As they bond over their mutual love of sugar, Vesper and Chloe are called back to the central control room by Alpha 55, leaving a storage room packed with sweets that they intend to smuggle back to 3016. When the girls return and regroup with the others, the team receives another transmission from Zordon.

Zordon warns the HyperForce Rangers that Lord Zedd has taken advantage of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ absence and has sent down a monster to attack Angel Grove. The site of the attack is within teleportation distance, so Marv, Chloe, and Jack are quickly sent down to stop the monster, leaving Eddie and Vesper behind to work on the ship. With about 2 hours left to catch Scorpina, the Rangers wasted no time in engaging the monster, which appears to be an anthropomorphic dog clad in samurai armor. As Marv clears civilians from the area, Jack brandishes some bushes at the monster. Chloe retrieves a lost child named Stevie and takes him to search for his parents. Upon finding them and reuniting them with their son, she warns them to stay away from the area.

For easy reference, Marv refers to the monster as “Shiburai.” Jack attempts to distract Shiburai by waving his bushes like wushu swords, but the monster flings the bushes back into his face. Shiburai then engages Marv, brutally slicing him across the side. After clearing leaves from his mouth, Jack tries to get Shiburai’s attention with a graceful series of cartwheels ending in a blow to the chest, which causes the monster to stagger back. Chloe returns to the group and morphs, then delivers a successful Hurricane Whirlwind attack. In retaliation, Shiburai leaps at Chloe and aggressively slashes with his swords, sending a wave of harmful energy through her and weakening her. Marv tackles the monster’s legs to bring it down. Back on the ship, Vesper is attempting to contact Jen. Eddie assists her in trying to repair the communication device. When they believe that their device has been sufficiently restored, Vesper and Eddie attempt to send a message to Jen, asking for help. They find they’re able to record a message, but can’t quite transmit it.

Lord Zedd peers down from his palace on the moon and sees the HyperForce Rangers fighting his monster. Curious about these new Rangers, he sends down five Putties to attack them. Jack morphs and directly engages Shiburai. Angered by the monster’s attack, Chloe shoots at a group of three Putties with her Hyperion Bow, missing one but destroying the other two. The last Putty runs toward Chloe, attempting to disarm her. Before it can snatch her bow, Chloe uses the brunt of her weapon to wallop the Putty from below, defeating it. Marv lunges at the remaining two Putties and kicks one in the back of the head, defeating it. He morphs before engaging the other Putty. It tries to headbutt the Red Ranger but misses.

Shiburai charges forward, striking Jack in the side as he previously did to Marv. As the Putty that Marv is fighting misses its headbutt, Marv laughs. Shiburai hears this and becomes angered, its eyes glowing with rage. It turns toward Chloe and tries to perform another jumping slash. Chloe counters with a sweep attack that causes Shiburai to tumble away, but he quickly regains his footing. Marv decides to use the Putty as a projectile, grabbing its legs and swinging it around before hurling it at Shiburai. The monster holds up its sword to defend itself, slicing the Putty down the center, destroying it. As the Rangers focus their efforts now on Shiburai, Marv contacts Vesper and Eddie, and informs them that they may need a backup but encourages them to keep trying to fix the ship. From above, within the time ship stolen by the Alliance leader, Scorpina and Velcanos observe the battle. Scorpina wants to go down and fight the Rangers, but the Alliance leader considers them not worth any of their time.

Marv and Chloe mount another cooperative offense together, piercing the monster’s armor and damaging it. Just as it seems the Rangers have won, Lord Zedd sends down a bolt that strikes Shiburai and causes it to grow large. Still very much blinded, it lashes out at everything around it. It warns the Rangers that it still has its nose and ears to rely on. Eddie and Vesper see the monster from the window of their ship and realize they need to hurry. Thinking fast, Eddie pulls out the wrench gifted to him by Vesper and uses the ancient martial arts technique of giving the inoperative machine a good, firm whacking. The device seems to respond, and Vesper and Eddie take a brief moment to send a transmission to 3016, asking for supplies and any help they can offer. Vesper’s device buzzes and a return message appears from Time Force cadet Abigail. It seems weeks have passed since she first heard Vesper and Eddie’s transmission, and in that time frame, Time Force has gathered together supplies to fix the time ship and a little something extra to help the Rangers deal with the monster.

A time hole opens up and deposits five large Zords, each tailored to the motif of its corresponding Ranger. Vesper and Eddie quickly rejoin their teammates and morph. Feeling encouraged and energized, the five Rangers enter their new Hyper Zords to pilot and familiarize themselves with them. Shiburai is bewildered by the scent of the Zords. Before the battle with the giant monster ensues, Lord Zedd descends from the Moon, expressing his confusion over this strange occurrence. Eddie stares him down warningly, causing him to leave in a rage.

Shiburai attacks the Hyper Zords, tracking them using his remaining senses. The Zords feel as though they’re extensions of the Rangers, themselves, being able to move and perform attacks similar to their pilots. An onslaught ensues as the Rangers use their Zords to bombard Shiburai with attacks, striking various parts of its large form with a combination of direct attacks and projectiles. As they debilitate Shiburai, it falls down on all fours and makes an attempt to move toward the city. Marv’s Lion Hyper Zord pounces onto it and keeps it from advancing further, and Vesper’s Cerberus Hyper Zord delivers the decisive blow. Shiburai shrinks down and disappears, having been eliminated.

As if prompted by the Rangers’ victory, the stolen time ship disables its cloaking and reveals itself to them. It appears to be attracting dark energy from an unknown source, the entire exterior of the ship bathed in a dark purple glow. With only minutes left to act, Chloe flies her Phoenix Hyper Zord up toward the stolen ship and fires at it, but her lasers are disintegrated by the dark mist enveloping it. Alpha 55 informs the Rangers that their Zords are capable of docking to their own ship, and he quickly autopilots them back so they can dock. Using the supplies they received from Abigail, Vesper quickly makes repairs. She and Jack also notice that some of the Zords’ internal components have replaced the damaged ones on the ship, essentially allowing them to serve as an external power source. The Rangers return to their Zords so they can use their own power to energize them. As the Alliance leader moves his ship into the time stream, the Rangers are able to move their ship in after him in pursuit.

The Alliance leader’s ship begins to draw in more power. The Rangers speculate that he’s drawing power from their own ship and Zords, but before they can act, the stolen time ship heightens its momentum with a burst of energy from the rear, flying out of sight and leaving a mass of energy hurling toward the other ship. The energy strikes the ship, sending them spiraling out of control. Where will they end up? When will they end up? The one certainty is that it’s now beyond the Rangers’ control, as the blast has sent their time ship into a completely different time stream.

The time ship’s computers start going haywire, as does Alpha, who rapidly starts malfunctioning and deteriorating. With the ship shutting down, the Rangers come to an agreement that the optimal option is to charge their Zords so that the ship might have enough power to straighten out or land safely. The Zords remain safe from the destruction within the ship as wires start short-circuiting and bursting apart, leaving the Rangers feeling helpless. Marv quickly retrieves the heavily damaged Alpha 55 as the ship exits the foreign time stream and crashes into a warehouse in some kind of industrial city district.

Eddie and Vesper exit the time ship as the other three prepare themselves, salvaging what supplies and weapons they can. Before the former can leave, however, they hear knocking at the door of the ship. A female voice from the other end asks if anyone is inside. Vesper cautiously asks for the stranger’s name, and she replies, “My name is M!” Vesper opens the door and sees M, as well as a group of other people behind her. She tells M that they’re the Power Rangers, and M seems pleasantly surprised by this news. She gestures for the Rangers to follow her. M appears to be a leader of sorts to this group of people behind her, who all look worn down and exhausted. They seem to be traveling with a caravan of vehicles, each packed to the brim with supplies. Eddie inquires as to what this situation is all about, and M simply states that they have to get to Corinth as quickly as possible because everything to the west has been destroyed. She urges Vesper and Eddie to retrieve their teammates. Vesper offers her assistance. Eddie informs Jack, Marv, and Chloe about M and the refugees. Marv realizes that the ship is not safe to be around if there’s reason for the civilians to flee, but he doesn’t want to leave the ship behind. Eddie manages to activate the ship’s protective shields and cloaking functions. He also activates a tracker that will lead them back to the ship when such is necessary. Marv asks about the threat, and with a somber look on her face, M tells the Rangers that their world’s technology is falling apart, but her response comes off as rather vague. The Rangers help lead the refugees across a wide expanse of deserted wasteland toward a distant city walled off by a dome.

Season 1, Episode 6: Vespar’s Betrayal

Having met M and now being part of the caravan to Corinth City, the HyperForce Rangers speculate that perhaps they’re in a post apocalyptic future in which the Alliance had successfully conquered the world. After taking a closer look at the vehicles, however, they quickly realize this is not the case, as most of them appear to have been built in the 20th century. M finally explains what she knows in greater detail—the world was conquered by an army of machines led by a computer virus called Venjix. The Rangers consider Venjix to be a plausible reason as to why the ship and Alpha 55 malfunctioned, though the safety of the Hyper Zords is unclear.

M tells the Rangers that a voice has been frequenting radio broadcasts with the same message over and over again, a message warning people that they need to get to Corinth City to seek refuge. She invites the Rangers to travel with her in an old, worn down truck. Before they depart, Jack advises Marv to gather information from the refugees. Chloe decides to tag along and play the role of bad cop just for fun. Marv asks a snooty rich boy named Chaz Winchester what year it is, and Chaz stiffly replies, “It’s 2009, or something.”

The Rangers find themselves torn between possibilities. On the one hand, this is a completely different 2009 outside of their own, a possibility which Jack believes is the most likely. On the other hand, this is now the true 2009 from the Hyper Force Rangers’ history that came about as a result of their failure in 1994, which Marv is more inclined to believe. They file into M’s truck and depart. As they head out into the wasteland, they find discomfort in breathing in the dry, dusty air. Jack takes a seat upon a yellow box, which M points out to be a surplus radiation detector. Having to deprive Jack of a seat to match his Ranger color, the Rangers pick up the vibrant apparatus and examine it. Its numbers indicate that the radiation level in the air is just shy of critical. The Rangers take a few precautionary measures, covering their mouths with anything they could use as a filter. M laments not having sufficient medical equipment to deal with radiation sickness.

M goes on to explain that the refugees’ homes were attacked by flying drones piloted by robots called Grinders, all of which were created by Venjix. Eddie cautiously watches the tracking indicator in his morpher until the signal is too far out of range, indicating that they’re too far away from their Zords and the time ship. Marv continues to believe that this world was a result of his screw-up, but Chloe reassures him that he did nothing wrong and that they can figure this out. As they converse, M can’t help but overhear them. Remembering what Vesper said about them being Rangers, she asks them if they’re familiar with the secret government think tank that created the “Ranger Series” technology. Upon finding out that Power Rangers exist in this world, Marv strays from the idea that this was his fault. The Hyper Force Rangers agree that since their actions here have no consequences in their timeline since this world is outside their own, they may need the help of the Rangers native to it. They also realize there’s no need to keep secrets here, so they express their willingness to be open and honest with M.

Corinth City is still a ways off, and the caravan has to travel through another city first before the refugees reach their destination. M talks a bit more about this world’s Rangers, stating that only the strongest people were selected to don the colors. Before she can say more, the voice she previously mentioned becomes audible over the radio.

“If you can hear my voice, please, go now to the domed city of Corinth! It’s the only place we can be safe! But you have to make it inside the city walls before the defense shield is activated! Please, hurry!”

During the ride, Vesper and Eddie share a discreet conversation. Vesper reveals to Eddie that she was adopted, and that she never really felt like she fit in anywhere until she became a Power Ranger. Eddie offers her some words of encouragement, reminding her that she’s an irreplaceable asset to the team. Vesper asks Eddie if they can go out together for a date once this whole mess is over, and Eddie happily consents to her request.

The sky begins to darken as the caravan approaches the ruined city before them. To their relief, the radiation in this particular area is significantly lesser. Realizing a storm is coming, M puts their journey on hold and advises everyone to find shelter in the wreckage of what they now know is called Omega City. M also advises everyone to search the city for usable supplies. Jack declines the use of tents, suggesting that they need better cover from the radiation and the elements contaminating the air. M comes across an abandoned ice cream parlor and motions the Rangers over. Jack, Marv, and Chloe follow her inside. In the back, they find a nonfunctional walk-in freezer that’s been gummed up by dried ice cream. M bludgeons the handle with a fire extinguisher until the freezer door opens.

The interior of the freezer reeks of expired ice cream and stale ingredients. To eliminate the foul odor, Chloe incinerates the rotten edibles with her Hyper Blade Blaster, prompting a bewildered M to extinguish the flames. The group takes a moment to remove all the gunk from the freezer. Outside, Eddie helps refugees gather firewood. Vesper offers to assist Chaz Winchester by providing a complimentary haircut, and she manages to shave a few locks off his head with her Hyper Blade Blaster. He attempts to slap her, but she catches his hand and shakes it, thinking it to be a friendly gesture. The storm begins to pick up, and M signals for everyone to come inside the ice cream shop. The Rangers observe that there are a total of 15 people under their watch.

Vesper tries her hand at comedy to lighten the mood. She receives a snobbish laugh from Chaz and his parents, but eagerly accepts it as praise. Jack and Marv leave the shop for a moment to talk, but as Jack tries to tell Marv that he wasn’t the reason Marv was fired from police duty, harsh winds pick up, forcing everyone to stay inside. As the refugees hide inside the freezer with Vesper, Chloe, and Eddie, they all hear an intimidating humming, believing it to be a Venjix drone. Jack and Marv stay outside of the freezer to investigate. Vesper calms down the refugees by singing a cheerful song about the Hyper Force Rangers being from the year 3016.

Grinders appear on foot to storm into the ice cream shop and attack. Marv and Jack fight back as best they can, then Marv makes his way to the roof to see if he can locate the source of the humming sound. Vesper and Chloe leave the freezer to join the fray. Eddie monitors the back door but is soon alerted by Marv that a Grinder got past him and is entering the shop. Eddie leaves M to handle the back door and exits the freezer to take out the intrusive Grinder, as well as a second one. Unfortunately, this distraction allowed Grinders to break into the freezer and kidnap all of the refugees. M was able to avoid being taken.

Marv blames himself for what happened because he was too busy scouting about on the roof. M blames herself because those refugees were in her care. Eddie blames himself because he left M to fend for herself. The three of them realize they need to stop playing the blame game and get moving if they want to rescue the refugees and make it safely to Corinth. The storm has lessened and the area is steadily becoming brighter. Because of this, the Rangers and M are able to notice footprints leading away from their itinerary. Vesper hardwires Chaz’s car to function, and the group commandeers the vehicle to search for the refugees. The warning message rings over the radio once more, reminding the Rangers that time is against them. The tracks lead further out into the wasteland, and eventually the footprints are intercepted by tire tracks. Either the refugees were saved or they were taken by the machines. What the group sees off in the distance makes what happened fairly apparent.

Just ahead, beyond a hill, a large factory looms ominously. Thick, black smoke billows out of a set of smokestacks. Chloe exits the car and scouts ahead, seeing two Grinders patrolling the perimeter on motorcycles. As she observes the patrol, an archway up high on a balcony illuminates, and from it emerges another robot, this one looking quite different from the Grinders. He was designed rather dapper, having slicked-back metal hair, a monocle, and a suit. He is also seen carrying a gun and a sword. Chloe quickly reports back to the others, and they all morph. M is delighted to see a team of Power Rangers. Marv gives her his Hyper Blade Blaster so she can defend herself. Using the fire extinguisher that M took from the ice cream shop, Vesper rigs Chaz’s car to drive off on its own, causing it to swerve uncontrollably down the hill and ram into a smokestack.

Like fire ants to a disturbed nest, hundreds of Grinders emerge from the factory in response to the crash. As the Rangers rush forward, they see the refugees trapped in an outdoor alleyway between the two sections of the factory, guarded by three Grinders. Jack directly engages the horde of Grinders while Marv and Chloe try and help the refugees. In the process of trying to save them, Chloe accidentally harms Chaz’s mother, alarming her.

The armed robot stops Vesper before she can enter the factory. The two briefly fight, with Eddie sliding in to intercept one of the robot’s attacks. The robot observes Vesper, then sensually slides his hand across her shoulder and around to the back of her neck. Immediately, she begins to feel weak and lifeless, like she’s slipping out of herself. Her eyes light up red and her body becomes alive with rage as the Venjix virus infects her from head to toe. Amused at the knowledge that the Black Hyper Force Ranger is actually an android, he seizes control of her and forces her to attack Eddie, introducing himself to his next victim as Kilobyte.

Jack joins up with Chloe and Marv to assist them, and they successfully fend off the three Grinders. Chloe is still in shock after accidentally harming Chaz’s mother. Jack attempts to warn them that something isn’t right with Vesper, but Vesper then contacts Marv and tells her that something isn’t right with Jack. Marv seems to believe Vesper’s words, but before anymore questions can be asked, a cage drops down from above, trapping all of the refugees along with the three Rangers.

Vesper relentlessly attacks Eddie, harshly injuring him. Eddie tries to wake Vesper up by showing her the wrench she gave him. She attempts to grab it and destroy it, but she cannot even grasp the wrench without hesitating. Kilobyte refuses to allow this touching scene to continue, delivering a devastating slash to Eddie with his sword. A heavily enfeebled Eddie is dragged off toward the factory by two Grinders, unable to move.

