The Search for Excalibur- Chapter 2

Evanna slipped off her heels to carry them as she jogged through the corridor before it opened up into the grand entrance. She put the heels back on and gracefully walked down the grand staircase where Professor Pendragon, Professor Percival, her parents and the other guests were gathering for cocktails and appetizers. She could feel her grandfathers eyes on her as if she was late. She glanced at her watch casually to see she was a minute late. She took a deep breathe knowing that she would get a lecture from Professor Pendragon. A shiver went down her spine as she felt another set of eyes on her. She could sense it was danger but when she looked over the banister, no one was watching her other than her grandfather.

As soon as she made it to the entry way, a waiter offered her wine, which she happily took but hadn’t planned on drinking. She wasn’t a fan of alcohol and liked to stay in control of her body, but to fit in she carried it around. She began heading towards her family when a rough hand, though gentle, tapped her elbow. She turned to find a handsome tall brunette, with deep green eyes that bared into her soul.

“I just wanted to say, you are very beautiful” his rich deep voice purred.

“Uh, I” Evanna began to stumble. She wasn’t very good with conversation unless it was history. “Thank you.”

“My name is Nicholas Du Lac, it is enchanting to meet you Miss Evanna Pendragon.”

Evanna was completely caught off guard. This handsome man was standing in front of her but also knew her name. Her suspicions were raised.

“How do you know my name Mr. Du Lac?”

“ Well after my family was invited to hear out the project for funding, I decided to do a little research on your family, your name continued to pop up about how intelligent and focused you were. Also it helped that one of the articles had a picture of you,”he smiled a little his eyes lowering to the ground and he began fidgeting.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m just caught off guard that anyone actually knows who I am.”

He looked right back up straight into her eyes, his green eyes sparkled with kindness and interest. “I overheard the Professors talking about doing an excavation for King Arthur and Excalibur, is that true?”

“Well yes that’s what the project is. We’ve been doing so much research, most of the accounts on King Arthur are inaccurate and legendary based” Evanna began but Professor Pendragon stepped in at that point.

“Ah young Mr. Du Lac, thank you for coming, I am delighted you met my most prominent student and granddaughter Evanna.”

“Yes sir, she was just beginning to tell me all about this project.”

“Excellent, I have a proposal if you are willing to invest in it.”

“I was already intrigued but what is The offer Professor?”

“Listen through the proposal and we will discuss it privately.”

“Yes, sir”

Professor Pendragon proceeds to make his rounds through his guests. Evanna started to make her way towards her parents as guests said hello. She could feel Nicholas’ stare on her the entire time, but it gave her a warm feeling, almost like she was in a protected bubble.

She greeted some guests as she weaves through them. A waiter came by with a tray of appetizers. Evanna grabbed one and ate delicately, avoiding the crumbs on to her outfit. Her mother smiled at her.

“Evanna, we are so proud of you dear. You have grown to be such a beautiful and intelligent young woman. I have something I would like to give you tonight. Will you meet me in the library after the party?” Her mother asked.

“Yes mother” Evanna replies, curious as to what it is. Usually her parents have her books or opportunities to travel with them on expeditions but this didn’t feel like it could be either of those.

Professor Pendragon then announced loudly that dinner will served shortly and everyone could go find there seats. Everyone slowly began trickling in to the great dining room. A large and long table sit in the middle. The chairs seemed as if they were from the renaissance period, as was the tables decor. Evanna chuckled to herself a bit, finding it funny how the caterer and event coordinator chose all this for a dinner to speak about King Arthur and the legend that surrounds him. Typical, Evanna thought.

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