Short Movie Review: Chip an’ Dale

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Chip an’Dale Summary

Donald Duck, while staying in a rustic winter cabin, gets out of bed to collect firewood for a fire. He chops down a small topped tree which happens to be the home of two chipmunks Chip and Dale who follow him back to the cabin. After Donald places the log in the fireplace, while Donald is looking for the matches Chip and Dale get their nuts out of the log but it’s too late. Donald lights it, and while he’s warming himself by the fire, the chipmunks sneak in behind his back, extinguish the fire, and blatantly carry the log out of the cabin in front of Donald. A slightly amused Donald easily takes it from them as they leave the cabin.

The chipmunks later climb the roof and throw snowballs down the chimney in order to extinguish Donald’s fire. Donald climbs up the chimney, rolls the chipmunks into a snowball and rolls them off the roof.

Coming up with a new plan, Chip whispers in Dale’s ear. Dale listens intently, and nods, agreeing to the plan. Chip climbs a steep hill directly in front of the front door of Donald’s cabin and rolls a snowball down the hill. Dale laughs and knocks on the door to get Donald to answer. As the snowball rolls down the hill, it gets bigger and gains momentum. Finally, Donald answers the door just as the massive snowball hits.

Chip and Dale retrieve their log, and as they are leaving, Dale takes an opportunity to kick Donald as he is helplessly embedded in the snow having his rear exposed

Chip an’Dale Review

This was the first interaction between Donald Duck and Chip and Dale. We love the chaos, the jokes and pranks and the audience received it well that it earned an Academy Award Nomination in 1948. Unfortunately it lost to Tweetie Pie by Warner Bros, but that didn’t stop Disney from bringing us more Chip and Dale shorts.

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