Season 1, Episode 7: It’s Boom Time

The embodiment of the Venjix virus, being conscious and self-aware, expresses intrigue at the foreign technology of the Hyper Force Rangers, particularly the advanced android technology that makes up Vesper’s physiology. He commands his Grinders to strip the remaining Rangers of all their weapons and morphers, and they oblige. In the cage outside the factory containing Marv, Chloe, and Jack, Chloe manages to put up some resistance, but the Rangers end up getting zapped and knocked out by the robotic soldiers’ taser batons before having their gear stolen.

As the Rangers regain consciousness, the ground opens up beneath the cage, drawing it downwards like an elevator. They are greeted by the heat of a forge and the sounds of mechanisms running. Marv remains suspicious of Jack after hearing Vesper’s warning, but Jack confirms that his memories and personality haven’t been altered after Marv questions him about the incident at Time Force resulting in Marv getting fired, so Marv starts to worry for Eddie. The three Rangers are separated from the refugees and locked in a cell together. Resting in the cell right next to theirs is Eddie. Marv attempts to break the bars so he can reach his teammate, but the cell is much too sturdy. In the cell directly across from them, an oddly upbeat and enthusiastic stranger named Gem explains that Eddie was just recently placed in his cell, so he hadn’t been there for very long.

Vesper, who had recently been infected with the Venjix virus, appears before everyone. After what seems to be a cheerful greeting, she immediately shoots Marv with her HyperForce Blade Blaster. She then brandishes her Cerberus Axe at Gem. Not wanting anyone else to get hurt, Marv asks her to attack him again. This prompts the eccentric Gem to offer to take an attack as well. Marv and Gem start arguing over who should be attacked, Gem even going as far as to instruct Vesper to slash at him vertically so as not to hit the cell bars. Quickly becoming impatient, Vesper fires a warning shot with her blaster just above Jack’s head to silence the two. It doesn’t take long for Gem to realize that Vesper is a machine, and this revelation shocks the other Rangers. Eddie wakes up and tells everyone what happened to him. He realizes he’s been disarmed as well.

Overhearing the HyperForce Rangers using the word “morpher,” Gem asks if they’re Ranger Operators. He explains that both the Ranger technology of this world and the Venjix virus were created by his BFF, Doctor K. Despite being familiar with how the virus works, he doesn’t quite know how to stop it. He tells the Hyper Force Rangers that, much like himself, they’re going to be forced to create more Grinders for Venjix’s army. Realizing that they’re going to need Gem’s help since he knows how things work in this factory, Marv affectionately offers him the position of honorary Ranger Operator. To the surprise of the Hyper Force Rangers, Gem reveals that he, himself, is a Ranger already. However, he is unable to morph because his morpher is locked away in the factory’s research lab. The others believe that’s where their morphers would have been placed, too.

Gem reveals that he’s formulated an escape plan, but he didn’t mind biding his time because more Grinders being produced means that there’ll be more to destroy later, considering taking out Grinders more enjoyable than simply not producing them, leaving the others to question his thought process. He also mentions being separated from his sister, Gemma. Every time he was sent out to work these past few months, he had been sneaking parts back to his cell to create a device that would disable the factory’s security system so he could escape and find his sister. Now that he’s done with his device, he just needs a distraction. The Hyper Force Rangers offer to help fill that role. Chloe suggests using a bomb. Marv tries to protest, but Gem immediately latches onto Chloe’s idea, stating that he has enough remaining parts to create some explosives. “It’s Boom Time? What do you think?” Chloe asks enthusiastically. Gem expresses adoration in response to Chloe’s phrase and asks if he can stick it in his back pocket to use later.

They have to wait for the Grinders to open the cells and put them to work before they can take action. Using some of the parts he took, Gem creates three bombs to take out the three factory generators. They are programmed to go off by vocal command. The first bomb will go off when Chloe yells “It’s Boom Time!” The second bomb will go off when Gem uses that phrase. The third bomb makes use of the same phrase, but it requires Chloe to finish the phrase when Gem starts it, likely because his sister, Gemma, often finished his sentences out of habit and he’s having withdrawals without her around.

Vesper tells her “slaves” to get ready for work. With her axe in hand, she opens the three cells containing the remaining Hyper Force Rangers and Gem. Eddie struggles to get to his feet but he’s able to move on his own. He tries to talk to Vesper, but Vesper responds with a threat. Eddie doesn’t relent, so Marv tackles Vesper to keep her from blasting Eddie. Jack reaches into his pocket to pull out his Time Force badge to confine Vesper, but he learns that it’s among the items that have been taken from him. Realizing that their hands are tied for the moment, they decide to comply, and are led to their workspace. Within, they see the three generators to the left and the research lab entrance to the right.

As Chloe and Gem plot to set up the bombs, the Rangers observe the civilian hostages as they work and gain a fair understanding of what they’re meant to do. While he works the parts sorting line, Marv pilfers two knitting needles. He then attempts to begin the distraction, engaging in an improvised argument with Jack over how correctly he’s doing his job. Marv flips a table to knock over some of the parts Jack is meant to sort. This draws the attention of six patrol Grinders. Once again, Gem draws inspiration from Marv and flips two tables to take out two of the Grinders. Unfortunately, this causes much more commotion, prompting an angered Vesper to threaten Eddie with her blaster. Marv tries to convince Vesper that he is on her side, but she doesn’t believe him. Either they meet their Grinder quota or Eddie will find himself getting intimate with Vesper’s Cerberus Axe.

Marv continues to try and persuade Vesper, and Gem joins in, which only makes Marv’s plea less convincing. Jack decides to take a more sophisticated approach to persuading Vesper, and she believes him, so she tasks Jack with monitoring the others. With a new role for him to play, he orders his cadets and “Jim” back to work. Marv discreetly hands Jack one of the knitting needles he took from the assemblage of parts. He then turns to Gem, asking why he didn’t take advantage of the distraction. Gem was so caught up in the coolness of the table flip, he just had to join in. In that sense, an ideal distraction would be something uncool that Gem wouldn’t want to mimic. With this knowledge in mind, Marv starts to feign sickness before making himself gag and vomit all over Vesper. Gem most assuredly doesn’t want to copy that.

The prisoners start laughing as their attention is drawn to this incident. Vesper calls the remaining four patrol Grinders over to clean her up. Now that the coast is clear, Gem and Chloe approach the generators and attach the bombs to them. They then yell out their vocal commands to trigger all three explosions, sharing a passionate high-five together as the generators blow up. All of the Grinders patrolling the area are sent into a frenzy as they try to assess the situation. A couple of Grinders wearing lab coats emerge from the research lab and flee, leaving the door open. Chloe and Gem use the force of the explosion and various objects in the factory to propel themselves through the air toward the lab entrance.

Ranger Rule #1: A Ranger never escalates a situation. And that’s just what Marv did. Vesper morphs to confront him. He tries to take his leave but she grabs him by his hood and drags him back towards her. Ranger Rule #2: You should always punch a person on his right shoulder? Vesper seems to enjoy this idea, so she does exactly that to Marv.

Within the lab is a table upon which rests a group of translucent, colored boxes. Jack enters the room behind Chloe and Gem, noticing that four of the boxes contain the remaining Hyper Force Morphers. The other two, a gold box and a silver box, contain morphers he has never seen before. Jack uses his natural strength to pry open all of the boxes and collects all the morphers. He quickly heads back to help Eddie and Marv with Chloe deciding to follow him. Gem, however, remains behind to examine the contents of the laboratory. He comes across a piece of technology containing 8 cables tipped with 8 syringe-like needles. He starts to modify the device using the lab’s tools.

Ranger Rule #3: You shall flick a Ranger on his nose very gently? Nope. Rangers must always work together. In the spirit of camaraderie, Vesper tosses Marv at Eddie’s feet. Jack arrives and delivers Eddie and Marv their morphers. Chloe has to forcefully take hers from Jack since he forgot about her. Eddie morphs and finds a Healing Charge ability within his morpher. He activates it and recovers some of his stamina. Amused since she now has some challenging opposition, Vesper attacks Chloe. As Marv morphs, Gem arrives with his device in hand. He asks Jack for his Gold morpher, and Jack hands it to him. Gem and Chloe morph next.

The Rangers observe a red glint in Vesper’s eyes from behind her visor. Gem explains that his device is intended to blow Vesper up, but the Hyper Force Rangers immediately protest. Eddie takes off his helmet and shows Vesper his wrench, attempting to talk to her again. His words seem to have some influence this time, as Vesper responds by falling to the ground and clutching her head. The red glint in her eyes starts to flicker. Marv asks Gem if they can instead use the device to target just the virus, and Gem makes some quick reconfigurations. Now repurposed to better suit their goals, the device will allow the Rangers to enter Vesper’s mind. They each jam a needle protrusion into the back of their heads, also inserting one into Vesper’s. After feeling horrible head pain, everyone loses consciousness.

The Rangers find themselves in the metaphysical world of Vesper’s mechanical mind. Their immediate surroundings appear to be a dark, empty void with huge black skyscrapers in the distance. Short pulses of light illuminate the area. Gem informs the Hyper Force Rangers that they need to find Vesper here in order to help her fight the virus. She has ultimate power in the world of her own mind, so they need to tread carefully. Within the alleyways between the skyscrapers, the Rangers can see thick, black tomes shifting about. The Rangers decide to follow the pulsing light as it heads deeper into the dark city of Vesper’s mind. Along the way, Eddie grabs a tome to analyze it. It flips open and reveals a projection of one of Vesper’s childhood memories.

In the memory, 7-year-old Vesper was being picked on by some bullies for some robot dog toys she was creating. They then smashed one of the robot dogs. A young boy named Robert stuck up for her and the two of them fixed it together. Robert helped her open up and understand friendship, but unfortunately, he died in his youth and didn’t grow up with Vesper.

A red pulsing light rises beyond the horizon. The Rangers realize that it’s Venjix, and Jack morphs as a precaution. They quickly follow the white lights of Vesper’s memories and eventually come across Vesper, herself, surrounded by tomes. She’s looking at the memory of Eddie asking her out on a date. Vesper tells the others that she can’t control herself. She doesn’t know what to do. Gem explains that her friends need to help reassure her of her strengths. They all put a reassuring hand on Vesper and Eddie pulls out his wrench once more. Vesper pulls out a copy of the wrench and the two share a fist bump, causing the two copies of the wrench to touch. As they do, they feel as though they’re growing in their holders’ hands, lifting Vesper’s spirits.

The menacing red light of Venjix fully rises over the horizon, informing the Rangers that they will all soon be under his control. Gem informs Vesper that she has complete control of what happens in her own head as if it were a lucid dream, so with a resounding cry of “It’s Boom Time!” from herself and her allies, she dreams up some Vortex Blasters for her fellow Hyper Force Rangers and the “strange golden man.” The six of them fire in unison, striking Venjix. With an angry growl, the virus fades back down beyond the horizon. Moments later, the Rangers wake up. Vesper has been completely restored to normal. She takes time to apologize to each of the others. Eddie dismisses it as a cool first date.

Remembering that Jack still has his sister’s morpher, Gem retrieves it from him. An alarm sounds and a voice rings out over the factory. “You must evacuate! Radiation levels might turn you into a lizard!” Jack asks who this person is over the audio system using a walkie talkie, and the voice reveals herself as M. She brought reinforcements to help liberate the prisoners from the factory. She just needs the Rangers to create a diversion. Fortunately, Gem still has a few more voice-activated bombs tucked away. Marv tosses one of the bombs toward a wall and yells out “It’s Boom Time!” as it makes contact with the wall. The explosion destroys the wall and gives the Rangers an exit out into the wasteland. They can see M’s reinforcements ahead, but they also see Grinders swarming out.

The volunteers begin searching the factory for prisoners and shepherding them out as the Rangers take on the Grinders. Gem looks through the containment cells for his sister and finds the Winchester family trapped inside one. Eddie follows Gem to help out, using his wrench to pry off one bar so the Winchesters can slip through. Before Gem and Eddie can head back and join the others, they’re confronted by Buzzkill, Generation 13 Attack Bot, a robot made almost entirely of buzz saws. The two Rangers do their best to fend off the robot, Gem seeming to enjoy being attacked. Eddie sticks one of Gem’s bombs onto Buzzkill while he strikes with his Oceanus Trident.

Once the Grinders have been dealt with, the others rush back inside to help Eddie and Gem. Marv uses his Iapetus Spear Launcher to jam the robot’s saw blades and Vesper tries to strike Buzzkill with her Cerberus Axe, but misses. Chloe attaches Gem’s two remaining bombs to her arrows and shoots them at Buzzkill’s foot with her Hyperion Bow, triggering them with the voice command as they make contact, but they don’t seem to damage the target. Venjix downloads enhancements into Buzzkill, causing the Attack Bot to grow in size until it towers over everyone. The Hyper Force Rangers don’t know if they can summon their Zords, especially with Alpha out of commission. Gem demonstrates by calling upon his Falcon Zord, telling the Hyper Force Rangers to just use their hearts, to just believe. The Hyper Force Rangers call out for their Zords, and they appear.

The Rangers engage Buzzkill with their individual Zords, but they don’t seem to be damaging the robot very much, and it’s able to deal some harsh damage to them. Gem informs the Rangers that they can combine their Zords into a Megazord by synchronizing their energy. They succeed with yet another vocal callout from Marv, which causes the Hyperzords to combine together into the Chronos Hyper Force Megazord. Gem flies around Buzzkill and attaches some bombs to it. The Megazord motions to kick Buzzkill as Gem fires some missiles at it to stun it. Kilobyte emerges from inside the factory to try and protect his Attack Bot, but in the process, he receives the kick as well. The Rangers yell “It’s Boom Time” once more to trigger the bombs attached to Buzzkill, and both the miniscule Kilobyte and the massive Buzzkill are sent flying off several thousand miles into the distance.

With the factory in shambles, Gem departs to go search for Gemma and help the civilians. The Hyper Force Rangers say their good-byes to the Gold Ranger before he leaves, then travel in the Megazord back to the time ship. The Megazord separates and the individual Hyperzords dock back into place. Vesper was able to connect a bit more closely to the Megazord since she’s an android, so she thinks she can run the time ship and get her team back into their time stream. She inserts her hand into a control channel and the ship springs to life once again. The ship successfully drifts away and back into the river of time.

Marv reassures Vesper privately that being different is okay. He, himself, is an alien from another planet. Vesper worries about her origins but Marv tells her that they’ll figure it out together as a team. Meanwhile, Eddie and Chloe head into the kitchen to concoct a special new burrito called the Gemrito to honor their new friend.

Season 1, Episode 8: Holiday Special Featuring Santa

It has been a week since the Hyper Force Rangers met Gem and departed the alternate dimension. As Jack takes his time making cookies, Marv and Chloe talk about Vesper. Eddie is finding it hard to process everything that’s happened, and he doesn’t know how to feel about the issue. He still likes Vesper but he feels as though his fond opinion of her is starting to change.

Vesper takes a break from trying to repair Alpha to check on the others. She explains that she couldn’t tell the others that she was a robot because she, herself, didn’t know. Marv reminds Vesper about his own secret, also opening up to Eddie and Chloe about it for the first time—he is an alien human from the planet Kaien. Eddie, who thought he knew everything about Marv, is stunned by this. Marv apologizes for not telling Eddie sooner and reminds his friends that they have predecessors like Trip who have also come to Earth from other planets to help protect the peace. In the grand scheme of things, their differences aren’t all that big of a deal. Eddie tells them he just wants everyone to be happy.

The boys head back to their quarters to talk further. Marv asks Eddie a bit about his personal life, and Eddie asks Marv about his home planet. As they discuss life, they begin to miss 3016. Chloe and Vesper prepare some burritos and head back into the control room to work on Alpha together, and much like Marv and Eddie, they also take a moment to share a heart to heart discussion. Chloe reveals to Vesper that she doesn’t know her real parents, either. They promise each other that they’ll search for their parents together after the whole situation with the Alliance is over. Vesper tries to test her robotic abilities and learns that she can project holograms.

Alpha’s lights flicker but he doesn’t come back online. As she wonders what more she could do to fix him, Vesper wonders how her relationship with Eddie will be from this point forward. She considers breaking up with him, and as she talks about it, Alpha responds further. Chloe realizes that Alpha is responding to negative remarks about Eddie, so she begins to jokingly utter insulting comments about him. Marv and Eddie hear the commotion and leave their room to ask the ladies what’s going on. As Chloe fills them in, Vesper flicks three switches on Alpha, causing him to boot up successfully. Once he activates, he immediately picks up on a strange transmission and warns the Rangers that they’re about to be teleported. As if on cue, the Rangers are whisked out of the time ship and end up in the frigid outdoors, surrounded by snow.

Marv, Chloe, Eddie, and Vesper realize that Jack isn’t with them and that Alpha cannot be contacted. Eddie notices a sign that reads “North Pole.” A smaller sign next to it has the date inscribed on it: December 24, 1985. The Rangers hear footsteps approaching and notice an elf coming toward them, stopping at the sign. He introduces himself as Squeezy Sparkletoes and expresses his delight in seeing the Rangers, urging them to come along with him. He whistles a reindeer over and gets into the elf-sized sleigh it’s towing. The Rangers have a difficult time squeezing in after him. Once they all get in, the reindeer takes them down a path over a hill leading to a bright, vibrant village. Upon arrival, Squeezy leads the Rangers into a building full of other elves. They’re all awestruck as they examine their four visitors.

As they look around, the Rangers notice that they’re in some kind of workshop. They pass a table upon which elves are assembling Nintendo Entertainment Systems. Having some knowledge of the Christmas traditions of old, Eddie determines that they’re about to meet the “big guy.” Squeezy explains that this is a special mission as he leads the Rangers through the workshop.They walk upstairs to a third floor and pass a movie theater and some living quarters for the elves. They approach a pair of large, ornate wooden doors, and Squeezy knocks on them, asking for Santa. A voice from the other side warmly invites them in. The Rangers see a man in red and white with a curly white beard examining a long list that extends through the floor.

