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Released on November 14, 2010, Tangled was based off the Brother’s Grimm fairy tale of “Rapunzel.” Tangled was unique as they combined CGI, traditional and non photorealistic to create the film as if most of it are paintings.

The film begins long ago when a drop of sunlight fell to the Earth. Where the sunlight hit grew a a magical flower with healing capabilities. Only one knew of this magic and that was Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy), who used it for hundreds of years to stay young. One day while on her way to use the magic, she sees Soldiers from Corona take the flower. They needed it to heal the sick Queen. Soon after the Queen gave birth to a baby princess, Princess Rapunzel. 

One night while trying to get the flower back, Mother Gothel sneaks within the castle discovering Rapunzel and her beautiful gold hair. Mother Gothel tries cutting the babies hair only to learn that the magic dyes. With no other option, Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel to raise as her own. Mother Gothel has a tower deep in the forest, hidden away where she raises Rapunzel, whose never allowed out. 

Every year, the King and Queen continue to release floating lanterns in hope that the princess will return. This year Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) turns 18, has asks Mother Gothel if she can leave the tower to see them up close but she’s told the world is dangerous. Mother Gothel leaves for a few days to get some things. 

Back at the castle, Rapunzel’s crown was stolen by Flynn Ryder and the Stabbington brothers (Ron Perlman) . As they flee from the guards, Flynn (Zachary Levi) ditches his companions and discovers the tower. He climbs up and safely inside only to be hit with a frying pan. Rapunzel hides Flynn’s bag not realizing how important it is. When Flynn finally awakens, she convinces him to take her to see the floating lanterns in exchange for the crown back. Flynn agrees desperate to get it back. The first thing Flynn does is take her to the Snuggly Duckling in order to scare her into going home. Flynn’s plan backfired and the thugs took to Rapunzel. When they are alerted that the royal guards are on their way led by Maximus the horse, the thugs tell Flynn and Rapunzel to go through an underground tunnel. The guards give chase but Flynn and Rapunzel end up trapped in a flooded cave. Thinking he was about to die, Flynn blurts out that his real name is Eugene Fitzherbert, in turn Rapunzel remembers that her hair glows from magic and begins to sing. With the light from her hair, they escape from the cave. They come upon Mother Gothel, not knowing she was in league with the Stabbington brothers. Gothel pulls Rapunzel to the side and hands her the crown, telling her to test Flynn’s motives. 

Maximus arrives trying to arrest Flynn but Rapunzel convinces the horse to let them enjoy the day as its her birthday and Flynn will turn himself in. Maximus agrees. The grew arrives in the kingdom enjoying all the fun it had to offer. That night, Eugene and Rapunzel went out on the water releasing their own lantern, they realized they were in love. On the far shore, Flynn sees the Stabbington brothers. They paddle over so he can give the crown over but they betrayed him by tying him up and sending the boat into the water, making it look like he turned on Rapunzel. The brothers then start on Rapunzel but Mother Gothel pretends to rescue her only to end up locking her up again. Rapunzel realizes that the symbol for the kingdom of Corona is the same as the painting on her ceiling and that she’s the long lost princess. 

Meanwhile, Flynn and the Stabbington’s were arrested and detained at the palace. The Snuggly Duckling thugs come to help Flynn escape. Maximus helps bring him to the tower which Flynn climbs Rapunzel’s hair only to find her bound and gagged. Gothel stabs Flynn as Gothel tries to force Rapunzel to go with but Rapunzel tries to make a dal. Rapunzel will go and submit forever only if she can heal Flynn. Flynn however wants her to be free forever so he cuts Rapunzel’s hair. All the magic was destroyed causing Gothel to shrivel with age and trip out the window, landing in a pile of dust. Rapunzel mourns Flynn, crying at losing him but her tear still had magic, lands on Flynn healing him. Together they return to the kingdom where Rapunzel is reunited with the King and Queen. Everyone celebrates and Flynn is pardoned for all his crimes. 

Tangled Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tangled is perfect for the entire family. It is full of lessons, comedy and love. Besides all that and the fun music, the easter eggs are fun to spot.

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