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Didi Pickles is pregnant with her second baby, which she believes will be a girl while everyone else believes it will be a boy. Didi goes into labor during her baby shower and her friends rush her to the hospital (Despite the fact that she was not due until the following week). While this is happening, the kids crawl off and explore a nursery area before being found by the other parents. When the baby is finally born after a montage of past lives, it turns out to be a boy and they name him Dil. Dil quickly becomes very difficult to manage, loudly crying non-stop and refusing to share with his older brother Tommy. After a nasty fight between Tommy and Dil over Tommy’s teddy bear, their father Stu has a conversation with Tommy about being a big brother and the responsibility he now has as such, assuring him that one day he will be happy to have Dil as his little brother. He also gives Tommy a locket with a picture of Tommy and Dil taped together and a watch inside, which he calls his “responsibility” which Tommy pronounces “sponsitility”.

Meanwhile, outside of town, a circus train loaded with monkeys stops at a station so the driver and ringmaster can get coffee. While they do, the monkeys hijack the train, and the driver and ringmaster are unsuccessful at stopping them. The monkeys accidentally speed up the runaway train, causing it to derail and crash into the forest. When Dil pushes the other babies too far, they decide to take him back to the hospital despite Tommy’s disapproval, and end up driving recklessly through the streets in a Reptar Wagon which Stu had built for a contest in Japan. Along the way, Dil secretly steals Angelica’s Cynthia doll, which prompts her to take the family dog, Spike and they embark on a quest to find the babies and retrieve Cynthia.

The babies eventually crash in the woods, where they quickly realize that they are lost. They spot a ranger’s cabin where they believe a “lizard” (a mispronunciation of wizard) lives and decide to go there, believing that he can take them home. After an encounter with the gang of runaway circus monkeys, Dil is taken away by them. Tommy vows to find Dil by himself, after Chuckie, Phil and Lil agree they are better off without him. Meanwhile, the parents find out that the babies are missing and try to find them. However, it becomes a media sensation with numerous news reporters constantly asking the adults questions and one of them, the arrogant and insensitive Rex Pester, intentionally infuriates Stu’s older brother Drew into attacking Stu by telling him he lost Angelica.

Tommy eventually finds Dil during a storm, and they are forced to take shelter under a tree. But as Tommy tries to take care of him, Dil selfishly drinks all of the milk and keeps the large blanket for himself. A struggle then ensues between the brothers which leads to the blanket tearing in half and Tommy falling into a puddle of mud. Tommy finally snaps and nearly pours banana baby food on Dil for the monkeys to take him away again, but the combination of Dil’s tears of fear and Tommy’s own reflection in a puddle of rain causes him to come to his senses and take pity on his little brother. The two reconcile and sleep peacefully.

After the storm, the other babies find Tommy and Dil, and after running into Angelica and Spike they make their way to the ranger’s cabin. While on a bridge, they are confronted by the monkeys, but the monkeys are then scared off by a huge wolf who has been stalking the babies with the intent of killing them since they arrived in the woods. Spike intervenes and fights the wolf until they both fall from the bridge. Meanwhile, Stu, who has been looking for the babies via a pterodactyl-like aircraft he made, finally finds them, but crash lands into the ranger’s cabin. Believing he is the “lizard,” the babies wish for Spike back instead of going home. Stu falls through the bridge and finds Spike, who actually survived the fall by landing on a strut of the bridge. 

Soon afterwards, the babies are reunited with their families, while the monkeys are reunited with their circus owners. The monkeys attack Rex, much to the families’ amusement. Dil finally learns to share when he drinks half of a bottle of formula and gives the other half to Tommy. The families return home and the babies accept Dil as one of the group after he assists them in getting an ice cream sundae from the top shelf of the refrigerator.

In a post-credits scene, Boris’s goat rams the Reptar Wagon with a sleeping Grandpa Lou onboard it, causing the wagon to roll down the street which presumably starts the search once more

The Rugrats Movie Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Flashback to my childhood. I loved this movie growing up. The Rugrats was a popular cartoon we used to watch following toddlers, which now that I think about it as an adult is weird cause I’ve take care of a range of kids but especially in their age range. What makes it interesting though was that it was their point of view and they solved problems in their own ways.

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