They realize that this man is Santa Claus. He divulges that he brought the Rangers to the North Pole, and that he knows who they are and what they do. He didn’t bring Jack because it seems there’s something else that Jack needs to attend to. Marv asks why Santa summoned them here, and Santa explains that he needs their help to stop Krampus, his dark counterpart, who has been seeking to disrupt the balance between naughty and nice. He warns the Rangers that they need a strong Christmas spirit if they expect to be able to stand up to Krampus. They have to believe in giving, in loving, and in themselves. Vesper doubts her own self-belief since she knows she’s a machine. Santa reassures her that she was able to conquer the Venjix virus because she believed in herself and her friends believed in her.

Since Krampus only prowls at night, the Rangers have to wait a little while before they can confront him. Santa offers them a wide selection of cookies to snack on. Marv consumes his cookie rather reluctantly since he hates sweets. Squeezy brings along a cart of hot chocolate and festive pajama sets for each of the Rangers. As Eddie changes into his pajamas, Marv asks if he’s okay. Eddie dismisses the topic, not wanting to talk about Vesper.

Santa approaches Marv to talk to him, and advises him to let go of his own reservations. Marv seems unable to forget about his issue with Jack, unable to let it go and move on. “He sold me out and he got me kicked out of Time Force,” he tells Santa, the stress in his voice apparent. Santa gently turns Marv around and has him look at his own reflection in a mirror, then asks him to repeat what he just said as he looks into his own eyes. Feeling guilty, Marv cannot bring himself to say it. Santa tells him that he and Jack were both just trying to do what they believed was right. They’re two good people arguing over nothing, and harboring such pain and bitterness toward Jack is only going to cause more harm than good. Realizing that he might find some additional answers by talking to Santa, Marv asks him if he knows where his brother is, saying that the only reason he signed up for Time Force was to search for him. Santa intentionally deflects by helping Eddie out of the changing room. Marv insists on knowing, but Santa tells him that there are some things he has to find out on his own. After they change into their pajamas, Vesper and Chloe approach Eddie’s room and apologize for saying mean things to awaken Alpha. Chloe bombards Eddie with flattery to make up for it, and Eddie lets Chloe know how much he appreciates having her on the team.

Before Santa can go into further detail as to why he can’t talk about Marv’s brother, coal dust begins to trickle down Santa’s chimney. Santa realizes that Krampus is close by. Before they gather everyone together, Marv asks Santa for advice on leading a team. Santa advises him to simply be open and honest with his team—to let them know if he’s afraid or if he doesn’t have a plan instead of blindly rushing into danger. Chloe, leaving Eddie and Vesper to have some privacy, heads back down to Santa and Marv. He shares a bit of advice with her as well—to not be so secretive with her teammates, to be her real self around them since they would put their lives on the line for her.

Unaware of the approaching threat, Vesper locks herself in the room with Eddie so the two can talk. Vesper apologizes for being difficult lately. Eddie values her happiness and her self-understanding more than anything. He’s happy to give her some time to think things over if she needs it. She kisses Eddie on the cheek. Just then, a thick, black cloud of coal dust flies down the chimney and extinguishes the warm flames in the fireplace. Santa alerts Vesper and Eddie, and the two run down together to meet up with their comrades.

With no light except faint moonlight to illuminate the room, Santa uses his magic to light the area. Everyone immediately notices a tall, dark figure flanked by 8 smaller beings made of coal dust clouds. Krampus has arrived, and he’s brought with him what he refers to as Naughties. The Rangers morph and start fending off these black creatures. Krampus leaves rather abruptly, taunting Santa as he fades away. Santa quickly learns that this instance was just a distraction; his dark counterpart has just stolen his naughty/nice list. Santa asks Squeezy to “grab the armor.” Things have just gotten personal.

Santa activates a device he calls the Battlizer before the group leaves, causing him to morph into an armored suit, making him look quite like a Power Ranger. He allows Eddie to fly the sleigh, opting instead to use a jet pack to fly to their destination. Not quite technology savvy, Santa’s flight ends up rather turbulent. The welcoming sight of the moonlight lighting their way and the soft sound of bells jingling seems to lift Eddie and Vesper’s spirits. Before long, they arrive at an entrance to an underground cave. Believing Krampus to be in the cave, they fly down into it. The team decides that Chloe and Squeezy are the best ones to conduct some reconnaissance, and Santa gives them some of his own stealth magic to help conceal her as she searches for any sign of Krampus. To keep the heavily decorated Squeezy from making too much noise, Santa also turns him into a plush doll.

Chloe and Squeezy come across some stairs and creep down them carefully. They come across what looks to be a poorly kept workshop with tables coated in coal dust. Three Naughties are spotted in the distance. Chloe and Squeezy decide to sneak in closer to see what they’re doing. They watch as the Naughties seem to be splicing different toy parts together into decrepit mismatches. Marv contacts Chloe to receive her analysis and Santa takes the mishandling of toys quite personally. As Chloe continues to monitor the situation, Krampus emerges to inspect the toys his Naughties are making. Deciding to create a distraction, Chloe fires three arrows from her Hyperion Bow off into one corner of the room, causing a cloud of coal dust to fly up into Krampus’s face. She sneaks around behind him and spots Santa’s list neatly rolled up. Krampus runs toward where Chloe’s arrows hit, spots them, and realizes the Rangers are here. With Santa’s list in hand, he makes his way up the stairs to the cave entrance, where he spots Santa and the other three Hyper Force Rangers.

Marv, Eddie, and Vesper start giving Krampus happy holiday greetings, thinking the joyous Christmas spirit will weaken him, but they don’t seem to faze him. Santa’s armor starts to extend into his sleigh, causing the sleigh to increase in size and offensive capability, making it quite similar to a Zord. To taunt Santa, Krampus eats a stale cookie sandwich with a glass of sour milk in front of him. He then starts to grow larger. The Red, Black, and Blue Rangers call their Zords to assist Santa. To give them a little boost, Santa sprinkles some of his magic onto their Zords to increase their attack power, but Krampus’s wicked presence seems to nullify its effect. The Naughties in Krampus’s workshop suddenly become aware of the situation and detect Chloe’s presence, but before they can act, the Christmas music playing from Santa’s sleigh causes them to crumble into dust.

Eddie slinks and slides his Serpent Hyperzord around Krampus’s large body to search for Santa’s list. To give Eddie an opening, Vesper uses her Cerberus Hyperzord to grasp Krampus by the arm and hold him in place. Marv also uses his Lion Hyperzord to attack Krampus. Chloe exits Krampus’s lair and calls her Phoenix Hyperzord, plush Squeezy joining her inside of it. Santa starts firing candy cane projectiles out of missile launchers on his powered-up sleigh, but Krampus is able to counter by crumbling the candy canes into black dust and blowing them back into Santa’s face.

Eddie successfully retrieves the enlarged list and tosses it to Chloe, who flies it up into the air beyond Krampus’s reach. He then binds Krampus’s legs together. This distracts Krampus long enough for Marv to pounce onto him. Santa suggests trying to use Christmas joy again while Krampus is weakened, so Vesper delivers another heartfelt speech and Marv starts singing to him. Everyone else joins in on the song, causing Krampus to scream in agony. Vesper uses the mace at the end of the tail of her Zord to smash Krampus right in the face. With their foe’s legs still bound together, Eddie lifts him up with the tail of his own Zord and flips him over, slamming him down on his face, leaving a lovely imprint of a snow angel where he landed.

An angered Krampus returns to his feet and summons pieces of coal into his hands, then hurls them at Santa, damaging his sleigh and causing it to crash. Not one for taking punishment, Santa leaves his sleigh and engages him on his own. He leaps up toward Krampus’s face and plants an explosive tree ornament into his mouth. It explodes, weakening Krampus and causing him to shrink back down. Without another word, he fades away into the night. Santa’s list consequently shrinks back down in the beak of Chloe’s Zord.

With the battle won, Santa requests one more favor of the Rangers—with the day having passed, his gift delivery is overdue, so he needs the Rangers to help deliver the gifts in their Zords. The Rangers happily agree to help, and Santa uses his stealth magic to camouflage the Zords. With the gifts sorted by country, the Rangers each take a certain section of the world to deliver them to. Marv asks for a sample of the Battlizer technology that Santa used, but Santa tells him that they’ll get the tools they need when the time is right. He sends the Rangers off to help deliver the gifts.

Once the job is finished, the Rangers return to the North Pole to indulge in a few more snacks with Santa. He thanks them for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive, then directs them back to where they first arrived, by the North Pole sign. The time ship is waiting there, and Jack opens the door to let them in so they can continue their journey.

Season 1, Episode 9: Dr. Tommy Oliver Returns

Jack exits the time ship along with Dr. Tommy Oliver to greet the other HyperForce Rangers. Confused by Dr. Oliver’s presence, the Rangers fill Jack in with their recent adventure with Santa and Jack in turn explains to the other Rangers that from his perspective the Rangers had been missing for several weeks and not just hours. In those weeks that the Rangers were missing Jack explains that he and Alpha 55 did an extensive search for them and were able to reprogram the time ship to detect time anomalies in the process. As a result, they were able to detect “The Leader” in Reefside in the year 2005 attempting to find Dr. Anton Mercer and revive his alter ego Mesogog. Jack explains that while in 2005 he met Dr. Oliver who in turn offered his expertise in finding the Rangers, eventually bringing the time ship to the North Pole in 1985.

The HyperForce Rangers and Dr. Oliver return to Reefside in the year 2005 to discover that Dr. Mercer is missing and Dr. Oliver’s friend Hayley is in the process of destroying his newly rebuilt underground headquarters, having prior been destroyed by Zeltrax. Eddie uses his focus ability to neutralize Hayley and they see a news broadcast where “The Leader” is demanding for Dr. Mercer and his alter ego Mesogog for his plans. The Rangers learn that Hayley’s actions were the result of being exposed to a strange gas being emitted from Hayley’s Cyber Cafe. The Rangers use their power to temporarily charge the Black Dino Gem so that Dr. Oliver can become the Black Dino Ranger once more and then they head to the Cyber Cafe.

At the Cyber Cafe the Rangers discover the Putties and a horse plant hybrid Perfume Pony monster. The Rangers manage to drive off the people infected by the gas and discover that the Perfume Pony is the source of the gas. Eddie and Vesper are infected by the gas, but are brought back to their senses after taking blows to their heads.

As the putties are defeated by Dr. Oliver and the other Rangers, Jack uses one of Dr. Oliver’s borrowed gas masks to smother the Perfume Pony in its own gas causing the monster to grow. Alpha 55 works on an antidote to the gas and part of the HyperForce team begins to cryogenically freeze the infected civilians attacking them. Dr. Oliver summons the Mezodon Megazord and the other Rangers follow him to suppress the Perfume Pony. Calling upon the HyperForce Zords, the Perfume Pony is badly damaged. Dr. Oliver finishes the monster off with his Brachio Staff, sealing the monster underground. Using their combined powers the antidote is then dispersed around Reefside saving the civilians.

Dr. Oliver receives a phone call from Dr. Mercer, who is at Mercer Industries. They head to Mercer Industries and discover a badly injured Mercer surrounded by Putties. The Putties are driven off and Mercer is healed by Dr. Oliver using the HyperForce Rangers’ healing charge technology. Mercer begins changing into Mesogog, brought back to life due to residual Dino DNA still in Mercer’s system. The Rangers learn from Mercer and the partially revived Mesogog that they refused to help “The Leader” in his plan of conquest, a plan that is revealed to be somehow tied to Zordon. Alpha 55 detects a disturbance on the other side of Reefside and the Rangers attempt to use the gas antidote to help Mercer rid himself of Mesogog, but with little success. Dr. Oliver decides to stay behind to help Mercer in preventing Mesogog from fully reviving as the Rangers say their goodbyes and head off to check out the disturbance.

Season 1, Episode 10: Family

The HyperForce Rangers arrive at the disturbance on the other side of Reefside and discover the stolen time ship. Scorpina confronts the HyperForce Rangers as the stolen time ship slips away into a time stream. After a brief battle, Scorpina is knocked unconscious and the HyperForce Rangers decide to take her prisoner aboard their time ship as they jump into a time stream to follow after the stolen time ship.

Failing to learn any new information from Scorpina, Eddie forms his own hypothesis based on Mercer and Mesogog’s information that “The Leader” may be trying to prevent Zordon’s death and the subsequent energy wave that resulted from it from destroying most of the United Alliance of Evil back in 1998. Using an unknown electrical power, Scorpina breaks free of her imprisonment and severely cripples the Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship’s systems. The Hyperforce Rangers split up to search the ship for Scorpina with part of the team heading to engineering and the other part heading to the living quarters.

The Rangers are then visited by various demonic visions based on their past lives and dreams for the future. Jack sees his deceased robot dog. Marv is visited by his missing brother Joe and Eddie sees his childhood sweetheart and now ex-fiancee Bianca. Vesper sees a vision of a cool Eddie and Chloe must come to terms with the appearance of her deceased mother. The Hyperforce Rangers come to the conclusion that the visions are tied in some way to Scorpina using information from the police notes that Jack made with Alpha 55 when he was searching for the other Rangers.

Uncertain what is real and what is fake they decide to disclose information about their pasts with each other to prove that they are indeed the real Rangers and not just illusions. Marv discloses how he faked being a Time Force officer in order to find his missing brother and was subsequently turned in by Jack. Chloe speaks of her deceased parents and explains that she steals things for those who are less fortunate. It is revealed that the Alpha 55 in the medical bay is fake and the real Alpha 55 uses a chest cannon to blow the fake Alpha 55 through the side of the time ship leaving a gaping hole.

The fake Alpha 55, Scorpina, and demonic visions are all revealed to actually be the shape shifting monster Primator. After a brief battle, the Primator grows and the Rangers call upon the Chronos Hyperforce Megazord’s Phoenix formation. Primator proves too strong and rips off the Megazord’s arms. The Rangers leave their cockpits and attempt to use their cannons to defeat the monster, but Primator avoids the damage and further trashes the Hyperforce Zords before shrinking back to normal size. Using the subterfuge of rocks, trees, Bianca and chipmunks to manipulate the Rangers, Primator separates and overcomes Marv.

Using Mesogog’s invisiportal technology stolen from Mercer Industries, Primator kidnaps Marv and escapes to rejoin “The Leader” aboard the stolen time ship. Uncertain of where they are, the remaining Hyperforce Rangers are left stranded with their time ship in need of desperate repair. The Hyperforce Rangers are then confronted by knights on horseback who accuse them of witch craft after seeing Alpha 55 cloak himself and the damaged time ship out of fear. Alpha 55 contacts the Hyperforce Rangers to let them know that the ship’s sensors indicate that they are stranded in the 6th century AD.

Season 1, Episode 11: A Ranger in King Arthur’s Court

The HyperForce Rangers are led by the knights to their castle of Camelot where they meet Lady Guinevere and Merlin. The knights identify themselves as the knights of the Round Table: Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad, and Eddie’s ancestor Sir Edward Banks II. The Hyperforce Rangers explain to Guinevere how the “magic” of their time ship had caused them to end up their kingdom, how their team leader Marv was kidnapped, and how they are now stranded due to the damage that the time ship had endured.

Guinevere and Merlin agree to have their finest blacksmiths help the Hyperforce Rangers in repairing their time ship in exchange for the Rangers’ own help in finding Camelot’s missing leader, King Arthur, and destroying the red dragon that is believed to be responsible for both his disappearance and the mass devastation throughout the kingdom. The Hyperforce Rangers agree to help and then excuse themselves to freshen up for dinner before discussing a plan with Guinevere and Merlin in accomplishing their goals. Vesper decides at this time to pretend to be a man while Chloe decides to introduce Guinevere to invention of world’s first burrito.

The castle comes under attack from the red dragon, but Guinevere manages to chase it away with an arrow attack to the dragon’s eye. Eddie, uncertain of his fate in the future after having met his ancestor, decides to give Sir Edward love advice to help ensure that someday he’ll still be born. As the Rangers retire for the night, Jack learns more from Lancelot about Arthur’s disappearance, the magic crystals that Guinevere and the knights received from Merlin, and the deaths of the knights Percival and Tristan.

The next day the Hyperforce Rangers, Guinevere and the knights set off for the cave of the dragon. Eddie becomes concerned that Sir Edward is also coming along, knowing that if Sir Edward were to die it would also mean an end to his existence. While trying to find their bearings in the dark woods they confront a werewolf that attacks Guinevere’s pet dragon and injure it; reverting it back into a villager that they then send off back to the castle on horseback for medical attention.

After leaving the woods they are attacked near an ocean-side cliff first by harpies and then by sirens. Guinevere and the knights use their gems to morph into more powerful Ranger-like knight forms. Chloe also morphs and drives off the harpies with her whirlwind attack, but Sir Edward falls from the cliff. Eddie, Guinevere, and Chloe each try to save Sir Edward, but the allure of the sirens’ song proves too powerful to overcome in a direct confrontation. Guinevere and the Hyperforce Rangers instead use a song of their own to drive off the sirens.

Finally arriving at the abandoned village and cave of the red dragon the Hyperforce, Guinevere, and knights confront the red dragon in battle. After several attacks and massive damage, Eddie and Sir Edward use the combined power of their water attacks within the dragon’s mouth and cause the dragon to implode on itself in a massive fireball. Jack then launches the fireball down a well extinguishing it. It is revealed that the red dragon was in fact King Arthur all along, having been cursed by Morgan le Fay.

