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Power Rangers Dino Charge Season 1 Summary

Season 1, Episode 1: Powers from the Past

The Energems: the 10 most powerful crystals in existence, are passed by their protectorate Keeper to 10 dinosaurs for safety when intergalactic Bounty Hunter Sledge forces Keeper to crash on prehistoric Earth. A bomb planted by Keeper sends Sledge’s ship into deep space whilst causing his collection of asteroids to rain down on Earth, causing global extinction of the dinosaurs. Sixty-five million years later, Adventurer Tyler Navarro, searching for traces of his father who disappeared years earlier, stumbles upon the Red Energem, only to be attacked by a hooded figure who he narrowly escapes. Meanwhile, waitress and dinosaur enthusiast Shelby Watkins smuggles her way onto a dig site and catches a thief in the act, only to discover it’s the evil monster Ice Age, trying to escape with the Pink Energem. Through a chance encounter, Tyler and Shelby must protect their lives and unlock the secret power of the Energems.

Season 1, Episode 2: Past, Present and Fusion

Riley Griffin encounters Fury, a monster who has been on Earth since Keeper’s bomb, and while battling him, discovers and bonds to the Green Energem. Leaving his family farm to find answers, he encounters Tyler and Shelby. They all soon discover they all possess Energems and travel to Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, where Shelby works as a waitress. Finding a secret base under the museum, Kendall Morgan, Shelby’s boss, reveals she knows about the Energems, Keeper, Shelby’s co-workers, Chase Randall and Koda, possess the Black and Blue Energems. She begins to instruct them on fighting the Sledge’s forces as the Dino Charge Power Rangers. When Iceage reappears to get back the Energems, Tyler, Shelby, and Riley must quickly learn to master their new powers and responsibilities as the Dino Charge Power Rangers. Later, Chase and Koda confront Keeper about the new monster, who informs them that the evil responsible, Sledge, may be about to return.

Season 1, Episode 3: A Fool’s Hour

65 million years after their last encounter, Sledge returns to Earth to confront Keeper and the Rangers. While the team compares their personal histories, Tyler discovers Fury is identical to a picture in his dad’s diary, meaning Fury was involved in his disappearance ten years earlier. The Rangers’ plan to fight Sledge is compromised when Tyler goes after Fury on his own. The Rangers must learn to work as a team to defeat a monster named Scrapper, but will Tyler be able to come through, or will his mission to find his dad get in the way?

Season 1, Episode 4: Return of the Caveman

Chase and Koda are trapped in a cave by Slammer, one of Sledge’s monsters. Koda must rely on his caveman instincts to save himself, Chase, and a young boy named Peter. Meanwhile, the Rangers get new Dino Cycles and Riley gains use of the Raptor Zord.

Season 1, Episode 5: Breaking Black

A Maori fortune teller, called Moana, asks Chase for help guarding her shop against a potential thief, but Chase falls under the spell of Sledge’s latest monster, Spellbinder. Still puzzled over how a slacker like Chase ended up a Ranger, Moana tells the others how the Black Energem, once under her care, ended up with Chase, which changes their entire view of him. The Rangers must find a way to help Chase before he is completely controlled. The first use of Dino Spike and Chase gains the use of the Para Zord.

Season 1, Episode 6: The Truth Hurts

When faced with the chef monster known as Cavity, Chase ends up with a serious problem. Meanwhile, the logical Riley is annoyed when he cannot counter a move Fury used in their first battle, causing Chase to ridicule him for repeatedly trying to overcome it in a single way. Riley thinks Chase doesn’t take the threat seriously but soon learns that Chase has a different approach to things than he does.

Season 1, Episode 7: Let Sleeping Zording Lies

The search for the five missing Energems and Zords goes nowhere, especially when Shelby spends the day NOT helping the boys dig. Determined to demonstrate her value to both Kendall and the Rangers, Shelby uses her advanced dinosaur knowledge to determine a new way of searching, so she and Kendall create the E-Tracer. This device will search the planet for traces of the Energems unique power. Deciding first to search for Aqua energy, they are soon put on the trail of the Ankylo Zord but discover they Sledge’s newest monster has stung the Zord, sending it wild.

