Movie Review: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

On December 21st, 1937, Walt Disney released his first feature length film. Based on the German Fairytale by the Grimm Brothers, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,  is about a young princess Snow White ( played by Adriana Caselotti) living with her Evil stepmother, better known as the Evil Queen Grimhilde (played by Lucille La Verne). The Evil Queen who feared not being the most beautiful asked her magic mirror (voiced by Moroni Olsen) “who the fairest of them all?” In which he responded that Snow White was the most beautiful in all the land. 

Raged with jealousy, the Evil Queen called for the huntsman (Stuart Buchanan) to ringback Snow’s heart. The huntsman takes Snow into the forest to kill her but has a change of mind. He begs Snow for forgiveness and has her run further into the forest. Instead the huntsman returns to the Evil Queen with the heart of a pig. The Evil Queen finds out, furious she concocts a plan to kill Snow White herself.

Meanwhile, Snow White is befriended by woodland animals who lead her to a little cottage in the forest that is inhabited by seven dwarfs. The dwarves are Doc ( Roy Attwell), Grumpy and Sleepy (Pinto Colvig), Happy (Otis Harlan), Bashful (Scotty Mattraw), Sneezy ( Billy Gilbert) and Dopey ( sounds done by Eddie Collins). The dwarves returned home to find a beautiful girl in their home home, which is now tided. Reluctantly the dwarves agree to let Snow stay. The following day the dwarves had back to the mines. While Snow is cleaning the cottage again, theres a knock at the door. Snow opens the door to find an old woman selling apples. The old woman convinces Snow to take an apple and wish on it, then tae a bite. As soon as Snow does as the old woman asks, she falls to the floor, not knowing that the old woman was the Evil Queen in disguise who had cursed the apple.

Snow’s animal friends had gone to get the dwarves from the mine and return to save Snow. The dwarves follow the animals back home to find Snow dead. They see the Evil Queen escaping and chase after her. An unfortunate event happens that ills the queen. The dwarves return home to encase Snow White in a glass coffin, mourning over her. A year later a Prince (Harry Stockwell) finds her after hearing the news of her death. Having fallen in love with her he kisses her, reviving her out of the dark curse the Evil queen had cast, and they live happily ever after.

Being the first featured film by Disney, it is important to show to all. It is good for all kids but can get a little scary with the witch. For older kids I advise them to look at the movie as a whole as everything was hand drawn. It is cute and perfect for the family.

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