The Hyperforce Rangers use their healing charge technology to heal Arthur. As thanks for their help Guinevere and Arthur reward the Hyperforce Rangers with a pink magic crystal similar to the ones that the knights used. Saying their goodbyes to Guinevere, Arthur, Sir Edward and the rest of the knights; Alpha 55 has the Hyperforce Rangers teleport back to the now repaired time ship. The Hyperforce Rangers then send a message back to the Time Force Academy in the year 3017 to apprise them of the situation in hopes that Professor Scotts may have a means of finding and saving Marv

Season 1, Episode 12: Save Marv

Its been three days since the HyperForce Rangers sent their message to Time Force and Jen Scotts in the year 3017. Getting desperate for a sign of Marv’s location Vesper attempts a seance with the rest of the Rangers and Alpha 55. Unexpectedly it works to a degree and they make a brief connection to Marv and Alpha 55 gets a lock on the stolen time ship traveling within the normal time stream.

The Rangers then receive a reply back from Jen Scotts who informs them that she can not assist them at this time due to dealing with “The Alliance” still present in the year 3017, but that she was going to send back an agent to help assist them. Not knowing who this agent was or when they would arrive the HyperForce Rangers decide to drop from the hyper stream to the normal time stream to pursue the stolen time ship and begin to experience a similar turbulence to the last time they attempted to follow the stolen time ship so closely.

Meanwhile aboard the stolen time ship “The Leader” continues his relentless torture and interrogation of Marv trying to ascertain how the Rangers are tracking his stolen ship so easily, yet he is not able to track the HyperForce’s ship. Marv attempts to buy time and feed misinformation to “The Leader” stating that they planted a tracker aboard the stolen ship. Finding Marv useless, “The Leader” decides that Alpha 55 must be the key and sends the Primator monster through an invisi-portal back to the HyperForce’s ship to kidnap Alpha.

Primator disguises itself as Marv, but the Rangers aren’t buying it. Eddie, remembering from what he read in the archives of when the Mighty Morphin Rangers faced Primator, decides to use a mirrored piece of the ship to reveal the Primator’s identity. Unfazed, the Primator uses the image of Jack’s robot dog and Chloe’s deceased mom to escape and further mess with the Rangers while searching the ship for Alpha 55.

Back aboard the stolen time ship, Marv is freed from his cell by a mysterious Time Force Silver Ranger with the ability to cloak himself invisible. The Silver Ranger reveals himself to be Joe, Marv’s brother. Marv, under duress from several days of sleep deprivation and mental torture by “The Leader” and Primator, refuses to believe Joe; thinking that he is Primator further trying to mess with his head. After some convincing, Marv eventually leaves the cell with alarms sounding, causing Putties to head toward the cell room. Joe claims that in order to get off the ship they need to destroy the main command room and Marv taps into one of the stolen ship’s computers to bring up map schematics of the ship. Marv destroys a large group of Putties, but is then confronted by Velchanos and a group of newly created Putties. Joe distracts Velchanos and the Putties as Marv sneaks away into the main command room being operated by Scorpina.

Back on the time ship, Vesper tries to ram the stolen time ship in order to get it to drop its shields to teleport Marv, but without success. Eddie attempts to follow Jack’s advice of locking Primator in the pocket dimension, but finds himself locked inside instead. Vesper and Chloe then attempt to lure Primator to the airlock to eject him out into the time stream. Not falling for the trick, Primator grabs Alpha and tries to make an escape through an invisi-portal. Chloe shoots Primator in the back while disguised as her mother; then Jack throws himself in the way, freeing Alpha. Vesper in turn frees Jack with an attack and opens the airlock. Chloe uses the power of the pink gem she received from Lady Guinevere to summon a Knight-like Battlizer form and blasts Primator out of the airlock, seemingly destroying the monster.

Back aboard the stolen time ship, Marv sneaks into the engineering section and begins to smash the electronics, disabling the shields. Alpha detects two Ranger signatures and locks on to Marv, teleporting him away just before Scorpina and “The Leader” can destroy him. Marv informs the other Rangers that while he can’t say for certainty, he was saved by a Time Force Silver Ranger that may be his lost brother Joe. Joe then teleports to the HyperForce’s time ship.

The Rangers try to get answers but are further confused when Joe refuses to fill them in as to why he was missing or what he is currently doing. Joe says his goodbyes and then teleports away. The Rangers then briefly discuss what Marv saw aboard the stolen ship, why “The Leader” thinks Alpha 55 may be important, why “The Leader” is unable to track the HyperForce time ship, how the Rangers were able to connect to Marv briefly through their bond to the Morphin Grid and the possibility of tracking Joe through that same connection. The Rangers then decide to jump back into the hyper stream in order to repair their damaged ship and regroup before the stolen time ship has a chance to retaliate.

Season 1, Episode 13: What Happened to Rita Repulsa

Eddie, discouraged by being unable to make progress in stopping “The Alliance”, seeks assurance from Jack that they’ll be victorious in their mission to save the future. Jack and Eddie then confide in each other more about their past, from Jack’s parents losing their lives in a war when Jack was young to Eddie having difficulties with stepping out of the shadow of his family’s legacy.

Meanwhile Chloe, suffering from junk food withdrawal, searches the ship for Vesper desperately in the hope that the kitchen can be repaired. Alpha 55 hears Chloe crying for Vesper and tries to calm her down while trying to cover for Vesper’s disappearance by telling Chloe that Vesper is napping.

Chloe then goes off to find Marv, who is currently in the simulator repeatedly reliving his nightmare on board the stolen time ship as a prisoner. Concerned for Marv, Chloe has a talk with him about his brother’s secret mission. Marv tells Chloe he feels like he is unworthy to be the leader of the HyperForce Rangers. Chloe in turn confesses that she feels similar with her role as a Ranger and that the only reason she joined Time Force was to find answers about her own parents disappearance, even if it meant stealing the information from Time Force itself.

Alpha 55 joins them in the simulator and surprises Chloe with a repaired food replicator, but needs Chloe’s help in entering the recipes. Chloe takes this time to also have Alpha 55 contact Time Force with her concern for Marv and his brother’s secret mission. A short time later, the Hyperforce Rangers discuss “The Alliance” intentions some more but with little progress when Alpha 55 picks up a time anomaly in the town of Briarwood in the year 2005. Not wanting to be a step behind yet again, Jack asks Alpha 55 if its possible to teleport there a day early to stop “The Alliance” to which Alpha 55 complies.

While in Briarwood, the Hyperforce Rangers track an energy signature to a candy store before hearing the sirens of several fire trucks. The Hyperforce Rangers arrive at a burning apartment building and spring into action to save any lives inside. Alpha 55 then detects the time anomaly occurring ahead of schedule and teleports the Hyperforce Rangers to the site where they meet the Mystic Mother in the Mystic Dimension.

Mystic Mother confesses that she had sensed the HyperForce Rangers and had actually been the one to summon them there. Mystic Mother learns from the HyperForce Rangers the plan to revive Zordon and tells them about her past as Rita Repulsa and that Zordon’s revival must be stopped at all cost to maintain the future. Mystic Mother then helps Chloe, Marv, Eddie and Jack confront their insecurities to unlock their full potential with upgraded weapons for the entire team, before teleporting the Rangers back to their time ship.

Back aboard the time ship, Chloe receives a reply back from Time Force with declassified files on Marv’s brother and his secret mission. The HyperForce Rangers decide to follow up on the secret mission lead and set the time ship to the year 2025

Season 1, Episode 14: SPD Emergency

The Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship arrives at Newtech City in the year 2025. Vesper wakes from her nap and attempts another seance to make a connection to Joe, but Alpha 55 has a better plan and takes a DNA sample from Marv and uses that sample in conjunction with the ship’s sensors to track people with a similar DNA signature. Alpha 55 manages to make a connection with Joe, but the signature is weak enough that there is a half hour lag. The Hyperforce Rangers arrive at the apartment of Adonis Washington and are confronted by Detective Lina Song of S.P.D.’s D-Squad when a proton accelerator is mysteriously stolen. The Hyperforce Rangers attempt to remain incognito by passing themselves off as “H-Squad” from planet Kaien’s S.P.D. division. Detective Song and the Hyperforce Rangers track the proton accelerator’s signature to the Oak’s Furniture Company where they are confronted by a furniture pirate themed mutant known as Captain Pegs and his monstrous pet macaw known as Birdie. After a brief skirmish with both monsters, Chloe uses the Gem to enter her Pink Battle Warrior form and exposes the monsters’ mutant DNA with a blast, making them grow. The Hyperforce Rangers combine their recently upgraded weapons from Mystic Mother to form the Hyper Vortex Cannon and destroy Birdie. Captain Pegs retaliates, but Eddie makes quick work of the monster by making its wooden body swell with water till exploding. Detective Song then takes the Hyperforce Rangers to meet with Commander Anubis “Doggie” Cruger for debriefing. Cruger is suspicious of the Hyperforce Rangers’ cover story of being “H-Squad”, but he does believe them enough to let them tag along and look for their undercover officer as S.P.D. tracks down the stolen proton accelerator while the A-Squad Rangers are off-world and B-Squad is still in training to become Rangers. With Detective Song’s surveillance equipment the Hyperforce Rangers go undercover to follow a lead on Captain Peg’s employer, a frog mutant known as Napoleon Wrench, that takes them to a seedy hideout for misfit teens. While there, Eddie is mistaken for his ancestor from 2025, Johnny Banks. Napoleon Wrench calls a meeting with all the misfit teens and reveals that their plans will soon come to fruition now that he is in possession of the proton accelerator thanks to Maxwell. Napoleon then names Maxwell as his personal guard as Maxwell is revealed from a distance to the Hyperforce Rangers to be Joe Shih in disguise.

Season 1, Episode 15: Absorption

The Hyperforce Rangers attempt to make there way to Joe while remaining inconspicuous. Joe recognizes Vesper in the crowd and attempts to maintain his cover as “Maxwell” by dispatching one of the teens, the lobster armed mutant Jackson, to deal with her stating that she may be dangerous. Napoleon is alerted by Jackson to the detection of someone or something from the future. Joe tells Napoleon that he will deal with the problem, but not wanting to risk losing the proton accelerator for their beacon to initiate the “Absorption”, Napoleon instead chooses to have himself and Joe retreat to another room in the building while alerting the mutant teens to deal with the threat. Jack tries to create a diversion and lure some of the mutant teens away by saying there is free ice cream, but only succeeds in distracting Chloe instead. Jack resigns himself to pretending to be a mutant using a boot. Under Marv’s advisement, Chloe then decides to “Power Streak” by stripping off Detective Song’s coat and damaging it in process, much to Song’s dismay, before running away from the crowd of mutants. Vesper uses her hologram ability to look like a lizard mutant and distracts even more mutants into looking for a lost purse and dog. Joe convinces Napoleon to let him go back and deal with the problem and uses the opportunity to go invisible to tamper with the proton accelerator. Marv goes to help Vesper escape the mutants while Eddie comes to Chloe’s aid and destroys an incoming barrel, hurting Chloe in the process. Eddie and Chloe then combine their powers to create a wall of water to wash many of the mutant teens away. With Joe taking too long to reply back, Napoleon checks on the proton accelerator and catches “Maxwell” in the process of tampering with it. Napoleon reprimands Joe physically, but Joe manages to barely talk himself out of the situation as the two retreat from the hideout with the proton accelerator to the barge. Detective Song takes the Hyperforce Rangers back to S.P.D.’s headquarters for severely botching the mission to retrieve the proton accelerator. Cruger and Song separate the Hyperforce Rangers into different cells and begin to interrogate them more severely after Cruger learns from S.P.D.’s main command that there is no “H-Squad” or S.P.D. division on the planet Kaien. While being interrogated, each Hyperforce Ranger takes a different tactic to dealing with Cruger and Song. Chloe refuses commands to power down and acts overall aloof. Vesper cracks dog jokes, howls from her cell, and morphs; forgetting that S.P.D. was already aware that she could. Eddie is unable to take the pressure, freaking out completely. He cracks, spilling his guts within only a literal matter of seconds, but Cruger and Song are unable to fully comprehend due to the speed at which he had said it. Cruger tries to confirm Eddie’s story with Jack, who will only recite his rank and serial number. Cruger then tries again with Marv who becomes the most confrontational of the five. Back at the barge, Joe continues to tamper with the proton accelerator while hooking it up to the beacon. Joe attempts to warn one of the more trustful teens, the turtle legged mutant Carl, to leave before it is too late. Napoleon overhears Joe and notices that he is tampering with the proton accelerator yet again. Enraged, Napoleon decides that “Maxwell” can’t be trusted and attempts to have him eliminated. Joe blows his cover and reveals that he is with Time Force. Unable to defeat Napoleon in a head on head confrontation, Joe attempts to destroy the proton accelerator. The proton is accelerator is activated instead, badly injuring Joe and vaporizing Napoleon. The pulse makes S.P.D. aware that the beacon has been activated and the Hyperforce Rangers are released to deal with the problem; with Song giving the Hyperforce Rangers a “one use” healing charge replica. The stolen time ship lands and “The Leader” appears. The proton accelerator is removed from the beacon and given to Velchanos to repair the stolen time ship. Scorpina relays to “The Leader” that the ship is being repaired, but the reboot sequence has initiated a security protocol requiring a Time Force signature. “The Leader” begins to absorb the life force energy of the mutant teens, but Joe interferes. The saved mutant teens try to flee as the Hyperforce Rangers arrive within their Hyper Zords. Eddie, with Chloe’s help, uses S.P.D.’s “one use” healing charge replica to heal Joe making “The Leader” aware to their presence. Jack then damages “The Leader” with a barrage of missiles. “The Leader” tosses Joe while taking his morpher and, despite Vesper’s efforts to protect the mutant teens, finishes to absorb their life force energy. “The Leader” then returns to the stolen time ship, activating it with the stolen morpher, and re-enters the time stream. The Hyperforce Rangers activate their own healing charge technology to revive Carl, but don’t have enough energy to revive the other mutant teens. Detective Song contacts the Hyperforce Rangers to say that S.P.D. will take care of the unconscious mutant teens. The Hyperforce Rangers then board their time ship as Alpha 55 sets the tracking signal to Joe’s stolen morpher and enters the time stream to chase after the stolen time ship.

Season 1, Episode 16: Homecoming

The Hyperforce Rangers, with Joe recovering in the medical bay, follow the stolen time ship two years further into the future to the year 2027 where they arrive at an off-world S.P.D. correctional facility on the planet Y37. “The Leader” breaks into the facility and frees the S.P.D. A-Squad from their imprisonment for police corruption and treason against S.P.D. by aligning with the Troobian Empire. Jack suggests that it may be in the team’s best interest to capture the A-Squad’s Red Ranger, Charlie and interrogate her for information. Vesper however has another plan and builds a pair of bombs with the hope of destroying the facility against the other Hyperforce Ranger’s better judgement. As A-Squad infiltrates the watchtower and harasses the guard, the Hyperforce Rangers discuss the best way to infiltrate the facility. Ignoring the conversation, Vesper throws caution to the wind and lets out the battle cry of “Leeroy Jenkins” as she jumps into action. The remaining Hyperforce Rangers immediately jump into action to aid Vesper, but Chloe misjudges her jump and ends up in the moat instead. Vesper threatens to blow up A-Squad with her bombs, forcing them to retreat. Eddie checks on the guard as Chloe uses her whirlwind attack with the water from the moat to slow down A-Squad from escaping. As the other Hyperforce Rangers catch up to Chloe, Vesper uses one of her bombs to injure A-Squad. The A-Squad Rangers attempt to retaliate, but are blinded by the smoke. Using the smoke cloud from the exploded bomb to their advantage, Eddie grabs hold of A-Squad Red and A-Squad Blue is knocked unconscious. With Marv’s help Jack uses his plasma restraints and taser restraints on the pair. Vesper tries to apprehend A-Squad Green, but takes an elbow to face; angering Eddie. As A-Squad Green is defeated Eddie and Vesper quip about the “inferiority” of thinking that a Green Ranger could ever replace a Black Ranger. Chloe uses another whirlwind attack to dispatch of A-Squad Pink and A-Squad Yellow as an unknown S.P.D. Green Ranger shows up responding to the facility’s distress signal. Against Marv’s wishes Chloe, followed by Vesper, dog pile on top of him and A-Squad Red as the unnamed S.P.D. Green Ranger contains the five A-Squad Rangers in cards. The S.P.D. Green Ranger reveals herself to be Song, having been promoted in the two years since she had last seen Hyperforce. She explains that the mutant teens had been brought back to health and that S.P.D. had been helping them find a normal means of living off the street. Vesper starts to shut down, feeling overwhelmed emotionally and homesick; so the other Hyperforce Rangers help her back to the time ship. Enraged at Hyperforce interfering yet again; “The Leader” has the stolen time ship searched and discovers a tracker Joe had planted on board. With the tracker destroyed and the stolen morpher’s signal also gone; the stolen time ship slips back into the time stream. With no clue as what to do next, the Hyperforce Rangers head back to the Time Force Academy in the year 3017. Vesper decides to thank Chloe for helping her earlier during her emotional breakdown by gifting the remaining bomb to her. As Joe debriefs, the Hyperforce Rangers meet up with former classmate Abigail. Vesper and Chloe immediately fill Abigail in on the fun that they’ve had experimenting with “illegal” substances of the 31st century; such as sugar, caffeine and trans fats. Abigail then informs them as to what has been happening with “The Alliance” in the year 3017 and they become alerted to the fact that additional time ships had been stolen since the initial ship “The Leader” stole. The four cadets officially graduate in an informal ceremony, becoming full-fledged Time Force officers. Jack is also promoted a rank. The Hyperforce Rangers then decide to split up to each handle some personal matters before returning to their mission. Vesper and Jack confront Vesper’s parents to learn that she was a synthetic organism pioneered by the late man who was both the creator of the Cyclobot technology and their employer; Dr. Louis Fericks. They explain that they had rescued a young Vesper from burning to death the night that the lab was destroyed and how she was named for the star in the night’s sky on that fateful day. Meanwhile, Eddie confronts Bianca and they mutually decide to break their arranged engagement, to be nothing more than business partners and casual friends. After showing off her Ranger outfit around the Time Force Academy, Chloe confesses to Abigail why she joined Time Force and asks Abigail to search for more information on her parents. Marv and Joe have a heart to heart about his secret mission, the suffering its caused and how Joe was unaware that his and Hyperforce’s missions were connected. The brothers then confront their parents with the news that Joe is alive. A short time later the Hyperforce Rangers meet up and Vesper has gifts in hand from home. Much to Jack’s displeasure, he learns that Vesper also secretly took the family dog despite warning her about his phobia to small animals. The Hyperforce Rangers arrive at the burned out remains of the lab where they meet other synthetic organisms created by Dr. Fericks. They reveal to Vesper that they had witnessed the destruction of the lab 17 years earlier at the hands of a mutant known as Ransik and that they had helped Dr. Fericks rebuild himself into the cyborg Frax. Vesper vows that she will help her “sibling” synthetic organisms get revenge on Ransik for what he had done to their “father” Dr. Fericks.

