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U.S. Navy SEAL lieutenant Shane Wolfe is assigned to rescue Howard Plummer, a man working on a top-secret government project, from a group of Serbian rebels. Shane and his team successfully get Plummer off an enemy boat. However, while boarding the helicopter to escape, the team is attacked by the enemy. Plummer is killed, and Shane is wounded in a shootout, spending two months in the hospital as a result.

At the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Shane’s crooked commanding officer, Captain Bill Fawcett, explains that he has been assigned to escort Plummer’s widow, Julie, to Zürich, where Plummer’s safety deposit box has been discovered to retrieve the contents. Meanwhile, Shane has been assigned to stay at the Plummer residence in Bethesda, to search for Plummer’s secret project called GHOST and look after the family’s five children: Zoe, Seth, Lulu, Peter, and baby Tyler. The kids prove to be difficult to handle, even with the help of nanny Helga, who quits when one of Zoe and Seth’s pranks intended for Shane goes wrong. Meanwhile, in Zurich, Julie and Fawcett receive word of Howard’s deposit box. However, she must provide a password to access it, which she does not know and she and Fawcett end up staying longer than expected. Shane eventually begins to discover the children’s problems and resolve them, gaining their trust after saving them when their house was attacked by intruders.

Later, the school’s vice principal, Duane Murney, informs Shane that Seth has cut and dyed his hair, has a Nazi armband in his locker, and has skipped every wrestling practice for a month. At home, Seth tells Shane that he only joined the wrestling team because of his father. After Seth sneaks out of the house and meets with what appears to be a group of Neo-Nazi youths, Shane follows him to the town theater, where he learns that Seth has secretly joined an amateur production of The Sound of Music (specifically, he has the role of Rolf Gruber, a Nazi), explaining the armband and hairdo. The director quits as he believes the show will be a failure. Shane volunteers to take charge of the show. Also take care of the house, & give Zoe driving lessons in the family minivan. Shane also decides teach Lulu and her fellow Firefly Scouts martial arts to defend themselves against rival Grizzly Scouts who enjoy bullying and harassing them.

As Seth quits the wrestling team, Shane challenges Murney to a wrestling match in front of the entire school, which he easily wins despite Murney’s show of bluster. The Firefly Scouts use the skill Shane taught to beat the rival Boy Scouts. The girls tie up the boys and warn them to not to bother them anymore. Zoe and Shane share stories of their fathers, both of whom died in similar circumstances which greatly comforts Zoe. They are interrupted by a phone call from Julie, who has figured out the password, “My Angel” (which was engraved on her wedding ring), retrieved a two-prong key from the box and is on her way home. The kids immediately plan a “Welcome Home” party.

Later that evening, Shane discovers a secret vault underneath the garage, which requires exactly the type of key that Julie and Bill retrieved to open. When Bill and Julie arrive home, he and Shane go to the garage, where Shane says he is rethinking his career. The two armed intruders from before arrive and pull off their masks, revealing themselves as the Chuns – the Plummers’ North Korean bakery owning neighbors. Suddenly, Bill knocks out Shane, revealing himself to be a double agent. Mr. Chun binds, gags, and guards the children while Bill and Mrs. Chun take Julie down to the vault. They open the door, but a dangerous security system prevents them from proceeding.

The children escape and awaken Shane, who tells them to go get help from the police since the landlines were slashed and while he goes to the vault to help Julie. Mr. Chun chases after them in Bill’s car. With Zoe at the wheel, the kids force him to crash. Shane gets past the security system using the “Peter Panda” dance Howard had used to make his son go to sleep each night. Julie knocks out Mrs. Chun, and Shane’s voice activates the final vault, knocking out Bill with the door. By then, the children have lured a large crowd of police to the house. Mr. Chun arrives and holds all of them at gunpoint. Shane notices the school principal and his love interest Claire Fletcher right behind him, having followed the chase when she saw it pass by the school. Shane distracts Mr. Chun with the help of Mr. Plummer’s family pet duck Gary, and Claire knocks him unconscious.

Bill and the Chuns are arrested and taken into police custody. At Seth’s performance, it is revealed that Shane has retired from the Navy and joined the school staff as the new wrestling coach. Murney, dressed as a nun, also performs in the play, singing “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” off-key. Claire tells Shane it’ll be nice having him around and they kiss backstage.

The Pacifier Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really thought this movie was going to hate this movie but it is hilarious. A big buff guy dealing with a bunch of crazy kids. It is chaotic to say the least, well that’s motherhood for you, but add on that they were being targeted by bad guys and a typical teenager. I actually miss these cheesy family oriented action films.

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