Season 1, Episode 8: Double Ranger, Double Danger

After creating a Gold PteraCharger, the team’s trust is put under pressure when clone Rangers created by a branding iron themed monster steal the real Rangers’ irreplaceable tracking device, the E-Tracer, forcing Tyler to make the hard decision of whether to recover or destroy the device. Unfortunately before he can make his choice, Fury learns the location of the powerful Ptera Zord and steals the PteraCharger.

Season 1, Episode 9: When Logic Fails

Working with Fury, Puzzler captures the Dino Charge Rangers until Riley’s logical mind helps them break free. But the delay has allowed Fury time to head toward the Ptera Zord.

Season 1, Episode 10: The Royal Rangers

The museum receives a shipment for a special exhibit called “The Stone of Zandar,” whereas the stone turns out to be the Golden Energem. So the Rangers trick Fury into thinking that the Energem around the neck of the princess (Shelby) of Zandar, who made an appearance with her prince (Tyler), was the actual Golden Energem. In the end, Tyler battles Fury, and as he is about to finish Fury off when he makes a shocking discovery about the energy that Fury has trapped within himself.

Season 1, Episode 11: Break Out

The Prince of Zandar, Phillip III, travels to Amber Beach to reclaim his nation’s treasures, outraged that Tyler and Shelby imitated him. He takes the Gold Energem, giving Fury a chance to steal it from him. But before he can use it to power the Ptera Zord, the Rangers stop him. Tyler hesitates again to destroy Fury when the ghost inside him emerges again, which Tyler believes is his father. The Ghost escapes and is revealed to be instead Sir Ivan, the knight who found the Gold Energem 800 years ago and trapped inside Fury ever since. Ivan uses the Energem to become the Gold Ranger and take control of the Ptera Charge Megazord. After witnessing the battle and discovering the truth about his national treasure, Prince Phillip returns the Gold Energem to its rightful owner, Sir Ivan. He tells him to use it to protect the innocent as he has always done.

Season 1, Episode 12: Knight After Knights

The Rangers must demonstrate their value to persuade their latest ally, the Gold Ranger, who has left them to fight alone as he does not think they have the bravery and courage of knights despite also being Rangers. They find they do not have the willpower to do so when one of Sledge’s monsters steals their courage. But when Ivans newest team of makeshift heroes fails to meet his hopes, he realizes that courage comes in different forms and must fight with the Rangers rather than compete against them

Season 1, Episode 13: Sync or Swim

The Museums Fossil Fun Day is upon them, but when Ivan arrives on horseback in full armor, Tyler finds himself unable to keep his feelings in check. Tyler and Ivan’s playful rivalry interfere with the Rangers’ plan to defuse a bomb that Sledge and his monsters have planted. In the end, not only do Tyler and Ivan set aside their differences, but the others are driven to irritation by their newfound friendship.

Season 1, Episode 14: True Black

Chase mocks Shelby for a pop band she wants to see in New Zealand. But they are thrown into action when a monster attack leaves three Rangers buried underground, Chase’s effort to use his new Black Armor X fails, causing him to question whether the fault is in the technology, or in himself. Whatever it is, he must find it quick if he is to save the day.

Season 1, Episode 15: Rise of a Ranger

Still inspired by his encounter with the Rangers, Prince Phillip finds the Graphite Energem. However, it doesn’t bond with him, despite his best attempts. After many tries, he gives the gem over to the rangers, only for them to be attacked by Fury. Keeper identifies that the Prince’s attempts were not genuine heroism, but after he saves Chase’s sister, the Energem finally bonds with him, giving the Team a new ally and the mighty PachyZord to save the day. Prince Phillip returns to Zandar with the Graphite Energem in his care but promises to return if he is needed

Season 1, Episode 16: No Matter How You Slice It

After a monster breaks the Power Rangers’ bonds of friendship, their distrust in each other not only threatens to destroy the team but also causes the Energems to lose power and risk dying. Riley and Koda must work together to find a way to restore the bonds between them but also save the Energems.