Season 1, Episode 17: Director Ransik

The Hyperforce Rangers inform Vesper that as a Time Force officer it may not be in her best interest to help her synthetic “siblings” Spencer, Rory, Jocelyn and Josh in their attempt to get revenge on Ransik now that he has reformed from his criminal ways. The Hyperforce Rangers promise to investigate the matter further, but the synthetics become impatient and further pressure Vesper to help them in their plan for revenge. Vesper refuses and the synthetics attempt to take their leave. Joe teleports in front of the synthetics and tries to stop them making the synthetics become confrontational. As the synthetics make their escape, Eddie and Vesper pull the child like synthetic Josh aside and discover that he is unable to speak due to a malfunctioning voice box. Vesper uses the healing charge technology to repair Josh’s ability to speak. The Hyperforce Rangers attempt to gain Josh’s trust with one of Chloe’s “aged” burritos. Marv’s attempt to heat the burrito goes awry turning the peace offering to ash, but Joe manages salvage the situation by revealing he still has some food he packed from the visit home. The Hyperforce Rangers decide to make their way to City Hall in order to find out Ransik’s latest whereabouts. Joe begins to get cold feet and decides that he has to take care of something before he confronts Ransik. The Hyperforce Rangers pressure Joe into telling them what the problem is. Joe reveals that he was “sort of” engaged to Ransik’s daughter Nadira before he “disappeared” on his secret mission without informing her. The Hyperforce Rangers excuse Joe to take care of the situation as they arrive at City Hall. Vesper comes to the realization that she left her dog Yappy behind at the burned down lab. Chloe responds by pulling the dog from her tote and announces that she has arbitrarily renamed the dog Burrito. Finding the Mutant Rehabilitation Center’s doors locked, the Hyperforce Rangers learn from Jack’s former boss Chief Petell that Ransik has taken some rehabilitated mutants to the animal shelter to take care of the animals as part of their rehabilitation therapy. Chief Petell then informs Jack that he needs to clean out his old office now that he is a Hyperforce Ranger, much to Jack’s disdain. At the animal shelter, the Hyperforce Rangers confront Ransik about the synthetics and learn from Ransik about how he was indeed responsible for both the lab’s destruction as well as the final fate of Dr. Fericks after having become the cyborg Frax. At Nadira’s house, Joe learns that Nadira has gone to the animal shelter to help her father. Back at the shelter, Josh attempts to destroy Ransik, but the Hyperforce Rangers attempt to distract him. Chloe suggests that throwing Josh in a cage might work, but Vesper considers that “babysitting” may require them having to sit on “baby” Josh instead. Joe arrives at the shelter to talk to Nadira as Josh informs the Hyperforce Rangers that he has telepathically contacted his synthetic “siblings” to alert them of Ransik’s presence. As the Hyperforce Rangers attempt to protect Ransik from the synthetics, Vesper manages to tap into Jocelyn’s mind and gives Jack enough time to put Jocelyn into stasis. Eddie restrains Josh as Vesper taps into his mind. While inside Josh’s mind, Josh informs Vesper that he cannot help but want revenge due to his current programming. Vesper promises Josh that she will help to reprogram him. Chloe manages to put restraints on Spencer, but Spencer breaks away from Chloe and uses the restraints to ricochet Marv’s taser blasts back into him. Jack blocks Rory from attacking Ransik as Joe complies to Nadira’s pleas to save her father and teleports in to flip Rory to the ground. Vesper manages to transfer her memories of love, family and friendship into Josh; quelling the flames of “vengeance” that were burning in his mind. With Josh saved, Josh disengages from Vesper and in turn engages Spencer’s mind. Eddie then rushes Vesper to Rory who engages his mind with a kiss. Vesper then complicates things further by sending mixed signals to Eddie in telling him how they can never be more than friends all the while kissing him. Heartbroken, Eddie seeks comfort from Jack and Joe. With three of the synthetics freed of their need for revenge, Jack releases Jocelyn from her stasis so that the same can be done for her. Overwhelmed by all that has happened, Vesper tells the synthetics that she can never be a part of their family as she never grew up with them. Vesper decides she needs some alone time and goes off to think about the recent events. Joe decides to stay behind for a bit to finish his conversation with Nadira and Ransik. Marv and Eddie return to Time Force Academy to prepare the time ship for departure while Chloe and Jack go back to City Hall to clean out Jack’s old office. As Jack reminisces about his beat cop days with Chloe, Chief Petell and Jack’s old cop buddies show up to give Jack a proper send-off for his new promotion. As they continue to talk Jack learns from Chief Petell that there is a janitor by the name of Steven Lang that is currently in custody who seems to have intimate knowledge of what “The Alliance” has in plan. Jack contacts the other Hyperforce Rangers about the potential lead as he and Chloe interrogate the janitor and learn that aside from saving Zordon “The Alliance” plans to amass an armada of alien ships from the year 2014.

Season 1, Episode 18: Stage 4: The Armada

Following up on the new lead from the janitor the Hyperforce Rangers learn more from Alpha 55 about the Warstar Armada that invaded earth in the year 2014. Alpha 55 informs the Hyperforce Rangers that one of the Rangers responsible for the Armada’s defeat came from the planet Andresia who’s population was decimated by the Armada. The Hyperforce Rangers decide that this alien Ranger may be able to inform them more about this Armada and travel to the planet Andresia sometime during the year 2013 or 2014; just shortly after the population of Andresia was destroyed by the Armada. Chloe chooses to remain in her Ranger form and throws on Song’s ripped trench coat as a disguise. The Hyperforce Rangers become concerned and a tad disgusted as Vesper decides to address Chloe directly about her questionable hygiene for wearing her Ranger costume for weeks on end. Chloe agrees they may be right but nonchalantly chooses to remain morphed anyway. On the planet surface, they meet Orion who is fishing. Vesper confronts Orion and scares away his fish, annoying Orion to a degree. As Vesper reprograms their morphers with a tongue lick to understand Orion’s language Eddie makes up for Vesper’s transgression by catching two fish for Orion. As Chloe reveals herself to Orion, she is mistaken for a robot by Orion. Angered, Chloe has to be restrained by the other Hyperforce Rangers from attacking Orion. Vesper informs the other Hyperforce Rangers that she has a plan for taking care of the Armada, stating that the remnants of the Venjix virus still remain within her. Orion fills Jack in on how he used to mine ore, how the Armada ships have been loading up on the various ores of the planet, and how he failed to capture an Armada ship after downing it. As Jack continues to learn more from Orion about his past, Vesper mistakes what Orion says as a pickup line and runs off telling Orion that she can’t live with hurting another person emotionally. Eddie talks with Marv about how lonely he is seeing how the other Hyperforce Rangers interact with each other. Marv attempts to comfort Eddie, telling him that the Hyperforce Rangers are only so close because of his efforts. Feeling better, Eddie and Marv rejoin Jack and Orion as Orion informs them of how he found his morpher while mining at the quarry. Chloe finds Vesper moping and tries to get her to come back to the rest of the group. Vesper tells Chloe that she thinks that she is broken and has been since Venjix had infected her. Vesper tries to run a diagnostic on herself, but with little success. As the girls make their way back to the rest of the group an Armada ship flies by. The Hyperforce Rangers and Orion follow the Armada ship to the woods. As The Hyperforce Rangers and Orion take cover behind a rock, Eddie combines his water attack with Chloe’s whirlwind attack to create a water spout hurricane attack and down an Armada ship. As the remaining Armada ships flee with the recovered X-Borg pilot, the Hyperforce Rangers commandeer the downed Armada ship and start making repairs. Using the remnants of the Venjix virus Vesper configures a new form of the virus and installs it into the repaired Armada ship with a tongue lick, turning the ship into a literal Trojan horse. Marv informs Orion that it is imperative to preserve the timeline and that he should come up with a cover story to explain how he captured the Armada ship. Chloe suggests that he should say he shot it down with a bow, but Orion decides to go with a slingshot instead. Vesper has Alpha 55 teleport her dog Burrito down and attempts to give the dog to Orion, though Orion declines the offer. Orion says his goodbyes and takes off in the Armada ship as the Hyperforce Rangers return to their time ship. The Hyperforce Rangers travel back to earth slightly farther in the future of the year 2014 having detected a time anomaly during the day of the Legendary Battle. The Hyperforce Rangers are confronted by a message from “The Leader” informing them that they are too late to stop him. Chloe activates her Pink Battle Warrior form and enters Emperor Mavro’s lead Armada ship as Troy and Orion crash Orion’s Armada ship into the side of the lead ship. With Vesper’s help, Chloe activates the reconfigured Venjix virus, causing the lead ship to blast many of the smaller Armada ships. Scorpina and Velchanos attempt to abduct the remaining Armada ships for “The Alliance” to use, but are forced to retreat after finding their efforts are in vain due to the spreading Venjix virus. As Chloe makes her escape from the lead Armada ship, she uses her whirlwind blast to knock Troy and Orion to safety from the exploding ship. Chloe is damaged from the explosion and is forced to power down to her normal Ranger mode. The Hyperforce Rangers return to their time ship and monitor the Super Megaforce Rangers destroying Emperor Mavro while keeping “The Alliance” at bay. With an army of X-Borgs and Bruisers approaching, the Hyperforce Rangers witness the arrival of every legendary Power Ranger and the start of the Legendary Battle. Eddie begs Alpha 55 to let them join in despite the chance of altering the future and Alpha 55 agrees that the legendary Rangers could use the help. During the battle the Hyperforce Rangers come to the aid of many of the legendary Rangers unnoticed, though Marv gets Dr. Oliver’s attention when Marv has an epic fail and runs off to hide. Knowing that the Hyperforce Rangers shouldn’t be there, Dr. Oliver tries to get the Hyperforce Rangers to leave before they alter the timeline too severely. With the battle won the Hyperforce Rangers offer to return Orion home to Andresia so that he can search for any survivors from the Armada attack. The Hyperforce Rangers then return to the time stream to continue their mission.

Season 1, Episode 19: Shattered Grid Part 1

The Hyperforce Rangers become concerned and have Alpha 55 double check to be certain that their plan to sabotage the Armada had been completely successful. Alpha 55 confirms that the modified Venjix virus was completely successful and had spread to the ships beyond earth. Even with their success against “The Alliance” plan to acquire the Armada ships, the Hyperforce Rangers continue to be unsettled now knowing that additional time ships were stolen from Time Force and not having any other leads to follow up on beyond preserving Zordon’s death in 1998. Vesper decides to post about preserving Zordon’s death through social media sites. As Vesper and Chloe nearly coerce Marv into singing with them an alarm sounds out. Alpha 55 declares that a dark energy has emerged from the normal time stream and somehow entered the hyper stream. Believing that “The Alliance” may have obtained the ability to enter the hyper stream from one of the additional time ships they had stolen the Hyperforce Rangers decide to investigate. The Hyperforce Rangers find themselves back in Newtech City at an unknown point in time. As they survey the city from their time ship the Hyperforce Rangers find the city oddly familiar and yet different in a surreal dystopian sense. The Hyperforce Rangers decide to go down on foot to get a better look. Vesper overhears an announcement that the curfew was now in effect as Chloe spies a group of individuals that resemble multiple Mighty Morphin Black Rangers. Eddie decides to investigate the mysterious group of Black Rangers further when he is hit with a spotlight and told to drop to his knees. Vesper tries to come to Eddie’s aid, but is also stopped. Not tolerant of Vesper’s antics, one of the Black Rangers hits Vesper upside the head with the butt of his gun. Marv gains the attention of the Black Rangers as he morphs in a massive explosion and takes out the Black Ranger that had hit Vesper. Chloe and Jack join in on the fight as Eddie kicks the unconscious Black Ranger for hurting Vesper. Eddie then disarms another Black Ranger and tosses the gun at the Black Ranger manning the spot light from the guard tower to take him out. Dazed and possibly suffering from a concussion, Vesper morphs with the awkward phrase of “Its Torphin Mime” and chops down another one of the guard towers with her weapon. As the battle continues on the Hyperforce Rangers are saved by a group of soldiers led by Captain Michael Hicks. On their way to the soldiers base of operations Marv tries to talk to Vesper about being reckless, but Vesper informs Marv that she would rather be injured herself than to have someone she loves get injured as she is more replaceable. As the Hyperforce Rangers continue to follow the soldiers back to their base Captain Hicks recognizes that these Rangers are not of this reality. Captain Hicks informs the Hyperforce Rangers that this is not the first time the resistance, known as “The Coinless”, has met Rangers from an alternate timeline and fills them in on what had happened to their world. Captain Hicks asks the Hyperforce Rangers what they knew of Tommy Oliver’s past, to which they draw a blank despite Eddie’s best effort to remember past Dino Thunder. Captain Hicks informs the Hyperforce Rangers that in most realities Tommy had at one point been the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger under a spell working for Rita Repulsa. Unlike other realities though, when the spell was broken in this reality Tommy chose to remain on the side of evil, helping Rita Repulsa to kill Zordon and most of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers slowly. In a last-ditch effort, the Ninjor of this reality helped to create the White Tiger coin for Jason, but Jason was killed and the coin was claimed by Tommy. With both the Dragon coin and White Tiger coin in hand, Tommy fused the two together to create a new hybrid coin and was renamed Lord Drakkon after one of the warriors who had served Rita Repulsa 10,000 years ago. Using the stolen Mastodon, Sabre-tooth Tiger, Pterodactyl and Tyrannosaurus coins Lord Drakkon created death squadrons known as the Ranger Sentries to enforce Rita Respulsa’s rule upon the earth. Eventually Lord Zedd would also join in on the conquest of earth and captured Newtech City. Lord Drakkon then turned on Rita and Zedd, eventually toppling both and taking complete control of the planet for himself. Captain Hicks further explains that “The Coinless” would eventually be aided by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of an alternate timeline and that the alternate Billy would use the only coin of this reality not stolen, the Triceratops coin, to create an EMP disabling Lord Drakkon and his Ranger Sentries from morphing before those alternate Mighty Morphin Rangers disappeared back to their reality and seemingly taking Lord Drakkon back with them. With a power vacuum left in Lord Drakkon’s absence, the evil forces that were under him have begun to splinter off to take control of the world. The dominant faction is lead by the alternate Mighty Morphin reality’s Scorpina, who seeks the power for herself. Another faction remains loyal to Lord Drakkon and is led by his cyborg assistant Finster 5. The Hyperforce Rangers are disturbed that such a reality could possibly exist. As the Hyperforce Rangers meet the leader of the soldiers they learn that the Colonel is this alternate reality’s version of Lina Song. Seeing the deplorable state that the people live in, Chloe tries to get Alpha 55 to beam down the half rotten junk food from under her bed. Alpha 55 chastises Chloe for the mess, so Vesper promises to Chloe that she’ll reprogram Alpha 55 later so that he doesn’t remember. Colonel Song observes that Vesper and Chloe are rather odd and asks if perhaps they may be “special” to which Chloe responds to with an enthusiastic yes as she goes into Pink Battle Warrior form. Chloe then makes burritos for the soldiers and other Hyperforce Rangers using meat from the assorted animals she could find in the sewers. The Hyperforce Rangers and soldiers come up with a plan to rescue some of “The Coinless” from one of Scorpina’s prisons, but Colonel Song warns that they must be cautious as the Ranger Sentries may unleash “The Great Destroyer” upon them. The soldiers Major Galushi, Scout Fidget and Private Rice decide to sneak into the prison using an underground tunnel while most of the Hyperforce Rangers cause a distraction at the prison’s main gate by using the explosions of Jack’s morph and the spare bomb Vesper had gifted to Chloe after having dealt with the S.P.D. A-Squad. Marv summons his Lion Hyper Zord to deal with the Mastodon and Sabre-tooth Tiger Ranger Sentries as Colonel Song and Vesper make their way to the server room and download documents pertaining to “The Great Destroyer”, the nickname given to this reality’s Serpentera; Lord Zedd’s War Zord. The rescued members of “The Coinless” inform the other soldiers and the Hyperforce Rangers that the person they’ve been calling “Captain Hicks” is an impostor as they witnessed the fate of the real Captain Hicks. “Captain Hicks” reveals himself to be Finster 5’s monster Pumpkin Rapper and starts a rap battle with Eddie. The Hyperforce Rangers do massive damage to Pumpkin Rapper, forcing him to grow in an unstable manner and risking explosion. Jack and Eddie try to save as many of the prisoners as they can while Chloe and Marv blasts Pumpkin Rapper. Rather than continuing the fight, Pumpkin Rapper decides to inflict as much damage as possible by going into self destruct mode and suicide bombs the prison and Hyper Zords. The Hyper Zords remain mostly unscathed from the blast, however Jack and Vesper are both badly injured in the blast with Jack being forced out of morph. The Hyperforce Rangers become disillusioned and emotionally shell-shocked when they realize the full extent of the blast. Many of the Ranger Sentries had been vaporized and nearly all the prisoners they had tried to save were killed. As Marv, Chloe, and Eddie check on Vesper and Jack they are surrounded by incoming trucks filled with Sabre-tooth Tiger Ranger Sentries. A squad of Tyrannosaurus Ranger Sentries then drops in from an airship along with a menacing figure that the Hyperforce Rangers immediately recognize from the propaganda posters. Lord Drakkon has returned.

