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Emma Allan and Olivia “Liv” Lerner are childhood best friends who have planned every detail of their weddings, since first witnessing a wedding 20 years ago at the Plaza Hotel. They both have made it a priority to be married in the same location in June. While hanging out at Liv’s place in the present day they find a Tiffany box hidden in the closet. Both friends are excited knowing that Liv will soon get a proposal from her boyfriend. That same night Emma’s boyfriend proposes to her. Liv gets restless waiting for her boyfriend to pop the question and eventually confronts him. He replies he was planning on doing it that night but then asks her on the spot.

Both girls start planning and expect to be each other’s maid of honor. They schedule a meeting with New York’s most famous wedding planner, Marion St. Claire, who tells them there are three spots open at The Plaza in June: Two on the same day and one a few weeks later. They each choose a different day but due to a clerical error, wind up both scheduled to have their weddings on the same day, June 6 (three and a half months later).

The two of them ask the 3rd bride, Stacey, to switch her date with Emma. Stacey refuses, resulting in Liv fighting with Stacey while she is registering for gifts and causing Liv and Emma to be escorted out of the store. A week of passive-aggressive hostility passes before the two women make it clear to each other that neither will compromise. Emma’s fiancé, Fletcher, begins to show signs of being controlling. The two women declare war after a slight misunderstanding that Liv already announced her wedding date, outraging Emma who set her date as well, which Liv becomes aware of at their shared bridal shower. The two exchange threats and insults in front of their friends who decide not to take sides.

Both attempt to sabotage the other’s wedding, including: Liv changing Emma’s dance instructor, Emma secretly sending Liv candy to make her too fat to fit into her dress, Liv making Emma’s spray tan bright orange, Emma changing Liv’s hair dye to a shocking blue-white color, Liv registering Emma on Babies R Us and spreading rumors that she is pregnant, and Emma showing up to Liv’s invite-only bachelorette party to outdance her.

Emma and Fletcher get into an argument regarding Emma’s maniacal behavior, sabotaging Liv’s wedding and their friendship, and how Emma has changed since they first met. The couple undergo strains in their relationship because of Emma’s newfound outspokenness and self-confidence. In contrast, Liv has learned to be more sensitive and expressive. However, due to her stress about the wedding and strained friendship with Emma, she ends up being demoted at her job as an attorney.

Both brides-to-be are shown to be in the Plaza very shortly before they are due to be wed, separately. Right before Liv leaves to begin her march to the altar, she encounters Emma’s father and receives his blessing; immediately she regrets setting up a wild spring break DVD to play at Emma’s wedding. She sends her assistant Kevin to replace the DVD with the right one, filled with childhood memories. Thinking that the DVD is for a prank, he does not do so. Before the brides enter their respective venues, they share a brief moment of reconciliation as they both smile at each other.

Emma begins her walk down the aisle but stops when the footage of her spring break is shown. She loses her temper and tackles Liv at her wedding on the other side. The two brides wrestle in their dresses on the floor but eventually talk things out and reconcile.

Emma stands up and walks over to Fletcher who is upset at her behavior. Emma tells him that she is not the same person he fell in love with 10 years ago and that she has changed over the years. With that, the two decide to call off their wedding. Liv’s wedding resumes with Emma now participating and dancing with Nate, Liv’s brother and a well-known magazine journalist.

The film picks up 1 year later when Liv and Emma meet up for drinks, where it’s revealed that Emma married Nate. Emma and Liv also reveal to each other that they are pregnant, and that their due dates are the same, March 3 and both friends get excited.

Bride Wars Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It is funny but yet sad

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