Season 1, Episode 17: World Famous (In New Zealand)

When tracking down Sledge’s activities in Auckland, New Zealand, the Power Rangers meet Albert, a self-proclaimed adventurer, and Bigfoot hunter. Over lunch, the team chases a thief only to discover he has been captured by the Purple Ranger, who is then attacked by Sledge’s monsters. Defending their comrade, they are surprised to learn his identity as Albert, who bonded to his Energem while saving a little girl. Despite the offer to join the team, Albert is reluctant to fight. After Tyler catches him fleeing from a battle, Albert reveals that he is a fraud: his adventures are made up, and his eyepatch is just for show. Despite this, Tyler can show Albert that he does have real courage when needed. However, Albert decides to stay away from the fight and is unbonded from the Purple Energem but proud to have made friends.

Season 1, Episode 18: Deep Down Under

Still in New Zealand, The Rangers are hunting for the PlesioZord, which they reckon is awake due to the Purple Ranger they encountered. Shelby visits Paleontologist Dr. Runga in search of leads, but he doesn’t take them seriously, only giving them a general clue. Tyler and Shelby manage to find and video the PlesioZord, but Meteor attacks them before reaching it. Seeing a chance for increased fame, Dr. Runga steals the video from Shelby’s phone, thinking it’s of a real Plesioaasaur, and while telling him off, Shelby reveals that Runga was her idol as a child, which drove her to study dinosaurs. The Rangers find the PlesioaZord and manage to rescue both it and the Purple Energem, giving them more power.

Season 1, Episode 19: Wishing for a Hero

Not wanting to run the risk of leaving an unbonded Energem lying around, The Rangers try to find a hero to bond to the Purple Energem by staging accidents to force people to save Kendall but to no avail. Learning of this, Sledge makes a deal with his most dangerous villain, someone even his crew is afraid of, called Heckyl to trick the Rangers in return for shared dominance of the universe. A monster makes their wishes come true, with disastrous consequences. The Rangers realize the deception too late as Kendall gives the Purple Energem to her “hero,” Heckyl. Before he can reveal his power, Fury intervenes and steals the Purple Energem, which he gives to Sledge, who uses its power to return Heckyl to his cell.

Season 1, Episode 20: One More Energem

Kendall creates a robot to plant on Sledge’s ship to recover the Purple Energem, and to help the Rangers, aided by Prince Phillip, fight Sledge. Unfortunately, Sledge ends up taking the Red Energem and leaves the Rangers defeated and with Keeper as a prisoner. Kendall stows away onboard to Sledge’s ship. While the others fight a new Monster with the Zords, Shelby and a powerless Tyler use the PlesioZord to fly to Sledges ship. Kendall recovers the Purple Energem and saves Keeper, and is transformed into the new Purple Ranger. Joining them, Tyler overhears Sledge’s plan to wire the Red Energem to the weapons and destroy the Megazord in one hit, so he sends the others to assist in fighting the monster, leaving him alone on the ship. Tyler must recover his Energem before his friends are destroyed and must fight Sledge one-on-one to save the world.

Season 1, Halloween Special: The Ghostest with the Mostest

When a monster kidnaps a Ranger and takes on their appearance during a Halloween party, Kendall must discover which of the team is the fake before their Energems are stolen.

Season 1, Christmas Special: Race to Rescue Christmas

When Poisandra steals Santa’s tablet in the hopes of finding the Rangers secret base, it’s up to the Rangers to get it back before Christmas is canceled.

Power Rangers Dino Charge Season 1 Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Another style of Power Rangers with the same premise. When you watch one you’ve watched them all.

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