Organizing my Writing

All right y’all, okay that looks weird being from New York but I did live in the south for a short bit. It is fall, well about to be as I post this. I am terrible, honest to goodness, awful, at staying organized. No matter how many times I try, I give up. This time is different, I think, well I hope. This is only about my writing and blogging though. If you haven’t noticed, I have been posting a few articles a day. It is a lot but I am trying to be serious about my blogs. Yes I do have more than one. This is I did for my stories, which I’ve lacked in posting a while, then decided to ass in movie reviews, which I love. And now I’m adding in film history and theories which is what my next book is about.

I also have Matthew’s Kitchen, which is our food blog. It is full of kid made and kid friendly recipes. I started my company 6 years ago when my son was little, and I’ve had to fix my website so it does looker newer than it is. I’m trying to keep up with it and add back and update recipes as well as add in some fun stories. I am aiming for 3-4 times a week as theres a lot more work. Its my love and passion but I also have cooking course I teach.

And lastly I blog for Homeschooling in NYC. I blog about our homeschooling adventures, resources for different topics and so much more. I’m also posting daily, at least twice. With everything going on, I know people need it.

I have also published my first 3 books on Amazon between July and September. So it is Homeschooling 101: A simple guide to understanding and getting started as a homeschooler, Homeschooling Through the Years: A guide to help you Create your own curriculum, and most recently Unschooling in New York State.

And my 4th book will be dropping in 2 months. I am freaking out as I need to do work on it and haven’t done nearly as much as I should be doing. AHHHHH!!!! But if y’all have been reading some of my posts, and I don’t mean the movie reviews, although I think I dropped a hint or two on a few, You know it is coming November 20th, 2020. It is in preorder for kindle currently. You can get it here.

The Disney Pixar Connection has been 7 years in the making. Legit, I started this back in September of 2013 as a college paper for my film class and now its a 300+ page book and its only volume 1. I have several more lined up to work on because it is just such a giant project. But I am also super excited. I have been pushing the deadline so many times and this summer I finally just said, enough is enough. Set a date and get it done. So I have, except I have been blogging like crazy for my 3 websites and wrote other books in the meantime. Talk about a face palm.

Anyway, this is why I had to organize myself. I have far too many books and projects in mind to complete and feel like I am all over the place. Just to give you a glimpse of what I am talking about here is my list, these are only books I have planned out aka outlined or thought about and started:

The Disney Pixar Connection Series:

Volume 1: Animated films

Volume 2: Animated Straight to Video

Volume 3: Disney Shorts

Volume 4: Pixar Shorts

Volume 5: Live Action

Volume 6: Disney Channel Movies

Volume 7: Documentaries

Volume 8: Studio Ghilbi


Road trip through the USA

Around the World – Europe Edition

Around the World- Africa Edition

Around the World – Oceanic Edition

Around the World – Asia Edition

Around the World – The Americas Edition

Minecraft Cookbook? – possibly

Fictional Work:

Dead in the East

Pendragon Series

Untitled – Paranormal Apocalopse

The Princess Assassination

So as you can see, I have a lot on my brain and these are just books I plan on, or am in the process of writing. Plus I have two small youtube channels, and thinking of adding a 3rd, maybe a 4th but I am not sure I can add that to my plate right now. I am a little overwhelmed here. Plus I homeschool my kiddo, teach cooking, clean and I have been sick. I was diagnosed with Lupus in April and the flareups have been kicking my ass but that is my motivation and since I can’t be out as much and be in the sun, so I have been holed up at my computer, writing away.

Anyway, I had to get my tush organized right? I grabbed a binder and page protectors. I printed out calendars, from September 2020 to December 2021, four times. One per each website and one for our youtube channel. it is in the binder now, I do need better dividers as right now I am using sticky notes to space it out.

So far I have planned out a lot for this website, plus some I didn’t have on my calendar, a week at a time on Matthew’s Kitchen and our youtube channels, and 2 weeks for Homeschooling in NYC.

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