Short Movie Review: Out

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A magical cat and dog appear outside Greg’s townhouse, as he and his boyfriend Manuel are packing his belongings to move. The cat imbues the collar of Greg’s dog Jim with magic. Inside, reminiscing about a photo of them together, Manuel encourages Greg to come out to his parents, who unexpectedly show up to help. Greg hastily hides the photo and Manuel quietly exits by the back door. Holding Jim’s collar, Greg casually wishes aloud that he were a dog, and the minds of Greg and Jim magically switch bodies. “Greg” runs outside to play in the yard, where his stoic father is lighting the grill. “Jim” tries to get to him, while also frantically trying to prevent his eagerly helpful mother from finding the photo.

Frustrated by the dog’s misbehavior, she sits and talks aloud of her sadness about her son moving away, as “Jim” listens. Imagining a conversation with Greg, she hopes that he finds someone who loves him, and “that he makes you happy”. “Jim” suddenly realizes that she not only already knows that he is gay, but she also accepts it. He briefly comforts her, then chases down “Greg”, and successfully switches their minds back. That evening, Greg introduces Manuel to his parents; Greg’s father spontaneously hugs Manuel. The magical cat and dog see their mission accomplished, and leap away on a rainbow.

Out Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is such a heart warming love story. It is a great way to say I love you unconditionally. Love is love and families come in all different sizes, shapes etc. I stand for Greg’s mom and dad. It is so beautiful. And shout out to Pixar for bringing more and more representation to their characters.

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