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One year has passed since the events of the first film. Aladdin and Abu have settled in the palace of Agrabah with Princess Jasmine and her father, the Sultan. Still yearning for adventures, Aladdin foils a criminal group stealing loot and returns it to the people of Agrabah. Meanwhile, in the desert, Iago escapes from Jafar’s lamp. Tired of being taken for granted, Iago refuses Jafar’s demands to free him. After throwing the lamp into a well, Iago returns to Agrabah, hoping to befriend Aladdin and return to the palace. During a confrontation with Aladdin and Abu, the three are attacked by the dimwitted thief Abis Mal, and his henchmen whom Aladdin had foiled; Iago inadvertently saves Aladdin’s life. In gratitude, Aladdin keeps Iago on the palace grounds, promising to speak with the Sultan on Iago’s behalf.

Meanwhile, Abis Mal finds Jafar’s lamp in the well. Hindered by his incompetent new master, Jafar manipulates Abis Mal into wasting his first two wishes, then enlists his help in taking revenge on Aladdin. In exchange he will grant him a special third wish. Abis Mal agrees, also desiring revenge on Aladdin. Meanwhile, the Genie returns to the palace after traveling the world for one year. At the evening banquet, the Sultan announces Aladdin as the new grand vizier. Abu and Rajah discover Iago in the garden and chase him into the banquet. Aladdin asks the Sultan to pardon Iago, but Jasmine is dismayed that Aladdin never confided in her. Genie and Iago help persuade Jasmine to give Iago a chance. The Sultan remains suspicious, however, but issues Iago a temporary pardon, with the stipulation that Aladdin watch over him. However, Jafar sneaks into the palace and forces Iago to trick Aladdin and the Sultan to travel to a waterfall.

During the trip, the Sultan eventually forgives Aladdin, but Jafar ambushes them, sending Aladdin into the waterfall and capturing the Sultan, with Jasmine, Genie and Abu also caught and locked in the dungeon. Aladdin eventually makes his way back to Agrabah to warn Razoul, but Jafar, posing as Jasmine, frames Aladdin for the Sultan’s alleged murder and sentences him to execution. Feeling guilty for his betrayel, Iago frees the Genie, who saves Aladdin. Jafar now controls Agrabah, but Aladdin vows to stop him by destroying his lamp. Iago decides to leave, but not before Aladdin thanks him.

Aladdin and the group confront Jafar in the treasure room just before Abis Mal can wish him free. However, Jafar knocks both Aladdin and Abis Mal out the tower and sends them hurtling through the Palace trees; Abis Mal dropping Jafar’s lamp. Aladdin manages to free himself and the group attempt to get the lamp, but Jafar transforms into his Genie form, and incapacitates the Genie and shatters the Carpet. He splits open the Palace gardens, creating a pool of lava and traps Aladdin on a sinking rock. Iago returns and grabs the lamp, but is knocked out by Jafar. Though injured, he kicks the lamp into the lava, destroying Jafar. Aladdin rescues Iago as Jafar’s magic is undone, restoring the Palace gardens and Flying Carpet. Everyone forgives Iago and is officially accepted into the palace. Aladdin ultimately declines the Sultan’s offer to become the vizier, instead opting to see the world with Jasmine, much to Iago’s chagrin. 

In a post-credits scene, Abis Mal, still dangling from the tree, realizes he’ll never get his third wish.

The Return of Jafar Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A straight to vide sequel that was deserving of a theatrical release. It is underrated for sure. A great family film with the same characters. Honestly, the ending was hilarious.

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