Sharknado (2013)

Off the coast of Mexico, the ship of shark fin smuggler Carlos Santiago (Isrrael Saez de Miguel) is caught in a cyclone, interrupting his meeting with a potential buyer. A tornado throws swarms of sharks onto the boat, killing all aboard.

The cyclone soon hits Los Angeles, flooding the city with shark-infested seawater. Bar owner and surfer Fin (Ian Ziering) sets out with his friends, Baz (Jason Simmons), Nova (Cassandra Scerbo), and George (John Heard), to rescue his estranged wife, April (Tara Reid), and their teenage daughter, Claudia (Aubrey Peeple), after the bar and boardwalk are destroyed by the flooding. While heading to April’s home, the group stops on a freeway to save people as flooding causes sharks to attack. George is killed and the group learns of a tornado warning. They arrive at April’s house just before the first floor is flooded and shark-infested. Collin (Christopher Wolfe), April’s boyfriend, is eaten by sharks, but the rest of the group escapes unharmed from the house, which gets hit by a huge wave causing it to collapse.

As they travel, the group comes across a school bus trapped in the floodwaters and surrounded by sharks. Fin stops to save the children and bus driver by rappelling down to the bus from a bridge. Afterwards, the bus driver is killed by a letter in the Hollywood Sign. While Nova is driving the car, a shark lands on top of the car and rips the roof off. Fin’s hand is cut and the group abandons the car before it explodes. They steal another car and meet up with Fin and April’s son Matt (Charles Hittinger), who is found taking shelter at his flight school. Three tornadoes develop and absorb the floodwater, turning into shark-filled “sharknados”. The group borrow equipment from nearby storage and Matt and Nova become attracted to each other. Matt and Nova decide to stop the threat of the incoming sharknados by tossing bombs into them from a helicopter. Two are destroyed, but they are unable to stop the third one.

As Nova fights off a shark that had latched onto the helicopter, she falls out of the helicopter and directly into another shark’s mouth. Matt is heartbroken. Baz is also lost in the storm along with Matt’s friends Bobby (Alex Arleo) and Luellyn (Conner Well). Ultimately, Fin destroys the last sharknado with a bomb attached to his car and the sharks begin to plummet toward the ground. One falling shark flies directly toward the remaining members of the group. Fin jumps into its mouth with a chainsaw and cuts his way out. He emerges carrying an unconscious but otherwise unharmed Nova. Matt is reunited with Nova, and Fin gets back together with April.

I’ll be honest with you all, I am not afraid of sharks but this movie (even though its a spoof type scary movie) makes me scared that one day this could happen. I mean the science right? Well it is 2020 when anything is possible. So I had to do a little research on the possibility and yes it can happen. According to the New York Times, in 1877, the closest thing to Sharknado was actually a Gatornado (hmm, is that a movie idea?) when a water spout picked up alligators and dumped them on a South Carolina Farm. So while it would be rare, its also possible. Thats extremely nerving to think about, glad I live in the mountains where it will less likely happen right? Anyway I love these movies. I love scary but I find it funny, which is the purpose. It is so Sy-Fy that its funny, Anyway signing off with this scene:

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