The Sleepover (2020)

Looking for a fun, family friendly movie? This right here is hilarious. I still can not get over it. I was expecting a cheesy, typical film family film but no. Full of great lines, twists and turns and makes you just want to laugh all over. I secretly want a second film. I highly recommend it. Even my 7 year old enjoyed it so much he wanted to watch it again.

The movie begins with Clancy Finch (Sadie Stanley), a young teen, being invited to a party by her crush Travis Schultz (Matthew Grimaldi). Meanwhile, her brother Kevin (Maxwell Simkins) was caught dancing in the bathroom by his bully. Kevin runs out to the lunch room when the lunch monitor, Margot (Malin Akerman), and Kevin’s mom, stops them threatening the bullies. The bullies post the video on Youtube, making it go viral.

Ron Finch (Ken Marino) a pastry chef and father to Kevin and Clancy, pick up his children after school as well as Clancy’s best friend Mim (Cree Cicchino) from school. Clancy asks her parents to attend the party but they tell her no. It ends in an argument and Clany is grounded. Lewis (Lucas Jaye), Kevin’s best friend, comes over for a sleepover. Kevin and Lewis were planning on sleeping in the backyard in a tent. That night Clancy and Mim were planning on sneaking out to Travis’s party but first they stopped to scare the boys in the backyard. Lewis had to pee so he went inside for a moment when he hears a couple break into the house and attack Ron and Margot (who they called Mathilde) Finch, forcing them to leave with the threat of death. Lewis returns to the tent to tell them.

Not believing him, the four kids go inside until they notice Henry Gibbs (Erik Griffin), a Marshall Agent, sneaking into their house. Believing him to be an intruder, they attack him and tie him to a chair. He tells the kids that Margot was in the Witness Protection Program because she turned in the crime boss of the crime syndicate she was in but she has now been located due to the viral video. They follow clues that Margot left them when she was taken away, leading them to a storage unit that turns out to be a secret spy center. They take a self-driving spy car to Travis’s party. Travis agrees to take them to Downtown Boston in his family’s boat, but they are stopped by the U.S. Coast Guard. The four jump off and swim away, then reach the building where they believe there parents are located, but instead find a secret passageway behind a painting of Margot’s favorite poet W. B. Yeats leading them to the hideout of Margot’s best friend Jay (Karla Souza), who tracks Margot’s GPS chip to an extravagant gala. Jay tells the kids to stay, but Clancy handcuffs her to a pipe so they can leave.

At the gala, Ron, Margot, and Margot’s criminal ex-fiancé Leo (Joe Magnolia), who was also in WITSEC, are attempting to steal Queen Elise’s crown by poisoning her, but when they meet her, Ron accidentally ingests the poison and vomits everywhere. The gala security then detains them, but when they are about to be sent to the FBI, Margot and Leo knock out all the security guards and they take Ron to the main floor, where they find Clancy, Kevin, Mim, and Lewis, who got in by pretending to be live musicians. The seven run away into Leo’s safe house.

At the safe house, Leo reveals that he was never in witness protection but is actually the new head of the syndicate. His associate Elise holds them at gunpoint and calls the police to frame them for the theft, but Ron throws a wolf spider at her to make her drop her gun and then uses it to shoot the chandelier onto her. Margot hot-wires a car that Ron uses to drive Leo into a bunch of construction barrels, then Margot kicks the crown out of his hands and Clancy catches it. The Boston Police arrest Leo and Henry drives everyone back to the Finch house, where Travis returns Clancy’s jacket and Lewis’s mother picks him up. Everyone returns to their normal lives.

So I know my summary gave a lot away but this comedic action film is so worth it. Go check it out.

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