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Zane is relentlessly carrying on with his search for the mystery sea monster that saved his life, and tricks

As a human orphan being raised by a family of gorillas after his parents were killed in an African jungle, Tarzan is worried that a fabled monster known as the Zugor will someday attempt to capture him. He is disappointed that he can’t run as quickly as the other young apes in his family, and his attempts to prove himself keep resulting in chaos, disappointing his father, Kerchak. When an accident leads his ape mother, Kala, to think Tarzan has died after the gorillas have crossed a ravine, the other apes feel that Tarzan has reached a fitting end. Tarzan believes it’s best for everyone involved if he runs away.

Alone in the jungle, Tarzan gets chased by Sabor the leopardess to a rocky place known as the Dark Mountain. When the echo of the monster calls, Sabor runs away just as Tarzan is encountered by two hulking, spoiled gorilla brothers, Uto and Kago, and their controlling, over-protective mother Mama Gunda. They fear the Zugor as much as Tarzan does, and when the booming call of the monster again echoes through the valley, the trio flee and Tarzan is able to escape Dark Mountain. He encounters a crotchety old gorilla who at first keeps the boy distant, but Tarzan discovers this gorilla is actually named Zugor and was pretending to be the monster. He uses hollow trees as megaphones to amplify his voice and pretend to be a monster, scaring other jungle creatures away from his territory and food. Tarzan uses this discovery to blackmail Zugor into letting the boy stay with him. Thanks to Tarzan’s cheerfulness and helpfulness, Zugor begins to warm up to him. Tarzan continues to try to figure out what he is along with Zugor, but they both promise not to tell anyone.

Meanwhile, Tarzan’s two best friends, the young gorilla Terk and the young elephant Tantor, come looking for him, and Kala also finds out that Tarzan is alive, so she goes looking for him as well. Terk and Tantor encounter trouble in Dark Mountain in the form of Mama Gunda, Uto, and Kago, but they are able to escape. Terk and Tantor eventually reunite with Tarzan, and the three become best friends once again. They leave Dark Mountain, and Mama Gunda, Uto, and Kago follow them. Tarzan does not want to return home with them but he reveals that there is no monster. Mama Gunda, Uto, and Kago overhear their conversation and learn it was Zugor who was pretending to be the monster; he gets himself into trouble. Uto and Kago wreck Zugor’s treehouse in retaliation for scaring them. Zugor accuses Tarzan for breaking his promise and runs away, refusing to help him face the brothers. Terk and Tantor run to go and warn Kerchak. Kala arrives near Dark Mountain and also encounters trouble with Mama Gunda, Uto and Kago. Tarzan finally realizes what he is supposed to be: a “Tarzan”, with his own special tricks that no one else can do in the jungle, Zugor comes to a similar realization, at which he returns to Tarzan and reconciles with him.

Tarzan is able to use tricks and traps to defeat Uto and Kago as Terk and Tantor try to save Kala from falling off a cliff; Tarzan saves Kala just in time. where as Zugor holds Mama Gunda hostage, but due to their connection and Zugor accidentally telling Mama Gunda that she has “beautiful eyes”, they both fall in love. Uto and Kago return and are shocked to see them together. Tarzan tells Kala that she was right before and he is a part of her gorilla family.

As the movie ends, Tarzan, Kala, Terk, and Tantor return to the gorilla troop. Kala gives Tarzan a hug and tells him how proud she is of him for rescuing her from the fall and from Uto and Kago. Mama Gunda punishes her sons for destroying Zugor’s treehouse and tells them that there won’t be any more fighting or wrecking things. Tarzan, Terk, and Tantor decide to play a monster game; Tarzan is now happy and proud of himself, as he now knows what he is supposed to be. Tarzan stands on a sequoia tree and lets out the typical Tarzan yell.

Tarzan II Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Another underrated Straight-to-video film. Disney didn’t think that it would be a big hit in theaters but this midquel is cute and fun. Love Tantor and Kerk as friends, they have very different personalities but still manage to make it work.

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