Movie Review: Micky’s House of Villains (2001)

Everyone is celebrating Halloween at the House of Mouse, including many of the Villains. Unbeknownst to Mickey (Wayne Allwine) and the crew, Jafar (Jonathon Freeman) and the other Villains have something up their sleeve. They wait until midnight before Jafar, Hades (James Woods), Ursula (Pat Caroll), Cruella de Vil (Susanne Blaeslee) and Captain Hook (Corey Burton) get up on stage to sing “It’s our house now”. The rest of the villains join in and Jafar casts a spell to lock all the other non villain character except for a select few in the kitchen, while the select few are kicked to the curb. Mickey watches as the villains go so far to even change the name of his club to House of Villains. 

Mickey and his friends try the back door when Chernabog (Corey Burton) stops them. All this is happening as cartoons continue to play. Mickey comes up with the idea that he should duel Jafar, so mickey changes into his sorcerer outfit and challenges him. With the help of Magic Carpet, Aladdin (Scott Weigner) escapes the kitchen, snatching the magic lamp from Jafar an tosses it to Daisy who gives it to Mickey. Mickey uses it to trap Jafar in it and the rest of the villains run for their lives. The House of Mouse returns to normal and they finish celebrating Halloween.

This film is great for the younger kids. Its really a compilation of Disney Halloween Shorts put together for the Disney Characters to enjoy. If you are following my Disney Pixar Connection, you will also notice that this movie has a LOT of Disney characters. Interesting right? Goes to show that that they interact,

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