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Andy “Brink” Brinker and his in-line skating crew—Peter, Jordy, and Gabriella—who call themselves “Soul-Skaters” (they skate for the fun of it, not for the money), clash with a group of sponsored skaters, Team X-Bladz—led by Val—with whom they attend high school in southern California.

On the first day of school, the Soul-Skaters and Team X-Bladz race on school grounds. Boomer, a skater for Team X-Bladz, is seriously injured during the race, causing Brink to stop mid-race to help him. Brink and the other racers are caught and suspended. Brink learns that his family is in financial trouble; his father, Ralph, has been on disability for six months and is unsure if he will get his job back when he’s well. Brink secretly goes against what he believes and joins Team X-Bladz for $200 a week, as a replacement for Boomer. Ralph didn’t want Brink to spend even more time skating so he forbade Brink from taking the job. However, Brink disobeys him. Ralph being unaware that Brink took the job and since Brink had said he wanted to work, Ralph gets him a part-time job at Pup-N-Suds, a dog grooming business. This, however, is a job which Jordy, Gabriella, and Peter are aware of because Brink had told them that he’s working there. For a while, Brink manages to keep his other job in Team X-Bladz a secret from his family and friends by juggling school, both jobs, and practice with the Soul-Skaters. However, Jordy, Gabriella, and Peter discover the truth when they catch him skating for Team X-Bladz to at an invitational prior to an upcoming local competition. Brink’s friends feel he betrayed them and choose to ignore him upon discovering his alignment with Team X-Bladz.

Brink tries to rejoin the Soul Skaters, but is rebuffed. Val offers Brink a chance to re-join X-Bladz by noting the team won’t hold him leaving against him. While scouting the route for the downhill leg of the upcoming competition, The Soul-Skaters and Team X-Bladz agree to a downhill race, with Gabriella against Brink. During the race, Val sabotages the course by tossing gravel onto the road – but tells Brink to take a different route. Gabriella wipes out big and sustains cuts and bruises. Brink realizes what Val did. 

Brink visits Gabriella at her house and she calls him a sell-out. Ralph learns about the accident from Gabriella’s mother and Brink confesses that he took the job with X-Bladz even though he was told not to. Ralph has a heart-to-heart with Brink and asks him why he didn’t tell the family about it. Brink finally confesses his true reasons for joining Team X-Bladz and wanting to be a somebody from it. He admits that though he got what he wanted, it has gotten him into a mess. Brink mentions he has lost his friends and doesn’t have fun skating with X-Bladz. Ralph reveals that although the family is in financial trouble, Brink should not be skating for the money and would rather skate for fun.

Inspired by his father, Brink confronts Val at the local boardwalk, quits Team X-Bladz, and returns the team gear (skates / helmet). Val tells Brink to not renege on his contractual obligations with Team X-Bladz. This leads to a heated argument between both boys and Brink to toss a milkshake in Val’s face.

In the days before the competition, Brink meets his friends at the skate yard. After giving them new skates, Brink tells them of his plan to sponsor the team under the name “Team Pup ‘N Suds”. When questioned, Brink admits he got an advance from PupNSuds from his wages to pay for the skates. They forgive Brink and accept him as their friend again.

As friends once again, they compete in the competition with their families’ support. In the end, it comes down to Brink and Val in the championship race. Throughout the downhill championship, Val continually attempts to shove Brink off the course. When Val crashes off the course, Brink returns to help him up. Val yanks Brink to the ground to try to get a head start, while ESPN cameras stream the interaction to onlookers. After getting up, with Val in the lead, Brink takes a shortcut to win the race.

Immediately after the race, while Val storms off, Team X-Bladz manager, Jimmy, who saw Val’s cheating and kicked him off the team, offers Brink a spot on Team X-Bladz. However, Brink declines. He happily re-joins the Soul Skaters and receives the trophy.

Brink Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Honestly the movie was just eh okay. It has almost the same plot as An Extremely Goofy Movie. While I appreciate the sports movies, I feel like this one missed the mark. Also no one talks about it decades later.

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