Season 1, Episode 20: Shattered Grid Part 2

On the eastern coast of the United States a green portal opens and a menacing figure emerges. The figure makes his way to the nearest coffee shop as people run for cover. The figure is revealed to be Lord Drakkon. Lord Drakkon makes a call on his communicator and requests for an immediate transport pickup back to Angel Grove. The Tyrannosaurus Ranger Sentry on other end informs Lord Drakkon that the Scorpina of the alternate Mighty Morphin reality has staged a coup d’état in his absence and has made a play to capture Serpentera. Lord Drakkon changes his plan and informs the Tyrannosaurus Ranger Sentry to have the transport take him to Newtech City instead. Flash forward back to the present, the Hyperforce Rangers are surrounded by Lord Drakkon and the Ranger Sentries. Alpha 55 informs the Hyperforce Rangers that they are in the presence of the dark energy they had detected earlier in the hyper stream. Emotionally distraught by the charred bodies of dead prisoners strewn about, Chloe lets her temper get the better of her and lashes out, attempting to take out Lord Drakkon as Marv tries to hold her back. Lord Drakkon demands that the Hyperforce Rangers submit to his will and help him obtain Serpentera before Scorpina has a chance to activate it. As the Hyperforce Rangers continue to disobey Lord Drakkon decides to show that he is not in the mood to play games. The surviving prisoners and soldiers of “The Coinless” are round up as a demonstration. Lord Drakkon decapitates Private Rice, his head dropping to the ground in front of an emotional Chloe. Marv pleads as Lord Drakkon then begins to order the execution of everyone. Eventually Marv convinces Lord Drakkon that the Hyperforce Rangers will submit to his will and Lord Drakkon lets most of the remaining prisoners and soldiers go, but not before placing an explosive collar around Colonel Song’s neck and threatening to blow her up should they have a change of heart. As the survivors leave one of the rescued members of “The Coinless”, Zack Taylor, promises that this isn’t over and tells the Hyperforce Rangers that he’ll send for help. As Lord Drakkon, the Hyperforce Rangers and the Ranger Sentries make their way to the last known location of Serpentera a few of the Hyperforce Rangers try to make small talk with Lord Drakkon. As Marv distracts Lord Drakkon, Eddie manages to scan the bomb around Colonel Song’s neck and send schematics to Alpha 55. Marv convinces Lord Drakkon to let Eddie heal Jack with the healing charge technology, but as Alpha 55 responds back about receiving the schematics Lord Drakkon becomes annoyed and threatens to detonate the bomb if the Hyperforce Rangers continue their shenanigans. As the group makes their way to Scorpina’s base and what appears to be a mountain range, Vesper tries to negotiate the safety of the other Hyperforce Rangers further angering Lord Drakkon and forcing Jack to step in. A pair of Sabre-tooth Tiger Ranger Sentries from guard towers order Lord Drakkon and the Hyperforce Rangers to surrender. Lord Drakkon demands the Sabre-tooth Tiger Ranger Sentries to stand down and submit to his will. When the Ranger Sentries ignore his command, Lord Drakkon destroys both Ranger Sentries and the guard towers with a series of kicks. As the alarms sound, Eddie is forced to team up with Lord Drakkon and fight back to back. Lord Drakkon’s attention is caught as he witnesses Chloe goes into her Pink Battle Warrior form and use one of her whirlwind attacks to take out a pair of Sabre-tooth Tiger Ranger Sentries. Marv defeats the remaining Sabre-tooth Tiger Ranger Sentry while Lord Drakkon’s Tyrannosaurus Ranger Sentries gain entry into the side of the mountain range. The Hyperforce Rangers are alarmed by the dark aura. As Chloe begins to break down Marv promises her that he will not allow any more deaths to happen this day. As Eddie gets ahead of Lord Drakkon’s Ranger Sentries he is nearly cut down by a saw when he accidentally triggers a trap. The Ranger Sentries warn the Hyperforce Rangers to not run ahead like fools. After failing to make small talk with Lord Drakkon and having a conversation about trust with Eddie, Vesper tries to trigger all the traps at once with her Cerberus Disc, breaking her weapon. Eddie picks up the remains of Vesper’s weapon. Not impressed, Lord Drakkon motions them to continue onward. Misunderstanding Lord Drakkon’s demands, some of the Hyperforce Rangers begin to bow to Lord Drakkon while others defy him. Lord Drakkon becomes further annoyed by the delay and demands that the Hyperforce Rangers move towards the bow of Serpentera. Vesper continues to ping her location to “The Coinless” as Scorpina confronts Lord Drakkon. Scorpina orders the Ranger Sentries loyal to her to make their way to the nearest city to murder the entire population. Vesper and Marv stay inside Serpentera to help Lord Drakkon as the other Hyperforce Rangers chase after Scorpina’s Ranger Sentries to stop them. As Chloe makes her way out one of the Tyrannosaurus Ranger Sentries turn on the others and frees Colonel Song from the bomb around her neck. Chloe then punches the mystery Tyrannosaurus Ranger Sentry out cold to maintain his cover as a double agent. Eddie takes the bomb while he and Chloe call upon their Hyper Zords to take out the Ranger Sentry trucks heading to the city. Chloe destroys one of the trucks with her Phoenix Hyper Zord while Eddie uses his Serpent Hyper Zord to launch the bomb to destroy another one of the trucks. Jack and Colonel Song make their way to the city as Eddie saves many of the civilians with his Hyper Zord. Jack calls upon his Hyper Zord to deal with the remaining Ranger Sentry trucks. Chloe picks up one of the trucks filled with bombs and tosses it to its destruction. Colonel Song then jumps on board one of the trucks and disarms a Mastodon Ranger Sentry of his rocket launcher before launching the rocket at another Ranger Sentry. The Ranger Sentry goes hurling into the side of another truck, rocket embedded in his chest, destroying the truck. Abandoning the truck, the remaining Mastodon Ranger Sentry crashes the truck with Colonel Song on board into the side of Jack’s Hyper Zord, badly injuring Colonel Song in the explosion. Colonel Song limps away as the Mastodon Ranger Sentry pursues. After a brief scuffle Colonel Song emerges victorious and defeats the Ranger Sentry. Meanwhile back at the mountain range, the mountain range begins to rise into the sky revealing itself to be Serpentera. Lord Drakkon kicks down the door to Serpentera’s cockpit hitting Scorpina upside the head. Marv and Lord Drakkon team up and defeat Scorpina, blasting Scorpina outside of Serpentera. Lord Drakkon then grabs Scorpina as Marv uses a pair of restraints to cuff Scorpina. Lord Drakkon attempts to kill Scorpina, but is stopped by Marv. Marv, mistaking this Scorpina as the Scorpina of “The Alliance” due to all the alternate universe talk, disagrees with Lord Drakkon thinking that Scorpina might be more useful alive. Finally deciding that he has had enough of Marv, Lord Drakkon attempts to take Marv’s morpher. Scorpina laughs at Marv while attempting to topple all three of them off of Serpentera to their deaths. Lord Drakkon manages to save himself while holding onto Scorpina, but Marv falls off the side of Serpentera. Chloe attempts to save Marv, but comes under fire from enemy Ranger Sentry planes. Luckily for Marv another airship shows up in time piloted by Bulk of “The Coinless”, who saves him from certain death. While all this is going on, Vesper names one of the Ranger Sentries Georgie as she attempts to hack into Serpentera to reprogram it. The first attempt isn’t successful and Vesper is badly injured. Vesper attempts to heal herself by repeatedly morphing, but only succeeds in badly injuring Georgie with the morphed explosions. After a second attempt Vesper is successful in reprogramming Serpentera and sends it on a collision course with the ocean going at full speed. Lord Drakkon jumps inside Serpentera and decides that he is going to finish off Vesper once and for all. Against all advice from Alpha 55, Eddie risks death by doing a blind teleport through solid matter into Serpentera. As Eddie appears to save Vesper, Vesper jumps in front of Lord Drakkon to protect Eddie. Using the blunt end of the saber that is the headless corpse of Saba, Lord Drakkon slices off Vesper’s left arm. Eddie grabs hold of Vesper and teleports away as her arm falls to the ground. Serpentera slams into the ocean in a massive impact explosion killing Georgie as Chloe finishes off the remaining Ranger Sentry planes attacking the time ship. At near-death, Vesper is rushed to the medical bay of the time ship carried by Eddie as she begins to lose consciousnesses from the massive blood loss. Using the healing charge technology, Eddie stabilizes Vesper and he begins work on making Vesper a prosthesis arm. At the crash site of Serpentera, Lord Drakkon emerges with an unconscious Scorpina in hand. A Tyrannosaurus Ranger Sentry informs Lord Drakkon that Serpentera will be repaired and operational within a month. Back at the time ship Alpha 55 informs the Hyperforce Rangers that he has received a message and that they must time travel further into the future of this alternate reality or all will be lost. The Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship then enters the hyper stream to jump further ahead in time of this alternate reality. To be continued in the Shattered Grid comic book event.

Season 1, Episode 21: Enter the Green Ranger

The Hyperforce Rangers are on board the time ship traveling through the hyper stream discussing “The Leader” when Marv notices that the strap on his morpher is torn. Confused, the Hyperforce Rangers look around and Vesper freaks out at the sight of her severed arm. In its place, Vesper finds a less elegant, robotic prosthetic arm of 3-D printed parts colored black and chrome. While lacking the pioneering eloquence of Vesper’s original synthetic organic limb, Eddie finds through experimentation of the limb’s buttons that the arm is none the less technologically advanced in its own right by featuring various weapon systems. As the Hyperforce Rangers continue to look around for changes Marv asks Alpha 55 if the time ship may have experienced a time anomaly. Vesper, however, comes to the conclusion that Alpha 55 intentionally cut her arm off out of jealousy and attempts to take it out on him. As Alpha 55 breaks away he reminds Vesper that if anyone has been dismantling anyone it was her while pointing out his missing ankles used for the Hyperforce Rangers’ weapons. Chloe becomes envious of Vesper’s new prosthetic arm and asks Marv to cut off her arm so that she can also get a prosthetic. Looking through the data Marv comes to the conclusion that nearly a month’s worth of time is unaccounted for and Alpha 55 discovers numerous messages from Joe. In the first message, Joe announces that he and Nadira have set a wedding date and invites the Hyperforce Rangers to attend. In the second message, Joe states that Jen Scotts wants to meet with him about something important. As the messages continue on Joe becomes more worried about not receiving a reply back and explains that he is setting out to find the Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship. In the final message, Joe mentions that he has mysteriously woken up back in bed on his wedding day and that he has no recollection of the missing time. The Hyperforce Rangers return to the year 3017 and scramble to prepare for the wedding ceremony in time with Eddie leading the way. At the wedding reception, Marv and Jack remain uneasy about the loss of time and Marv attempts to pull Joe aside to talk, but with little success. Upon learning about the food Chloe sneaks away and begins to secretly eat the wedding cake before the cutting. Vesper meanwhile goes off to a corner of the room with Eddie; still fuming about Alpha 55 and her missing arm. Marv attempts to dance with several of the women, but with little success. As Marv asks for advice about what he is doing wrong, Vesper attempts to set Marv up with Chloe. After coming upon and startling Chloe, Marv discovers that Chloe’s face is covered in frosting and her mouth is fully engorged with cake. Jack steps in wondering what the commotion is all about. After Marv shows off his dance moves Chloe reveals that women won’t dance with him because his facial expression makes it look like he is farting. As Chloe attempts to help Marv by slapping the expression off of his face Joe discovers the partially ate cake and screams at Chloe. Chloe rubs the cake from her hands and face onto Abigail and attempts to pass the blame onto her while taking off. Finally getting a chance to talk, Joe reveals to the Hyperforce Rangers that he is going to join them on their mission to stop “The Alliance” on a more permanent basis. As the Hyperforce Rangers continue to make small talk at the wedding reception they receive an incoming message from Alpha 55. Vesper takes the message and further antagonizes Alpha 55 while it is revealed that an individual known as Sentinel Knight needs their help immediately. The Hyperforce Rangers and Joe are forced to leave the wedding reception early; much to Nadira’s disappointment. As the time ship enters the hyper stream and goes off to the month of December in the year 2007 the Hyperforce Rangers and Joe learn from Eddie about Sentinel Knight and the Corona Aurora; the Crown of the Gods. Vesper questions how Joe could possibly help to which Joe reveals a new morpher from Jen Scotts. Chloe becomes somber as she reflects upon the wedding and begins to think of what her wedding might one day be like without her parents. Marv tells Chloe that maybe the Corona Aurora might be able to bring her parents back to her. In 2007 the Hyperforce Rangers find the Sentinel Knight at the Neda Waterfalls in Kyparissia, Greece. Sentinel Knight informs the Hyperforce Rangers that after the Operation Overdrive Rangers had recovered the Corona Aurora he hid the crown on Aquatar, but now some dark entity is trying to claim it. The time ship makes its way to Aquatar with the Sentinel Knight as Chloe freaks as she finds out that Burrito the dog has eaten all of her “aged” burritos and swollen to ten times his previous size. Elsewhere in the universe “The Leader” is accompanied by Scorpina, Velchanos, and four mysterious aliens, two snorting like pigs, as he recruits Lokar to “The Alliance” cause. On Aquatar the Sentinel Knight leads the Hyperforce Rangers to a dormant volcano where they see two mysterious blue pig aliens. The Hyperforce Rangers learn from Sentinel Knight that the aliens are Hydro Jr. and Hogz Jr.; the offspring of the deceased Hydro Hog, Emperor of the Dark Waters. As the Hyperforce Rangers attempt to sneak up the volcano Joe is spotted and has the water sucked out of his body. The Hyperforce Rangers morph and attack the two aliens, but both prove to be formidable. Eddie attempts to use his water abilities to return the stolen water from the aliens to Joe’s body but is damaged. Jack frees Eddie from the aliens’ grasp and Vesper breaks her Cerberus Axe while pulling it out. Vesper takes note to make Alpha 55 pay for it later. Joe morphs into the Hyperforce Green Ranger for the first time and lunges at Hydro Jr. in a barrage of sword strikes. Eddie fires a rocket from Vesper’s robotic arm and topples Hogz Jr. to the ground. Marv and Jack attempt to cryo-freeze the pair but they manage to dodge with minimal damage. As Sentinel Knight is dragged up the volcano by Hogz Jr. Jack rams into the alien sending him flying. Jack and Sentinel Knight hurry to the volcano’s peak and jump in to retrieve the Corona Aurora. As they land Sentinel Knight nearly loses his footing near the magma’s edge and is steadied by Jack. Chloe’s whirlwind attack backfires as her leg is grabbed by Hydro Jr. and both are buried in the sand. Eddie frees Chloe by giving her super strength with his experimental “Birthrito”, a birthday cake burrito combination, before slamming the pair of aliens near the base of the volcano with a “water hand” attack that kills one of them. With Hydro Jr. dead Hogz Jr. tries to escape but is cryo-frozen by Marv. With the water frozen inside him, Hogz Jr. shatters to pieces and dies. As Jack and Sentinel Knight escape with the Corona Aurora in hand the volcano erupts. Eddie and Chloe combine their water and wind powers to buy the needed time for the team to escape the pyroclastic flow. Back on board the time ship the Hyperforce Rangers observe the formation of “Burrito Island”. Chloe decides not to use the Corona Aurora to revive her parents partly because she believes them to be alive and partly out of fear that they may come back as zombies if they were deceased. Chloe instead asks Sentinel Knight to give her the robot arm from her drawing. Sentinel Knight avoids the request by tricking Chloe to go build it herself. Vesper also makes a request of Sentinel Knight to have both of her broken weapons repaired and for her old arm back while blaming Alpha 55. Sentinel Knight also avoids fulfilling these requests when Alpha 55 chimes in that he’ll just repair Vesper’s weapons. As Alpha 55 walks away with the broken weapons in hand Vesper warns him that she’ll be watching him. The time ship makes its way back to earth in the year 2007 to drop Sentinel Knight back home as Eddie connects the time ship’s hologram emitters to the wedding reception in the year 3017 so that Joe can have his first dance with his wife Nadira. Elsewhere “The Leader” looks upon earth in the year 2007 from his dark chamber on board the stolen time ship. He vows he will destroy the Sentinel Knight and claim the Corona Aurora for himself.

