The Search for Excalibur – Chapter 1

Sitting amongst a pile of books, Evanna was intensely searching for answers. Her long dark hair was pulled into a ponytail, her black framed glasses at the end of her nose and the pen she was writing with lay neatly on an open notebook that had notes neatly scribbled in it. The spot she choose was in the back corner close to a large window with just enough light streaming though that she can work uninterrupted. The books were old and most had dust collected around it from the shelves but Evanna loved the musty smells it gave off. All the books led back to one mythology mystery: King Arthur. Ever since Evanna had learned about the legend of King Arthur, she knew he was real. He must be as she shared her last name with him. She had dreams of being a descendant. Evanna Pendragon was proud but she also felt like she had to prove that the legend was true as there was so much conflicting information.
Evanna has only two more weeks before she set out to help her parents, Tristan and Gwendolyn, for Excalibur. Tristan and Gwen were well known archeologists, who both studied at St. Michael’s college. All three studied under Professor Eldred Pendragon and Professor Thomas Pericival, taught mythology and archeology. The five had a close bond and connection to the legend. The two professors decided it was time to physically search for Excalibur and King Arthur’s burial and asked a few select students to help, as well as Professor Pendragon’s son, Tristan and his wife Gwen.
Evanna continued to read through lunch and almost into dinner when her mother called her. Evanna stepped out of the library to take the call which is when she realized she hadn’t eaten since early that morning.
The phone flashed his grandfather’s name. She answered it.
“Hey Grandpa”
“Good afternoon Evie, are you coming to the dinner tonight?”
“Of course, I’ll be there. I just need to gather my things and store the books away. I have some new information.”
“Wonderful, we are meeting at the estate at 5:30, please dress appropriately.”
“Yes, sir”
With that the phone conversation ended. Her grandfather could seem a little distant but he was truly caring. The dinner was at the Pendragon Estate, a beautiful chateau that was built in the early 1800s in Northern California.
The business meeting was very important to her grandfather, Professor Pendragon, as well as Professor Percival. They invited all the students for the project, Tristan and Gwendolyn Pendragon as well as philanthropists to convince them to fund the find. The grant Evanna had applied for only covered so much.
Evanna glances at the time on her phone to see it read 3:45 pm. She took a deep breathe. She had very little time to get ready and drive the 45 minutes it would take from the campus. She walked back in to the library, sliding the phone back into her pocket, with a quick pace she was able to get to her belongings. She put the books she sorted through back on the cart nearby before placing her note taking supplies back in her book. She quickly went through the rest of the books to see which would be worth checking out. Her stack ended up being 15 heavy books, but that was nothing to her. She put the rest back on the cart as well before checking them out. Evanna quickly walked across the street to her dorm. Thankfully it was only a 10 minute walk from her door to the library. She made it inside, stumbling with the key, to pile the books on her desk. Evanna quickly grabbed her shower caddy and towel and jolted to the bathroom down the hall. She rushed her shower to feel refreshed. As she went back into her room, she noticed the door was open. She cautiously opened it to find her messy roommate on her made making out with a new boy of the week. Evanna tolled her eyes. She grabbed the outfit she had chosen the night prior and hid in the corner to dress.
Evanna went to stand in front of the mirror, which hung on the door to fix her long hair. She did a quick half braid, pulling it up as if she was from the 5th century. Her black suit lay neatly on her body. She slid the blue heels on and turned to grab her purse and keys when her roommate noticed she was even in the room.
“Oh how long have you been in here?” Asked Morgan
“A few minutes, I’m leaving now for the dinner I told you about.”
“Oh ok, are you going to be gone all night?”
“I wasn’t planning on it”
“Well can you?”
“I guess” Evanna finally responded. She grabbed her go bag, a bag she always had prepared just in case Situations like this came up. She slid a few of the books into the backpack and added the notebook and pen before jetting out. She was so annoyed by her roommate Morgan, she almost walked past her Subaru. Evanna slipped into the driver’s seat and placed her belongings on the passenger seat. She pressed the ignition button and glanced at the clock.
She had 30 minutes to get to the estate on time. She knew she was going to have to push it and not angry her grandfather. Evanna drove out of the lot and onto the main road heading towards the highway. She drove fast as soon as she could, cutting off 10 minutes. She exited the highway after 3 exits and took the mountain road, figuring if it was clear it would cut over 2 miles of curving roads. As she drove up and over, she kept thinking about finding the truth of her family’s history.
She got over with no problems. She only had a few more minutes before her grandfather would berate her on being late. Evanna got back on the county route before making a left onto a dirt road which would lead to the back of the chateau, driving past the farm and winery part of the estate. She pulled up to the back parking area, grabbed her bags and walked through the kitchen entrance, before locking the car. She slipped past the staff to the her old room. She placed her bags on the bed, checked herself in the standing mirror before presenting herself to her family and guests.

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