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The Muppets Summary

Walter, born a Muppet and a resident of Smalltown, is a lifelong fan of The Muppet Show. His older brother Gary intends to take his long-term girlfriend Mary on a vacation to Los Angeles. Mary wants Gary to propose to her, but feels his devotion to Walter distracts from their relationship.

The trio tour the rundown Muppet Studios, where Walter sneaks into Kermit the Frog’s office. There, he overhears oil magnate Tex Richman and his henchmen, Uncle Deadly and Bobo the Bear, intending to buy the Muppet Theatre from Statler and Waldorf. The old men state that the Muppets could repurchase the theatre if they raised $10 million before their original contract expires. However, in private, Richman reveals he intends to destroy the theatre to drill for oil.

Walter informs Gary and Mary. They visit Kermit in his mansion, who realises the Muppets would have to reunite and throw a telethon to raise the money. Though the Muppets have gone their separate ways, Kermit is convinced to reunite them. He convinces Fozzie Bear to join in, having been performing in Reno with the Moopets, a tribute band of uncouth Muppet impersonators. Gonzo works at a plumbing magnate, at first refusing to join, but changes his mind. Animal attends a celebrity anger management clinic, sponsored by Jack Black, and refuses to play the drums. The other various Muppets are recruited via montage.

The group travel to Paris to recruit Miss Piggy, who is an editor for Vogue Paris. At first she refuses to return, but later does so when her Moopet counterpart Miss Poogy is hired. The Muppets rebuild the theatre and pitch their telethon to several networks. CDE network executive Veronica Martin agrees to air their show if they gain a celebrity host. Needing enough acts to fill the telethon’s two-hour timeslot, Kermit encourages Walter to find a talent. With Gary helping Walter, Mary goes sightseeing alone and eventually returns to Smalltown.

With time running out, a desperate Kermit tries to implore Richman to return the studio, but he refuses, revealing he will give the Muppets’ trademarks to the Moopets. Kermit gives up, prompting Miss Piggy to rally the other Muppets to kidnap Jack Black to be the host. Gary discovers Mary has left and returns to Smalltown.

The Muppets convince Kermit to participate in the telethon, which slowly gains both an audience and rising funds, thanks to telephone pledges from celebrity callers. Richman repeatedly attempts to sabotage the show, cutting the theatre’s power, but Gary and Mary arrive to restore it. A guilt-stricken Uncle Deadly betrays Richman and stops his second attempt at sabotage. Kermit and Miss Piggy reconcile, leading the Muppets in a rendition of “The Rainbow Connection”. During this, Animal regains his love for drumming. Walter, with encouragement from Gary, performs a whistling act and earns a standing ovation.

Richman crashes a car into a telephone pole, cutting off the phone lines, and evicts the Muppets from the theatre. However, the group are met by adoring fans outside, Walter joining the Muppets. Gary proposes to Mary, and Richman, after being struck in the head by Gonzo’s bowling ball, laughs for the first time and willingly returns the theatre to the Muppets.

The Muppets Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A fun movie for the whole family. It brings to like the Muppets interacting with the human world. It is funny and cute, and Muppets aren’t talked about in the Disney groups, which is unfortunate.

Who is your favorite Muppet? Mine in Gonzo

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