Season 1, Episode 22: Fight for the Corona Aurora

As Joe continues to dance with his wife Nadira through the hologram transmission from 3017 Vesper tells Sentinel Knight that he owes her a favor. Vesper tries to gain access to the crown as the Sentinel Knight warns the Hyperforce Rangers of the dangers of any evil entity that attempts to obtain the Corona Aurora at all costs. Jack has Alpha 55 scan the Corona Aurora’s power and asks Alpha 55 to keep him informed of any time anomalies. Marv talks to Sentinel Knight about the Knight’s past with the Operation Overdrive Rangers and asks for help to become stronger with his power to combine as a Battlizer. Sentinel Knight tells Marv to look toward his inner strength, but promises to help train him. Vesper makes small talk with Eddie, then attempts to coerce him into helping her get a hold of the Corona Aurora. Eddie decides that helping Vesper wouldn’t be a good idea. So Vesper contemplates getting Chloe’s help, but tries to give her dog Burrito to Sentinel Knight instead. After that fails and Chloe also refuses to help, Vesper simply asks Sentinel Knight to touch the crown all the while throwing Eddie under the bus by suggesting that it was his idea. Vesper wishes for a Battlizer as she touches the crown, but nothing happens. Vesper however does make note to scan a blueprint of the Corona Aurora’s physical dimensions and external appearance into her memory. Arriving back at the Neda Waterfalls in Kyparissia, Greece in the year 2007, Sentinel Knight begins to train Marv. As Marv and Sentinel Knight train “The Leader” sends forth the monster Doomstone. Marv wields the sword Excelsior, now no longer merged with Sentinel Knight’s body, against Doomstone. Before Marv can attack Doomstone however the monster revives two other fallen monsters that had been destroyed by past Power Rangers and runs away. The first fallen monster the Hyperforce Rangers see they instantly recognize as the Shibarai. The other fallen monster however, Beevil, is one the Hyperforce Rangers do not recognize. Vesper summons her Cerberus Disc, but starts to berate Alpha 55 after finding that it is still broken. Eddie takes the broken pieces and begins to work on them as Vesper fights Beevil. Marv attempts to use Excelsior, but then realizes from his memory that the sword will only work with an artificial life form. Marv hands the sword to Vesper who uses it to become the Black Sentinel Ranger. As Eddie completes repairing and upgrading the Cerberus Disc into a spinning top, he is surprised to see Vesper has become the Black Sentinel Ranger. “The Leader” uses his power to send down beams of dark energy making the Shibarai and Beevil grow. Jack summons his Crius Cannon to attack Beevil’s knee and Joe follows up by attacking the same knee. Sentinel Knight uses his energy to enhance the Hyperforce Rangers abilities. As Chloe’s team attack with Vesper fails, Eddie summons his Serpent Hyper Zord and unleashes a pair of water fists attacks on the monsters. Beevil takes the brunt of the damage as Shibarai manages to repel the water fist attack. Annoyed, “The Leader” sends down Velchanos and a squad of Putties to steal the Corona Aurora from Sentinel Knight while the Hyperforce Rangers are distracted. Hearing the Putties, Joe senses that Sentinel Knight is in danger and rushes in. Joe arrives in time to lend one of his Hydra Blades to an already injured Sentinel Knight, who uses the blade to knock Velchanos back. After being rammed by Jack’s Ram Hyper Zord, Vesper uses the Cerberus Zord to finish off Beevil. In a last-ditch attempt before exploding Beevil tries to pull Vesper out of her cockpit, but fails. The Hyperforce Rangers summon the Chronos Hyperforce Megazord and grab the Shibarai. With the monster within their grasp, they blast the Shibarai at point-blank range with repeated flamethrower bursts and a barrage of missiles, causing the Shibarai to shrink back down to human size from the damage. Joe takes out several of the Putties as Velchanos steals the Corona Aurora from Sentinel Knight. As “The Leader” arrives to claim the crown from Velchanos he becomes distracted by his obsession of destroying the Sentinel Knight. Joe calls for assistance as he attacks Velchanos. Running away, the Shibarai arrives at the location of “The Leader” with the Hyperforce Rangers close behind. Annoyed at the Shibarai’s incompetence, “The Leader” drains the rest of the Shibarai’s energy; destroying the monster. The Hyperforce Rangers partially heal Sentinel Knight using the healing charge technology as Vesper attempts to trick Velchanos into giving up the Corona Aurora by making a duplicate hologram crown from her memory. “The Leader” attempts to strip the decoy crown from Vesper’s grasp and becomes aware of the ploy. “The Leader” body slams Vesper to the ground with the full force of his dark energy. Sentinel Knight comes to Vesper’s aid by attacking “The Leader”, but falls upon Vesper instead. After Jack’s Ram Hyper Zord missile attack fails to knock the crown from Velchanos’s head, Chloe uses her Phoenix Hyper Zord to pin him in between a pair of feathers, Joe and Marv. Using a combined attack Joe and Marv manage to strip the Corona Aurora from Velchanos. As Marv makes a run for it with the Corona Aurora in hand Eddie professes his love for Vesper while giving his Serpent Hyper Zord’s all to destroy “The Leader”. Vesper tells Eddie that she loves him with all her heart as “The Leader” easily brushes off the damage. Now knowing what Eddie cares for the most, “The Leader” unleashes the full force of his dark energy into Vesper at point blank range. The dark energy surges into and flows through Vesper’s body, rattling her synthetic bones. Unable to contain the energy, it begins to spill out, burning and bursting forth through gaping wounds within Vesper’s body and ricocheting off her Black Sentinel Ranger armor. As the energy burns out of her retinas, Vesper is completely obliterated from existence.

Season 1, Episode 23: Rebirth… Kind Of

Proud of the damage that he has caused by killing Vesper, “The Leader” escalates the battle further by chanting an incantation to create a dark force field that prevents the Hyperforce Rangers from escaping with the Corona Aurora. “The Leader” attempts to make a deal with the Hyperforce Rangers, the crown for their freedom and the charred corpse of Vesper. Eddie argues intensely with Marv about not giving the crown away as Chloe exits her Phoenix Hyper Zord and transforms into her Pink Battle Warrior form. Jack attempts to hit the force field with his Ram Hyper Zord, but only succeeds in damaging his Hyper Zord in the process. Desperate to puncture the force field, Marv sends out a beam of energy that ricochets back into him. Sentinel Knight tries to talk Marv into turning over the Corona Aurora, but after hearing Marv’s agony in submitting to the demands of “The Leader” he chooses to attack instead. “The Leader” easily dodges as Sentinel Knight bounces off the force field. Velchanos summons more Putties, but Eddie makes quick work of them with his Serpent Hyper Zord as he threatens “The Leader”. “The Leader” stomps Vesper’s corpse into the ground in response to the threats as Joe runs in to attack. “The Leader” grabs Joe by the neck nearly killing him. As Chloe argues with Marv, who is on the verge of breaking down, she starts to hear a voice inside her head to destroy the crown. Chloe snatches the Corona Aurora from Marv’s hands. Marv tries to reclaim the Corona Aurora, but fails as Chloe unleashes the full force of her attack upon the crown; vaporizing it. As the crown is destroyed Alpha 55 manages to send a message to Joe that penetrates the force field. “The Leader” clutches his chest in pain at the destruction of the Corona Aurora. Using the moment to his advantage, Marv rushes in and grabs both Vesper’s corpse and Joe. Not wanting “The Leader” to escape; Chloe in her Pink Battle Warrior form along with Eddie and Jack in their Hyper Zords blasts “The Leader” for damage. Sentinel Knight also attacks “The Leader” for added damage. Eddie exits his Hyper Zord to be close to Vesper as Jack attempts again to breach the force field, but with no success. “The Leader” has Velchanos grow as he makes his escape. Hearing the message from Alpha 55 that his Hyper Zord is now available, Joe transfers his chest shield to Marv and calls upon the Hydra Hyper Zord. The Hydra Hyper Zord smashes through the force field. Joe and Sentinel Knight use the Hydra Hyper Zord to keep Velchanos at bay as the other Hyperforce Rangers make their way to the time ship. Eddie has Alpha 55 control the Cerberus Hyper Zord to form the Chronos Hyperforce Megazord as Chloe warns the Hyperforce Rangers never to speak of this moment to Vesper if she ever “gets better”. After launching Velchanos into the air with a water uppercut, Velchanos reciprocates by throwing chunks of flaming rocks at the Hyperforce Rangers. The Hydra Hyper Zord hits Velchanos with laser blasts stunning him. In a symbolic act, Eddie destroys Velchanos with the Cerberus arm; smashing Velchanos with a tsunami water blast. Back on board the time ship Alpha 55 becomes distressed at the sight of Vesper’s charred corpse. The time ship jumps into the hyper stream as Vesper’s body is rushed to the medical bay to be scanned. Elsewhere “The Leader” walks toward a mysterious man in a lab coat surrounded by advanced Time Force technology. “The Leader” admits his failure to the mysterious man. The mysterious man is not too concerned however; stating that the destruction of the Corona Aurora only proved his theory that a new timeline had been created as “The Leader” was still alive. The mysterious man further elaborates that in the previous timeline “The Leader” was only alive because two years prior they were successful in obtaining the crown from this same confrontation that now saw its destruction. Back on board the Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship as Vesper’s body is scanned, Alpha 55 powers down and begins to act strangely after rebooting. Meanwhile an angry Eddie tries to punch Marv in the face for attempting to give the Corona Aurora to “The Leader” and allowing Chloe to destroy the crown, but is stopped mid-swing by Chloe grabbing his arm. As Eddie breaks down crying Joe comforts Eddie. Sentinel Knight magically takes his leave of the time ship to go back to his time of 2007 to prepare in case the worst possible situation occurs as a result of these recent events. Jack examines footage of “The Leader” to see if he can figure out what his exact deal is following the recent events. Chloe helps Joe heal with medical supplies and an old burrito she found from under her bed. Eddie looks at old photos of Vesper as Marv tries to console him and Eddie comes up with an epiphany. Eddie goes off to find Jack who has come to a similar epiphany. Eddie begins searching for a point in time where “The Leader” can absorb massive amounts of good and bad energy connected to the Morphin Grid. Elsewhere in the time ship Vesper’s consciousness comes online inside of Alpha 55 absent of all of her memories. Vesper begins to harvest all the knowledge from Alpha 55’s memory as well as all knowledge of the Alphas that came before. As Vesper begins to freak out the Hyperforce Rangers come running to see why Alpha 55 is screaming. Alpha 55 tells the Hyperforce Rangers that she is really Vesper as Marv comes in with Vesper’s corpse after Joe tells him to bring it. Vesper yells at the Hyperforce Rangers for destroying her body and argues out loud with the voice of Alpha 55 inside her head. Chloe and Eddie pass out from the revelation. Feeling uncomfortable in this new form, Vesper has Alpha 55 put on her bra and panties to feel more like her old self. Alpha 55 reveals to Vesper that her secret project away from the Hyperforce Rangers under the ruse of “sleeping” from an earlier time was really her creating a back-up copy of her consciousness should she ever die. Unfortunately because the back-up was made at an earlier time, the memories in the back-up were not kept up to date to the present time of her body’s death. Joe nicknames Alpha 55 and Vesper sharing a body “Vespa” and the Hyperforce Rangers discuss way to help get Vesper a new body. Vesper refuses to have anything to do with her old body since its now gross and she doesn’t want to be a zombie, so “Vespa” tries several times to throw it away. “Vespa” then takes Vesper’s morpher and tries to morph, but is unable to due to not having DNA anymore to activate the morpher’s unlock sequence. Eddie heals Joe further with the healing charge technology and “Vespa” shocks Joe for annoying Vesper in various ways; such as requesting repeatedly to dye her hair black. Checking with Alpha 55’s data for a point in time that “The Leader” may use to obtain large amounts of energy at Eddie’s request, Vesper and the other Hyperforce Rangers become aware of the Red Space Ranger Andros and the United Alliance of Evil. Eddie and Jack decide that getting Vesper a new body should be their first priority and come to the conclusion that the destroyed lab of the late Dr. Fericks in the year 3017 would be the best place to start. Vesper takes a moment alone to mourn her old body as Alpha 55 informs her that it may be possible to retrieve her old memories from the chip embedded within her skull. Marv takes a moment to apologize to Chloe for his earlier actions with the Corona Aurora. The Hyperforce Rangers contact Time Force and requests for the help of all available man power throughout time and space. The Hyperforce Rangers then have the time ship travel to the year 3017 to comb through the destroyed lab before going to pick up their potential allies to stop “The Alliance” in the year 1998. Meanwhile already in the year 1998 on the Cimmerian Planet “The Leader” walks among the various leaders of the United Alliance of Evil at Dark Specter’s gathering spot. “The Leader” comes across Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, who become curious as to who would dare approach them. “The Leader” lowers his hood revealing dark energy pulsing from his exposed brain and heavily bandaged face; declaring that he will restore his family’s legacy and that Zordon must not be allowed to die. Back on board the Hyperforce Ranger’s time ship “Vespa” feels up and down his arms as Vesper’s consciousness probes Alpha 55’s mind of his darkest secret to which Alpha 55 replies that it is his confusion of Vesper’s sporadic intentions.

Season 1, Episode 24: Finale

Andros, the Space Red Ranger, starts to take account of all the villains present at the United Alliance of Evil meeting. As he begins to make his way to the dinner table he is grabbed by Joe and is teleported to the Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship. Confused as to what has happened, the Hyperforce Rangers try to fill Andros in on the threat of “The Leader” while delicately trying to avoid altering history. On board the time ship Andros meets other allies of the Hyperforce Rangers that have traversed time and space to come and help upon receiving the Hyperforce Rangers’ message: the wizard Merlin, the S.P.D. B-Squad Green Ranger Detective Lina Song, the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Aisha and the RPM Ranger Operator Series Gold Gem. After the allies get caught up on the Hyperforce Rangers’ exploits with “The Leader” and Vesper’s current situation with being stuck inside Alpha 55, the group goes over the plan to stop “The Alliance” from altering history by using a hologram to trick “The Leader” into being blown up with explosives. Gem reveals that he has set up more explosives around the perimeter of the United Alliance of Evil meeting place as a backup plan while he builds additional explosives for the group to use. Andros decides to continue on as if he were still on his original mission to rescue Zordon while the Hyperforce Rangers go about their plans to stop “The Leader”. Vesper puts Alpha 55 on speaker so that the rest of the group can hear him and prepares the hologram of Marv while the group teleports to the dinner meeting. As they prepare to make their move the Hyperforce Rangers notice multiple time ships appearing in the sky. At first the Hyperforce Rangers are confused, but come to an educated conclusion that these time ships are likely the ones stolen by “The Alliance” and not additional reinforcements from Time Force. The Hyperforce Rangers recognize “The Leader” as he approaches Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. “The Leader” reveals his true identity to Rita and Zedd as their son Thrax. Before the Hyperforce Rangers can react to Thrax, Dark Specter appears. Dark Specter reveals to the United Alliance of Evil that he has Zordon prisoner and is draining him of his energy. Andros attempts to distract Thrax by trying to throw his hood over his head, but is grabbed by Thrax instead. Thrax impertinently proclaims his superiority to the crowd of villains at being the ultimate evil while the Hyperforce Rangers set off the perimeter explosives as a distraction and Chloe transforms into her Pink Battle Warrior form. Joe strikes Thrax in the back causing him to drop Andros. Merlin suggests to Marv that this might be the perfect time to launch the Marv hologram. Vesper grows increasingly annoyed at being referred to as Alpha 55, but eventually complies by launching the Marv hologram. Eddie and Jack reach Zordon and try to explain the situation with time being altered while trying to save him. Jack tells Vesper to quit wasting time by asking for wishes from Zordon and to scan him for making a potential Zordon hologram to use in the future. As one of the stolen time ships gets close to Zordon, members of “The Alliance” launch themselves toward Zordon. “Vespa” has Alpha 55’s chest lower and blast one of “The Alliance” members sending him hurling off into space. Eddie and Chloe successively combine their power to freeze the lava draining Zordon’s power. Jack attempts to expel the lava elsewhere, but fails. Chloe has Jack launch her in the air and she uses her Hyperion Bow to take out the remaining members of “The Alliance” coming towards Zordon. Zordon lends a little of his strength to Eddie to power up his Oceanus Trident. Gem and Goldar clash in a head on head battle, but Gem is dazed as he is knocked to the ground. Aisha tries to distract Goldar with a dance as Andros uses his Galaxy Glider to strike Goldar. Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd discuss Thrax’s potential to succeed and replace Dark Specter. Divatox and Elgar take cover under one of the tables as the various factions of the United Alliance of Evil are left confused in the chaos of the various attacks. Merlin lends his power to Marv to make the Marv hologram look more spectacular and distract Thrax. Annoyed, Thrax begins to drain the crowd of villains of their energy; killing Elgar, the Machine Empire’s Royal House of Gadgetry and groups of Quantrons in the process. As Goldar is distracted by the Marv hologram Andros, Gem and Aisha do a combined pincer attack on board the Galaxy Glider to knock Goldar unconscious on the ground. Astronema keeps her distance observing the situation as Gem declares his victory over Goldar. Dark Specter confronts “Vespa” and Chloe in the middle of a conversation about Vesper missing her head of hair. Vesper remarks that Dark Specter is familiar to their deceased volcanic foe Velchanos. Eddie and Jack try to convince Dark Specter to destroy Thrax. Dark Specter does not trust the Hyperforce Rangers, but agrees that Thrax must be eliminated. As the Marv hologram continues to make a mockery of Thrax’s abilities Dark Specter laughs at Thrax. Enraged, Thrax begins to absorb Dark Specter’s energy. Marv and Joe attempt to boost Dark Specter’s power. Thrax decides he has had enough and launches the full force of the energy back into Dark Specter’s chest obliterating him. As Chloe quips about Dark Specter’s death in retaliation for being silenced earlier by him Vesper decides to take this inopportune moment to ask why Eddie doesn’t look at her in the same romantic way as “Vespa” despite wearing her best undergarments to get his attention. One of the stolen time ships swoops in and grabs Zordon with a gigantic claw. the stolen time ship attempts to pull Zordon inside as Eddie, Chloe and “Vespa” grab hold of Zordon, but only Chloe manages to maintain hold. The Hyperforce Rangers, Andros, Aisha, Gem, Song and Merlin unleash the full force of their attacks upon Thrax. Thrax attempts to absorb their attack, but becomes overwhelmed by the power. Thrax falls over in a massive explosion, unleashing a wave of dark energy upon Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, strengthening them. Rita and Zedd decide that a direct attack with their new found dark powers may not be wise without a plan and teleport away. The members of “The Alliance” on board the stolen time ship shoot Chloe off of Zordon’s tube. As Chloe falls she calls upon her Phoenix Hyper Zord and attempts to break the claw holding Zordon, but accidentally knocks Zordon into the stolen time ship instead. Andros, Gem, Aisha, Merlin and Song decide to stay back and hold off the few survivors of the United Alliance of Evil as the Hyperforce Rangers escape to their time ship and chase after Zordon. Aisha thrashes Divatox like a rag doll while Astronema attacks Andros. Joe fails to put a tracker on the stolen time ship with Zordon, but an inner voice speaks to Chloe. Recognizing the voice as the same one who told her to destroy the Corona Aurora, Chloe pinpoints the stolen time ship with Zordon. As the course of time continues to be severely altered from the unfolding events the Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship sets chase for Zordon.

