Movie Review: Cinderella (1997)

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Cinderella grows distracted while waiting upon her stepmother and two stepsisters in the marketplace, where she meets a charming young man. Despite being apprehensive about introducing herself to him at first, the pair bond upon realizing that both are dissatisfied with their sheltered home lives. After being scolded for speaking to a stranger, Cinderella returns to her step family’s aid before realizing the young man is Prince Christopher. The Prince returns to the palace, where he is apprehended by his valet Lionel for once again visiting the kingdom disguised as a commoner, and learns that his parents, Queen Constantina and King Maximillian, plan to host a ball in order to find her son a suitable bride, an idea he strongly protests because he would rather marry for love. At Lionel’s suggestion, Constantina and Maximillian compromise that should Christopher not be successful in choosing a bride at the ball, he be allowed to find one on his own terms.

Back at their own home, Cinderella wishes to attend the ball herself but her stepmother ridicules the idea, advising her that a prince would never be interested in her and to remain grateful for her current life. Solely determined to bolster their own wealth and social status by marrying the prince, Cinderella’s step family leaves for the ball, leaving Cinderella home alone. Cinderella is soon visited by her Fairy Godmother for the first time, who encourages her to go to the ball; she magically transforms a pumpkin into a carriage, rats into footmen and a coachman, mice into horses, and her rags into a beautiful ballgown, complete with a pair of glass slippers. With her Fairy Godmother’s warning that the spell will only last until midnight, Cinderella leaves for the ball.

Yet to be impressed with any of the young women he meets, including Cinderella’s Stepsisters, Christopher is growing weary until Cinderella arrives, and the pair instantly start dancing much to the annoyance of Cinderella’s step family, who can’t help but feel that the unidentified princess is familiar. Cinderella grows dismayed and wishes to leave when the King and Queen ask her about her background, but her Fairy Godmother encourages her to stay. The clock strikes midnight as Cinderella and the Prince share their first kiss, but Cinderella flees on foot while the spell is reverted, leaving behind a single glass slipper. With his parents’ blessing, Christopher declares that he will marry whomever fits the slipper, even if it means trying it on every maiden in the kingdom.

When Cinderella’s step family return home, they begin sharing embellished recounts of their evening. Cinderella explains that she can only imagine what it must have been like and they briefly bond over the memory, only for the Stepmother to soon recognize Cinderella as the mysterious princess with whom the Prince danced, and insisting that she will never be more than a common girl. With final encouragement from her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella finally decides she will run away from home.

When the Prince and Lionel arrive at Cinderella’s home, the Stepmother locks Cinderella in the kitchen hoping to keep her hidden. Cinderella’s step family – including the Stepmother – tries on the slipper with little success. Lionel demands that the kitchen be unlocked and searched, and the Prince discovers Cinderella in the courtyard about to run away. When Christopher recognizes Cinderella from the marketplace, he tries the slipper on her foot and it fits perfectly. In the end, Cinderella and the Prince soon marry in a grand ceremony, while the palace gates close on her step family, forcing them to watch from outside.

Cinderella Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So much to say on this version of Cinderella. Let’s start with how amazing it was. Musical, fun, funny and NOTHING can top this live action version. Even though the Prince was Filipino, the King was white and the Queen was Black it just made sense. They vibed so well. Also bad when it came out, we didn’t care about how multi racial it was. The film had a fantastic line up and it will forever be THE CINDERELLA. So don’t come at me.

Logging off with this classic song with a twist.

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