Season 1, Episode 25: Season Finale

As the stolen time ships make their escape the Hyperforce Rangers ask Chloe again if she is certain about which time ship Zordon is on. Chloe confirms her certainty and Marv asks “Vespa” how close Vesper’s new body is to completion using the technology that was found in Dr. Fericks burned down lab from the year 3017. Alpha 55 replies that it will be a few more hours before the body is completed. As the group makes their way into the stolen time ship Chloe inspects each of the rooms.

The Hyperforce Rangers find a mysterious man in a lab coat locked behind a force field. As the Hyperforce Rangers free the mysterious man from the force field Chloe recognizes him as her father Mr. Ashford. Mr. Ashford tells Chloe that he had been contacting her through her locket and that he was the voice that she had been hearing in her head. Chloe asks about her mother, but begins to break down when Mr. Ashford tells Chloe that she is dead. Mr. Ashford leads the Hyperforce Rangers to the back of the stolen time ship telling them that Zordon is too powerful to keep at the front of the ship due to the interference with the electronics.

As Mr. Ashford continues to talk to the Hyperforce Rangers about Time Force Alpha 55 detects a Time Force energy signal trying to access the Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship controls. Mr. Ashford comments under his breath that “she” is ahead of schedule and drops a force field in between himself and the Hyperforce Rangers. Mr. Ashford tells the Hyperforce Rangers that there is no use trying to teleport back to their time ship because Scorpina has disabled the controls. Mr. Ashford warns Scorpina by communicator as Vesper downloads her consciousness from Alpha 55 into her partially completed body on board the Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship where she regains the memories of her past life and death from her the charred memory chip of her original body. Vesper makes her way to the control room and confronts Scorpina, who has the Time Force Red Ranger Wes hostage. Vesper tries to strangle Scorpina with her own hair, but Scorpina breaks free by cutting off her own hair with her nails. Mr. Ashford threatens to destroy the remaining Time Force Rangers unless he gets some alone time with Chloe.

The Hyperforce Rangers come to the conclusion that if Chloe complies with his demand it may prove to be distraction enough to save the Time Force Rangers from their captivity. As Chloe transforms into her Pink Battle Warrior form Alpha 55 pilots the Phoenix Hyper Zord and takes Marv, Joe, Jack and Eddie to each of the other stolen time ships with Time Force signatures. Eddie enters one of the stolen time ships. On board Eddie quickly disarms and tosses a member of “The Alliance” into a room, locking him inside by barring the now broken door knob with the member’s own weapon. Before Eddie can free the prisoner he becomes trapped in an illusion of a deserted island with Vesper. Realizing this can’t be real, Eddie body slams the illusion of Vesper and begins to follow the voice of the prisoner he hears as the island begins to flood.

Jack enters another one of the stolen time ships and is injured by Goldar, who has now joined “The Alliance” on their mission. Jack damages Goldar’s wing with his Crius Cannon as Goldar in turn jabs Jack in the shoulder. Jack blasts the access panel allowing the Time Force Yellow Ranger Katie to bust through the door of her prison cell. Annoyed that Goldar has interrupted her conversation with Jack, Katie punches Goldar upside the face. On another stolen time ship Marv and Joe break down a door finding Doomstone trying to revive Thrax back to life. Combining their attack, Doomstone is knocked to the ground and the Time Force Blue Ranger Lucas is freed. As Joe and Lucas get into it over love interest with Nadira Marv is left uncomfortable and Doomstone takes the opportunity to leave. They then manage to catch up with Doomstone in the control room.

Back on board the first stolen time ship Chloe demands answers from her father. Mr. Ashford sidesteps Chloe’s questions about her mother, only stating that she fell to her death. Mr. Ashford tells Chloe that he has been planning this for a long time, though some things will need cleaned up as not everything has gone to plan with Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd unexpectedly being powered up by Thrax’s death. He then tells Chloe that the stolen time ships are programmed to self destruct if they can’t escape through the time stream within ten minutes time. Chloe warns the other Hyperforce Rangers of the self destruct sequence.

Back on the Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship Scorpina hits Vesper as she fails to backflip out of the way. Wes morphs and strikes Scorpina with some laser blasts. Vesper drags Scorpina by her leg to the airlock as Burrito the dog bites Scorpina’s face. As Vesper continues to hold Scorpina in place Wes stomps her in the stomach. Wes gets tired of Vesper’s antics with Scorpina and jettisons Scorpina from the airlock into an unknown point in the time stream.

Back in the illusion, Eddie uses his Zordon-enhanced Oceanus Trident to dispel the illusion and accidentally hits the Time Force Green Ranger Trip. Lokar uses his mental powers to mess with Trip and Eddie’s minds by making a hole appear. Eddie uses his Oceanus Trident to dispel the illusion yet again. Eddie uses hologram technology enhanced by Trip’s psychic powers to make a team of Time Force and Hyperforce Rangers with Eddie’s face to distract Lokar. As the back of the stolen time ship opens up revealing Lokar, the holograms begin to malfunction and shrink. The shrinking holograms and Eddie lunge at Lokar. Eddie strikes Lokar causing him to disappear in the time stream in an explosion of black feathers. Eddie and Trip make their way to the control center and recover Trip’s morpher. As the stolen time ship becomes unstable and starts to crash Alpha 55 picks the pair up. Trip is marveled by the fact that his design of the Phoenix Hyper Zord is now a reality.

Back on board one of the other stolen time ships Jack hits Goldar in the face and Katie hits him in the abdomen. Katie catches and snaps Goldar’s sword in two with her super strength. Jack uses the Crius Hammer to smack Goldar unconscious while ripping off his remaining wing. As Katie busts through multiple walls to claim her morpher Jack decides to ask her out for coffee. Alpha 55 picks up the pair of Yellow Rangers before the stolen time ship crashes. On another stolen time ship Marv drills through Doomstone’s eye and body reclaiming Lucas’s morpher from the control panel. As the time ship crashes the group of three runs to escape with Lucas and Joe both trying to “accidentally” leave the other behind. On board the Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship and the Phoenix Hyper Zord the group of Rangers makes their way back to save Chloe from the remaining stolen time ship.

Chloe becomes enraged at Mr. Ashford’s responses and a whirlwind begins to threaten the destruction of the stolen time ship. Chloe begins to calm herself, still feeling her mother’s presence and starts to notice little tells that her father may not have been entirely truthful with her. As Mr. Ashford teleports away Chloe attacks the force field and is knocked unconscious.

As the Hyperforce Rangers enter the stolen time ship and save Chloe, Eddie revives her with the healing charge technology. As the group enters the Hyperforce Rangers’ time ship the remaining stolen time ships not destroyed disappear into the time stream. The group of Rangers decide that the best course of action is to go back to the year 3017, but before they can do that they will have to first pick up their other allies. The Hyperforce Rangers are unable to contact or locate Andros, but they manage to get hold of Aisha. Aisha begs for the Hyperforce Rangers to send her back to an earlier time before the dinner party took place from which she can warn Zordon, but the Time Force Rangers disagree stating that doing so would not solve problem currently at hand because time travel doesn’t work that way.

Alpha 55 teleports Merlin, Aisha, Song and Gem on board and the Time Force Rangers forcefully wipes their memories, despite much protest from the allies, in an attempt to best preserve what remains of the original timeline before returning them home. Seeing the technology to wipe minds at work Vesper begs the Time Force Rangers to use it on her, anguished by seeing and feeling the memories of herself burn to death on and endless loop in her mind. Trip tells her that it is impossible because her mind doesn’t work like an organic mind, but perhaps one day remembering her experience would help her grow as a person. Vesper tells Eddie to find and erase every last back-up copy she has made of herself because if she were ever to die again she would prefer to remain dead instead of coming back even worse off than she is now.

As Trip looks through the history records he concludes that the United Alliance of Evil dinner took place eight months before Zordon’s death, meaning they have eight months to make things right before the time alterations become permanent. As their allies are dropped off one by one in their respective times and dimensions, the Hyperforce Rangers discover that Song has disappeared from the time ship. The Time Force Rangers and Hyperforce Rangers search the entire time ship, but are unable to locate her.

Chloe decides to go off to be by herself for a while to think about things with her father. Back in the year 3017 the group finds three giant sculptures of Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and Thrax. The group is confronted and shot at by an alternate timeline version of Jen Scotts from “The Resistance”. As Lucas inquires about the alternate Nadira of this timeline, they learn from alternate Jen that “The Resistance” wants to bring about the downfall of Lady Nadira. The Time Force Rangers decide to stay in the 3017 to help “The Resistance” and Marv gives them a communicator to stay in touch. As the Hyperforce Rangers board the time ship they say their goodbyes as Trip hugs Joe and Katie kisses Jack on the cheek while pushing Marv five feet away for his “friend zone” comment.

Back at the palace on the moon in the year 1998 the dark powered enhanced Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa return home. Fueled by the dark energy of Thrax’s anger and the knowledge of their future fate to become good should Zordon die the two tear the palace apart. Rita says that they should have Goldar clean up the mess, but after Zedd informs Rita that Goldar never came back home, the two decide that they can make a new and better Goldar with their enhanced powers. Rita and Zedd then begin to plot their path to victory.

Season 1, Villain Special

Many of the villains of the Power Rangers throughout the multiverse receive a letter with a dinner invitation to meet at Lord Zedd’s palace on the moon. After some brief and yet crude introductions that make Poisandra blush, the villains partake in some food. The villains then come under attack from Gem, the RPM Ranger Operator Series Gold. The previously unnamed dumbbell-themed Attack Bot from RPM, now referring to himself as “Dumbbot”, immediately beats Gem to death until he is a fine paste and Robogoat decides to wear the Ranger outfit. Impressed by the ability of “Dumbbot” to kill a Ranger, Poisandra forces Psycho Green to wear a tuxedo and marry her to “Dumbbot”. Goldar then reveals that he is the one who sent out the invitations to all the villains. Goldar reveals to all the other villains that they weren’t invited to join either “The Leader” of “The Alliance” or the forces of Lord Drakkon in destroying the Power Rangers. Now Goldar wants the villains to prove that they are indeed strong enough to defeat the Power Rangers and they decide to film themselves at the gym destroying Putties dressed as Rangers. “Dumbbot” makes an offhand comment about Rita Repulsa that gets him struck by a bolt of lightning. A short time later “Dumbbot” has his arms randomly fall off. Poisandra decides to keep one of the arms and his other arm is reattached backward and severely melted. Waspicable decides to show everyone how evil she is by growing big and smacking all the villains to various locations throughout space, time and other dimensions. Goldar tells Waspicable that none of it was recorded. Robogoat goes swimming on Aquatar and Psycho Green ends up in the Dark Dimension. Poisandra runs into Thrax, who is looking for his parents in Angel Grove in 1994 and she bludgeons him to death with the arm from “Dumbbot”. “Dumbbot” is on a planet of gold in the Lion’s Head Galaxy. The Alien Rangers of Aquatar throw Robogoat back to the moon and his muscles are now ripped from the swimming. Psycho Green returns to the moon and randomly brings back “Dumbbot”, Poisandra and Grace Sterling, the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger from 1969. Several of the villains decide to show off to Grace Sterling by playing basketball. Grace Sterling ends up up-showing and injuring Robogoat. Waspicable spins the basketball on her stinger and “Dumbbot” ends up hitting himself upside the head with the ball. Mike Ginn randomly appears in the gym with dumbbells for arms and is decapitated by Poisandra. “Dumbbot” blocks Grace Sterling’s attack and she seems to disintegrate after Psycho Green attacks her. “Dumbbot” claim’s Mike Ginn’s head as a trophy but fails to record another Ranger being destroyed. General Venjix and the Venjix virus show up and both are attacked by “Dumbbot” and Robogoat. “Dumbbot” use Mike Ginn’s head to attack General Venjix as Dr. Tommy Oliver appears in the arena. As Dr. Oliver attempts to morph into Dino Thunder Black Ranger he is stopped in mid-morph after being suplexed from the pocket dimension by Robogoat. “Dumbbot” decides to teabag Dr. Oliver as he lays on the floor partially morphed and is punched in the nards by Dr. Oliver. Sledge appears and teams up with Psycho Green. To avoid Poisandra Sledge challenges all the villains to a dance battle. Robogoat reaches into the pocket dimension and uses the Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord to throw Dr. Oliver into orbit while joining in on the dance off. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appears to join the dance off and Goldar beheads him. Ziggy, the RPM Ranger Operator Series Green then appears and joins the dance. “Dumbbot” beats up Ziggy and Poisandra throws Ziggy and Sledge together as she calls down Sledge’s Ship and releases all the bounty monsters on board the ship. Goldar’s armor starts to fall off revealing that he is really Zac Eubank in disguise. Robogoat decides to rummage through all of Dr. Oliver’s closets in the Dragonzord and finds each of his Ranger costumes along with the “Dear John” letter Kimberly gave him. Robogoat then destroys all the bounty monsters from Sledge’s ship with Dragonzord’s missiles. “Dumbbot” beats Ziggy to death as Koda, the Dino Charge Blue Ranger appears. Koda tries to eat a shrunk Waspicable and spits the monster to the ground. Poisandra steals Koda’s Energem. Robogoat has Dragonzord throw Koda against the wall killing him. Zac Eubank tries to keep the villains from also killing him by telling them he was recording them to give the villains better press. So Waspicable shoots Dragonzord and it falls onto Sledge’s ship killing Rito Revolto, General Venjix and the Venjix virus. “Dumbbot” tries to grow and instead swells up and falls over teabagging Zac Eubank to death. Poisandra attacks a grown Psycho Green with the Energem enhanced arm of “Dumbbot” as Robogoat appeals to Waspicable with some balloons. Vesper, the Hyperforce Black Ranger then appears and attacks Robogoat for trying to say he is Doggie Cruger because she believes that Cruger is a jerk. Vesper then uses the Energem from Poisandra to become a half Blue and Black Ranger and comments on it being like being merged with Eddie, the Hyperforce Blue Ranger. “Dumbbot” has his muscles explode and is reduced to a weakling. Vesper rips off Robogoat’s arm and beats him with it. Robogoat tries to pull Alpha 5 from the pocket dimension, but fails and is forced to slap Vesper. Robogoat tries to hide by dressing up in the Goldar armor that was left behind. Psycho Green smashes Robogoat until Robogoat and the Goldar armor fuse together. Poisandra runs off to hide in Lord Zedd’s palace. Robogoat prays to a goat god to grows a new arm. Robogoat then flies away with the Goldar wings to go get a chocolate shake and joins the police to become RobogoatCop. Rita Repulsa goes to the arena to yell at the deceased Zac for all the damage to the arena. “Dumbbot” tries to convince Vesper to leave him alone, but Mike Ginn’s head reveals that “Dumbbot” is a villain. Vesper injures “Dumbbot” as Eye Guy randomly appears. Vesper blows a bunch of dust into Eye Guy’s eyes and Waspicable makes it worse trying to clean the dust away. Eye Guy sprouts some wings and flies away to join the hamburger franchise Five Guys so that the place can be now known as Five Eye Guys. Vesper shrinks and Rita Repulsa randomly blows up. Lord Zedd sends Psycho Green to pick up the food from Five Eye Guys for a commercial shoot. “Dumbbot” steps on Vesper, killing her. “Dumbbot” then restores Mike Ginn back to life and they revive Zac Eubank back to life for the sole purpose of killing him again. The Wizard of Deception turns the arena into a curvy road covered in rain as Lord Zedd takes the food. Chloe Ashford, the Hyperforce Pink Ranger appears with a burrito and has a conversation with Waspicable. Louie Kaboom randomly appears from a portal and stands over in a corner as Chloe and the villains decide they want to act in the commercial. Poisandra has taken over Lord Zedd’s palace on the moon as no one remains in the palace to challenge her as the ruler of the moon. Mike Ginn follows the Wizard of Deception’s advice and falls into a portal that causes him to drift off lifelessly into space. Louie Kaboom explodes killing everyone in the arena except for the Wizard of Deception who floats away with an SD card. The Wizard of Deception takes the SD card to Eye Five Guys and watches the footage as Eye Guy gives the Wizard of Deception a gift card.

Power Rangers Hyperforce Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Another spin off but this was a web series, not well produced either. Don’t waste your time.

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